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his diary back? I WRITE on behalf of Kapitan Otto Heinrich Junkers who commanded the German U-boat U532 during the Second World War. The U532 surrendered in the Atlantic when the European war ended in May 1945, and was escorted by a Royal Navy vessel to Eribolt Loch, NW Scotland. White there two officers from the escort vessel boarded the submarine and took possession of Kapitan Junkers' personal diary. t was on board HMS Grindai! (K477), Captain class frigate, which took over the escort of U532 at Lochalsh in Scotland and we bought it to Liverpool for public view and later to Barrow to recover 100 tons of lead from its keel. From 1978 our ship's crew and the U532 crew had many reunions in Germany and England and, through one of his crew {living in Ayrshire) who saw Kapitan Junkers (now aged 84), efforts are being made to try to trace the officers and recover the diary for sentimental reasons. Kapitan Junkers now lives at Sedanstraase 21, 3200 Hildesheim, West Germany. — H. Campbell. Kirkham, Lanes. • Betow: Liverpool, May 1945 — Otto Junkers salutes Admiral Sir Max Morton. Commander-in-Chief Western Approaches.

I WRITE about the injustice of the vast pay differentials between Artificers, Medical and Comms. Technicians and the other branches in the RN. The reason for p a y i n g them more is quite obvious: as a reward for the length of time spent in training and as r e c o g n i t i o n for trade skills they have acquired and which wiii be to the Navy's benefit. W h i l e n o t t o t a l l y against such a reward, such a difference in rates of pay cannoi be justified. For example, a CPO Artificer/1 si Class Technician on Scale A pay recehes more than a W a r r a n t Officer in another branch; this is surely an insult to those same Warrant Officers. In my own particular case, a young PO Artificer who passes his PQE today can be on Captain's Table tomorrow and receive almost £4 per day more than me. a Scale A Chief Peltv

Officer. There are two main points of contention: Firstly, let us nol forget thai we Other Branch ratings do not receive the benefit of early advancement that Artificers receive. We are governed by the additional ha/ards of professional qualifying courses, roslers and promotion boards that they do not stumble across unt i l they are going from CPO to CCPO status, thereby giving them a d d i t i o n a l recompense for their length of training. Secondly, t r a i n i n g pro\ided by the Royal Navy stands us all i n good stead for f u t u r e employment in civvy street, but nowhere is there as much recognition of Service trade skills as in the technical world, another area where the Artificer has much more to gain compared to the rest of us, at no expense to himself. in my view something needs to be done to restore some balance between the different branches by e i t h e r reducing the gap in pay by at least naif and/ or looking again at advancement and promotion structures for a l l . — A. S t e w a r t , CPOWTR. HMS Cochrane. 1 NOTE with interest the recent correspondence concerning the Charge Chief rate and levels of pension. While applauding the pursuit of proper recompense to reflect level of promotion and the time served, surely it is now lime to look at the whole gamut of ratings' pay and pensions and the various iniquities in the system. While I can see the sense in the pay differences between technical and non-technical

branches at the lower end of the scale where the differences in employment and responsibility arc widespread, I can see no justification at the top of the scale. There are no differences in pay in the officers' pay structure between the Executivc/Engineer/Supply specialisations so wiiy at our level? As a Warrant Officer nontechnician my employment is iittle different from that of a W a r r a n t Officer technician and my responsibilities arc equal if not greater. Before I am inundated with l e t t e r s r e g a r d i n g five years t r a i n i n g to reach the exalted level ot Artificer, may 1 remind all concerned that ! have spent nearly 20 years learning my ••trade." —' R. F. Matthews. WO Coxn (SM). Portsmouth. • Technical versus non-technical rales of pay is a much-discussed subject. A recent MOD background note on the topic, o u t l i n i n g the operation of the Military Salary, says jobs are e v a l u a t e d by a n u m b e r of factors. It refers to the "differences between n o n - t e c h n i c a l a n d technical rates, especially the technical qualifications, skills, expertise and responsibilities which are demanded of artificers in the discharge of their duties." It adds: "A rating can reach CPO Artificer and the pay lead at an earlier age than a nontechnical WO. It is fully accepted that this adverse differential

is u n d e s i r a b l e . Nevertheless, adjusting rates by management discretion, if that were possible, would have equally undesirable side-effects in other areas. "It should be noted that recognition is also given for service, training and experience gained over a long career by the payment of Length of Service Pay/'

Nelson's slice of Sicily ON holiday in Sicily. I visited Nelson's "castle" at Maniacc which was given b\ the grateful Bourbon King of Naples to Lord Nelson, together with the title Duke of Bronte. The Sicilian regional government has now acquired the properly and is restoring it as an amenity. As a former Portsmouth rating, I t h i n k it would be a splendid t h i n g if the RN and, through it, the British Government expressed oven official imerest in the restoration of what in effect is a shrine to this country's greatest naval legend, contributing perhaps memorabilia to a collection which is somewhat lacking. The main portrait on the landing, for instance, is of Lord Hood. — A,J. Moore. Ship's Writer, HMS Montclare. Kcndal. Westmorland.

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