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Turbulent times but outlook fine HAVING tempted fate earlier this year by saying that WE drafting had been relatively stable. King Neptune has exacted his revenge on the Weaponeer drafting team and injected some unexpected turbulence — there are more job changes and promotions than expected. This has resulted in some of the estimates of time to serve ashore (printed on draft orders to shore service as Drafty's best guess when the draft was issued} varying from the time actually served. These variations differ between categories and rales, and those who want to go to sea earlier rather t h a n having extended t i m e ashore (generally JRs) can of course update t h e i r Drafting Preference Forms to show this. Those spending less t i m e ashore than originally estimated (one of two SR categories) arc still getting at least n i n e months notice of any change.

Where the jobs are This i n i t i a t i v e was covered at length in the last WE Drafly page in the March issue.

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"All quiet on the Weapon Front are we then?"

JI Drafty 11 on the Weaponeers/ The expanded listing of jobs circulated to all ships (via SWEOs) received a good response and will be continued. Also, following suggestions from seagocrs. it will now include the SQs for the shore jobs.

ArtCan classing up Despite the obvious advantages of retraining as a technician there is a significant proportion of men who turn it down when they arc classed up and their i n d i v i d u a l course dates arc announced. This inevitably causes more turbulence to those who are then moved to an earlier course to fill the gap. To m i n i m i s e this, the drafts to courses will now be done in hatches, thus helping to guarantee dates. Drafty is also willing to deter a candidate's placement on course by several months in order to tit his circumstances (eg completing a fun in the sun job). But only on receipt of a ('240 where the candidate signs to say he is happy to take a later course!

First sea


D r a f t y ' s aim is to gel newly-qualified Mechanics and Artificers to sea as soon as possible after thc> finish their t r a i n i n g . To do t h i s the length of sea t i m e for those being relieved b\ first sea draft men is adjusted to keep any w a i t i n g t i m e to a m i n i m u m . All Artificer w a i t i n g time, from career course to sea. has been reduced so that it now more nearly matches the time required for PJTs. Similarly for WEMs, although it is not always possible to gel the Radio men straight to see. For these, a waiting draft in a Communications Centre or Fleet Support base for a month or so hones their skills and is usually possible in their shore preference area.

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To: Lt Cdr I M P Coombes RN. ARNO. 70 Porchester Tee. London W2 3TP. Please send me details and a membership application form:

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Drafting Commander and WE Warrant Officers Appoinler — Cdr Richard Jenkins (ex! 252-1) Apps/ArtCan/Oflice Manager — CWREN Sue Bailey [ext 2520/2524). Ordnance Drafting — Lieut-Cdr. Mike Linfield (esl 2511). POWTR Brian CoultharrJ. LWREN Tracie Robertson, WREN Ann Miskimmm (exts 2511/2529). Radio Drafting — Lieut-Cdr. Les Maddock (exl 2525). POWREN Mitch Kinsey. LWTR Phil West. WREN Emma Davies (ex's 2525/2527).

Guarding leaves gaps While Drafty docs not claim thai mistakes are never made the recent requirements for armed g u a r d i n g have obviously impacted on the q u a l i t y of service. Effectively, d r a f t i n g desks may be u n m a n n e d for 15-20% of the time. For the customer in the Fleet or ashore t h i s should only be seen in delays to answering r o u t i n e queries and telephone calls. However, it is most i m p o r t a n t for you to check your draft order (as kecnh as your pa> statement!) and if an\ mistakes do slip through let us know as soon as possible — particularly on the long and complex PJT packages which are often a feature of WE drafts.

Prospects stiff bright Roster lenglhs have reduced further and B I 3 s for EWEM(O) arrive after only 14 months. For LVVEM(R) it is effectively by return of" post. At the top end of the scale there were no promotions to Warrant Officer for the WEMs this year, but t h i s was a result of ovcrselections in previous years to make up for an artificer shortage as well as bringing forward reserves in 1 989. This shortage has noweased and the WQWEMs numbers are slightly overborne ai present. Nevertheless prospects remain good w i t h the top candidates for selection still well under the Navy-wide average age for promotion to Warrant.

This month sees the first jirls to join as Weapon Engineering Mechanics and they will be getting their first sea drafts in Spring next year. Warrant Officer Stef Dowson serving as the WEO in HMS Hecla has sent his views in the form of a cartoon. He obviously feels it safer to comment from a distance — the sunny parts of the South Atlantic!

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