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Letter to the Editor M just loving it.. This issue seems to be the third issue of Navyaata. It is sad that I haven’t caught the first and second issue because I simply loved the contents of the one I am reading. And I am quite sure that the previous two surely had been great too. The pages were worth reading and I wish and hope that Navyaata will surely step towards the stairs of evolution. Kavita Dangol, Lazimpat Layout the world now!! Navyaata is grand. I like everything about it. And for a person like me, I prefer pictures more than articles and I am glad to find such nice pictures in the magazine. I don’t want to miss to praise the one who is responsible for the layout toil. The whole theme is creative and the layouts make it more creative and attractive. Kudos guys and keep on rocking!!! Niraz Thakuri, Kalimati Happy Third Edition: It’s already been three months since the launch of Navyaata’s first issues. And in just these three months Navyaata has been abele to show its quality to people seeking higher and better standards in life. I love the shopping pages, how to and the Fashion Report. In fact it was quite fascinating to know so much about jumpsuits through the second issue. I wish the entire team the very best of luck for further editions to come. Roshni Bhatta, New Baneshwor

President CEO Editor Creative Head Director

Dolly Gurung Himal Karmacharya Sudan Bista Hem Kumar Limbu Sharmila Thapa

Editorial Reporters Dolkar Lhamo Surakhsha Basnet Tsering Dolker Gurung Sumati Maharjan Photographers Phurpu Tsering Gurung Shishir Shrestha Marketing Managers Reeti Rani Rai Marketing Associates Tara Lama (Tamang) Shanti Gurung Niru Shrestha Fashion Coordinator


Navyaata is just Superb:

Model Coordinator

Navyaata is a awesome magazine. I loved the microbus section in your first issue and my story on the second. I have been following Navyaata since the first edition and if the quality of picture and articles are maintained in every other edition I will for sure follow Navyaata for ever. Hats off to you for being one of a kind. Good Luck guyzzzz. Priyanka Bastola, Budanilkantha Keep up the good work: I saw Navyaata’s first issue in Java (Thamel). I was out with my friends for a coffee. I was shocked to know that Navyaata was a Nepali Magazine. The photos, the articles and the quality were simply great. I loved the cover page and also the name of the magazine seemed to be very interesting. Seeing your issues till date, I can confidently say that Navyaata will go a long long way. Good Luck and keep up the good work. Sunita Lama, Boudha


Himal Chandra Rai (Rishant) Intern

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Her world of Music; Meet Abhaya Subba and a day with her at




Watch out as people share their saga of the most embarrassing moment.

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Power of Two Lots of care, lots of love Feel the power of two

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HOW TO Show yourself off in four ways with the high-waist short’s

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Navya Girl


amrata Shrestha, 24, is our Navya Girl for the month of July. She has the face to launch a thousand movies. Namrata has done a number of music videos, commercials and two movies Sano Sansar and Mero Euta Saathi Chha. At the moment, Namrata is involved in a movie called “Purple Days” - a real story of an HIV victim and drugs. This movie is different from her previous works and, hence, she finds it quite challenging and intriguing. She is also an owner of Attic, a popular restaurant. Her classic beauty transcends time. We styled her in the fashion rages of 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. Throughout the shoot, she experimented with new looks and was seemingly in love with her new avatar. “From the other shoots I have done, this one with Navyaata has been the most interesting and remarkable. I love the hairdos and the style concepts, kudos to you all”, shares Namrata. Photograph: Kishor Kayastha Post production: Vidhan Rajbhandari

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By Tsering Dolker Gurung Photographs: Phurpu Tsering Gurung

“Success to me doesn’t include only professional success. You have to be successful at work, at home and in the society. I have yet to work on the latter.”


nil Keshari Shah needs no introduction. Currently, the CEO of Mega Bank and one of the most prominent figures in the banking sector, he is a born communicator and a perfect interviewee. Seated in his newly furnished office at Mega Bank, wearing green pin striped shirts and black pants, Anil looked every bit the smart and successful banker that he is. At just 42 years of age, he has achieved great success. Starting as a financial analyst at ICIMOD, then working at an assisting position in Nepal Grindlays Bank (now Standard Chartered) and finally leading Nabil Bank as its CEO, Anil Shah has accumulated many feathers to his cap. While many would consider Anil Shah an epitome of success, he himself is much more modest about it. He says, “Success to me doesn’t include only professional success. You have to be successful at work, at home and in the society. I have yet to work on the latter.”

Mega Bank in Anil’s words wants to be the bank which will assist all fields from “halo” to “hydro”.



Anil has always been comfortable with change. Many people wondered why he would leave his cushy job as the CEO of a leading bank to head a new bank that had not even started its operations. To this he replies,” When I first joined Nabil, I told my team that we have to work together to make it the number one bank in the country which it became last fiscal year. After that I kind of felt like there was nothing much for me to do there. It was like I had given an examination and passed. So, I wanted to do something different and then Mega Bank came along and I just couldn’t say no.” For him the change was needed in order to move ahead.


nd that he is trying to do. An extremely busy person, he is remorseful about not being able to spend enough time with his family. He has made a deal with his wife and nine years old daughter to dedicate a day wholly to them. Saturday is family time and not even the President’s tea party is a good enough reason to take him away from his family. During this year’s Republic Day celebrations, he was one of the lucky ones to get an invitation from the President but he refused to go as it fell on Saturday. Truly a family person, Anil Shah loves his daughter and his wife dearly. He confesses,” My daughter is the centre of my universe. Everything I do revolves around her.” No matter how many hours a day he works or how tired he is, Anil is sure to read a story to his daughter every night and see to it that she has completed her assignments. Being a son of a doctor and a diplomat, Anil had to travel a lot as a child. He remembers moving around frequently and having to change many schools. This is probably why he relates to people very easily. After changing seven schools, he finally completed his schooling from the British School, Delhi and graduated from George Washington University, Washington DC. In 1991 he completed his masters in Business Administration from Delhi University. While in the US he waited tables, mopped the floors and cleaned dishes like any other normal student. He has no complaints about his odd jobs. He says,” It is in America that I understood the dignity of labor. When I was mopping floors in US, nobody looked down on me. This is not the case here. In Nepal people look at your visiting card and check your post to determine whether they should be respecting you or not which is a shame.” He opines that people, when given due respect for their labor, always perform better.


Mega Bank, according to Anil, aims to be the first inclusive Five Star bank in Nepal. Unlike other banks that have four or five promoters at the most, Mega Bank has 1219 promoters spread over 63 districts. These promoters are mostly from middle class family and have invested anywhere from 10 lakhs to 1 crore rupees. At a time when inclusion is much talked about but acted upon, the step taken by Mega Bank is indeed commendable. Mega Bank in Anil’s words wants to be the bank which will assist all fields from “halo” to “hydro”. We then come to the topic of his much talked about red glasses. The glasses have become his signature identity. Anil confesses, “Whether people remember my face or not they are sure to recognize me by my glasses.” Interestingly, the brand is not Gucci as most people speculate it to be; it is Tag Heur’s. It is the only pair of glasses that his daughter found cool and he has been donning them ever since. Anil is one of the best paid CEOs in the country. When asked about how much money he makes, he diplomatically answered, “Lots of money.” Anil’s one indulgence is exotic holidays. Once a year, he goes on a holiday with his family and admits spending lavishly. As he likes to say, he splurges in building memories. His love for memories may be the very reason he is so passionate about photography. Many people may not be able to relate Anil Shah, the banker to Anil Shah, the photographer. But Anil has always been fascinated by it. He boasts a collection of best cameras

” My daughter is the centre of my universe. Everything I do revolves around her.”

and lenses which he takes out occasionally. Don’t be amazed if you see him with a camera on his neck at Pashupati during Shivaratri or at Swayambhu during Buddha Jayanti. An enthusiast, who just can’t get enough of capturing Nepali festivals, Anil dreams of publishing a coffee book on Nepali festivals. Anil says, “Nepal is perfect for photography. It has beautiful landscapes, great architecture and lovely people.” Photography to Anil is a stress buster and a release from his hectic life. Twenty years down the line whether he is a banker or not he sees himself taking pictures and enjoying every moment of it.


A day with Abhaya was all about music. She spent most of the time indulging herself in practicing music and tweaking new improvisations. She took time out to be with her husband and found time to chill with a cool lassi. She also took us to Masala Beads, her preferred shopping spot for some cool funky frills. By Tsering Dolker Gurung Photographs: Phurpu Tsering Gurung

he spoke liberally but with sense. She had an attitude but was adaptable. Even the very first time I spoke with Abhaya, she made me feel like we were close. I didn’t even have the feeling that it was my first time chatting with her. When I reached her residence with my photographer, I saw a lady in black with golden blonde hair coming out from a small green gate. As soon as she spotted us, she waved and said, “Hi! Dolkar right? ” I helloed back and she led us through the gate. I never imagined that there was such an immense wonder behind that petite green gateway. The first thing she did was, she took us to her practice room where she was practising with her Steam Injun band members. She introduced the band members. The whole band members were fun. My heart started thumping as soon as their practice session began. Music indeed is in their blood. During the course of the day, I noticed that she got a lot of quizzical glances and, in some cases, long gazes from people who either knew her or were trying to figure out where they had seen her. Along the way, you somehow feel special too. She was my buddy that day. We hung out together. We cooled with some lassie, enjoyed iced tea sips and indulged in ice-cream shakes. Her cheerful persona, radiating fun and comfort, made for a very enjoyable time. Abhay was very forthcoming in her answers to my questions. She was direct, no-nonsense and had a very clear sense of her being. 16 NAVYAATA • SHRAWAN


How is Abhaya Subba as Abhaya Subba? I am still discovering myself about who I am. But yeah, I am fearless and I am a selfish person. Because of that, I am pretty happy. How does Abhaya play roles in her life as a mother, as a wife, as a friend? I don’t play any roles whether I am a mother or a friend or a sister or a daughter. I am just with all of them. As a mother, yes! I become very protective but as a wife I don’t play roles. I don’t have this perception that I am into the marital bound and that I have to behave orderly. And in that way, I am very lucky to have a husband like Kai because he just lets me be the person and the woman I am. And how much do you value relationships in your life? I have a very few friends and the friends that I have, I take them very seriously. I have been married for 13 years so I have been serious about my marriage as well. What is Life from Abhaya’s outlook? Life is what you discover when you go along the way. Life is of your past, which comes to your present and that helps you decide what to do in the future. So, it’s very complicated. Life is many layers but on the other hand, if you look at it from the other spectrum of life, then I think you shouldn’t take anything seriously. Just have great time because we are just going to die so you make sure that every moment of your life is not wasted and that you are stuck up with the same routine.

“Abhaya is a very greedy person; she doesn’t want just one thing from life. 18 NAVYAATA • SHRAWAN

Pratise taking place...and Abhaya sits there as the observer and we sat there observing her...tif

Just as you judged the Sprite band Challenge, I will give you the names of some female singers. All you have to do is give marks out of 10 for them according to your stance. Prasna Shakya: 7 Ciney Gurung: 8 Mausami Gurung: 7 Anju Pant: 9 Abhaya Subba: 0 And why do you rate Abhaya Subba as 0? 0 means nothingness and when a person reaches nothingness, which means she reaches the point of nirvana. So, I give myself 0 (winks).

How has Kai brought change in your life? Before I married Kai, I was going through a lot of complications, because I was just a student searching for the right thing to start up with. And when I came to Kathmandu, I met Kai and I am lucky for he always encouraged me. Before my marriage with him, I was drifting with no flow and it was actually Kai who put me together. He knows me more than I know myself. And when I was confused with what I wanted to do in life, Kai knew that I could make it with music. So, he was there by my side, pushing me constantly. That means Kai’s been your biggest support? Is it? I wouldn’t term Kai as supportive. He’s been a part of me. Supportive means letting you do whatever you want. But Kai, he makes me do it. Anyone can support but he’s more than that to me. He transforms me into a

truly better person. Before I met Kai, I was a strong person but I didn’t have a vision with what I was going to do with my life but with him, he made me realize that one needs to have a vision if you want to get anywhere in life and frankly, only doing music in Nepal; its outcome is very little. The world waits for you. The only thing is we have to look further. I have never seen you in Saris, Abhaya. Why is it so? Any reasons behind this? I like sari when other people wear it but not me. Why not? I find it too all over the place and I get so tired, I don’t feel like I can enjoy it and I am basically not an elegant person. I can’t sit quietly. So, if the sari is binding me down then I won’t wear it. Ok, so is singing what you’ve always wanted to be? You know, I did English honors and I even learnt Law. But I don’t have a degree in law because I never went back and got it. I just studied law for 3 years and I never enjoyed it. I actually wanted to do a lot of things. It’s not that I only wanted to be a singer; I had some few things I was good at. I could write, talk, so I was on the radio as well. I was quite good in my studies so I could have done anything (smiles). But I considered music as a spectrum where I can bring all my qualities together. I could write music, I could talk in the sense that it’s an intellectual process where you are making a commentary. So, music made me do all the things I was good at. And I think this is a very wise reason why I chose singing.

radio it’s same like that. Otherwise, there are no other complaints. You even mentioned you like doing films, so any comments regarding that? Yea! I also wanted to make films but nothing satisfies me more than music because you have to make videos and I have the passion for that.

Rachana Gurung and Abhaya during the practise hour at Jawalakhel for the Women in Concert.tif

So, are you satisfied with what you are now, with what you have achieved so far? I am not satisfied with being here. I am a musician and I will be a musician till I die. Maybe I will stop being a wife or whatever but I will still be a musician. And the time when I stop being a musician will be the day I will stop being a woman. Ok….so moving on to another topic, when we observe from outside, Abhaya seems to have everything, perfect husband, a loving son, a career and a complete family. Despite all these, what is the one thing that Abhaya still wants from life? In her words, “Abhaya is a very greedy person; she doesn’t want just one thing from life. She wants more and more. Nobody in this world has everything. And when it comes to me, if I am looking for anything right now then, it is to make my mark as a personality not only in Nepal but all over the world. This is the one thing that I really want from life.

problem actually. Age is not the issue, music is the issue. There is nothing about feeling comfortable. Whenever we get together as a team, we just rock the whole ambience. What negative points do you indicate in this entertainment media since you have been in this field for a long span? Media’s been really good to me so I don’t have any complaints against them. I just think the music videos are not filtered well. That is the thing and that is the trend that they should be following and even on the

And films? I actually have made a couple of films also. It’s a documentary film. So, how many documentary movies have you made so far? Actually, I just made two but the editing is still left to be done. 1) Music and the time of emergency. 2) Darjeeling-Past, Present and the Future and I made this movie for my husband Kai. And these are just for fun, just for occasion. I enjoy this part but not as much as I do with music. One last question, Describe Abhaya’s singing in just one word. Orgasmic……..

For how long, do you think will you able to give continuity to your singing and to your band? (Without a pause) As long as I live darling, as long as I live. And how does it feel to be in the middle of young band members? Do they make you feel comfortable or do you make them feel comfortable? Age is just a concept that is within the mind. Everybody just create it. In our case, we have no issues about age. I think I am young as well (laughs) so there is no

among we the band members here, i share the oldest time with Abhaya and its so much fun to be with her listen to her sing.tif

Steam Injun drummer thumps the ambience with this heartbeating skills.tif






Krishna Khadka, 17

The sleepy environment, the lousy feeling, and the teacher’s boring lecture left me with no choice but to get myself a silent sleep. As I was among the back benchers, it was effortless to escape myself from the teacher’s gaze. Normally I would lay myself to sleep without the teacher’s notice and the weary period would pass in just a wink of an eye. And on that particular period of that particular day, I got on with my snooze. Everything seemed so great with no disturbance, no bumpy feeling and there I was, in my world of dreams. But all of sudden, I was woken up by this thunderous laugh and when I opened my eyes, I saw the whole class with the bright beam on their face staring at me. I never had imagined that this type of embarrassing situation would ever knock my door and by the time I tried to handle the whole environment, to my dismay the unpleasant odour had already spread out. And can you imagine what my next step was? I turned my head towards them and said “ so what, everyone does that” and I was back to my nap though it was apparent that I could never go back to sleep.

Ngawang Sangpo, 23

We 3 friends decided to meet up with Poonam who has been our long term chat friend. I was 16 years old that time and I vividly remember when she invited us to her brother’s wedding ceremony where we could meet up and know each other better than before. The feeling was really exciting, curiosity was within us. I didn’t know how she looked like nor have any idea about how she is. We dressed up gently and headed towards the event. We met and introduced ourselves with her. Everything was going fine until i shattered that beautiful time because of my intoxication. I threw filthy words at her and my acts were stupid. My friends could not bear my deed so, we had to return back home. I was in such a state that I had to sleepover at my friend’s home who stayed just next to mine. That whole night I puked and was badly sick. When I woke up in the morning, my friends shouted at me for my ill behave which made me feel so discounted. And now it’s been almost 8 years but whenever i recall that moment, nothing else but the whole load of embarrassment rises within me. 20 NAVYAATA • SHRAWAN

Shekhar Kc, 24

Last year on my birthday I took my date out to a fancy restaurant. We ate the most expensive delicacies and gulped lip-smacking drinks. She was really happy that unlike our previous hang outs which were pretty shabby, this one was classy. We were both having a good time. The waiter came with the bill and well our good time cost a generous amount. I reached into my pocket but there was no wallet to be found. Nervously, I checked all my pockets but nothing. My date understood what was wrong and she cleared the bill. After that incident she neither received my calls nor replied to my text messages.

Bhrikuti Rai, 21

I was elated when the guy I had a huge crush on asked me out for a date on Valentines Day. I went to my cousins’ place and they were equally excited about my date as I was going for a date after a really long time. With their help I got all dressed and waited excitedly for his call. Minutes turned into hours but he didn’t call. Finally, I gave up waiting and went back to my sweats. That day was my most embarrassing one because I became the laughing stock at my home.

Tenzin Kelsang, 18

After a long span, I was with my Sister and her friends at Bhatbhatini for shopping. We had everything we wanted to purchase. We reached the counter but the cashier didn’t take notice of us and was in her own world of gossips with the other cashiers. I interrupted their chitchat and notified them about my approach. There was this offensive look in her which I encountered and I couldn’t take it back. We finished the payment at the counter and as we walked through the exit door, a loud beep started to ring from my part. Everyone turned to see who could have tried to illegally lift the item from a store. I was shocked to hear that loud beep from my own bag. I knew I haven’t done anything wrong nor was there anything to get scared about but the downbeat stare from the customers psyched me up. The security guard came towards me and checked my bag. I wasn’t frightened for I wasn’t wrong in any case. I went back to that counter where that gossip cashier was standing. Before I said anything, she took out that beeping tag from that item and with such an irksome smile on her face, she apologized for her clumsiness. That time, I had to bear such an embarrassing moment which I know I don’t deserve. And whenever I go to that shopping store, I search my sight at that gossip girl.

Tripti Silwal, 23

advertisment by navyaata magazine

Two years have passed by, and even today when I recall that day I feel just as embarrassed and ashamed as I felt back then. I had parked my scooter at Kathmandu Mall, and went for shopping. After I was done with everything that I had to shop, I got back to the parking area to take my scooter. A friend of mine was waiting for me outside. As, I was taking the scooter outside the building the man in charge of the parking area asked me for money. I searched my wallet and my entire pocket, but couldn’t find a single penny. I was totally ignorant of the fact that I had gone penniless. My face turned red and I went utterly speechless as I had no idea of what I was supposed to say. The man kept asking for money again and again. Quickly I made up my mind and decided to run. Next, I didn’t even respond to him and drove away like a skipper and the man kept shouting. I asked my friend to hurry and get in the scooty. Until date she is unaware about this secret of mine.


the POWER of TWO

Some couples are just made for each other. Despite their differences, they make a great pair when together. Such is the magnetism of this couple, Navyaata celebrates the power of two with Sanjay Poudyal and Sagun Poudyal who confess their likes and dislikes of their spouse and dress each other according to their own choice.


anjay left for the US after completing high school in Nepal, and got his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. He joined International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) after college and worked for the company for nine years, before leaving for India to complete his MBA at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad. He is currently with Kumari Bank in Kathmandu in the capacity of head of corporate strategy and development. He believes that hobbies change over time, but one hobby that has remained constant throughout is his desire to travel to and appreciate new places. He feels fortunate to have already traveled to 17 countries around the world, which has given him a diverse set of perspectives on life. Now that he is in Nepal, he wants to absorb the beauty that Nepal has to offer by traveling across this stunning country. He has just returned from a treacherous trekking trip to Mustang area and is in awe about the magnificent sceneries the place had to offer. His other hobbies include reading books on finance and economics, playing golf and watching sports (mostly American sports but that is changing now). He also does play a bit of guitar, and sometimes wishes he had more time to do so.



agun’s passion lies in teaching children. She has taught children in various schools in Nepal, US, and in India. She is devoted to giving children the right values, encouraging them from early on and shaping up their personalities to be successful in life. She also very much enjoys learning about various types of animal, bird, and plant species, their uniqueness and specialties. She completed her 10+2 in Nepal before leaving for the US, and enrolled at San Jose State University in the US in the environmental studies program. Currently, she teaches at Bridgewater International School in Kathmandu and also plans to start her master’s program soon.

Couple: Sanjay Poudyal and Sagun Poudyal Tied the knot on: May, 2003 Kids: Two - twin boys 4 years old What is the thing that you dislike about each other?

Sagun: He has a tendency to lose his temper at times, which affects his ability to make the right decisions Sanjay: Having worked with children throughout her life, the children have had just as much influence in her life, as she has had in theirs. So, naturally, she may come across as a bit childish at times which becomes challenging for me to reconcile with my focused approach on everything we do. I like to plan for everything ahead of time, and have a long term view on just about everything. She likes to be more about today and tends to think less about tomorrow.

What is the thing that you like about each other? Sagun: He is very expressive in his communication, and speaks with clarity and conciseness. Sanjay: What is the thing that you like about her? She has the ability to illuminate positive vibe in just about any atmosphere. Whenever I am feel stressed out, just a few words with her makes me relax and take things easily. She has an amazing ability to bring an environment of comfort and ease into our home, a sense of completeness, so to speak. Our home is just not the same when she is not around. What is the one thing that you wished you knew before marriage? Sagun: Things he cannot compromise on, such as his priorities. Sanjay: You mean, because of which, I may not have married her J? There isn’t much I can think of. What is the most romantic thing that he/she did for you? Sagun: Immediately after he saw me for the first time, he wrote a beautiful poem for me, and told me that I had shaped a poetic side of him, which never existed before. Sanjay: There have obviously been many such moments. But the one I remember the most is a moment when we were in a hotel in Singapore, up on the 32nd floor having drinks and enjoying the view. She put on a glowing smile and told me that she would cherish that moment forever, which was very romantic. What is the one thing you wished he/she did just for you? Sagun: I wish he would play guitar and sing my favorite songs for me. Sanjay: The one thing? Hmm..I love long silky hair in women, and she prefers curls. I wish she would always keep her hair straight and silky, just for me.

What would you change about him/her? Sagun: Sometimes I get a bit worried about his habit of thinking about things too much. I would love for him to take life lightly and enjoy! Sanjay: I like trying different cuisines from various parts of the world, but she is conservative when it comes to experimenting with different types of food. I would like her to appreciate the uniqueness that food from other parts of the world bring. I would also like to see her plan for things a bit more rather than take them as they come. I would also like her to build more of a confident attitude and not be too submissive especially when dealing with people with higher authority. Anything you want to convey to each other through Navyaata? Sagun: I feel very lucky and proud to be your life partner. Thank you for everything and love you till eternity. Sanjay: Apart from what I convey to her every day, I guess through this platform, I would like to tell her that I very much appreciate her support in everything I have wanted to do. Most of the decisions I have made have affected our entire family, and she has always welcomed these changes in stride. She has had to move a lot from one place to another because of my decisions, which may have disrupted her own aspirations, but she has never complained. I would like to tell her that without her love and support, I would not have had the ability to make these decisions. The feeling of completeness I get when around her is a feeling that I want to have forever SHRAWAN • NAVYAATA 23


By Surkhasa Basnet Photograph Shishir Shrestha

She has always been poles apart because she has always been herself, unlike others who strive towards conformity. Having lived her life as a daughter, as a wife, as a mother and now as a grandmother, she has seen the ups and downs of life. She has seen it all. Her experiences has shaped her outlook and her personality.



Navyaata: What is fashion to you? Poonam: Fashion is a statement.

Even today in her rocking 50’s Poonam Yakthumba is a lady who believes in living life to fullest. So, on this issue of Navyaata we salute a lady who had the fortitude to explore fashion and style during the 7o’s and who mastered her different roles in life. She has made a mark in the Nepali fashion scene through her clothing store (Obsession).

Navyaata: How was the fashion in the 70’s? Poonam: Way back in the 70’s things were different. Luckily I was privileged to have access to a bigger world and had the liberty to try things. Even then I flipped through Vogue, Femina and other fashion magazines. When almost everyone of my age wore jama and salwaar I wore shorts. I used to go cycling wearing cycle peddlers. And also because my father was a diplomat I was always surrounded by fashion curious ladies and that really left an impact on me. Navyaata: Any aim or ambition that you still have? Poonam: Now that I have accomplished and gotten everything from life, I have set up a new goal. Anyone who comes to my store should walk out looking good, smart and stylish. Navyaata: You always crave for? Poonam: I love bags and ethnic jewelleries made by Tibetan Muslim artisans. Navyaata: Favourite’s in your wardrobe? Poonam: Trousers and semiformal shirts. Navyaata: You style icons? Poonam: Internationally it has to be Audrey Hepburn. I have always dreamt of her, I still dream of her and will always keep dreaming of her, and in Nepal it is my elder daughter Zerina. She has this eclectic style that suits her best. Navyaata: Any fashion blunder? Poonam: I was sixteen and it was my first date. I went to the date wearing a sari. I was so sure that I was looking classy and elegant. I was walking through Kantipath when a lady stopped me and said “bahini timro sari fuskeko cha”. I turned back and to my horror I found out that my sari had fallen from the back and all that time I was dragging it through the road. That was the biggest blunder I have had with fashion. Navyaata: Your biggest assets that you have had? Poonam: I have been very lucky and happy to share the mother daughter relationship with two ladies. My sano mom is very detailed. She has a very elegant style of dressing and she goes the length to look special every day. From her I learned to dress properly and look stylish. My own mother taught me how to carry myself like a lady. She taught me to respect, to love, to sit, to walk and to carry myself. Navyaata: What is your secret funda in staying so fit? Poonam: I let myself go after my third child. Whenever anyone asked me about my physique, I always had an excuse “Pani Khaye ni mottauchu”. By then I had already reached 82kgs and had started to get health problems (pain in ankles). I visited a doctor about my ankles and he told me that this is just the beginning and that very soon I would have problems with diabetes, blood pressure and many other health problems. It was not until then that I started to take myself seriously. I do yoga for an hour every morning; I eat light and never miss my evening walks. Navyaata: How would you dress up for the following occasions: • • • •

Corporate Lunch - A formal trousers, semi-formal shirt and nice heels with matching bag. Shopping with friends - Flip Flops with ankle length pants and casual Tee. Coffee - Casual Dinner with Family - Very nice and well cut Salwaar Kameej



Extra drink water in the martini glass and claim it as Martini. borrow your friend’s dress for a party and call it yours. wear a torn converse and claim it to be stylish. ...for girls to get hair extension. bitch about good looking celebrities. bitch about your boyfriend’s ex on facebook .

...for guys to cut Birthday cake. hate your in-laws.

...for the guys to visit temple once a while. lie about your age

RS 17 Y E YB

, MA 0 2 18, have 100% vegetarian menu on your treat just because you are a vegetarian. stare at girls in shorts. steal the airline properties. skip your part of paying the taxi fare when you are out with friends admit that you are broke on your birthday. interrupt relationship.






a abuse your girlfriend physically and verbally. pass racist comments. steal books from your college library.


NOT FINE dig your nose in the public places.


The red hair band and red belt adds oomph to her style

Tucking in your cool Tee into your high waist shorts will give a shot to your shopping spree.

This high waist shorts have started to invade the closet of every fashionista. It’s swaying, it’s in rage, and it gets you in the fashion mode.

Turning up with the red ruffled top gives you the classic look.

This high heel and this dazzling top don’t fail to stop her from a partying fever.

Bags - DS Collections Stripe Top - DS Collections Red Formal Top - Temptation Cardigan and T-shirt -DS Collections Red Belt and Head Band- Attitude Slippers, Converse - DS Collections Party Top, Black Sandle - Model’s Own


Samriddhi Rai Personality changes with the way you get up. Some go for a typical casual look whereas others opt for more of a chic look. Whatever your style funda may be, it is important for you to walk along with style and with status. Samriddhi Rai, Writer and RJ of Kantipur FM, is an outgoing person. She loves travelling. She is normally in her casual, but at times, when she needs to be professional, she does that too. Navyaata here presents you how to dress up with oomph, with style and with the movement as the day passes by.

Queuing up for the micro-bus

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Cycling fever around the nook

Strolling the streets of lakeside

Stop for a shop in Chipledhunga

Turning into a wild side for Paragliding

Listening to the live music.

Ready to thump the dance floor



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HIPHOP By Dolkar Lhamo

Hip hop fashion is not just about the fabric you are wearing; it is about the attitude you wear. In Nepal, it has gradually become a fashion staple for the urban youth.


ashion conservatives cringe at its popularity. Much to their chagrin, hip hop clothing is taking the world by storm. The style, overwhelmingly influenced by Rappers and R&B singers, is unique and different.

Hip hop fashion is not just about the fabric you are wearing; it is about the attitude you wear. In Nepal, it has gradually become a fashion staple for the urban youth. The trend has been nurtured by a few stores, most notably Fabulous in Kathmandu Mall and WTC.

How did hip-hop fashion become mainstream? In the early 1980s, the hip-hop scene was just emerging. Back then, hip-hop artists wore clothing items such as brightly coloured namebrand tracksuits and bomber jackets, Clark shoes, Sneakers, oversized shoelaces and popular accessories included large eyeglasses, name belts, multiple rings. As the late 80s approached, designer labels, the preppy look came into hip-hop fashion. But then, it took a whole turn towards the thug look when prison blues, baggy jeans without a belt, and wife beaters became the uniform of preference. Later on, the Gangsta looks of hiphop began to sport a suit, the fedora, along with fur coats and gold accessories which included gold teeth. Some enterprising hip-hop artists recognized the potential of their fashion statement and started their fashion lines. The prominent ones include Roca Wear (Russell Simmons), Sean Johns (Sean Combs aka Diddy), Ecko (), Phat Farm (), JLo (Jennifer Lopez). The proliferation of the hip-hop labels speaks to the popularity of hip-hop fashion.

Hip-hop fashion was imported into Kathmandu through the club scene, popularity of MTV channel, and through style statements from the Nepalese teens in New York and Los Angeles. The fashion caught like fire and youngsters were seen sporting baggy jeans and oversized tees. Deepak Karki, the owner of Fabulous clothing store shares, “When we started the store, we were not sure if there was enough demand for a hip-hop store. However, we knew there were many followers of the hip-hop trend. After all hip-hop is a style all youngsters from 16 to 27 years prefer to wear.” The store first opened in 2005 and the response from the customers has been fabulous. As Deepak proudly adds, “Fabulous has been the vanguard of hip-hop trend in Kathmandu. We offer A to Z items of the Hip-hop trend.” These days the youngsters can quickly don the look of their style icons from the latest hip-hop videos. Hip-hop styles have evolved with time. In Nepal, youngsters dig the hip-hop trend because of its ever evolving style quotient. Attitude is a big component of hip-hop look. Accordingly, a number of youngsters in Nepal have added their own individualities to their hip-hop style. Hip-hop is a statement. It’s an expression. And that is why it will always be a part of youth fashion.

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Navyaata is here with the summer-look Makeover which will in no doubt sway away your summer scorch. Santosh Kr. Sharma from The Head Master and Sumitra Maharjan from IsaDora join hands to work out the Easy breezy airy look on our model Ashra Dhungana.

HAIR Feather with slice cut is the perfect blend for the season. Because of the heat and the scorching effect of summer, girls crave for an ideal yet trendy summer look. The best thing about this look is that you don’t have worry about what dress goes along with the hair because this "feather with slice" cut just about goes with whatever you wear. So, fly girls… BEFORE USED ITEMS Tel-comb Scissor Section Clips Shine-up hair spray And if you don’t have a shine-up hair spray, one can opt for Hardspray as well. MAKE-UP Apply 62, Vanilla Beige, High Performance Foundation as the base. Dab 12, Beige Mist, Velvet touch Compact. Pat 52, Millennium Star, eye shadow and then curl it up with 01, Flashy Curl Mascara. Sweep over 11 Rose tan, Perfect Powder Rouge and lightly brush AFTER off your cheekbones. Apply 17 Nougatine, Pump 'n' Plump Lip Contour and polish it up with 42 Bare Nougat, Pump 'n' Plump Lip gloss. Raise your brows with Life 'n' Define Eye-brow. All the above Mentioned Make-up Products are available at IsaDora Showroom, Durbar Marg and Bluebird Mall, Tripureshwor. For Make-up: IsaDora Showroom, Bluebird Mall, Durbar Marg. For hair: The Head Master, Thamel Mall 1st floor, Jyatha. 36 NAVYAATA • SHRAWAN

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Branch: Bluebird Mall Tripureshwor

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The perfect touch, trend, fad or whatever you want to call it, it is a stroke for the summer fever. Partake the Navyaata style and dive into the summer fashion scene.

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Photographer Shishir Maharjan Model Hem Kala Ghale

We are one of the leading and sourcing agents of wide range of women’s fashion garments and accessories keeping in mind the latest fashion trends and also the preferences of our valued clients. Come and get acquainted with our high quality fabrics, sarees and silhouette’s for all occasions.

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“Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will.”

Grooming Leadership Mahatma Gandhi

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm”

Winston Churchill

Peter Drucker said, “Good manners are the lubricating oil of organizations.” Peter Drucker is widely regarded as the “father of modern management”, the person who understands organization, management, and business perhaps more clearly than any of us. The “tough” leaders of the past, who saved their manners for their social lives and believed in barking orders and the power of command and control, in our ever-mismanaged Nepalese society should be made a history now. In their place should be the leaders who demonstrate in language and behavior their appreciation and respect for the men and women of the enterprise. “Our people are our greatest assets” should be more than a phrase. It needs to be palpable in our culture. Rajesh Rauniyar writes about the importance of personal traits in being a good leader.


FFECTIVE leaders understand that good manners are critical to success in workplace relationships, in team performance, in listening and responding to customers, and in managing a richly diverse workforce. Their good manners flow not from patterned niceness, but from genuine appreciation of their colleagues individually and the dignity of the work their colleagues do. All of us have observed relationships marked by poor taste, bad manners, and a lack of civility in Nepalese society. Staring back at the police, calling names to lower-caste people, and blaming others for our misfortune—the list goes on endlessly. Quite a few of us are guilty of such behaviors at one time or another. But such actions are unproductive, they diminish both parties, and they often implode personally (or explode publicly) with predictable results. Just as one cannot have two sets of ethics -- one for business and one for personal life -- one cannot have two sets of manners. 42 NAVYAATA • SHRAWAN




HAT then is the definition of good manners and civility? Several Kathmanduites agreed in principle that manners have to do with rules of social behavior and civility has to do with respect for other people. What they seemed to not know was that the importance of manners and civility in making an organization successful. Both are indispensable in building effective organizations. We acknowledge the humanity of the other person when we communicate at many levels that person’s worth and dignity. Our behavior as well as our words builds a climate of trust, a climate of respect, and a climate where mission, values, and equal access permeate the organization.

Truly, leaders don’t bother about, the qualities of good or wise men, they just do it.


NE can dismiss emphasis on good manners and civility as soft management and soft talk, but one only has to measure the performance of a team whose work is underscored by trust, civility, and good manners against a team where mistrust, disrespect, and lack of consideration are the rules of the day. No contest! Spirit, motivation, respect, and appreciation win every time. Dispirited, unmotivated, unappreciated workers cannot compete in a highly competitive world.


EADERSHIP has little to do with power and everything to do with responsibility. The dispersed leadership that marks a great organization starts with a shared commitment to mission and purpose. It is based on the clear delegation of tasks, and clear accountability for results. The energy, synergy, and productivity we count on to move the enterprise forward are determined by how people work together, by the example that we set every day. We have to demonstrate that attitude for ourselves before we can expect it in others.

KNOWING WHAT’S IMPORTANT: Though they are usually the most heavily scheduled people in the organization, effective leaders never convey the impression that they are overwhelmed by their task. They always find time for people with an urgent problem or opportunity. And, invariably, they do more than talk; they live the message. Courtesy is their norm. They understand the power of civility, example, language, and persuasion. The more effective the leaders are, the more they are able to make time for people and show genuine consideration for others. It is a graceful use of manners, the lubricating oil, to be sure. But it is also motivating and an effective way to work with people and, ultimately, “make their strengths effective and weaknesses irrelevant.” Too often we convey the message that we are rushed for time during an appointment, but if we focus on the person and what he or she brings, we send a very different message: that our time with that colleague -- those 15 or 30 minutes -is the most important thing we can be doing at the moment. Listening to our internal customers is as important as listening to our external customers. Focus and attention convey genuine respect, which is the cornerstone of trust. It also helps us become more focused, organized, and in the end more productive.



N the rush to “reinvent” our organizations, or our communities, or ourselves, we sometimes overlook the time-tested principles that helped early great leaders succeed. We forget that long before “relationship marketing” or “unit of one” became buzzwords, leaders built genuine and felicitous relationships in work life, public life, and family life. The organization of the future will be relationshipcentered, mission-focused, values-based, and demographics-driven. Good manners and civility are essential to the success of relationships across the organization, and will move to the front of the effective leader’s portfolio.

“Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in action”

Harold S. Geneen

MAKING TIME COUNT: Like anything worthwhile, caring and respectful behavior takes time and effort. But in these demanding (and often uncivil) times, the question is not just how we balance our lives, it is how we balance our day. That balance requires discipline how we use our time. It is, after all, what we do with our days, what choices we make, that defines who we are as leaders, as men and women. Every day has its priorities, its focus, and we have to concentrate on those. We often have to set aside things that are interesting to do but will not make a difference. We wake up determined that the day is not going to just happen to us. We know where we are going to invest our time, and with whom, how we shape and spend the day. Such discipline is not easy, but it’s an exhilarating challenge of effective leadership. In the end, leadership is all about valuing relationships, about valuing people. It is important to rise when someone enters our office -- never look at our watch when we are talking with someone. Real etiquette is not about mindless or archaic ritual; it is about the quality and character of who we are. “Good manners” are the expression of genuine respect for others and for the task we share. They are critical to the success of the organization of the future. As we hear from great leaders and thinkers from all sectors, in the journal articles, the book chapters, and the conferences, over and over from different voices, different minds, we hear hope for the future. We hear of a future where relationships are keys and people are valued, where not just the task well performed but the life well lived is what counts. In the future, as now, living those values will be the challenge not just for the leader, but for us all Contributed by-Rajesh Ravniar Managemant Consultant, Benchmark, Nepal


YOUTH VIBE by Dolkar Lhamo Photographs Phurpu Tsering Gurung


Sarala Chamling Rai 22,

he face behind the counter was very boyish. He could not have been more than 16 years old. Just a generation ago, it was unthinkable for the

teenagers to work. This was especially true of the well-off teens as somehow there was a stigma related to earning a salary when you are that young. That

Working along with study to me is fun, and I am glad to know that I have been able to carry on really well. Right now, I am doing my 1st year in Masters in English literature. I love my both life, life as a student in Universal College and a worker in Reading Room.

always meant your parents cannot

Book keeper, reading room

provide for you. Fortunately, that stigma has largely faded away.


I feel great when I compare myself with my other mates. I even feel greater when I realize I stand on my own feet and I don’t have to depend upon my elders when most of my buddies still rely on others.

hy do we work? The MTV generation has also ushered

in an informal self reliance movement in front of your folks, then you will need to bend to their wishes. Seeing that there has been a growing trend towards youth jobs, we at Navyaata talked a number of youths who have

Lobsang Dorjee 21,

among the youths. If you have to beg

Sales person, DS Collection

taken the employment plunge.


here are different motivations for people to take up part time jobs.

Service, Saturday Cafe

Sarala Chamling Rai has been working in Reading Room, a non-profit store, for the last four years. Reading Room provides books for those who love to read. Sarala finishes her college at 9:40 AM, reaches her work at 11:00 AM and carries her duty till 7 PM. She has a hectic schedule. However, she likes the positive contribution of the store and the fact that she is a part of it. Lobsang Dorjee is awaiting his 12th Board results. He works in Saturday Café in

I am very happy with my job and with whatever I am doing. The scooter that I own right now is the result of my earning. Doing job makes me feel responsible.

Boudha. “It is my life’s first job and the first payment I got for my hard work was such a great feeling,” says Dorjee.


Niru Shrestha 20,


Similarly, Niru Shrestha, a sales associate at DS Collections, recounts feeling very awkward asking her family for pocket money as soon as she completed her high schools. “As I really had nothing to do after I finished my college I decided to join retail services,” says Niru.


tudents, through part times jobs, can earn pocket money


hese days, we come across

and, at the same time, can learn

many students who work

about professional work places

part time jobs. This is a good thing.

and the rigors of every day work.

Thoreau said unemployment is a

One only has to compare the

form of structural violence in society.

students who work with those that

It deprives individuals the right to

do not work to see the difference

have a meaningful life in the present

in punctuality, organization,

by making the future uncertain. In Navyaata’s conversation with these youths, all of them agree that part time jobs helps cultivate self reliance and independence. The job experience also gives them an insight into what work is like and prepares them psychologically for their future jobs. In fact, Sarala

and Niru maintain a full-time work load and it is very motivating to see them be able to study in addition to their work schedule. They have been able to do so because their families have fully supported them. We asked them if they keep their salaries or give it to their families? To this Lobsang replied, “With the amount I earn, I am able to pay for my college fees; I give some money to my mother and keep the rest as pocket money.” SHRAWAN • NAVYAATA 45


communication ability and team work. While it may not be an easy task to balance work and a full study load, those who do are able to prioritize their needs in their daily lives, something that will serve them very well in their lives. Additionally as Lobsang tells us, you actually start appreciating the value of money when you have had to earn it the hard way. You will feel much more reluctant to spend the money freely when you have had to work so hard for it. Continuing on the positive aspects of part time jobs, Niru Shrestha shares “Sometimes, our customers bargain with us. In fact, I enjoy the back and forth with the customers who are looking to make a good deal. It is friendly and I end up understanding them better. The job hasn’t affected my studies, and it maybe because I have been able to balance my job and studies well.


ot everything is rosy of course. As Sarala points

out, “when there are classes in the evening or there are seminars outside of the class hours, we don’t get to participate.” Working does take a lot of time away from school work and socializing. It also limits the extracurricular activities that you can participate in. And it is not easy to work when your friends may be having a good time. But that kind of deprivation inculcates the discipline needed to succeed in life. Working can also take away from your sleep time.



art time job is not everyone’s cup of tea. One has to ask if

they can fit it in their busy schedule. Not many youths would want to sacrifice their free time for some extra cash. Also the job may require you to work even if you have an important test or exam coming up the next day. Look at it this way: being able to prioritize and accommodate competing interests is a great skill to have in life.


et us look at the motivations of the youth aged 15-24.

The oldest of this age group was born in 1986 while the youngest was born in 1995. The internet and mobile technologies have transformed them to a networked generation. Increasingly, they seek independence from their parents. Part time jobs will give them the money to express their freedom and also teach them the real value of money. But more importantly it makes a growing demographic section an important contributor to our economy



THE FALL by Surakhsha Basnet

“Over time, the desire to be cool or to escape the burdens of everyday problems took on a life of its own.”

rugs kill! Statistics show that more

Over time, the desire to be cool or to escape the burdens

people die from drugs every year

of everyday problems took on a life of its own.

than from violent activities. Drugs

alter our normal body function when they are absorbed into

In the beginning, Asish thought, he was consuming the

our bodies. You cannot live the poetry that you cannot write

drug to help him relieve his anxieties. It took a while

and you cannot write the poetry that you dare not realize. It is

for him to realize that it was actually the opposite. It

just like that with drugs. The actual meaning of drugs comes out

was the drug that was consuming him. It demanded

through the stories and experiences from those who have been

more and more of his time, his mind, his body and his

tempted by it and have lived through it, fought it and survived

money. Slowly he craved for something stronger than

it. On this issue of Navyaata, we bring to you the journey of two

marijuana and he moved to cocaine. “My parents, by

misled teens who succumbed to the temptation of drugs, but

then, already had a feeling that something was wrong,

have fought back to recovery.

but never in their nightmare did they suspect that their son had become an addict,” says Asish.

Shiva 21 and Asish 24 have been through a lot in their lives. Two complete strangers, they share similar stories of a life with drugs. The tears that they shed, the sorrows they lived through and the painful insights they gained through their ordeal still haunt them. Both of them experimented with drugs when they were still in their teens. Shiva was only fifteen and Asish first got high when he was sixteen. Shiva was a borders student in Darjeeling and Asish was living with his family in Kathmandu. They first started with marijuana often referred to as Ganja or Weed. Shiva recalls, “All the cool didis smoked weed when the matrons went to sleep. Watching them I was always tempted, and it was in the Christmas night during my ninth standard that I smoked weed for the first time.” Asish had a different reason to take up weed. He recalls, “Stress would be my excuse for everything”. One day, his friend slipped some weed and told him that it would help him relax. Asish was immediately tempted. He thought why not? 48 NAVYAATA • SHRAWAN

“Perhaps we need to cleanse ourselves with our tears once in while,” Shiva tried her best to hide her growing addiction from her hostel matrons by never being sloppy or maudlin. But no matter how hard she tried, she used to lose it every so often. “When I was high, I barely recognized what vegetable I was served, or what time lunch was “, says Shiva. Even in class she hiccupped through readings in many occasions. Often she would weep silently. Living


through dark, she managed to pull until her ICSE Boards (SLC). School was over and she came back to Kathmandu for her college degree. The situation went from bad to worse as she started becoming friends with people who were into deeper addiction. Then she moved from weed to heroine to brown sugar. Because she had a very g ood monthly allowance, there never was a need to sell her possession or her parents’ possessions. Plus she avoided her parents when she would be high. Her parents never knew what their daughter was getting into. It almost went too far. Both Shiva and Asish had an overdose. Shiva was found folded in the bathroom and Asish was rushed to the hospital from his friends place. Shiva recalls, “My mamu cried a lot and asked me why I did drugs? Since when did it start? And what was it that I was not happy with? To all her questions I had no answers. I was regretful and remorseful to what I had put my family through. I started to cry myself.” Similarly Ashish was very apologetic and embarrassed when his family knew about his addiction. Perhaps we need to cleanse ourselves with our tears once in while, so that we can see life with a clearer vision again. That was exactly what happened to Shiva and Asish. They both decided to pull themselves out from the abyss of drugs. Shiva went to a rehabilitation centre in Singapore and Asish signed up with Sangati Nepal (Drugs Rehabilitation Centre). The path of detoxification was very tough. There always were new challenges to overcome and new promises to live up to. Their time in rehab taught them that life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react and make out of it. One cannot change the past or change the fact that people will act in a certain way nor can one change the inevitable. The only thing one can do is go through life with our positive attitude.

Shiva left the rehabilitation clean after eighteen months. The struggle was not easy but it it helped to have the full support of her family. Today it has been almost a year and half out of rehabilitation. Shiva has been able to manage well. Very soon she intends to do a Diploma Course in Photography from Australia. There may be temptations in the future. But she will avoid those temptations. One day when her life flashes before her eyes, she wants to make sure that it is worth watching. For Asish, it was a struggle for twenty-four months. It has been almost three years now and he has remained clean. Asish engaged himself into yoga, meditation practices and spiritual readings. He keenly believes that intellectual growth commences at birth and ends only at death. Today he teaches meditation classes to students in the rehab center. To those who are anxious to find their inner selves, he has a message, “Dream like you will live forever and live like you will die today”. Asish today is not a human being on a spiritual journey; he is rather a spiritual being on a human



ecause Shiva and Asish faced, fought and survived the hardest test one can face, fate

has given them the two most important things in life – experience through suffering and wisdom through realization. Life is an art of drawing without an eraser, so we need to be careful of what we do. In school we are first taught a lesson and then given a test, but in life we first go through a test that teaches us the lesson of a lifetime SHRAWAN • NAVYAATA 49


The vision of 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and the current


hat goes around, comes around! The styles of yester years are back and with a bang. If you ever pined for the fashion statements of 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, look no further.

Ruffle dress by DS Collection, Sherpa Mall Makeup by IsaDora Hair by Marshyangdi Beauty and Hair Care Spa


This pink ruffled piece and the white endearing dress are the looks from 1960s. This little-girl-woman androgynous looks swept away the refined sweater girl’s culture and the style is sure to rock the world ahead.




By 1970s, women had choices. Women chose what they wanted to wear, what they needed to wear. From the mini skirt to midi skirt, they wore it all. This is one of the glances from that swaying trend.

White dress by Temptation, United World Trade Centre Wedge heels by DS Collection, Sherpa Mall Makeup by IsaDora Hair by Marshyangdi Beauty and Hair Care Spa 52 NAVYAATA • SHRAWAN



The Portrait tops, the tailored pants and the ankle boots embarked the 1990s style. Spanning from glamour and glitz to retro and grunge the 90’s fashion would make anyone’s eyes pop.

Portrait top from Temptation, United World Trade Centre Tailored pants and Ankle boot from DS Collection, Sherpa Mall Makeup by IsaDora Hair by Marshyangdi Beauty and Hair Care Spa SHRAWAN • NAVYAATA 53



1990s were all about stone washed jeans and the zips. The more, the chic-cer and sexier.

Military Jacket from DS Collection Jeans from Temptation, United World Trade Centre Strap Heels from Attitude, Kathmandu Mall Makeup by IsaDora Hair by Marshyangdi Beauty and Hair Care Spa



Fashion on-run

This feminine frock, lovely with a flirty bow has it all. Wear it on or off shoulder, wear it as a top or a dress, daytime, date time or any time, this off shoulder dress is the ever-so-loved one can go for.

Black dress by Temptation, United World Trade Centre Makeup by IsaDora Hair by Marshyangdi Beauty and Hair Care Spa



eauty Drink? Drinking your way to hotness may sound like a strange concept, but it is not such a far-fetched idea. Dieticians tell us that certain vitamins and nutrients improve our hair, skin and nails — why couldn’t they be added to a drink? Sappe beauty drinks, the first beauty drink to enter the Nepali market, have done just that. Sappe is manufactured by Sapanan General Food Co., Ltd, an established food and beverage company in Thailand. The drinks have been imported into Nepal by Foodline Pvt. Ltd. Ashish Rajbhandari, director of Foodline, attributes the growing success of Sappe to the company’s deliberate strategy on price and product categorization. “Sappe is an affordable beauty drink,” says Mr. Rajbhandari. “Sappe’s beauty drinks combine a powerful blend of Super antioxidants, vitamins and botanical & fruit extracts. They help fight harmful effects of sun exposure and help prevent skin aging. They also promote the even distribution of melanin, which helps even skin tone, potentially diminishing the appearance of blotchy and aging skin.”For those watching their calories, the drinks come with little or no sugar. When I was asked to try the beauty drink, my first reaction was one of skepticism. Why must I always be the guinea pig? Moreover, I feared a beauty drink would taste like old vitamin tonic, a strict non-no for me. But I was pleasantly surprised. The beauty drinks come in four flavors and all of them are actually fairly tasty.

Q10 or co-enzyme/ wrinkle free skin

Description: 12% Red Grape Juice with Co-enzyme Q10 (29 mg.) and Vitamin E Size: 360 ml Shelf Life: 1 year Recommended Intake: 1 bottle a day Product Benefits: Co-enzyme Q10 is well known as anti-oxidant which is used in cosmetics like

lotion, eye cream, etc. It helps in anti-aging and reduces wrinkles. The best absorbable form of Co-enzyme Q10 is in liquid form. The optimal amount per day is 29 mg. (the amount contained in one bottle of Red Grape). It is best to drink Sappe Red Grape after meal. This is because Coenzyme Q10 works most effectively with fat.

Description: 12% Mixed Fruit Flavoured Juice (White Grape and Lime) with Chlorophyll 10,000 micrograms Size: 360 ml Shelf Life: 1 year Recommended Intake: 1 bottle a day Product Benefits: Chlorophyll is extracted from green vegetable such as broccoli, spinach, asparagus, etc. It helps detoxify toxic residue in the body and thereby improves immunity. It also helps maintain healthy skin and delay aging. It helps remove dead cells in large intestine which prevents foul body and mouth odor. It also helps the digestive system and helps prevent intestinal cancer. Drinking 1 bottle of Sappe Chlorophyll helps gain chlorophyll at the level equivalent to the intake of 1.2 kg or 4 broccolis.

Navyaata, CReATiVe DePARTMeNT

Chlorophyll/A Better Immunity

Fiber 8,000 mg

Collagen 1,000 mg

Chlorophyll 10,000 micro gm

Collagen/a better digestion

Description: 12% Mixed Fruit Flavoured Juice (White Grape and Lime) with Fiber and L-Carnitine Size: 360 ml Shelf Life: 1 year Recommended Intake: 3 bottles a day Product Benefits: For anyone who wants to maintain good figure and weight, including those who

lack vegetable and fruits intake, the 8,000 mg fiber in each bottle of Sappe Fiber is equivalent to 2 big Pomelos or 8 small tangerines. Fiber helps digestive system to work efficiently and helps prevent intestinal cancer. L-Carnitine helps promote fat metabolism and is good substance for intake during your diet and exercise programs.

Collagen/ Beautiful skin

Description: 12% Mixed Fruit Flavoured Juice (White Grape and Lime) with Collagen Size: 360 ml Shelf Life: 1 year Recommended Intake: 3 bottles a day Product Benefits: Collagen tightens hair follicle thereby reducing hair loss. It also helps prevent

osteoporosis and helps maintain skin elasticity and alleviates shrinkage. It increases skin moisture. Normally our body can productively generate Collagen by itself until the age around 20 and then the production rate gradually declines and causes the skin to lose its moisture. In order to maintain the skin moisture and avoid skin shrinkage and wrinkles, it becomes necessary to substitute the self-generated Collagen by the intake of extracted Collagen. Deep sea fish is the best source of of high quality and highly effective Collagen. Each bottle of Sappe Collagen contains 1000 mg of extracted Collagen from deep sea fish.

Other Drinks from Sapanan

Aloe Vera Drinks While not exactly classified as beauty drinks, Sappe Aloe Vera drinks target both your health and your taste buds. Aloe Vera has a number of healing properties. For instance, it helps our digestive and immune system. It reduces blood sugar and decreases the chances of a heart disease. Aloe Vera also helps strengthen body’s natural metabolism. The drinks, containing splendid Aloe Vera cubes, will fill you with refreshing energy. They come in 3 flavors: Apple

Black Currant


Sappe Aloe Vera apple flavor combines the benefits of Aloe Vera with refreshing flavor of green apple. Try this drink chilled and find the exhilarating experience of a tasty, refreshing drink.

The infusion of Aloe Vera cubes with black currant flavor gives this Sappe Aloe Vera drink a subtle flavor which will leave you wanting more. This drink has 70% less calories than other flavors and also comes in sugar free version.

Sappe Aloe Vera coconut flavor brings you the rich natural flavor of coconut. It will relax your body and soothe your mind.

Mogu Mogu


Guys, not to worry! Sapanan has also introduced a line of fruit juices called Mogu Mogu. The drink combines Nata de coco with 25% fruit juice. The drink comes in six flavors. Nata de coco is a chewy, translucent, jelly-like food product produced by the fermentation of coconut water and carrageenan.

Mogu Orange

This juice combines the great sensation and taste of a real orange with the newness of nata de coco. It will refresh you anytime and is sure to the most popular orange juice in the market.

Mogu Mango

Mango drink choices will no longer be confined to just Fruity or Real. The king of fruits is brought to you by Sapanan combined with the soft chewy feel of nata de coco. The blended sweet and sour taste of Thai mango will pleasantly surprise you. Plus it will give you high fiber and vitamin.

Mogu Pineapple

This juice will make you feel like you are eating the real pineapple! It will refresh and energize your body. You must try this drink if you even remotely like pineapple.

Mogu Lychee

The newest lychee entrant in the drinks market! It combines the sweet taste of lychee with the soft chewy feel of nata de coco. It is good for your health and for your tast e buds.

Mogu Strawberry

This drink combines the flavor of strawberry with the chewy nata de coco. You will feel fresh, tasty and get vitamin at the same time.

Mogu Grape

Tried other fruit flavors? You may want to try the grape flavor. The perfect sweetness and tanginess of grapes will rejuvenate your body and mind. It also contains Vitamin C and fibers. These drinks are available in leading departmental stores, upscale fashion stores such as DS Collection, beauty parlours, spas, game stations, coffee shops, restaurants and bars.

These drinks are available in leading departmental stores, upscale fashion stores such as DS Collection, beauty parlours, spas, game stations, coffee shops, restaurants and bars.




Living the best of both worlds, Priti Rijal is a student and already the most celebrated player of Nepali tennis.. She is young, lively and determined. Still a teen, yet her effort to succeed is second to none. Navyaata has more of what she has to say about herself. Check out the personal side of Priti Rijal. PHOTOGRAPH BY KISHOR KAYASTHA

Name: Priti

Biggest splurge: tennis


Lipstick or lip gloss- lip

Age: 19 Height:

Profession: student/tennis



Weakness: too


Fetish: Banana


Favourite shopping spot: none

Shoes or bags- shoes

170 cm


some weird crazy tone from my friend

Current ring tone:

Your choice

Status: Single


Define the following in one sentence.


Shopping or holidaying-


English or Hindi movies-


Dream holiday getaway: Tropical Island in some other planet in a binary star system Your fashion icon:


Formal or Casual- Casual Shahrukh or Salman Khan- Salman Politicians or Business people-




Victoria Secret

Favourite brand: Nike Magazines that you flip through: Tennis


Is an energy that unites, helps, supports and elevates if used properly

Success or love- Both


A fit body or good skin- fit

Money: Is a necessary evil in the modern world whose origin is from corruption

A girls’ night out or candle lit dinner-

1. One thing that you don’t have but wish you did- is a House with a tennis court


Career: Is

a path of life that most people are never satisfied with Are those who support when you need them most


Are reflections of your negative thoughts


night out

High heels or flats- high


had to give unprepared speech after a tournament in Pokhara

Most embarrassing moment:

When I won my 1st tennis tournament

Is a trend that becomes obsolete in every six months

Proudest moment:

Is addiction for some, indirect means of communication for others

First crush:



Tennis or Films- Tennis




First kiss:

Leyton Hewitt


2. If you weren’t a Player, you would be-


3. The best thing about being a woman is-Being herself 4. One quality that you would like to see in your husband- is the unconditional

love towards me

5. While I was growing up I always got teased about- my-Red cheeks 6. The most favourite part of your body is eyes 7. Priti Rijal is Down

to the earth


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By Suraksha Basnet Photographer Phurbu Tsering Gurung

She wakes up at 5 AM every morning and goes to Kalanki to buy corns. She sells the corns in Bhatbhateni during the day to supplement her earnings.

Waiting for the doctors at the Kathmandu Medical College.

Dr. Una Pant checking Reenu at the gainac ward in Kathmandu Medical College. 64 NAVYAATA • SHRAWAN


eenu Majhi lives in Kalopul. She is 28 years old. She is a single mother to Sameer. Life is very hard. She works multiple jobs to make ends meet. She works every day even though she has health issues. She suffers from lower abdomen and chest pains.

Reenu and Sameer enjoying momos, pakoda and coke in Bhatbhatini Super Market.


Reenu and Sameer walking through the streets in Bhatbhatini Super Market.

he wakes up at 5 AM every morning and goes to Kalanki to buy corns. She sells the corns in Bhatbhateni during the day to supplement her earnings. Kalanki is on the other side of the city and by the time she gets back, it is already 8 AM. She quickly makes food for her son, Sameer, and sends him to school.  After finishing her household chores, she goes to her landlord’s house to work as a maid. At around 1 PM, she goes to Bhatbhatini to sell Poleko Makkai. For all the hard work, she earns about Rs. 150-200 per day. 


Sameer happy and enjoying shopping in Bhatbhatini Supermarket.

e met Reenu around 9:30 AM in the morning. She was dressed in her best clothes and greeted us at her door with a smile. We talked to Reenu about how we intended to spend a good part of the day with her. Reenu’s first need was medical checkup. We set up a 10 AM appointment at Kathmandu Medical College. Dr. Nikesh Raj Bhandari and Dr. Una Pant examined Reenu and told her about her condition and the precautions she must take. We are very grateful to both the doctors for their cooperation and help. After the checkup, we went to get Sameer from the school. In the beginning, Sameer was a bit curious when he saw us with his mother, but soon he got along well and was very playful. When asked what he wanted to do, he replied innocently that he wanted to shop at the Bhatbhateni Supermarket. We took Sameer and Reenu to the supermarket for a shopping trip. Sameer bought fruitcakes, juices, chocolates, wafers and flakes whereas Reenu bought groceries for household needs. After the shopping, all of us sampled the momos, pakodas and coke outside Bhatbhateni. As we were returning back to Reenu’s place, we spotted a mosquito net in a store. We bought the net for Reenu because she had mentioned that her place was infested with mosquitoes and that sleeping properly in the night was a problem.

Reenu with a smile after collecting the mosquito net from a local shop near Kalo Pool.


Reenu with a smile after collecting the mosquito net from a local shop near Kalo Pool.

y then it was already 2 in the afternoon and it was time for Reenu to go and sell her corns. We parted ways. Both Reenu and Sameer seemed very happy to spend the day with us. We were also very happy to make a small difference in their lives. The world seemed a little more happier!

Sameer and Reenu in their playing with the mosquito net.

MY STORY -Rojina Lama, Kumaripati After months of chatting with this guy, we finally decided to meet on a date. I was dressed pretty good that day. I set myself comfortably in one of the seat in the café waiting for that guy to pop in. A couple of minute passes and I caught this guy all dressed as if he was going for a corporate meeting or something. Anyone could see that he was showing off his gold chains and the shade which was larger than his life. I never in my life thought I would be meeting such a guy until he approached me and asked for me with my name. I was dumbstruck. Everything happened so quickly that I didn’t even get time to think for an excuse to fake him that I wasn’t the one. So, he came and sat. I was so sure that our placement would be face-to-face but then, it was funny yet so weird when he sat beside me. My awkwardness grew. The food was fine. And after we finished with the food, I wanted to go back home but he asked me to go with him to the hills of Kakani which was a total no. My awkwardness turned out to be really awkward. I left without a single word and now he is not my chat friend anymore.

-Anonymous Finally, the day was here - my date with my boyfriend. Everything was going great, the food, the ambience, the music, and even the vibe between the two of us until the time, when I felt a fly winging around my head. It was a mosquito and the sound of it buzzing bothered me a lot. Out of the blue I felt a sudden irritation in my nose and felt the mosquito had entered into my nose. I started fidgeting and my boyfriend kept asking me what was wrong. But I just couldn’t tell him the truth. It was so embarrassing. Even he grew irritated after some time and the whole ambience was spoilt. Without anything to say or do we left for home. I was still uneasy with the thought that a fly was still stuck inside my nose. After reaching the comfort of my 4 walls I blew my nose so hard only to discover that what had been bothering me all along was not a mosquito but a dried ball of snot.

- Subekhsha Pandey, Tinkune I had this best friend of mine who used to regularly chat with a girl. They had never seen each other, so after three and half months of vigorous chatting, they decided to go for a date and the venue was an Indian restaurant. He decided to take me with him on his BIG day because he felt really nervous, as it was the first date of his life. My friend and I got ready and went to the restaurant. We were already late by half an hour. We entered the restaurant; we were not sure what to do so we occupied an empty table at the front corner. Then my friend suddenly remembered that they forgot to fix a dress code or colour in order to recognize each other. Not knowing what to do, we tried to look around if there was any girl in the restaurant sitting alone. We saw a girl sitting alone near the entrance, wearing that worn-out look. The girl wasn’t that good looking, telling honestly. The next thing was my friend rushed out of the place, leaving me alone and helpless as the girl stared on my way. I am sure she must have thought I was her blind date. I left the restaurant without even looking at the girl, only to find my friend waiting for me outside.

MY STORY - Smriti Dhakal, Putalisadak

I was just done with my SLC exams and decided to go on a date with this guy, whom I came to know through one of my friends, who happened to be his second cousin. My parents were quite strict about having male friends, let alone having a boyfriend. But I was a rebel from a very small age in my family. So against all the odds I decided to go on a date, for the first time in my life, lying to my parents that I was going out with my friends for a college hunt. I got dressed up in one of my favourite tops and a skirt and left with excitement and nervousness at the same time. Since we had chosen this nice restaurant as the venue of our date, I directly entered the restaurant thinking he must have arrived already. Indeed, he had been waiting for me for past 15 minutes then. We ordered the food and started talking and enjoying each other’s company. When everything seemed to be going just perfect, I saw my mother coming in through the restaurant’s entrance, if that wasn’t enough to give me a heart attack of sort, my father followed her. At once both my parents saw me with this guy. My mother red-faced kept quiet and remained still but my father came to me, scolded my date, took me by his hands out of the restaurant and directly to the car, without even letting me wear my shoes. The next thing I knew was, my cell phone was gone and I was admitted to all-girls College and I never saw that guy again.

-Shreya Giri, Gwarko

I bought this pretty dress and frankly, it took me a whole week to choose this dress for my date. The day arrived and, as planned, everything was going great. We hung around the Garden of Dreams, spent hours there talking and making out. After that, we got ourselves to a cosy restaurant. Everything was so great. We had the best of food and my time with my boyfriend was beautiful. In between, I looked for the time and it was already past my time to reach home. So, we decided to leave. As we walked past the streets, we both noticed people staring at us. It was awkward but we gave no care until we heard them talking about a torn section in my dress. As soon as I heard that, I told my boyfriend to check out if something was wrong with my dress. He looked at my dress and, to my alarm, the flipside was shredded a bit but it was easily visible. I had no choice but to tie my hips with my boyfriend’s jacket. It was a memorable date but a disastrous one as well.

- Rajiv Shrestha, Baneshwor

I tried my luck at this girl who stayed at our locality. She seemed silent and pretty. I liked her from the very time I saw her. My friends knew about my feelings for her and after much encouragement from them, I finally decided to talk to her and tell her how I felt. Whenever I felt like I will approach her and speak out, I would fail every time. But this day, this particular day, I saw her coming back from college. Without thinking much, I went in front of her and asked her for a date. I knew very well that the way I approached her was not impressive but still she accepted my proposal and agreed to go on a date with me. So, as per set, the day arrived and I was all busy making myself look better than before. I was waiting for her in the restaurant and after some time, I caught her coming with a guy and a girl. She came towards me and introduced me to her friends saying I was dating her and that it was my treat. I couldn’t utter a word and I had to pay for them. That was the worst date ever.

things to do during

BANDH by Sumati Maharjan Photograph Shishir Shrestha


he common refrain one hears about Bandhs is that Nepal has too many of them. The reasons for Bandhs are often mundane—a road accident or hike in price of essential commodities. In fact, we are so accustomed to Bandhs that when there is no Bandh for a while, we start asking “Bandh chaina, Kahile Bandh huncha aba?”

(When will the next bandh be?). Bandhs can be terribly boring. You are confined at home watching TV all day long. Navyaata suggests ten interesting things to enliven the Bandhs:

1 Let’s go cycling! With motorcycles and cars off limits, bicycles are your best friend during Bandhs. They can take you places you would not normally have visited. Places near Chobhar, Godavari, Sundarijal are perfect for those lazy ‘Bandh’ cycle rides.


Mighty books Bandhs are the best time to finish reading the books that you have kept on hold. Reading interesting books will make time fly. Here are some of Navyaata’s suggestions for a good read: • The Girl with a dragon tattoo, by Steigg Larsson • A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini


• Victoria decides to die, by Paulo Coelho • Good women of China, by Xinran


Tring Tring Catch up on your friends. Often our busy schedule keeps us away from our friends. During Bandh, there is no excuse not to keep in touch with your near and dear ones. Pick up the phone and dial the number .You are sure to be stuck on the receiver for endless hours.


Into the neighborhood

Hungry anyone?


Have a get together for friends who live within

Bandhs do not mean that you should be

walking distance. Cook up some fast food dishes—

confined to your home. The best way to kill

popcorn, French fries and sausages—or ask them

boredom is to go for a walk. Wear comfortable

to bring along their favourite dishes for a potluck.

sneakers and carry some water and packaged

Create a fun filled afternoon with delicious food,

food. You may be surprised at the places you

good music and the best of company.


De-clutter And for those who prefer not to exert your muscles, there may be enough to do at home. If you are stressed over how messy your house is, Bandhs provide you with the down time to clean your house. Arrange your wardrobe, do your laundry and clean those furnitures. And re-arrange your home so that it feels newer.

Watch a movie or two: Bandhs are the perfect time to dust off your old DVDs and have a movie marathon. Watching movies will entertain you and relieve your stress. Navyaata’s top picks:

• Black, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali • Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge, directed by Aditya Chopra • Darpan Chaya, directed by Tulsi Ghimire


• The Pursuit of Happyness, directed by Gabriele Muccino • Crazy, Beautiful, directed by John Stockwell Nepal Bandha Ma Nepali Movie SHRAWAN • NAVYAATA 69


FRenemies H

ow many of us remember the movie “Clueless”? Alicia Silverstone’s narration of a high school life is remarkable for introducing a term ‘Frenemy’-her friends are also her backstabbers. A frenemy is someone who is actually an enemy in the guise of a friend. Now imagine having an awful day at work or a horrible first date gone wrong and you can’t wait to see your friend for some emotional support. You always count on your friends to wind down, joke with and have a laugh together. Frenemies are all the more dangerous because they may strike in your most vulnerable moments. When you most need an understanding soul, your frenemy can heighten your anxieties, rather than help alleviate them. A frenemy criticizes you to the extent of stimulating fear, selfdoubt and regret in your mind. Your every failure is a success and your every success is a challenge. Frenemies may range from being manipulative to selfish, unkind, cruel and even brutal. Watch out when someone gives you backhanded compliments like these:

“He seems much better than the guys you normally attract.”

“If I were you, I’d be very happy to get flowers!”


“Those boots look pretty good for someone with your build.” “He seems much better than the guys you normally attract.” “If I were you, I’d be very happy to get flowers!” “Your ex- boyfriend’s new girlfriend is so pretty.” “Well, he’s not exactly my type, but you might like him.” Navyaata brings you five ways to identify your frenemy!


Frenemies are hard to distinguish because most of the time they have as many, if not more, positive qualities than negative ones. Frenemies will often share your interests and values; if you didn’t have these things in common, it would be easy to qualify your frenemies as enemies and move them off your emotional radar entirely. Love-hate relationships are typical for frenemies.


Most of the times, you and your frenemy want the same thing. Perhaps it is the same guy, the same promotion, the same “A” grade in exam papers, the same dress from the clothing store; but only one of you can have it? This common aim of “it” creates an all consuming game of friendly competition, ultimately turning many friends to frenemies as they leapfrog each other to get ahead.


When spending time with a person leaves you feeling drained and lost, be sure that person comes under the frenemy category. Such a person continually uses you for his/her personal benefit, dishes out insults on you, breaks promises, ignores your wishes or manipulates you with passive-aggressive behavior. These activities goes beyond the acceptable friendship margin of error. More often than not, you feel exhausted and lost by being near them and after you hang out with them; either you need to take a fresh bath or a nap.


A frenemy always tries to slyly bring you down, time and time again, without sincere or no apology at all, and then invite you to join on a fun activity, completely ignoring the fact that your ego has just been bruisedher for a beauty parlor trip?. For example, sS/he they may asks you to go shopping with them, just to rag belittle on your taste in fashion. and wThey may compliment you on your figure even though you have gained a hen you gain a few pounds and other friends are genuinely trying to help you, a frenemy will tell you how perfect you are with a satisfied grin on her face or make you feel really guilty and hopeless.


Do I love them, do I hate them, or do I love to hate them? Ask yourself and try categorizing them, First one is a friend, second is an enemy, and third is a frenemy

navyaata magazine

n av y a ata


Meet Sukarma

By Tsering Dolker Gurung Photograph Prem Tshering Sherpa

Dr. Dhrubesh Chandra Regmi, (Sitar) Dr. Dhrubesh Chandra Regmi is a preeminent Sitar player. He is a respected name in the genre of Nepal’s folk-classical music. He is the first musician to hold a PhD degree in music in Nepal. He trained under esteemed musicians such as the likes of Professor Anil Dhar, Pt. Binay Chandra Maudgalya (Bhaiji) and Ustad duo Imrat Khan and Nishad Khan.

Shyam Nepali, (Sarangi) Shyam embodies the phrase ‘classic meets modern’. He is the most sought after Sarangi player today. He was only 15 when he gave his first performance at the then Royal Nepal Academy (now Nepal Academy). Shyam has a knack for modernising Sarangi. He comes from a long line of gifted Sarangi maestros. His grandfather and his father were both prominent names in the folk music circuit.


Pramod Upadhyaya, (Tabla/Percussion) At the tender age of five, Pramod gave his maiden performance at the then Royal Nepal Academy (now Nepal Academy). He trained under his father, musical maestro Pundit Hom Nath Upadhyaya, and under acclaimed Tabla player Ustad Zakir Hussain. Pramod has an immense knowledge on Tabla. He has also lent his voice to many popular songs.

ukarma was formed in 1997. A folk-classical band, the group initially comprised of Sitarist Dr. Dhrubesh Chandra Regmi, percussionist Autul Gautam and Sarangi player Shyam Nepali. Sadly, Autul Gautum died a few years later. Pramod Upadhyaya, who had been involved with Sukarma since its inception, then joined the band as the Tabla player. Just like their name, Sukarma has been performing good deeds by making exemplary music and by attracting youths to the classical-folk music which has been losing ground to the Western pop music over the years.



he location of Sukarma’s recent concert was at an eco-friendly hotel right in the heart of Kathmandu. It was their last concert before they head to Europe for a month long tour. The setting was serene and contrasted with the hustle and bustle of the streets outside. The audience included dignitaries and few close family members. The atmosphere was cosy. It was a wonderful evening filled with soothing music and delicious food. We arrived at the venue much before the concert time. We were met at the entrance by Dr. Dhrubesh Chandra Regmi with his warm smile. After a brief exchange of greetings, we set out to meet the rest of the members. Shyam and Pramod were busy entertaining the guests. Only after much signalling on Dr. Regmi’s part and their polite effort to pry themselves away from their guests, they manage to join us. Seated around a round wooden table under the shades of a tree, we begin our conversation. After 13 years of composing and playing folk-classical music, the essence of Sukarma is still the same. But what has changed is their level of confidence. Pramod says, “In the beginning, we were all nervous and panicked a lot. We worried over whether the listeners would enjoy our music or not. However, this is not the case now. With time and experience we have matured and, with the love of our listeners, our confidence has only grown.” And grown they have. Whether it is in Nepal or abroad, Sukarma has been receiving great reviews. They were recently appointed the ambassador for Tourism Year 2011 by the government of Nepal. Each one of Sukarma members grew up listening to music at home. Shyam remembers lying in his grandfather’s lap while his grandfather played the tunes that mesmerized him as a kid and does so even today. Pramod and Dhrubesh also share that home was their school and their learning centre. Their families encouraged them to go for further musical studies. Sukarma has also been getting international acclaim. They have given numerous concerts worldwide. One of their greatest challenges initially was to get an audience. Dr.Regmi shares, “Unlike other music where people can just jump and dance, our music requires patience. It needs to be respected and understood.” But with time things are changing. Earlier, their audience members were mostly foreigners but now they are slowly seeing a greater number of Nepalese people. And this trend pleases them. “Nothing feels greater than performing in front of home audience. Performing in front of fifteen Nepali people is a more rewarding experience than playing in front of fifty foreigners,” remarked Dr. Regmi. All the band members are heartened to see the youth of today take up Nepali musical instruments. With time, they believe there will be more youths entering the classical musical scenario. Sukarma will undoubtedly do justice to their role as ambassadors as they have been doing with music. Having traveled far and wide, the group has captured the hearts of music lovers all over the world. The trio has traveled to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Japan and Kyrgyzstan besides many parts of the world. Being an instrumental band, Sukarma’s music is not bounded by language which may be the reason why their music and listeners are universal. When asked about what sets them apart from other musical groups, Dr.Regmi is quick to reply with one word “individualism.” Each band member is a prominent musician and has mastered his craft. Sukarma is a blend of three musical powerhouse. And, with each musician trying to push the envelope of his instrument, Sukarma is sure to inspire us for many more years. Sukarma is here to stay!

Unlike other music where people can just jump and dance, our music requires patience. It needs to be respected and understood. SHRAWAN • NAVYAATA 73

n av y a a t a


“Dining with SUKARMA” Navyaata Recipe- Sukarma’s Samay Bajee During rehearsals, one dish that Sukarma just cannot get enough of is Samay Bajee. Each one of them has a special place in their hearts for Newari cuisine. Samay Bajee, a popular Newari dish which comprises of Chiura (beaten rice), potatoes, eggs, chhoyala (spicy buff), bhatmas (black soybeans), beans, bara (Newari pancake made of pulses), saag (spinach), achaar (pickle), aila ( Newari alcohol) and thwo ( rice beer) is a favourite among them





INGREDIENTS FOR CHHOYALA: 1. Buff 2. Red Chilli Powder 3. Garlic Paste 4. Salt 5. Ginger Paste 6. Mustard Oil 7. Methi 74 NAVYAATA • SHRAWAN

Boil the meat until it is cooked Cut the meat into small pieces Take the garlic and ginger paste and mix it with the meat Add salt and red chill powder to taste Heat the mustard oil in a pan and put methi in it until it starts turning black Put turmeric powder in the hot oil for few seconds and pour it in the meat Mix it nicely and it’s ready to eat


Samay Bajee : Rs 180



Korea, Here I Come T

he third week of June witnessed thousands of our youths queue up in front of Dashrath Stadium in Kathmandu for Korean language test (KLT) to qualify for jobs in South Korea. You would think it was an opportunity for a free working visa to Korea. Sadly, it was only the application to sit in for Korean Language Test administered by Tribhuvan University for those seeking to get a job in Korea. The line snarled all the way to Thapathali Chowk and frequently disrupted traffic. It was indeed depressing to see our youths line up desperately for a chance to get a job in a foreign land. How did our government view this? Do they rejoice in the fact that some outlet is being provided to the youth away from the abject failure of our political leaders to create any job in Nepal? At least, this made it appear as if our leaders were creating some opportunities and diverted attention away from the lack of economic development in the country. Accordingly, the powers-that-be were successfully trumpeting this as a major achievement. The local newspaper quoted the director general of the Department of Foreign Employment (DFE) mentioning proudly that Nepal supplied the highest numbers workers to Korea among the fifteen countries that Korea had signed an agreement with. Is this really something to be proud of?


Should we pat ourselves on the back that our able ones are building a different nation, because they are not getting the opportunities to contribute their muscles toNepal’s development? Navyaata interviewed a few of the people who were waiting in line. How did they feel about applying to go work in a different country. They were irate at the humiliation of waiting for hours in the baking sun. They were indignant on the apathy of the government in not even providing some basic humanitarian conditions, let alone agprovide opportunities here in Nepal. But above all they were all helpless; despite their misgivings and their humiliation, they were all waiting to sit for the language exams. Korea still represented a better dream and an opportunity to rewrite their destiny. Every cloud has a silver lining. What is the lining here? Hopefully the dollars they send back will provide meaningful opportunities to the future generation. Or the skills they learn will help Nepal build its own industries. Perhaps there will be a critical mass effect much in the same way as Indian Computer Engineers who are now returning back from Silicon Valley to take the Indian software industry to new heights. But today I cannot help but think of our abject failure in providing opportunities wwto our youths that they have to brave the conditions for a chance to get a foreign employment.



4 4

by Surakha Basnet Photograph Shishir Mahargan


e all know Suraj Singh Thakuri as the VJ of Call Kantipur, but only a few know him as a producer with Kantipur Television and a student of P.H.D in Environmental Science. Brought up in an army family, he was always surrounded by men in green uniforms. Making a carrier as an army was and still is his dream. Media work happened by accident when he visited a cousin to repair his broken Television some ten years back. One message that he wants to pass out to the youth is “Studying what is not important but studying is very important”.

Navyaata: What is your idea of Friday


Suraj: Friday night to me is relaxation

Suraj Singh Thakuri

“Studying what is not important but studying is very important”.

Navyaata: The wildest Friday that you have had? Suraj: It was not exactly wild it was crazy. I was

in Club Himalaya, Nagarkot shooting live for a program. The show was over and I had a whole night to spend in Nagarkot. Me and a friend of mine went to the bar of Club Himalaya and drank all the beer in the bar. We drank the whole night leaving the bar empty without a single bottle of beer. Navyaata: What is your favourite drink? Suraj: I don’t drink hard drinks, so beer is my limitation. Normally I don’t get drunk drinking beer, the tipsy feeling that I get is really fun and the best part is no matter how much you drink if you use the restroom then it’s all gone, you will feel fresh again. Navyaata: What is your favourite hangout? Suraj: When in Nepal I love to hangout in

Lakeside, Pokhara and abroad it has to be the Riverside in Singapore.

time and its fun time with my family. I hardly go out on Fridays because waking up with a hangover and a headache on the Saturday morning is really hard. Plus I have a six months old daughter and i wish to spend all my lone time with her and my family. Yes, but at times I go to pubs and bars and enjoy a drink or two with my friends.

Courtesy: Irish Pub, Lazimpat

Navyaata: What is your favourite drink? Kiran: I like cocktails and beers. The best thing I

“Kiran also runs a Non profitable organisation,”

enjoy about beer is the facts that no matter how much you drink you never pass out. Navyaata: What is your favourite hangout? Kiran: Nepal I like Pokhara especially the Lake

side area and abroad I enjoy parties in Germany.

Navyaata: What is your idea of Friday night? Kiran: Friday night used to be fun when I was

teen. I and my friends always used to go out clubbing and it used to be a hell lot of fun. But, its not the same anymore, now that I have responsibilities I need to be careful with what I am doing and what I am planning to do. I do go out with my friends but its nothing planned.

He took the rap culture of Nepal into newer heights. Kiran had a very interesting story to share about his rapping career in Nepal. He first started through the internet, his work was appreciated and that gave him the positive impetus to carry on. In addition to his music Kiran also runs a Non profitable organisation, where he provides scholarship for handicapped and underprivileged students. His last number “Timi mero mun ma” was a hit and we still have a couple of months to wait before the release of his new album. 78 NAVYAATA • SHRAWAN

Navyaata: The wildest Friday that you have had? Kiran: It was couple of years back. I was out

with my friends partying all night. It was already dawn and I was still in Everest Hotel. The same morning i had an interview with an F.M Station. I had not slept all night and i had a headache due to the hangover. Even then I went for the interview and that was really absurd. Even today when I think about that day I can’t stop myself from smiling.

Courtesy: The Factory, Thamel

4 4 “Never judge a book by its cover.”

Navyaata: What is your idea of Friday night? Swapnil: It might sound a bit absurd, but I hardly

go out on Fridays. Plus I have been very busy these days because of my exams and it has been quite a while that I haven’t been out for Fridays. Even then my idea of Friday night would be a decent place with my close friends.

Navyaata: Any wildest Friday that you have had? Swapnil: Yes I have had a couple of wild Fridays,

For the past six years Swapnil Sharma has been the lead vocalist of the Shadows Band. Swapnil is a Rock star who worships Steven Tyler (Aero smiths), he doesn’t drink nor does he smoke, he has been a vegetarian for the past 12 years and is humble and courteous to people around. Currently a student of Masters at Ace Institute of Management Swapnil is a living example to the saying that “Never judge a book by its cover”. He rocks with the Shadows band. Through his music he wishes to make the rock culture more accepted and pliable in Nepal.

but it was all back when I was in college doing my High School and my Bachelors.

Navyaata: What is your favourite drink? Swapnil: Well for me coffee, cold drinks and

mocktail are my limitations. As, I don’t drink beer or alcohol I only have a few options. And, when it comes to my favourite then it has to be coffee. Navyaata: What is your favourite hangout? Swapnil: I enjoy hanging out in Lakhey

(Durbarmarg) and I also love spending time in Lakeside Pokhara. With friends I also enjoy the streets in Thamel.

Swapnil Sharma Courtesy: Irish Pub, Lazimpat

Navyaata: What is your idea of Friday


Yogeshwor: Mero lagi every night is a

Friday night. The best thing about Friday for me is that all my friends are free and we can party whenever we want. We drink a lot, we play snooker and we sing. I love to sing when I am drunk, that’s when my creativity comes up.

Navyaata: Any wildest Friday that you

have had?


“Mero lagi every night is a Friday night.”

Yogeshwor Amatya has a way of his own. Be it his singing, his lyrics, his composition, his thinking, his music or his dressing, he has established his own style. He truly is a celebrity, an artist of unmatched calibre. His journey towards music started way back when he was a teen. He wrote the song, “Jaba sandhya huncha” during his 6th grade to which he made a few changes later during the recording. His creativity and flair shows as we take the conversation further ahead.

Yogeshwor: Even when I am drunk, I never

look out for trouble. But, yes when I was student in America I and my friends we used to go skinny dipping and that used to be too much of fun.

Navyaata: What is your favourite drink? Yogeshwor: As, I said I enjoy drinking. I

prefer cocktail and hard drinks.







Yogeshwor: Hits, it’s a very new semi private place and I love it. Internationally I like partying in Hong Kong because there are loads of people there who love to go out and party with you.

Courtesy: The Factory, Thamel SHRAWAN • NAVYAATA 79


navyaata magazine

lost in

translation? read between the lines. by Sumati Maharjan Photograph Shishir Shrestha

When it comes to men, they aren’t known for the random compliments that they give to women. Nevertheless, there are some key phrases and lines that necessitate special awareness and more exploration. But it is not necessary that for every man, it could mean in the same way. So, all women need to look at the phrases in context and decide and not just judge their words blindly. Here are a few phrases that might give away an irresponsible man can most definitely cut down on your hearing mishaps.

When he says: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

He means: “It is you and only you. It is never ever us.”


When he says: “I need a break, some space and time for myself.” He means: “I feel suffocated with you and I don’t want to be with you, I’d rather be single” or “I saw this hot new girl in my neighborhood.”

When he says: “I have a really hectic schedule right now and a complicated life at the moment.”

He means: “You are not the only woman that I am seeing, so jogging between all is just getting a bit too much to handle. I am feeling the need to narrow down the women in my life and you don’t make it to the finalist.” 80 NAVYAATA • SHRAWAN

When he says: “I need to spend more time with my friends and go back to having my guys’ night out.” He means: “Obviously I would rather get drunk with a bunch of foolish, single men than to spend a boring evening with you.”

When he says: “I think of you as a sister.”

He means: “I am seriously no longer attracted to you as I once was. I don’t have any idea why I ever went out with you in the first place?” When he says: “I am exciting and romantic.” He means: “I am ready for an interesting encounter with someone new on the bed.”

When he says: “I like independent women.”

He means: “I want a woman who can pay her own way and spare my wallet forever.” When he says: “I love to just hang out.” He means: “Well I am actually broke and can’t find anything deep into my pockets” or “I am quite a shy guy.”

When he says: “I like to be spontaneous.”

He means: “I am that kind of guy who would just take off when the rent is due.” When he says: “I’ve done a few different things in my career.” He means: “I am not successful and cannot keep a job for long” or “I have started a better job with each move, though that is less likely.”


When he says: “Just started a new job.” He means: “I am absolutely broke.”

When he says: “I don’t want to possess or control you.” He means: “I often mean just the opposite. I am pretty certain on what I want you to do.”

When he says: “Your friend is really nice.”

He means: “I am interested in your friend, and am wondering if only I had seen your friend before I actually met you.” When he says: “He is whipped!” He means: “I’ve lost another friend to the relationship curse; women really know how to shut a guy down. But I swear to never give up my independence like that you.”

When he says: “I’m really busy.”

He means: “I’m really too busy, only for you that is.”

When he says: “Who is that guy?” He means: ““Was there ever a thing between the two of you?”

When he says: “Let me help you with that.” He means: “I don’t think you are capable enough to do it on your own. I simply can’t trust you to accomplish the work.”

When he says: “This relationship is getting too serious.” He means: “I like you almost as much as I like my car or bike.”

When he says: “That’s not what I meant.”

He means: “That’s totally what I meant, but now that I see you’re mad, I wish I hadn’t said it out loud.”

When he says: “Honey, we don’t need material things to prove our love.” He means: “I forgot our anniversary again.”

When he says: “That’s women’s work.” He means: “It’s difficult, dirty and thankless.”

When he says: “You know how bad my memory is.” He means: “I remember the address of the first girl I kissed and the registration number of every vehicle I’ve ever owned, but I forgot your birthday.”

When he says: “Sure, let’s go see that movie” He means: “I don’t want to go, but you’ll make my life miserable if I don’t go.”

When he says: “ My ex is crazy.” He means: “I screwed her, and she got upset.”

When he says: “It’s a

long story, you’ll fall asleep.”

He means: “It’s a story that makes me look bad.”


navyatra\Annapurna Base Camp


BASE CAMP by Surakha Basnet



navyatra\Annapurna Base Camp

he trek starts after a short drive from Pokhara. We ascended welltrodden trails through terraced farmlands and traditional Gurung villages. As we climbed through the ancient oak and rhododendron forests, across sparkling streams and past waterfalls, the world of snow and ice unfolded in front of us.

The Annapurna Base Camp trek is the perfect introduction to Himalayan trekking. A classic trek into the heart of the mighty Himalayas with unsurpassed views makes for an unbeatable medium length trek.

Trip Description Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek is one of the most popular treks in Nepal and for good reason. ABC is surrounded by awe-inspiring peaks, including the awesome south face of Annapurna I (8,091km), in a natural amphitheatre which is simply mind-blowing. We divided the entire trek into 12 days which also allows for acclimatization to high altitudes.

Day 1. Flight to Pokhara. Commence trek. Trek to Dhampus (1,650m)

Day 2. Trek to Landruk (1,565m)

Climbing up the Modi Khola valley, you see towering peaks and dizzyingly high rock walls with waterfalls tumbling down into the roar of the river below. It is splendid all across. As the gorge widens, we ascended to Machapuchare Base Camp (3,700m) on the lateral moraine of Annapurna South glacier. The steady climb up to ABC reveals the full splendor of this natural amphitheatre. We walked out along a different route to our approach and enjoyed the views of Annapurna I from a different angle. A short diversion up to Poon Hill (3,190m) before leaving the Annapurna Conservation Area offered us a chance to get a great view of another Himalayan giant - Dhaulagiri (8,167m). The sunrise views from here are legendary.


Leaving Dhampus, we climbed gradually for an hour up to Pothana (2,000m) - a small village in the middle of the forest. An hour or so further up the trail from Pothana and we reach the pass at Deurali (2,100m) with unsurpassed views of Annapurna South (7,273m) and Hiunchuli (6441m). The trail now descends through ferns and orchids and winds its way down to the head of the gully. A short climb on a well paved trail brought us to Tolka where there is a collection of small houses. There were a few more ups and downs, bridge crossings and stone staircases before we arrived in the Gurung village of Landruk (1,620m), where we stayed the night.

Day 3. Descend to New Bridge (1,340m) and then climb to Chromrong (2,170m)

Day 4. Trek to Doban (2,506m) Day 5. Ascend to Machapuchare Base Camp (3,700m) Day 6. Ascend from MBC to ABC (4,130m) Day 7. Descend to Himalaya Lodge (2,920m) Day 8. Descend to Chromrong (2,170m) Day 9. Climb through forest to Bantanti (2,520m) Day 10. Ascend to Ghorepani (2,750m). Day 11. Sunrise view from Poon Hill (3,190m). Descend 3000 stone steps to Ulleri

Day 12. Drive back to Pokhara.


Modi Khola River is a gushing river that flows from several glaciers further up the valley. An hour’s downhill walk from Landruk brings us to the river. A further hour’s walk brings us to Jhinu Danda perched on a ridge and home to steaming hot springs. Next, we had a steep 2-hour climb to Chromrong, the gateway to the Annapurna Sanctuary. As you ascend the stone steps, keep an eye out for the huge Himalayan Vultures soaring above on the thermal updrafts. Arriving in Chromrong, we gazed at the amazing views of Annapurna South (7,273m), Hiunchuli (6,441m), Annapurna III (7,555m), Machapuchare (6,993m), and Gandharba Chuli (6,248m).

navyatra\Annapurna Base Camp


We headed off in the direction of Chromrong Khola past fields of barleys. After crossing the river, we climbed again past small settlements and farming communities. After an hour and a half we reached Sinuwa, a collection of 3 lodges. From here on up, there are no more villages. The valley is simply too steep for farming. Back on the trail, the path then climbs up the valley side as we walked past Doban and a couple of hours later we arrived at Himalaya (2,925m). 


The path is fairly gradual the entire way, except for a couple of short steep Climbs. We took the day slowly as we acclimatized to the altitude. We noticed the change in vegetation, as the dense forest gave away to the scrub and bushes of alpine pastureland. The valley walls tower to staggering heights above us, with sheer rock falls stretching into the clouds – this section of the trek really is stunning. From here the trail steepens and we climbed to the natural bowl on the moraine of the Annapurna Glacier that is home to Machapuchare Base Camp (3,700m). We camped there for the night, admiring the huge west face of Machapuchare looming down on us as it turned from white to pink and then purple as the sun sank on the horizon.


We were on the edge of the Annapurna Sanctuary and surrounded by immense peaks. It is a few hours walk from here to the Annapurna Base Camp at 4,120m.The panoramic views of the peaks as they tower over 2 miles above us is unforgettable. We spent the afternoon admiring the Sanctuary and taking photographs. There are a number of short excursions in the vicinity of the Sanctuary, and so long as the snow conditions allow, it is well worth exploring. We advise you not to explore alone, and always ask that you notify the trek crew where you are going. It can be very cold at night here and there is always a possibility of heavy snowfall.


Rise early to catch the sunrise on the soaring snow capped peaks that surround you. Bring plenty of film for this moment. The peaks seem so close, as close to mountaineering you can get without roping up and using crampons. The descent felt much easier now that we had a few days in the altitude and after 5-6 hours trekking we arrive at our mountain lodge at Himalaya.


We retraced our steps and descend through beautiful forest. In the return, one can take the time to admire the surroundings more fully and after 6 hours steady walking we arrived at Chromrong. Looking north at Hiunchuli (6,441m) the barrier between us and where we were 3 days previously brings a sense of the scale of these mountains.


The trek to Banthanti is really a charming walk along wide easy paths past terraced fields and through patches of dense forest. At Tatopani we joined the main trading highway between Tibet and India and encountered numerous colorful mule trains. We actually heard them long before seeing them, as each mule has a large bell slung around their necks creating a symphony of ringing.


This is an easy day of trekking to the low pass at ‘Deurali’ (2,990m) (yes - another Deurali!) through the rhododendron forest and then onto the settlement at Ghorepani with stunning views of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manasulu.


We recommend that you climb from Ghorepani to the viewpoint at Poon Hill (3,190m) for one of the classic views of the Himalayas. The opportunity to view three 8,000m peaks and their surrounding massifs is not to be missed. Finally, we descended along the trans-Himalayan trade route over 3000 steps to Tirkhedhunga.


A couple of hours descent will bring you to Nayapul. You can then catch a transport to Pokhara 


The harem pants that are in vogue these days have really caught my eye. I want to wear them but am perplexed as to what kind of top I should team it up with. I am 5ft 3 inches tall and bit skinny. Please help.

I am twenty one years old and I love getting dressed. But the problem is I am a little on the heavier side and lately I have been confused as to what type of clothes I should be wearing. Can you please suggest me some ensembles that I can try this summer? Thank you.

-Sandhya Maharjan, 18

-Priti Basnet, 21

Glad that you have been following fashion Sandhya. And for your query since harem pants itself is very loose and unstructured so it’s better to team it up with something more fitted. A jersey tee or a bolero cut which shows ur navel (as you mentioned you are skinny) will look wonderful on you. If you got it why not flaunt it right?

- Halo Priti...summer is all about natural fibres and cool colours…but on the flip side Its about sweat and itchiness as well…so, opt for loose silhouette… but for someone who is lil on heavier side, please make sure that you don’t wear it too loose neither too tight…otherwise it will end up looking more heavier… the ensemble that you can try this summer would be some nice cotton woven tunic with a pair of cotton or linen trouser (either woven or knitted).

My cousin’s wedding is in less than 3 months and I have no clue what I should be wearing. I have never worn traditional clothes in my life so I am really scared to experiment. I am not very tall neither thin. Plus, I would prefer wearing Kurtha salwar but not sure about which design. -Roshni Sunuwar, 25

-Hmm…. Kurta salwar does sound interesting when it comes to wedding but please don’t get stuck to those boring and readymade ones. Instead make it your own isstyle. Like ripping off one shoulder to make it more westernised or you can combine both kurta and sari. Stick to a kurta silhouette and add some pleats on the shoulder to make a sari look alike. I hope you are getting what I am trying to say Roshni.


I spend a hefty sum of money on these really cool Adidas sneakers. Now, I feel it doesn’t look good on anything. What should I wear with such sneakers that make me look cool but not too kiddish? Tenzin Dolkar, 19

-Tenzin, I can surely understand your problem which I have faced as well in my early days. One tipWhenever you buy something make sure that it goes with at least three-four ensembles that you have in your closet. Now, getting back to your problem, first match the colour, whatever your sneaker colour is. Secondly, make it look really casual and sporty. Have you tried wearing them with sweat pants??? Or Match it up with your shorts or hot pants… you will never go wrong….trust me…

I love wearing pants but have a little pot belly. What kind of pants can I wear to make my tummy look flat? - Suchitra Karki, 28

- I would rather suggest you to go gym and start hitting off your extra pounds. Seriously I mean clothing, colours and fabric are just a trick to make you look thinner, heavier and taller. Now before you hit me with your stilettos, I would rather come to your problem and suggest you not to emphasis on your tummy by wearing glittery belts etc etc. Wear any sorts of pants but make sure its neither too high waist nor too low waist. I love partying and dancing my hearts out. But usually before a party I am in a fix since I can’t buy a new dress everytime. Could you suggest me some party wear that I can revamp each time? -

Jenny Tamang, 22

I love party animals. They are the source of our incomes… jokes apart, your problem is common which normally 99 out of 100 people faces…so, the trick is get a very simple black dress and everytime you hit the the queue, try to embellish with fabric flowers or studs/Swarovski crystal… anything that you can think matches your style… how about a bow???

Tenzing Tseten Bhutia is an experienced fashion designer who has demonstrated his ability to design any sort of creative garments ranging from men’s wear to women’s wear to kids wear. He is currently the designer for Himalayan Couture. You can contact him at

navyaata magazine

conditions apply


I am a girl of 20 years age and I have fair skin. I’ve seen models and actresses getting their eyes a ‘smokey’ make up which I find it very attractive. But the problem is, when I tried to get the ‘smokey’ effect on my eyes, it went horribly wrong and I looked bad. I seriously want to know, what should I do to make it look as perfect as that of the ones in magazines and movies? Nisha Thapa, Koteshwor

Hi! I am 22 years old undergraduate student and I have really small eyes, so my friends keep on teasing me about my eyes. So, I want it to look bigger and better with the help of make-up. I would be really glad if you tell me how to do that. Sajina Adhikari, 22, Dhapasi

Firstly for small eyes or monolids anoid using a thick layer of eye liner, the eye liner should be as thin as possible and while applying kajal, apply it from the edge of the eyes to the center of the lids and not converse the entire lower lid. Avoid using dark eye shadows & opt for creamy or earthy shades.

Models & actress get their make-up done by professional make-up artist, so if you want to create the same effect, it is very important to watch & learn the make-up session step by step. So it is better to get the Smokey eye make-up by a professional make-up artist for the 1st time. I have a very oily skin, because of which most of the times my face is covered with pimples. So whenever I have to attend a party, I get depressed as I can’t put make up on my face like I want to since the over abundance of pimples make it impossible to do so. Most of the times, I just look at my friends as their faces glow in their make ups, and wonder how can I make my make-up wish come true? Prashansa Joshi, 18, Kupondole

Firstly drink lots of water & use water based make-up and not oil based, I would highly recommend Isadora hyralight foundation which is water based but has excellent coverage. Secondly always carry a compact handy in order to suck the excess oil from your face. You could try Isadora’s problem solver range.


I’m sixteen and I’ve just finished my S.L.C exams. I have never tried my hands on makeup except for the kajal on my eyes. Would you please tell me how to get started with the make-up for an outing with friends? Akanshya K.C., Balaju

Firstly try and get a free makeup session with Isadora so that you can be guided as to what make-up would be appropriate for your skin & for your eyes. I work in an educational consultancy. I have dark skin and I like using bright colored lipstick but the problem is that my colleagues think I don’t look good with bright colored lipstick. So, can you please suggest me, which shades of color of lipstick should I go for? Sunena Mahaju, 24, Sanothimi

If you have dark skin tone you should stay away from colors like bright pink, orange, etc. somebody with a skin tone like yours should be able to carry off bronze, maroon red, bright red and also higher shades of brown. You could try Isadora prefect moist lipstick no.37(café bronze)and no.19 (cream caramel)

All questions answered by Yoshey Lama Lindblom

Managing Director Make-up Enthusiast

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Exclusively For Women

WHAT’S YOUR DOSHA, HONEY? Ayurveda literally translates to “the science of life”. In Ayurveda, overall health is defined as overall good physical balance and also well-balanced mind, happiness of soul and well-balanced senses. Poor lifestyle choices like poor sleeping habits, eating habits, overuse of the senses like watching too much television, thinking too much, having  wrong food in wrong season , eating in the wrong time etc cause imbalances in the physiology and sometimes also the mental health. Ayurveda offers a lot of tools  like


How would you characterize your physical frame? a. Petite, small bone b. Medium, average boned c. Robust, Large boned


What is your skin type?

a.    Dry, thin, dehydrated b. Soft, sensitive, warm, medium thickness c. Oily, thick, cool 


lifestyle coaching, herb recommendations , dietary recommendations, spices etc that can help to restore balance of health in a natural way. In order to get help “Ayurvedic “way to improve your health and well being ,it is very important to know your dosha. According to Ayurveda, our body and the universe both are composed of five elements. Fire, earth, water, air and space. In our body these elements stay combined in three different ways are called dosha. They are Vata ( air and space), Pitta ( fire and


What is your complexion like? a. Prone to fine lines wrinkles early b. Prone to reddish acne freckles. c. Prone to watery acne, blackheads


water) and Kapha ( earth and water). Every individual have all three doshas present in the body buy one or two doshas can be dominant. Overall balance of doshas is very important for good health. Knowing the proportion of Vata, Pitta and Kapha helps you know to your body and treat the body accordingly with right lifestyle, herbs and diets prescribed for each dosha type. To determine your dosha type, read and fill out the questionnaire below and find out your dosha.

What is the texture of your hair? a.   Curly, touch, dry b.   Silky and fine c.    Wavy thick lustrous


a. Irregular shape / brittle b. Oval shape / soft c. Square shape / strong


What are the texture / shape of your nail?

What is the texture of your lips? a. Cracking, thin, dry b. Medium and soft. c. Large and smooth. 

IF MOST OF THE ANSWERS ARE: “A” then the person is vata type.  “B” then Pitta type and   “C” Kapha type.   
IF ANSWERS ARE 3 As and 3 Bs then the person has vatapitta combination skin 3 Bs and 3 Cs, pitta –kapha combination skin 3 Cs and 3 As then they have vata- kapha combination skin.

VATA INDIVIDUAL: Sensitive to air and space.

Vata skin is generally dry, prone to wrinkle and thin. People with Vata complexion have fine lines and skin tone is rough . Thy have curly, rough, dry hair and brittle and irregular shape nails. They require nourishing, oily and hydrating products to counterbalance thin, dry, rough and brittle qualities. Their mind is very fluctuating and they generally lead very erratic . lifestyle. They are imaginative and creative but not very organized.

PITTA INDIVIDUAL : Sensitive to fire and water.

Pitta skin is generally oily, warm and skin with red tones. Persons with Pitta complexion have skin with freckles and are



prone to acne. They have straight, soft hair, which can prematurely grey. They have soft nails with oval shape. They require cooling, calming and not too oily products since they are sensitive to heat. Water based products are good for them. They are mostly sharp personality, very organized and focused when in balanced state.

KAPHA INDIVIDUAL: Sensitive to Earth and Water

Kapha skin is generally thicker, cooler and darker. Persons with kapha complexion have oily skin. They generally have blackheads and may also get some watery acne. They generally have large pores and oily T-zone., They have long, wavy and thick hair and square shaped strong nails . Less oily , light and warming products suit Kapha type skin. 
they are very stable, calm and grounded people with very good voice and sweet personality.  

How is your appetite?


a. Variable b. Strong and sharp c.    Low and constant

How is your speech?


a. Quick and talkative b. Moderate and argues a lot c. Silent and slow.

VATA-PITTA: skin that is both dry and sensitive, personality- both Vata and pitta combined. KAPHA-PITTA: skin is oily and sensitive personality both Kapha and Pitta. Vata-Kapha- skin that is generally dry with some oily zones . Personality both Vata and Kapha . 

How is your emotion? a. Enthusiastic or worries b. Warm or angry         c. Calm or attached

How is your mind?

a. Quick or adaptable b. Penetrating or critical c. Slow or lethargic

The diet according to each skin type is on next article…




Body weight? a. Low b. Moderate c. heavey

Physical acitivity?

a. very active b. moderate c. calm         




Scorpions have deep, passionate eyes that are bound to affect you. A simple gaze from the scorpions and the onlooker is sure to dream of places. They make decisions quickly. Passionate lover, a Scorpio can also be an aggressive hater.

Know the soft corner of each signs Zodiac signs, Zodiac signs reflect the major traits Sagittarius

of a person. Navya-scope this month enlightens you on the love trait of the 12 different signs. Hopefully, this will help singles find their perfect someone and help couples understand their partners better.


Cancerians are unpredictable. One moment you will spot them all shy and naïve and the very next moment you will find them as the centre of attraction in a crowd. With a huge bag of varying emotions, it may be difficult to understand them. Home is where the heart of the Cancerian lies. They tend to be overprotective of their family.

Sagittarians are blessed with plenty of positive traits. People born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius are frank and innocent, almost childlike. They are optimistic to the core and very fun-loving. Sagittarians try their best to compliment, but are usually at a loss of words. They try to cheer you up, but often end up saying the wrong things. As a result, Sagittarians are often misunderstood in love and in life.


Unlike the other signs, Capricorns do not enjoy attention. They are the ones who prefer to sit back and enjoy the show in front of them. Extremely hardworking, independent and self-confident, they are born achievers. But beware casanovas, capricorns are traditional and reserved people.


Geminis are intelligent and witty but can be completely clueless and confused at the same time. They have a tendency to get bored easily, hence change is a must for them. They have a carefree attitude but empathy is in their blood.


They are extremely friendly in nature. There will hardly be any person around them who is not their friend. They love their freedom. Be ready to face their occasional mood swings. They are either alone or in a crowd. Aquarians have a thing for going against the regular norms. Rebellion is written all over them.


Leo, the social butterfly of the signs, loves to mingle with people. The lions choose to live in style. Indulging in everything luxurious, Leos like to live life king-size. They can be quite dominating at times and demand a lot of respect. But don’t let their shield fool you. Leos are vulnerable beings and get hurt easily.


They are perfectionists and have zero tolerance over errors. On the outside, they look composed but on the inside they get as nervous as the rest of the signs. If you are planning on going out with a Virgo, make sure you are sparkling clean. Virgos can’t stand filthy people and they pay extra attention to their cleanliness.


The sign itself represents justice and Librans are just that. The most rationale of the signs, Librans cannot stand rude behavior. Polite by nature, Librans have a way with words. They prefer to sugarcoat the truth so as not to hurt the other person’s sentiments. Librans are known for their contradictory nature and you will often find them engaged in arguments, often breaking up after the arguments. 92 NAVYAATA • SHRAWAN


Pisceans have a blend of traits of all the other 11 signs. You will either find a Piscean who goes with the flow or a Piscean who fights the odds. They are emotional and sensitive. Handle with care!


The first sign in the zodiac list, people born under this sign are childlike. Naive and unquestioning but at the same time they throw tantrums when their wishes are not fulfilled. They are stubborn and at times aggressive. If you are in a relationship with Arian, do not confuse their temperament for selfishness. Arians are just caught up in their own world. They are dynamic and quick witted. Arians can be a rebel when provoked. So, it is best not to mess with them.


Taurus is the sign of the Bull, and just like a ‘Bull’, they also tend to be strong-headed. However, they exercise perfect control over themselves and are usually calm and composed. Their stubborn streak may show when you try to push them too hard in the direction they don’t want to go.

navyaata\EVENTS June 11TH & 12TH 2010 Mega Dance Auditions

Registration forms were sent to students of all the best schools, colleges and dance academies. We had 162 students participating in this 2 day event. Amongst which 6 group and 7 solo participants were chosen for the grand finale. Response:

18TH -19TH June 2010 Wedding Exhibition

We approached best stores who gave wedding packages. It included: Marco polo Travels and Tours- honeymoon package VLCC-Special package for bride and groom CASA-The home store-Home decor Midas Day Spa-Bridal beauty package Canon-Photography Sparks-Jewellery Car was decorated according to the theme

1) Response from the teachers, participants and principal’s of the schools was excellent. They requested us to organize few more similar Above mentioned service providers gave best packages to programmes in the upcoming months. Teachers all our visitors. Apart from that we has canon who did free were thankful to the mall as it gave platform to photography for all. their talented students.


On the occasion of the first anniversary, City Centre came up with exciting package of events. After the successful organization of the wedding exhibition, we had come up with the City Centre Mega Dance Competition 2010 conducted at City Centre, Kamalpokhari on Saturday.

The auditions were held on 11TH and 12Th of June. We initially had sent in the registration forms to school, colleges and dance academies inside the valley. The response of the show was so good that we had few “on the spot” dancers amongst whom one of them was the winner of the show. There were in total 7 solo performers and 6 group dance selected for the finale.

The winners were For Group:

Bivishka Bhandari Avantika Gurung Barsha Rani Gurung

For Solo: Krishna Dhamala Judges: Binayek Shrestha Renasha Rai Katia Verreault Special Guest: Nisha Adhikari- Actor in Nepali movies

Winners of the group got cash prize of Rs.10000 and solo winner got Rs.5000 cash Apart from cash group “Warehouse” one of the stores in the mall gave gift hampers worth Rs.7000 to group winners and gift worth Rs.3000 to solo winner. Pallavi Jogai Event Manager, City Centre Show sponsors : KIA Motors and Signature Whisky Videography sponsor: Canon

Bigmart supermarket celebrates its 1st Anniversary from 10th - 17th July, 2010

10th July, 2010: ‘BIGMART’ - This name is not something new to Kathmanduties anymore. Situated on the ground floor of the most happening destination in town - NLIC City Centre mall, Kamalpokhari – one can feel the sense of joy of entering this supermarket which has stylish & colourful interiors, great product offerings ranging from Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy, Foods, Liquor, Staples, Health and Beauty to Household & General items, world class customer service, highly competitive pricing , clean & hygienic environment, great product displays & bright lights (amidst the electricity crisis faced in our country), Big mart has won the hearts of many who have visited this store. With increasing popularity through its various creative schemes, offers, promotions & reward programs Bigmart supermarket has been able to carve a name for itself in our country’s retailing sector and stands out as one of the best of its kind. Food being their main focus, this mart has built its credibility amongst its customers by never compromising on the quality of its products at any given time. With the world’s best display units – you can be assured that the food you buy has been well kept following the highest level of quality control procedures and hygienic standards. Bigmart supermarket plans to celebrate its first anniversary in a grand way with all its customers. Customers can enjoy all the great schemes, promotions, offers, activities, games & many more surprises & prizes which have all been specially designed by BIGMART in order to make sure that it is successful in bringing about a smile & happiness in the hearts of all its customers yet again. This is not something one would want to miss for sure! Apart from good pricing, good ambience, good product range and good customer base, in such a short span of time, they have also been committed to social and environmental issues. They are deeply involved in fund raising campaign for Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Nepal (MDFN) through their donation box kept inside the store. They are optimistic that with more awareness about this disease in the coming years, they will be able to garner more support for the foundation from their customers. They have also launched their ‘HELP – SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT’ campaign in order to discourage the use of plastic bags and promote the use of environment friendly bags to their customers. All in all - BIGMART supermarket is a breath of fresh air for all grocery shoppers & it rightly positions itself as a customer friendly mart where customers are truly the KINGS. SHRAWAN • NAVYAATA 93

navyaata\Behind the scene



e, pects of lif s a t n e r e iff is Living the d ing impacts v a le d n a d a t. walking ahe i is all abou d e b u S t a h w SUBEDI PRAKASH

THUS SPAKE ZARATHUSTRA: Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

Thus Spake Zarathustra: is one of the most accessible and most popular among Nietzsche’s works. Many of his prominent ideas such as the death of the god, the Superman, and the eternal recurrence find lucid expression in this book. Moreover, this book represents Nietzsche’s boldest attempt to find a literary form, appropriate to his revolutionary ideas and his distinction as a Poet is best demonstrated here. One can disagree with some of Nietzsche’s ideas but I can’t imagine someone remaining unimpressed by the sheer beauty of his language and ideas.

THE LITTLE PRINCE: Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupery Prakash Subedi, a lecturer at Dillibazar Kanya Campus, believes that literature and other forms of arts are born in order to bring a meaning in the human experience. Having completed his M.A and M.Phil in English literature, Subedi today is affiliated with AarohanGurukul and Society of Nepali Writers in English (NWEN). He digs himself into writing poems but when it comes to choose books for himself, he opts for books on Philosophy. And these days, he has been studying Hindu and Buddhist Philosophy around the theme of dying and death. He admires writers like Devkota, Mainali, B.P, Parijat, Borges, Nietzsche, Marquez, Coelho, Gogol and Kafka. And his passion for writing is what has led him to his publication of his collection of poems “Stars and Fireflies”. Not only this, his joint poetry collection of “Six Strings” is going to be published in the end of July. Along with this run, he toil as a co-editor of “Beyond time and Space” and he also works as the editor of “Nepalese Clay”, an English Literature Magazine which has published 13 issues of it so far.

It was not very easy for him to choose just three books out of such a huge list, but Subedi, enlisted us with three of him all time favourite. 96 NAVYAATA • SHRAWAN

The Little Prince: This is apparently a Children’s book but the Protagonist of the Novella, The Little Prince, in the course of his travel makes several progound and idealistic observations about life and human nature which makes it equally enjoyable work for all. On our way to adulthood, we ignore and forget many important things in life, including our sense of curiosity and innocence. This book gives us a rare opportunity to look at the world one more time through the innocent eyes and revive our childhood.

THE TIBETAN BOOK OF LIVING AND DYING: Author: Sogyal Rinponche The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying: Many Philosophers from the east and the west have defined death as the final awakening. They believe that the best way to understand life is through the understanding of death. This rare book by the Tibetan Master provides a comprehensive teaching of Tibetan Buddhism, with some special focus on the importance of comprehending the process of dying and death. Though the book revolves around several issues of Buddhism such as impermanence, compassion, evolution, karma and the nature of mind, it focuses on the practices before, during, and after death, and the spiritual help of the dying

The above books are available at Educational Book House (Tel: 4244863) and Mandala Book Point (Tel: 4227711)

( starring Henry Fonda, a gripping drama set in a jury room)

12 Angry Men is a courtroom drama adapted from the tele-play of the same name by Reginald Rose. It was directed by Sidney Lumet and is the only film co-produced by Henry Fonda. It tells the story of a jury, made of twelve men, which has to render a verdict of guilty or not guilty and also come up with the appropriate sentencing. This entire 96 minutes of the movie takes place in the jury room adjoining the court room.The movie is preserved in the US National Film Registry as a very culturally, nationally and aesthetically significant film. It did not win any Oscars even though it was nominated for 3 categories, best picture, best director, and best screenplay. It won the Golden Bean award at the 7th international Berlin film festival.

MISTER ROBERTS ( starring Jack Lemmon, Henry Fonda ad William Powell – a story caught between a war) Mister Roberts is a comedy – drama, which was adapted from the book written by Thomas Heggan based on his experiences aboard USS Virgo in the South Pacific during World War II. It is also adapted as a Broadway play (so called for the theater district in New Year). Mister Roberts was nominated for 4 Oscars. Jack Lemmon won an Oscar for the best supporting actor.The film takes place aboard an American Naval Cargo ship during World War II in the South Pacific. The serene play and the cinematography is incredible. The film is preserved in the US National Film Registry as a classic movie.

YOURS, MINE AND OURS ( starring Lucille ball and Henry Fonda – romance between people with large families) This movie was an inspiration from a real life fairy tale romance between two widowers, Fran Beardsley and Helen North. Frank Beardsley (played by Henry Fonda) is a Roman Catholic Naval officer who is assigned shore duty as a project officer to develop a standard equipment in all aircraft carriers nicknamed the “meatball”. Helen North played by Lucille ball is a Roman Catholic nurse whose husband tragically dies in a naval accident. The movie is full of excitement and sentiments. Throughout, we get to see two people from different backgrounds falling in love. It is a feel good movie and was remade in 2005 with Dennis Quaid and Renee Russo. It still remains a hit in the DVD circuit.

THE OX BOW INCIDENT The Ox Bow incident tells the tale of mob fury and violence. The movie is adapted from the book by Walter Van Tilburg Clark by the same name. The Ox-Bow Incident was selected for preservation in the United states National Film Registry by the Library of congress and was nominated for the the Oscar for the Best motion picture. The movie opens with Gil Carter and Art Croft (Harry Morgan), two drifters riding in to the town of Bridgers Well. They find that the tension is simmering in the town because of certain incidents of Cattle rustling or the stealing of livestock. The two new strangers are initially suspected of being thieves, but later an uneasy calm prevails. Packed with action and thriller, the Ox Bow Incident is a must watch and a must have in your DVD Room..

navyaata\Movie review








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Year 1 Issue 4 SHRAWAN 2067 B S July-August 2010

Issue - 4th Edition Shrawan 2067]  

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