NAWLEE Conference 2022 - The Sky is the Limit

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NAWLEE 26th Annual Conference The Sky is the Limit April 19-22, 2022

Welcome to Miami! On behalf of the National Association of Law Enforcement Executives

(NAWLEE), it is my privilege and honor to welcome you to the NAWLEE 26 th Annual Conference – The Sky is The Limit. The goal of NAWLEE is to advance the careers of women in law enforcement through training, advocacy, and mentoring. Through our conference

NAWLEE offers attendees the opportunity to participate in training and networking. It is the only national conference offered annually that is run by and for women in the profession. We are excited to offer three days filled with general and breakout sessions featuring a slate of exceptional speakers focusing on pressing issues in the field. Conferences are never possible without the countless hours and dedication of volunteers who spend their own free time contributing to this organization because of the passion they have for the mission of NAWLEE. Our sincerest appreciation to all those involved in making this happen. Without the support of the Miami Police Department, and specifically Assistant Chief Cherise Gause and Commander Kimberly Caruso, this conference would not be possible. I hope that each and every one of you leaves this event inspired and rejuvenated, having learned much, and gained friendships that will last a lifetime. This is what we call discovering the spirit of NAWLEE. Serving as your President this year has been an incredible journey. It truly has been an honor to represent NAWLEE on a national platform and advocate for the advancement of women in our profession. I

hope you have an amazing conference. Together we are all stronger and The Sky is The Limit. Shannon Trump, President National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives

CRI-TAC Collaborative Reform Initiative – Technical Assistance Center Do you have a project you would like to get started or policy to review? Thinking about using data to drive decision making? Are you considering increasing the community engagement for your agency? CRI-TAC is here to help.

CRI-TAC is made possible through a grant from the COPS Office. The International Association of Chiefs of Police is managing this cutting edge technical assistance program. NAWLEE is a part of this effort and meets weekly with the IACP, Fraternal Order of Police, Major County Sheriffs, National Tactical Officers Association, National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training, FBI National Academy Associates, National Sheriff’s Association, and International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators to discuss requests made by police departments from across the county and develop service delivery plans to meet their needs.. The process to request assistance is simple. You can go to the CRI-TAC website to submit an inquiry and then IACP will schedule an intake call. The partners will help you with creating a project scope. IACP then handles the approval process. There is not a charge for any of the services.

Visit the CRI-TAC website to learn more, click the “Request Technical Assistance” button to submit your need, or simply email

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 0800-1200 1300-1700 1600-1730

Board Meeting Registration - Store - Silent Auction/Raffles/Sales

Cambridge / Oxford Mezzanine

1st Time Attendee Meet and Greet



Evening Welcome and Networking Reception

Sky Lawn

For Full Class Listings and Presenter Bios, Visit

Thank you Miami Design District for supporting

The Sky is the Limit

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 - Uniform Day - Morning 0700-1600 0730-0830 0830-0945


1045-1100 1100-1200

1100-1200 1100-1200

1100-1200 1200-1315

Registration Seated Breakfast Opening Ceremonies Call to Order Posting of the Colors National Anthem Invocation Introductions and Welcome Keynote Address Congresswoman Val Demings Federal Partners Panel Director of Resource Integration Lori Sims - DHS Acting Director Rob Chapman - COPS

Mezzanine Versailles Versailles


Acting Director Marvin Richardson - ATF Deputy Director Paul Abbate - FBI Break Breakouts Recruitment Using Social Media Commander (ret) LASD Mike Parker, Consultant Effective Rapport Building When Interviewing Suspects and Victims Amanda Weaver, Instructor, Wicklander- Zulawski Alternatives to Arrest Jill Snider, Director, R Street Institute Sarah Anderson, Program Manager, R Street Institute Critical Issues in Law Enforcement for Executives NAWLEE Facilitated Session Lunch, Exhibits, Networking



Biscayne Chopin Mezzanine

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 - Uniform Day - Afternoon 1330-1415 1415-1430 1430-1515 1430-1515

1430-1515 1430-1515 1515-1530

1530-1630 1530-1630

1530-1630 1530-1630


General Session Fortitude in Tough Times Coach Lisa Gilbert, No Nonsense Training Break Breakouts The Police Officer Promise Lisa Broderick, Director, Police2Peace Recognizing the Signs of Human Trafficking Assistant Fire Chief (ret) Rodney Daniels, Waldorf University Tragedy to Triumph: A Mental Health Journey Through Trauma, Tragedy and Triumph Miriam Perez, CEO, SHIELDUS Executives Roundtable on Reform Laura Kunard, Senior Research Scientist, CNA Break Breakouts 30x30 Kym Craven, Executive Director, NAWLEE Chief Doug Shoemaker, Grand Junction PD Deputy Chief Kay Lokey, Metro Nashville PD Community Engagement Community Partnership Administrator Tara Hall, Mesa PD Commander Kimberly Caruso, Miami PD Gladys Mezrahi, Founder, The Power of the Heels Vulnerable Populations - Elder Fraud Unit Chief, Donna Gregory, FBI, Cyber Crimes Emotional Intelligence for Executives Randy Friedman, President, RITE Academy Linda Webb, CEO, RITE Academy WRAP Demonstration Join our Sponsors and Exhibitors for Refreshments, Networking and Drawings


Versailles Trianon

Biscayne Chopin



Biscayne Chopin Ballroom Foyer Mezzanine

Thursday, April 21, 2022 - Morning 0700-1700 0730-0830 0830-0930




Registration Breakfast with the Exhibitors General Session Police Reform through Advancing 21st Century Policing The Current National Landscape Laura Kunard, Senior Research Scientist, CNA Break Breakouts Hiding in Plain Sight Melissa Pavlikowski, Supervisory Special Agent DHS Claudia Velez, Special Agent, DHS Co-Responders Jill Snider, Director, R Street Institute Corporal Randi Whitney, Tampa PD

Mezzanine Mezzanine Versailles



Women in Police Leadership Survey - Preliminary Analysis 0945-1045

0945-1045 1045-1245

Charlotte Lansinger, Executive Search Consultant, PERF Rachael Thompson, Research Assistant, PERF The Blind Spot: Mitigating the Risks of Off-Duty Employment Chief (ret) Brian Manley, Austin PD, President ODM NAWLEE Annual Meeting Lunch Networking and Exhibits




Thursday, April 21, 2022 - Afternoon Breakouts


1245-1345 1245-1345

1245-1345 1345-1400 1400-1500

Recruitment and Retention of Peace Officers: Strategies and Solutions Deputy Chief Emada Tingirides, LAPD Commander Ruby Flores, LAPD Lieutenant Julie Rodriguez, LAPD Making the Road Map Visible Rhonda Reese, ASAC, FBI, Retired Power of An Image Sergeant Ivonne Valdes, Miami PD Jessica Medeiros Garrison, VP, Clearview AI Understanding the Realities of Racism, Reform and Reconciliation in Policing for Executives Assistant Chief Hajir Nuriddin, Coral Gables PD Break Breakouts How to Prepare, Apply, Compete, Interview, and Negotiate for an Executive Position Charlotte Lansinger, Executive Search Consultant, PERF Rebecca Neuburger, Executive Search Consultant, PERF Abating the Stigma


1400-1500 1400-1500


1600-1630 1630-1800 1800-1830 1830-2200


Trianon Biscayne



Chief (ret) Brian Manley, Austin PD, President ODM Dr. Katherine Kuhlman, Chief Psychologist Chief (ret) Jessica Robledo, Pflugerville PD, Nat’l. Manager ODM Gun Crime Intelligence Monique Villegas, Special Agent, ATF When the Heat is On Coach Lisa Gilbert, No Nonsense Training General Session Today's Women in Policing Leadership Challenge: Redefining Leadership Unlike Ever Before! Assistant Chief, Hajir Nuriddin, Coral Gables PD Exhibitors Wrap Up and Raffles Take some time to say goodbye to our Sponsors and Exhibitors and take home some great raffle items Break Reception, Silent Auction, NAWLEE Store NAWLEE / Motorola Dinner and Awards Banquet Awards Dinner Celebration and Networking


Biscayne Chopin



Ballroom Foyer Versailles

Music at the banquet provided by

The Miami Police Band - In Blue


To These Attendees That Were Promoted In The Past Year Jennifer Johnson Heather Anderson Meghan Bonita Alma Kelly Kimberly Latisha Kristi Michelle S. Vivian Audrey Tyra Sharon Stephanie V. Alexandra Lynette Crystal Rachel Rita Heidi Tiffany Jessie Marguerite DeAnna Lisa Siera Ramona Tania Misty D. Gara Rachel

Bardwell Blue De Vault Burke Cantrell Caruso Cleveland Cobb Coker Coley Coney-Brown Cunningham Cunningham Daniels Emrich Falzone Farley Fleming Fulton-Mays Gardner Gibson Gonzalez Graham Greenlaw Gresham Hammond Harris Hernandez Hobbs Howard Jefferson

Debbie Sarah Ashlee Laura Raiza Brittany Patricia Tirsa Andrea Susan Lauren Heather Rachael Sarina In'Fini Karen Jessica DeShaune Shaneesha Ann Melissa Christina Cynthia Jessica Alicia Randi Angela Kimberly Deanne

E. M.

L. L. L. J.

Johnson Krebs Lange Lecrivain Mardis McElwee Mora Otero Peabody Peters Pettey Rauch Reese Robb Robsinson Rudolp Ryan Sims Smith Starling Thompson Tluchak Waggoner Ware White Whitney Yankowski Young Zeis

NAWLEE is honored to have Miami Police Officer Sthephany Canizares sing the National Anthem at the Opening Ceremonies.

NAWLEE Board of Directors and Staff Deputy Chief Shannon Trump, Noblesville IN, President Chief (ret) Sonia Quinones, Hallandale Beach FL, 1st Vice President Deputy Chief, Natalie “Kay” Lokey, Nashville Metro PD, 2nd Vice President Major Lynette Falzone, Fort Lauderdale FL, Secretary Lieutenant Jennifer Charleston, Springfield, MO, Treasurer First Sergeant, Sherri Heichelbech, Indiana State Police, Member at Large Chief Paula Balafas, University of Arizona PD, Past President MSSSI Vice President Carrie Hemmen, Motorola Solutions, Ex Officio Kym Craven, Executive Director Becky Zagami, Bookkeeper - 913-579-0003

2022 NAWLEE/Motorola Woman Law Enforcement Executive of the Year Chief Vera Bumpers Vera Bumpers is METRO’s chief of police, in Harris County, Texas. She has been with the department for more than 35 years and has been a pioneer from the beginning. Chief Bumpers is the first woman to lead MPD and is the first woman to have been promoted in every single rank. MPD is a full-time, full-service agency made up of more than 275 sworn Texas Peace Officers and more than 125 civilian staff members. Chief Bumpers and all the men and women of MPD are focused on keeping METRO’s transit system moving safely and securely for all customers. They are also committed to maintaining cooperative working relationships with all law enforcement agencies within the METRO service area. Chief Bumpers has been widely recognized both locally and nationally for her leadership.

WoLEEY Award Finalists Deputy Chief Emada Tingirides, LAPD Sheriff Rosie Rivera, Sheriff of Salt Lake County

Lead — Inspire — Mentor

Football Unites—Baptist Health Leadership Award Chief Delma Noel-Pratt, Miami Gardens, is an accomplished police executive with over 25 years of sworn law enforcement experience. She began her career as a Public Service Aide for the Miami Police Department in 1989. In 1993, she transitioned to the Miami-Dade Police Department, where she trained and graduated as a Police Officer. She moved through the ranks, and in 2015, she was promoted to Division Chief of the North Operations Division and later oversaw the Special Investigations Division. Chief Noel-Pratt directed and coordinated numerous multi-agency/entity operations, focusing on Violent Part 1 Crime Reductions.

Ina Mae “Tiny” Miller Award and Scholarship Corporal Randi Whitney Tampa Police Corporal Randi Whitney has been with the Tampa Police Department for 12 years. Prior to Tampa, she served with the Michigan State Police. She is currently the Corporal in the Behavioral Health Unit. She has passion for working with the community and helping to solve problems and improve the lives of those she serves. Other assignments include working in patrol, serving as the Homeless Liaison, and served on the Opioid Task Force, She was thanked by the Governor when she apprehended a serial killer who had been terrorizing the community.

Presenting the Colors All Female Regional Honor Guard Miami

Miami Dade

Miami Gardens

Officer Rebecca Olmedo Officer Michelle Johnakin Officer Patrice Humbert Officer Quatica Kirksey Officer Patricia Carriel

Lieutenant Yolande Jacinthe Sergeant Terry Crum Officer Joyce Williams Officer Shereyra Rubio Officer Michelle Gonzalez Officer Alexandra Jordan Officer Silvia Nadal

Coral Gables

Sunny Isle

South Miami

Officer Ashley Sheran

Officer Amanda Ranallo

Officer Perla Reyes

Officer Doretha Hall Doral

Lieutenant Samika Gibson Officer Laura Delgado Officer Jamie Lacon Officer Amanda Diaz

Friday, April 22, 2022 0700-1400 0800-0900 0800-0900

0900-1000 1000-1030



1045-1145 1045-1145 1145-1300

1300-1400 1300-1400 1300-1400

1300-1400 1400-1410 1410-1510 1410-1510 1410-1510 1510-1515 1515-1615 1615-1630

Registration NAWLEE Board Meeting Buffet Breakfast General Session Women's Leadership Panel General Session Leading in Modern Times Commissioner Keechant Sewell, NYPD Break Breakouts Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement Scot Huntsberry, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI (ret) Investigations Specialist Sheppard Mullin Developing a Wellness Program Dr. Robert Cipriano Jr. Police Psychologist, Fort Lauderdale PD Major Lynette Falzone, Fort Lauderdale PD Real Time Crime Center Lieutenant Jaime Ramirez, Miami PD The Safety Impact of Lyft Lunch Breakouts Recruiting a New Generation of Police Officers

Sr. Police Officer, Recruiter, Terry Cherry, Charleston PD Decision Making in Uncertain Times Matthew Lehman, FBI - Leadership Development Unit Developing a Mentoring Program Deputy Chief, Shannon Trump, Noblesville PD Major Lynette Falzone, Fort Lauderdale PD In'Fini Robsinson, North Las Vegas PD Using Social Media for Community Engagement Kenia Fallet, PIO, Miami PD Break Breakouts Leadership Resilience and the Growth Mindset Lance Lamoreaux, Instructor FBI - Leadership Development Unit Emotional Intelligence When Interviewing for Promotions Lieutenant, Julie Rodriquez, LAPD Active Shooter FBI Karen Favors, Intelligence Analyst, FBI Break General Session How Women Can Rise Assistant Chief (ret) Jonni Redick, California Highway Patrol Certificates / Raffles Must be Present

Cambridge / Oxford Versailles Versailles



Trianon Biscayne Versailles

Versailles Trianon Biscayne Chopin

Versailles Trianon Biscayne

Versailles Versailles