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October 4, 2018

Volume 28, Issue 18

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Domestic Violence Prevention Month USPS Q&As 96-Hour Holiday: Alsace Region Rota Ombudsman: Know Your POAs and MUCH MORE!

U.S. Naval Activities Spain

2 October 4, 2018 | Coastline

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Team Rota's Foundation is Our Sense of Community

Hola Team Rota! When I look back on September and think about what we have in store for October I’m reminded of how important it is that we maintain our strong sense of community. We ’ r e a Te a m a n d we succeed and, sometimes, fail as a Team. We pinned 35 new chiefs this year – a Commanding Officer tremendous personal Capt. Mike MacNicholl achievement but one built on the support of shipmates, family and friends. We held an ombudsmen appreciation luncheon to honor our ombudsmen who do so much to support their spouses, friends and neighbors. Kelli Upright was awarded the American Red Cross Volunteer of the Year Award for Europe. In each of these cases, we find the elements of community and teamwork, as well as a commitment to each other. We’re all in this together. October keeps the theme of community in sharp focus because it is Domestic Violence Awareness Prevention Month. Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior that includes physical, sexual, and psychological attacks used by one partner against another. Bottom line: domestic violence is a crime. It destroys relationships and families and undermines our ability to work as a team to complete our mission. We need to always treat each other with respect and seek help if you and your significant other are having trouble before things spiral out of control. We can all work together to prevent domestic violence. Check in on your friends and neighbors. Make sure you are there to help and support each other. Be a part of a network of support so we can prevent domestic violence and offer support if it happens. One more thing I need your help on is energy conservation. This month is Energy Action Month and the theme is Energy Resiliency = Mission Success. It is important that we don’t waste

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October 4, 2018

Volume 28, Issue 18

U.S. Naval Activities Spain


MacNicholl, Naval Station


commanding officer, signs proclamation for


Violence Prevention What's Inside...

Domestic Violence Prevention Month USPS Q&As 96-Hour Escape: Alsace Rota Ombudsman: Know Your POAs and MUCH MORE!

Month Sept. 26. (Photo by MC1 Benjamin Lewis)

energy and instead focus on smart ways to use our energy and water resources. The Navy needs energy to complete its mission, to provide a global presence, ensure stability, deter potential adversaries, and present options in times of crisis. The shore is absolutely critical to providing the energy resources necessary to project power and support operational and tactical forces. Our CNO, Adm. John Richardson, put it this way, “Our access to and use of energy must continue to be secure, reliable, and resilient... we must realize the shore is an integral part of this equation since it serves as the backbone from which our forces fly, sail, submerge, and communicate." We’ve greatly reduced our energy consumption through a series of projects across base such as installing solar panels, LED lights, and energy efficient equipment. However, the most important yet difficult change we need to make is in our culture of energy and water use. Currently, Navy installation energy bills are about 28% of the shore budget. We’ve got to get better. I challenge you to look for ways to reduce your energy and water consumption by making it a priority. I also ask that you consider what backups you have in place to ensure your energy delivery systems are secure. Reducing our energy use and increasing our energy security depends on all of us making the necessary changes. It may seem like a small thing to ask, or relatively unimportant, but our shipmates at sea or forward deployed rely on us to ensure they will have the resources they need to carry out the mission. It’s something we all need to work on together.

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Bully Prevention: October is Bully Prevention Month By Randy Lambert School Liaison Officer

Wear Orange, Unite Visually Unity Day October 24, 2018

Every child has the right to feel safe at home, at school and in the community, as per the 1990 United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child. It is therefore important that we, as adults, respond to any behavior that threatens a child’s safety or well-being to include bullying. Bullying can happen anywhere and cause lasting harm to children, yet many adults still dismiss the issue. Bullying is not a phase children have to go through or something they will just out grow. It is not a rite of passage or “just messing around.” Bullying is a serious widespread problem that demands attention. What is Bullying? Bullying entails an abusive relationship where one child uses aggression to control and victimize

another. The problem can also occur between groups of children. Bullying usually involves the following elements: Hurtful Intentions— Whether physically or psychologically, bullies intentionally seek to cause harm to the bullied child. As such, accidents are not considered acts of bullying. Power Imbalance— Bullies are perceived by their peers to be in a physical or social position of power. As a result, bullied children may feel helpless to defend themselves. Reoccurring Behavior— Hurtful actions are committed over and over against the bullied child. As a result, the bullied child finds it increasingly difficult to escape the abusive relationship. ♦Note: Teasing, rough housing, and play fighting are not considered acts of bullying because both children are having fun.

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Town Hall Date: October 23 Time: 1800 Location: Base Theater Join NAVSTA leadership as we hear from the installation's service providers regarding improvements and projects for each department.

“More than one of every five school-aged children report being bullied,” said Julie Hertzog, director of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, which sponsors Unity Day and founded National Bullying Prevention Month in 2006. “By joining together and wearing and sharing ORANGE on Unity Day, we can send the unified message that we care about student’s physical and emotional health and that bullying will no longer be accepted in this society.” DGF Elementary and Middle High School are both participating in Unity Day. For more information contact: or 727-2425.

There will also be an address from NAVSTA Rota' Commanding Officer, Capt. Mike MacNicholl in addition to a Q&As. Questions? Contact Public Affairs Office at 727-1021.

4 October 4, 2018 | Coastline

Your Rota Ombudsman: Why it's important to have a Special POA Greetings NAVSTA Rota! Hopefully everyone has settled into their fall routines but still enjoying the wonderfully sunny and warm weather we are having. I’m sure everyone has seen the ads on AFN for Power of Attorneys, or POAs. One is when Jack’s mother gives him a general POA for him to sell the cow and he ends up selling the whole farm to the giant for magic beans. The other is a soldier returning home from deployment to discover that his buddy has not only sold his car, but all his other possessions as well. While these examples are comical, they do demonstrate things that can possibly go wrong when you grant someone a General Power of Attorney (GPOA). Over the last few years the civilian side has been moving in the direction of accepting Special Power of Attorneys (SPOA) over GPOAs and the Navy has followed suit. A SPOA is more specific as to what you are granting a person to do on your behalf and is only valid for up to a year. One SPOA that important here in Rota is in locos parentis, especially if your spouse is deployed. This allows the dependent spouse to take the children and travel without issue. While it may seem inconvenient to have multiple SPOAs and to have to update them yearly, this protects the sailor and the family in event that something goes wrong. The SPOA limits what the person that has been granted access to handle and can prevent a headache of trying to revoke those rights in the long run. For example, you are a single sailor who has purchased a house at one duty station. You give a GPOA to a parent with the intention of taking care of the house when you PCS to your new duty station. At your new duty station, you get married and when you are heading out on deployment, you give your spouse a GPOA. Your spouse goes to take care of some financial matters and the bank notices that there is already a POA on file with your parent because of the home you had previously purchased. Now the bank sees two people trying to

act on your behalf and is not sure how to proceed. To protect themselves from possible litigation they will wait until they can get ahold of you the sailor and confirm what is happening. If you are on deployment, they may not be able to get ahold of you in a timely matter which could have horrendous repercussions down the line. Our Legal Assistance Office is here to help with POAs and any other questions you have. They can be reached at 727 – 2531 or 956 82 25 31 for those of you calling from off base. Their office is located on the 2nd Floor of the Community Support Building (CSB) Bldg. 3293. If you need a SPOA, you can go to the JAG website at http:// and create your SPOA and bring it to the office to be notarized. They have walk in notarization services Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m. to noon. Remember, do not sign the SPOA until you are in the presence of the notary. Special shout outs to Lt. Cohen and Lt. Smidt for all their wonderful information. Thanks for all that you do!

From the Library: Changes to MWR Digital Library

New to - Legal Forms (US, State, and other legal forms) - Science Interactive (Science learning resource for students) - Weiss Ratings (Health insurance & credit union ratings) - Fold3 (Genealogy resource focused on military sources) - PressReader (Daily newspapers in fulltext & with images) - Indieflix (Independent movies and short films) - Gale Small Business Builder (Articles and information resources for developing a small business) Dropped from Digital Library: - Opposing Viewpoints in Context - Research in Context - Student Resources in Context - Gale Academic & Military/Intelligence Centers - HeritageQuest - TumbleBooks - TumbleBooks Junior - AudioCloud - National Geographic (magazine will still be available in RB Digital magazines) - Newsbank national & international newspapers (including Navy Times) For additional questions, contact the Rota Library at 727-2418 or 956-82-2418.

Beware the Risks of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Equipment (COTS) By Navy and Marine Corps Spectrum Office Europe and Africa (NMCSO EUR/AF)

In today’s world, everyone is connected. At home or in the office, wireless devices have become a part of normal life. The military is no different. More and more military functions are being conducted on commercially available devices. From tablets, cellphones and even drones, commercial devices are being used for a wide range of military functions. And, because of the saturation of devices at home and on the battlefield, unit communications officer personnel, procurement specialists and commanding officers must be aware of the requirement for, and be familiar with, the spectrum supportability process for commercial off the shelf (COTS) equipment being used or procured in order to not cause or fall victim to harmful radio frequency interference or create operational security (OPSEC) issues per standing host nation and U.S. military instructions. Systems like Wi-Fi routers or hand held radios being procured for DoD use onboard military installations must be evaluated to ensure the equipment does not cause harmful electromagnetic interference (EMI) to

U.S. military equipment or host nation systems such as cell phone networks and first responder radio networks. To minimize risks associated with COTS equipment, the requestor, procurement specialist, and the approving authority must ensure that due diligence has been conducted to evaluate the characteristics of the equipment and ensure that it operates in accordance with the host nation and installation requirements prior to purchasing it. Commercial service providers have become very proficient in tracking down interference to their networks and have approached U.S. Forces in theater multiple times to report that interference was originating from a ship in port or from a facility within the perimeter of a base. Here at U.S. European military installations, interference was traced to several U.S. specification wireless conference phones. The reason these phones were causing interference was due to a difference in standards between the U.S., Europe, and Africa. Each sovereign nation has their own way of allocating the Radio Frequency spectrum, and they don’t necessarily

share commonality with the U.S. standards. As such, not all U.S. products can be used in Europe and Africa since they can cause interference to, or fall victim to interference from, host nation systems. If a U.S. entity (government or private user) causes interference to a host nation system, they must cease transmission immediately, and in some cases can be fined or have the equipment confiscated. While cost and time savings from the commercial marketplace vendor is convenient, don’t throw away the governments money by purchasing equipment that is not legal at your duty station. Understanding these issues and how to deal with them offers a unique challenge to the acquisition community. As always, the NAVSTA Rota Installation Spectrum Manager (ISM) and the Navy Marine Corps Spectrum Office Europe is available to answer your questions and assist you in your decision making process. If you have questions or would like to learn more, contact Mr. Matt Green, Rota Installation Spectrum Manager, at 727-2126 or the Navy and Marine Corps Spectrum Office Europe at 626-2004/3738/5354.

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6 October 4, 2018 | Coastline

96-Hour Holiday: Get in the Holiday Spirit in France’s Alsace Region Story and photos by Jessica Harbin Contributing Community Writer Editor's Note: The holiday season will soon be upon us! Whether you're new to Rota or looking for a perfect getaway with some holiday festivities, here's a sample template to get out and explore Alsace!

The timber-framed villages, wine trail, art, and many outdoor pursuits of Alsace, France make it a great holiday destination at any time of the year. Add in the nearby villages and woodlands of Germany’s Black Forest, and there is more than enough to keep solo travelers and families alike endlessly occupied. The region shines particularly bright during the holiday season, and features one of the oldest Christmas Market in Europe. With direct flights to Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport from Seville, there is no better time than now for a long weekend getaway. Holiday revelers can get a head start on the Christmas season here, where many markets open a week or two ahead of the markets in Germany. Strasbourg, France, the capital of Christmas, will host its market from Nov. 23 – Dec. 30, 2018. For those interested in checking out yet another country, Basel, Switzerland, hosts a memorable market and can be reached in ninety minutes from Strasbourg (Nov. 22 – Dec. 23, 2018). Strasbourg, the capital of the Alsace region and the European Union Parliament, provides a great hub for a weekend of exploring the Alsace region. It is a completely walkable city, crowned with a cathedral dating to the 16th century. For a truly budget-friendly trip, simply plan to stroll through the streets of Strasbourg or a nearby Alsatian village, stopping in bakeries for stuffed hot pretzels or sandwiches for nourishment. The itinerary below provides suggestions on how to make the most of a four-day weekend, exploring Strasbourg and other sites all within an hour’s drive. Day 1 After flying into one of the surrounding airports, take a scenic drive through the hills and forests of the Alsace region to arrive in Strasbourg. This is a great time to reflect on the adventure of being stationed in Europe, as you’ll most likely be in three countries by lunch time. Take a Batorama boat tour for an enjoyable introduction to all of the highlights of the city. These classic boat tours last just over an hour, and transports riders through locks and past city fortifications, Petit France and the European Union Parliament. While enjoyable on any given day, these glass-covered and heated boats provide the perfect vantage point to see the city in poor weather conditions. Audio tours are available in both adult and child versions. Tickets can be purchased online, or at the Batorama shop at Place de la Cathedrale (13€ /adults, 7,50€ /ages 4-12).

Every nook and corner is filled with holiday cheer in Riquewihr, France.

Make sure to take a stroll down the waterfront in Strasbourg, France, either by foot or Batorama boat tour.

Day 2 Explore some of the scenery and villages along the Route des Vins Wine Road, 110 miles from start to end. Make sure to stop in the region’s best-preserved town, Colmar, and tiny Riquewihr, which inspired the setting for Beauty and the Beast. A stop in either location is worth it just to window shop for sweets and snap pictures of each building that is more picturesque than the next. Plan your visit over a meal to sample the local sausage and Riesling wine. Along the drive, you’ll most likely notice Chateau de Haut-Koenigsbourg perched high on a hill. If time and interest allow, make a stop to explore this popular 12th century castle. Self-guided tours, audio tours, and guided tours are available in English. (Entrance 9€ /adults, 5€ /ages 6-17). Along the way, visit the Christmas Markets stalls for refreshments and Christmas shopping. Arrive back in Strasbourg with energy left to explore one of Europe’s oldest markets. Make sure to wander over to Petit France for its covered bridge and timber-framed charm. Day 3 Spend the morning touring the city’s Cathedrale Notre-Dame, or take your pick of the museums. For those who have fallen under the area’s charm, a visit to the Alsatian Museum or Historical Museum will introduce more details about the history and culture of the area (Entrance: 6€/adult/museum or 12€/adult/1-Day Pass; Children free). Travel 45 minutes to Baden-Baden, Germany, for the afternoon. This resort town that has drawn royalty and U.S. presidents is full of grand buildings, a noteworthy casino, and quality shopping. Treat yourself to a couple of hours at Caracalla Therme. With a little bit of luck on your side, you could be soaking in a hot, thermal pool outside while watching snow fall on a small German chapel. One of several thermal bathes in Baden-Baden, Caracalla boasts twelve hot springs, aromatherapy saunas, red light therapy, and numerous other amenities. Children under seven are not allowed in the bathes, but an onsite childcare facility is available for 5€ per child for the duration of the stay. (Various packages available; 20€ for two hours with sauna plus additional towel rental costs). Now that you feel 10 years younger, wrap up your day with dinner in a biergarten. Day 4 For many, this will be an early day to begin the journey back to Spain. For those lucky to have a few hours to explore, consider taking one of the short hikes in the area to burn some pre-flight energy. Spend the time reflecting on the beauty of the trip – both in nature and manmade

– and planning your return to this diverse region. Getting There RyanAir operates a non-stop flight from Sevilla International Airport to Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Germany. This flight is 2 hours and 45 minutes long,

Life-size gingerbread houses abound in Riquewihr with storefronts donning decorations from Thanksgiving through the holiday season.

and an easy and scenic 45-minute drive will take you to Strasbourg. Alternatively, airports in Stuttgart and Frankfurt, Germany, and Basel, Switzerland are within a two-hour drive of Strasbourg. For a budget option, consider Space-A flights into Stuttgart or Ramstein. Getting Around Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport is small, and rental cars are easily pick-up at the terminal. A rental car is ideal if hoping to explore the many small towns of the Alsace and Black Forest regions. Also keep in mind that public transit to the airport on Sunday mornings is sparse. However, train and bus travel are other viable options for the region.

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U.S. Navy Observes Hispanic Heritage Month By Yonca Poyraz-Dogan Navy Office of Information Public Affairs The Navy observes National Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept. 15-Oct. 15, highlighting the histories and accomplishments of Americans from Spanish-speaking areas. This year’s theme is “Hispanics: One Endless Voice to Enhance our Traditions.” As of June 2018, approximately 59,000 active and Reserve Sailors of Hispanic heritage serve in the U.S. Navy contributing to the strength of the nation’s force. Hispanic Americans’ military service dates back to the Civil War. One well-known example is Jorge Farragut who was born on the Spanish island of Minorca and joined the South Carolina Navy in 1779. Remembered as one of the first Hispanic Revolutionary War heroes, he was instrumental in securing a Union victory in New Orleans on April 28, 1862. When Adm. Farragut died in 1870, President Ulysses S. Grant led 10,000 Soldiers and Sailors through the streets of New York during his funeral procession. Several members of the Hispanic community — military and civilian — have significant contributions toward protecting the nation and embodying Department of Defense values. Sixty people of Hispanic heritage have been awarded the Medal

of Honor, two were presented to members of the Navy, 13 to members of the U.S. Marine Corps and 46 to members of the U.S. Army. USS Rafael Peralta (DDG 115) was named in honor of Navy Cross recipient Marine Corps Sgt. Rafael Peralta who was killed in Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004. An Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, Rafael Peralta was commissioned in a ceremony at Naval Air Station North Island in July last year. Peralta, who was born in Mexico City, Mexico, immigrated to the United States with his family. He joined the Marine Corps in 2000, after receiving his Green Card. Peralta was awarded a Navy Cross, the country’s second highest military award, subsequently. The tradition of observing Hispanic heritage began in 1968, when President Lyndon B. Johnson designated a

week in mid-September as National Hispanic Heritage Week. Twenty years later in 1988, President Ronald Reagan extended that week to a month-long observance. The heritage month’s dates refer to Independence Day anniversaries of Latin American countries – Sept. 15 is the anniversary of independence for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Mexico declared its independence Sept. 16, and Chile Sept. 18. The Navy is strengthened by the diversity of its force as it underlines that patriots of Hispanic American Heritage continue to build legacies of freedom and diversity as they fight for the security of the country and the peace of the world. For more information about the history of Hispanic Americans and their numerous contributions to the Navy, visit Naval History and Heritage Command's website.

8 October 4, 2018 | Coastline


BMW-Atlantic Cars Have you ever dreamed of owning a new BMW but been put off after seeing the prices at BMW dealers Stateside? The BMW/MINI Military Sales Program has -- over the many years since its inception -- made that dream an affordable reality for hundreds of thousands of US service members stationed overseas. The program was set up by BMW as a thank you to US military personnel for their contribution to the post war assistance given to Germany and it offers you the opportunity to purchase, custom built or from stock, the US specification BMW or MINI of your choice at a direct factory price several thousand dollars below USMSRP and tax free. Terry Haverty has been with the program for over 30 years and, aided by Merchi Martinez who is a fluent English speaking native of Rota, he will be happy to give you all the help and advice you need in a totally relaxed, no pressure atmosphere. Because BMW is a European manufacturer the 6 months rule imposed when looking for a new US manufactured car does not apply to BMW even though it applies to other non European manufacturer vendors in the area. You can buy a new US spec. BMW/MINI at any time during your tenure here; one month, 6 months, 12 months or literally at any time provided that you register the car before PCSing (so please allow enough time). If you brought in a US spec. vehicle from your last duty station you are still allowed to buy a new US spec BMW or MINI. In fact a married couple are each allowed to buy a new BMW or MINI. Via the BMW Home Shipping Program which applies to every purchase we will ship your BMW or MINI back to the USA when you PCS. Please feel free to contact Terry or Merchi using their contact details in the full page BMW ads appearing in every edition of the Coastline.

Moto Sport El Albanil Inexpensive transportation to and from work, for one person, is a need not always easily met. Now you can find a good solution at Moto Sport El AlbaĂąil. Rafael is the owner and has many clients among the American personnel at Navsta Rota. He sells new 49 cc motorcycles (easy licensing) including the world famous Italian Vespa manufacturer and these motorcycles are prepared for import into the United States so you can take them home after your tour, I am told. These motorcycles come with a guarantee and a range of free accessories. Brands that you can find there include Peugeot, Honda, Suzuki, Piaggio, Kymko and others. Moto Sport El Albanil is easy to find, just go straight out the Rota gate and continue straight toward the Port, and you will find the store on your left about halfway along the street. Rafael appreciates his business with the base and welcomes American clients. Rafael also provides in house repairs and maintenance services. Please see his ad in the paper for contact details.

iPhone / iPad FAST REPAIRS After


Repairs: - Battery - Home buttons, power, volume... - Flex charger - Dock speaker - Earpiece - Camera


Tlf. 660 145 599

We are in:

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Q&As with Your United States Postal Service (USPS) Rota Representatives Q: What are the requirements to ship a box MPS? A: MPS, or military post service, is a service to mail boxes base to base (OCONUS) for free. There are a few requirements to shipping MPS. The box must be a plain box with no logos or markings. USPS priority boxes are not allowed for MPS. Lastly, you cannot use MPS to forward items to your next duty station with the exception of uniforms and personal gear required to perform official duties at next duty station. Q: I have a home-based business. Can I use USPS to mail items back to the States? A: No, operating a business or conducting activities associated with running a business (e.g.,eBay store with MPO address; mail order businesses; shipping supplies, equipment, or merchandise for a physical or home-based store) is not permitted when utilizing military post.

Q: How long does it usually take for a package to arrive in Rota from the States? A: The transit time from the States to Rota and vice versa from the date of mailing is 21 to 180 days. But on average, it usually arrives here within 7–10 b u s i n e s s d a y. Here at Rota we have a transit time of six days due to our direct flights with Chicago. Q: My package shows as delivered but I haven’t received it. What do I do now? A: Every circumstance is different. Usually we see a lot of packages showing delivered

but to another FPO due to mis-sorted mail. So, ensure you are checking that the zip code is correct. Another frequent circumstance is senders addressing p a c k a g e s incorrectly. If this is the case we have to directorized the mail which leads to a small delay in receiving your mail.

Q: Does the post office actually X-Ray 100% of mail? A : Ye s , a t t h e Fleet Mail Center we X-ray 100% of all incoming and outgoing mail. If any prohibited matter is found the Postal Officer and supervisor will confiscate the prohibited items and destroy them in the presence of a witness.

A postal offense is filed internally and a memo is placed inside the package stating that we found prohibited matter. Also, if we happen to miss any prohibited items, the airline in Madrid also X-rays 100% of mail. Q: What are the proper packaging procedures when mailing out liquids i.e olive oil and/or olives? A: Mailers must mark the outer container of a parcel containing liquid to indicate the nature of the contents. Glass and other breakable containers of liquid with a capacity of more than 4 fluid ounces must be triple-packaged according to the following requirements: Cushion the primary container with material sufficient to absorb all leakage in case of breakage. Place the primary container inside another sealed, leak-proof container (secondary container), such as a can or plastic bag. Use an outer mailing container that is strong enough to protect the contents.

Did You Know? Facts About Your USPS Email Notification Coming Soon The Fleet Mail Center will be transitioning to the email notification system soon. This will allow you to receive an email when your package is available for pickup and eliminate the use of the yellow pick up slip. Along with the email system, we will be implementing 'intelligent locker.' This will allow our customers access to bigger parcels 24/7. In the email, there will be a personal code that the customer can enter into the lockers and retrieve boxes without having to wait for the post office to open. Tip for Expediting Service To expedite processing and waiting time at the mailing windows, customers are encouraged to complete customs declarations online and print the form prior to entering mail services. USPS Rota Renovations Fleet Mail Center Rota will soon begin renovations at our parcel pick up window to expand from one window to two. This will allow for better service and reduce wait time in line due to the volume of mail received. Military Postal Clerks The military service members are designated as military postal clerks. These active duty members must have no conviction of a crime involving theft or moral turpitude, no disciplinary actions reflecting unfavorably upon their integrity, and no history of psychiatric disorder, alcoholism, or drug abuse. They must possess high moral standards and be

financially responsible. In addition, they must not have been previously relieved from military postal duties for cause or criminal convictions. Also, all personnel who handle registered mail are U.S citizens who possess a secret clearance. Restricted Items While Spain has wonderful wines that you probably want to share with family and friends stateside, alcohol is not allowed to be shipped via USPS. Some other restricted items are aerosols, ammunition, cigarettes, dry Ice, explosives, fresh fruits and vegetables, gasoline, drugs, nail polish, perfumes (containing alcohol), and poison. If you have a question regarding whether or not something can be shipped, visit the USPS office or check online at Extended Hours in December The holidays are quickly approaching! The team at Rota Post Office are already gearing up for a busy holiday season. To help out the community, USPS will open the finance and parcel pickup windows for the first three Saturdays in December. The hours of operation for those Saturdays will be 9 a.m. to noon. Santa's Helpers USPS will open on Christmas Eve for those last minute Santa deliveries! The hours of operation is still tentative for Christmas Eve but keep a look out for updates on the Naval Station Rota Facebook page, AFN radio, and Coastline.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines Space Available Mail (SAM) November 27 Parcel Airlift Mail (PAL) December 4 First Class/Priority Mail December 11 Priority Express Mail December 17

10 October 4, 2018 | Coastline

Dr. Himmler: A FFSC Resource for Parents and Children at DGF MHS

Story & Photo by MC2 Brian Sloan AFN Rota

If a service member’s child has an illness or an injury, they would likely receive medical attention, and treating mental health should be no different because it is just as important to their overall wellness. Mental health for a military child often involves maintaining healthy relationships, transitioning into new environments, stress management and coping with separation from family members and friends. The Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) at Naval Station Rota aims to strengthen these capabilities with free counseling services. “Our non-medical counseling services provide support to enhance family readiness and therefore enhancing overall mission readiness. This involves supporting the family at various ages and stages of life, including our middle and high school family members,” said Margaret Blair,counseling and advocacy services supervisor. As a result, FFSC has a fully licensed and credentialed adolescent clinical counselor at David Glasgow Farragut High School (DGFHS) to treat mental health issues.

“We see a lot of kids that struggle with adjustment related issues,” said Dr. Kristin Himmler, the FFSC counselor assigned to DGF MHS. “It’s normally due to the transitions associated with going to a new school, living in a new community in a different country, and changes in friend groups. We’ve also seen a slight increase in anxiety related issues that can increase when their mom or dad is gone for long periods of time.” Dr. Himmler’s services have several advantages for combating common emotional struggles. “Being housed at the school is one of our greatest assets because of the logistics,” said Dr. Himmler. “The students don’t have to miss a significant amount of class time, and the parents don’t have to get a medical referral, leave work, drive their child to the appointment, wait on them, and drive them back to school.” Despite FFSC’s counseling services taking place in DGF MHS, the institutions are separate entities. “Sometimes there’s an incorrect assumption among military members that seeking mental health services will negatively impact their career or ability to stay at overseas duty stations,” said Blair. “But FFSC’s services are confidential, so the parent’s command will not be notified, and it will not affect the child’s scholastic record.” According to Dr. Himmler, one of her primary goals is resolving issues before they escalate. “Common warning signs are changes in eating and sleeping habits, changes in mood that are frequent and intense, social isolation, declining grades, frequent lies or stealing, and a loss of interest in activities that one typically enjoys,” said Himmler. If any symptoms are present, or a parent senses that his or her child is struggling, they should consider contacting FFSC. It’s the parents’ responsibilities to teach their children that seeking help is a normal and healthy behavior. “There’s always been a little bit of stigma towards using mental health services, but the students have been very receptive, and once people experience the benefits of counseling first hand, they’re very glad they got help,” said Dr. Himmler. For more information on FFSC’s counseling services, you can call 727-3232 or email For appointments or information with Dr. Himmler you can contact her directly at DGF MHS or by emaiing

:// Address: Calle Orfedres, I, Polígono Industrial Villa de Rota 11520, Cádiz

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October is National Domestic Violence Prevention Month: Healthy Relationships By Commander Navy Installations Command

Working through problems in a healthy way can strengthen the relationship. Healthy relationships take time, effort, and sometimes the outside help of professionals and concerned friends, to develop. They also require motivation, commitment and ongoing work by both partners. October’s campaign month reminds us all to take a good look at our own relationships and recognize areas for potential growth. In a healthy relationship, both partners: -Listen to each other and share their thoughts Capt. Mike MacNicholl and FFSC Rota get a group photo with the Domestic Violence Prevention and feelings without fear of proclamation following its signing. repercussion management, employment assistance, non-medical -Trust each other and feel safe, both emotionally and counseling and parenting programs. All of these services physically are free to you and help to create an enriching family -Respect boundaries including emotional, physical life and community. Services are free to both active duty, and digital boundaries civilians, contractors and family members. -Feel that the relationship During the month of October, join FFSC for a “Lunch, is equal or are working Love, and Learn” Series during which our licensed towards creating balance in providers will facilitate a conversation about healthy the relationship communication and maintaining connection in our -Believe that consent is a relationships. Join us October 10, 17, and 24 from 1100mutual agreement between 1200 in the Community Support Building. Bring your partners about what they partner and your lunch for what will be an informal but want to experience in the informative opportunity for you both. relationship For more information, contact the FFSC Rota at 727The Fleet and Family 3232 or commercial, 956-82-3232. Support Center (FFSC) Additional Resources: provides several professional M i l i t a r y O n e S o u r c e 8 0 0 - 3 4 2 - 9 6 4 7 / w w w . services as a resource to our Naval Station Rota The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1 800-799community, including financial 7233/

National Domestic Violence Prevention Month is an annual observance that generates awareness of domestic violence as a serious public health issue and the resources available to help prevent and address it. The Family Advocacy Program is a Department of Defense program that provides domestic and child abuse-prevention efforts, early identification and intervention support for victims, and treatment for offenders. This year’s theme focuses on strengthening our relationships. The Family Advocacy Program works to help our community understand the signs of healthy behaviors and learn ways to improve relationships through information, skill-building resources, counseling support and more. The campaign focuses on reaching people as early as possible in the relationship cycle in order to promote a lifetime of understanding the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Individual and family stress can escalate conflict and sometimes lead to unhealthy relationship patterns. Having resources and a support network decrease the risk of domestic violence during stressful times. Every couple faces relationship problems at some point.

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Hurry! You must order within 3 MONTHS of your arrival in Spain.* Returning home? Order overseas. Take delivery stateside. Visit Sarah Pugh at our office inside the Rota NEX: ¾ +34 956 822353 † Savings up to 24% off MSRP based on 2018 Dodge Journey SE FWD (Rec Buy D820) and vary by model and delivery location. Additional added bonus up to $500 vary by model. Offers valid 9/28/18 through 10/8/18. *In Spain you must take possession of your new vehicle within 6 months of arrival. Your vehicle must be shipped on your MSC orders which can take 3 months. All programs and guarantees are subject to terms and conditions. Visit or see your Sales Representative for complete details. Overseas Military Sales Group is an authorized contractor of the Exchange and NEXCOM. Military AutoSource is an authorized distributor to sell and distribute Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. This advertisement does not express or imply endorsement by the Exchange, NEXCOM, DOD components, or the Federal Government and is not sponsored by them. (C5750)

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Around Naval Station Rota, Spain... Photos by MC1 Benjamin Lewis, MC2 Brian Sloan, AT3 M. Jang, MC3 Patrick Maher and Courtney Pollock

Damas Tour NAVSTA Rota Flu Shots

Location: Building 1 Capt. Mike MacNicholl and Master Chief Gary Rosenbaum received their annual flu shots from Naval Hospital personnel Sept. 20. Location: Pinz Bowling Center Naval Station Rota hosted 'damas' from Rota and surrounding areas Sept. 19. The tour include a visit to both Spanish and American sides of base in addition to lunch and bowling at Pinz.

Admiral's Assumptio Awards Ceremony

Location: Port Captain Mike MacNicholl, Naval attended the assumption of comm Manuel Garat CaramĂŠ Sept. 24.

Location: Base Theater Capt. Mike MacNicholl presented awards to to Sailors during a monthly awards ceremony Sept. 26.

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NEX Food Court Progress USO Turns One!

Location: USO Lounge, Air Terminal Staff and patrons celebrate the one year anniversary of the USO Rota Oct. 2.

Location: Air Terminal Food Court Final installation and preparation for the air terminal's food court continues Sept. 28. The food court will include Dunkin Coffee, Healthy Express, Nathan's Hot Dogs and Arthur Treachers Fish & Chips. Grand opening is October TBD.

College Fair

on of Command

Station Rota commanding officer, mand ceremony for Spanish Adm.

Location: DGF Local college graduates turned out to represent their alma maters and provide students valuable insight about college education Sept. 26.

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Help the Navy be Energy Resilient By David Barbosa NAVSTA Rota Installation Energy Manager October is Energy Action Month. This year I would like to focus on how we can improve our energy security posture, in alignment with Executive Order 13834 (Efficient Federal Operations), signed 17 May 2018. This Executive Order directs all agencies not only to increase energy efficiency, but also “prioritize actions that enhance the resilience of Federal infrastructure and operations, and enable more effective accomplishment of its mission”. As a result of this, the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations and Environment (ASN, EIE) has adopted an Installation Security Framework (ESF), and Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) has created an Energy Mission Integration Group (EMIG) Chapter. Basically, this is a new approach, and enforces the energy programs at all Navy installations to stand on three different pillars: efficiency, resiliency and reliability. We will be using these terms very often when referring to the Installation Energy Program. “Energy efficiency” is a common term, and it relates to optimizing performance and eliminating unnecessary use of resources, or, in other words, the use of minimal energy required to achieve the desired level of service. “Resiliency” is known as the ability of a system to anticipate, resist, absorb, respond, adapt, and recover from a disturbance,

like a disruption of services (also known as an “outage” in the utility world). Therefore, it relates with the availability and maintainability of utility backup systems when required. Finally, the term “reliability” is usually known as the percentage of time energy delivery systems (utilities) can serve customers at an “acceptable regulatory standards”. Reliability is actually a math term used in statistics and defined as the “probability of non-failure” of a system, so it relates to the actual condition of the utilities and its capability of providing the required service before a backup comes into place. All these terms and requirements are wrapped into what we call “energy security,” and that will be the new focus of the energy program. Take some time during this month to ask yourself how we can improve the energy security posture at our facilities. Questions such as: What are the backup requirements at my facilities? Do we meet those requirements? What would be the impact of an outage to operations? What can be done to mitigate that impact? Etc. For any questions, or to find out what NAVSTA is doing to comply with these new requirements, contact your department’s Building Energy Monitor (BEM) or NAVSTA Rota Installation Energy Manager (IEM) David Barbosa, at 727-1863, or e-mail david.barbosa.sp@ It's everyone's job to help the Navy be energy resilient.





Avenida de Fuentebravía 3. El Puerto de Santa María (36.603757, -6.266260) TM Burger King Corporation © 2018 Burger King Europe GmbH. All rights reserved.


RESPECTFUL PARENTING Your new shop of respectful parenting in El Puerto, with books and games for all ages, baby carriers and BLW products, and everything that you need for a happy childhood. Ronda de las Dunas, 9, 11500 El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) schedule 10:00 - 14:00 17:30 - 20:30 Saturday: 10:00h a 14:00h

617 950 572 @SomosCriArte

Cyber Adversaries Threaten Our Security By Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare (N2N6)

Although cybersecurity is important e v e r y d a y, O c t o b e r ’ s N a t i o n a l Cybersecurity Awareness Month provides the Navy with the opportunity to highlight the critical importance of cybersecurity throughout the enterprise – outlining how adversaries operate, what the Navy is doing to improve its cybersecurity, and what you can do at work and at home to protect the Navy and yourself from cyber threats. The consensus among our senior military and civilian leaders is clear; the cyber threat is real, and the stakes – in this new era of great power competition – are high. Despite alarm bells by senior officials, skepticism about the cyber threat remains. Because we can’t see what’s happening in cyberspace like we can in the physical world, observers and stakeholders alike may not fully grasp the prevalence and severity of cyber threats. Someone would probably notice if coworkers tried to copy or photograph hundreds of thousands of pages of military documents. Yet the same result, the loss of valuable and potentially missioncritical information can be accomplished inconspicuously through a cyberattack, and in fact, hackers have remotely compromised the networks of defense contractors and stolen sensitive military data through just such means. Similarly, a kinetic attack on a power plant would be obvious and invite an immediate response, while cyberattacks are unseen and more difficult to trace, which is why Russian hackers were able to covertly disable equipment at a Ukrainian power company in 2016, cutting off power to the city of Kiev for over an hour. Lest we think our infrastructure is immune, the U.S. government acknowledged Russian hacking and infiltration of our power companies earlier this year, reinforcing the fact that our adversaries are capable of and continuously attempting to breach our networks, systems and critical warfighting infrastructure in an effort to compromise military readiness and operational security. Understanding the consequences of our actions in cyberspace is essential

to combating cyber threats, and Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an important time for us all to be reminded of the ways in which we can contribute to either the strength or the weakness of the enterprise, through our day-to-day actions – at work, at home and at sea. Connecting an unauthorized thumb drive that contains malicious software to the network is an innocent mistake with potentially damaging consequences. A weak password could allow adversaries to gain access to the network, and causes a majority of system breaches. Posting updates on social media that give clues as to the locations of ships and Sailors could compromise operational security. In the vast majority of cases, cyber threats don’t cause fires or explosions, and they are not accompanied by grand

declarations by state actors, which is exactly what makes them so dangerous. They are unseen, they are real and they can be crippling to our Navy. Sailors, civilians, contractors and families are our front line of defense in this fight – and by adhering to cybersecurity policies, directives and best practices – we can all help keep the Navy secure, as well as protect ourselves and our families while online. The Navy is counting on you to help protect it from cyber threats. Be on the lookout for updates throughout the month providing information on how our adversaries operate, what the Navy is doing to combat threats, and what you can do to protect the Navy and yourself in the cyber domain.

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Vet Corner

O c t o b e r i s D o m e s t i c Vi o l e n c e Prevention Month and we're going to shed light on the importance of reporting suspected animal abuse to authorities. It may seem like an unusual connection with domestic violence but by reporting animal abuse you may not only help save a pet’s life, but also save battered women and children. The correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence is strong. Studies have found that 49% to 71% of battered women reported that their pets had been threatened, harmed, and/ or killed by their partners. Additionally in a national survey, 85% of domestic violence shelters indicated that women coming to their facilities told of incident of pet abuse. In one study of families under investigation for suspected child abuse, researchers found that pet abuse had occurred in 88% of the families under supervision for physical abuse of their children. Some states have made reporting of animal abuse mandatory because of this correlation. If you see something, SAY something, and report suspected animal abuse to the authorities.

Starting October 1st, the VTF will be under construction. There will be construction surrounding entrances and egresses in addition to power outages. This make affect our operating hours. We will announce any schedule/hours changes on our Facebook page so be sure to like “Rota Branch Veterinary Treatment Facility.”

Naval Station Rota Veterinary Treatment Facility Bldg. 1863 (next to NEX gas station) Phone: 727-3149 / 956-82-3149 Office Hours Mon. - Fri.: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Federal Holidays: Closed

Note: Info-graphic data sources include the Defense Information Systems Agency, McAfee, Trustwave and Verizon.




Open Mon.-Thurs. 13:00 – 15:30 and 19:00 – midnight Fri. – Sat. 13:00 – 15:30 and 19:30 – midnight Closed Sundays

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IC1 Joshua Weiss By MC1 Zachary Shea, AFN Rota

Interior Communications Electrician 1st Class Joshua Jason Majic Weiss is an engineer assigned to American Forces Network (AFN) Rota working alongside 11 other engineers and broadcasters and 2 local national engineers. “As an engineer, I’m responsible for ensuring all broadcasting equipment is fully operational,” said Weiss. “From the administrative side of ordering new parts and equipment, to identifying and physically repairing equipment or parts, to coordinating repair efforts, I do a little bit of everything.” Weiss has been stationed in Rota since early 2017, working not only as the AFN Rota engineering leading petty officer but also as a Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victim Advocate, volunteering his time for fundraisers to support this year’s Navy Ball, and volunteering at the Navy & Marine Corps Relief Society. “I love the challenge of being a Sailor,” said Weiss. “There’s always a new goal to achieve, whether it’s a qualification, a collateral duty, a higher paygrade, or a volunteer opportunity. Always having something

new to achieve is what really keeps me motivated.” The Shirley, Arkansas native joined the Navy in 2010 after his hometown life felt stagnant. “I felt out of place in my hometown, like I had outgrown it almost,” said Weiss. “The Navy seemed like a great way to go on some adventures and get paid for it. I have no regrets, I love my job and the equipment I get to work with.” In his free time Weiss enjoys working out, working on cars, and travelling, including a recent trip to Germany for Oktoberfest. His current goals include becoming a chief petty officer and getting a degree related to the Interior Communications Electrician rate. “I really enjoy Rota because I get to experience a different culture and most people have been friendly,” said Weiss. “It has its ups and downs like anywhere else but the summers here are great and it’s so easy to travel.” Weiss hopes to serve a full Navy career until retirement and hopes to be stationed in Jacksonville, Florida after his tour in Rota.

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Final Thoughts on National Preparedness Month: Disasters Happen, Prepare Now, Learn How! By DC1(SW/AW) Keith Hunter Emergency Management As we close out National Preparedness Month, we hope you understand that emergencies and disasters are not on set schedules. We never know what tomorrow could bring, so why wait to plan and prepare? Many Americans, no matter what their background or income level, deal with the stress and challenges of rebuilding their homes and lives after disasters. Planning and having emergency kits already prepared can help tremendously before, during, and after these stressful circumstances in your life. Before an emergency happens, you should come up with an emergency plan and practice it with your family. Preparing and practicing your emergency plans as a family is essential for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your family. Your family should have a plan for any emergency or disaster by sitting down and creating the plan together. Having your children involved and providing their ideas makes it interesting to them. Letting them play a part makes them feel as though they are majorly involved and it grasp their attention so much more. Things to consider when creating your plan is coming up with exit routes, and meeting points both outside the home and locally. Your family may not be together when a disaster strikes, so it is important to know which types of disasters could affect your area.  Know how you will contact one another and reconnect if separated. It’s best to establish a family meeting place that’s familiar and

easy to find. Make sure everyone has a role to play and they understand what that role is. Once you have your plan, then it’s time to practice, practice, practice. Have emergency drills at your home so that these plans become second nature to your family. When an emergency happens, your family is well prepared and not acting out of impulses. With a solid plan in place, it’s now time to prepare and build your kits. Emergency kits are essential to you and your family during, and after, a disaster or emergency. When building your kit, you want to make sure you have all essentials for several days. In a basic emergency kit for survival, you should have: FOOD Stock up on canned foods, dry mixes and other staples that do not require refrigeration, cooking, water or special preparation are convenient. Be sure to include a manual can opener and eating utensils. -Store at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food -Choose foods your family will eat -Consider any special dietary needs -Avoid foods that will make you thirsty -Rotate your supply annually

of a gallon of fluids daily, however individual needs vary and you must make sure you take that into consideration. Also take the following into account: -Children, nursing mothers and sick people may need more water -A medical emergency might require additional water -If you live in a warm weather climate, more water may be necessary. In very hot temperatures, water needs can double. Your emergency kits should also have all important documents related to your home, medical, financial, insurance, pets, and other records. Having these documents are crucial for a quick and successful recovery process. You can also include your emergency plans in your kits. Preparing and building your plans/kits can go a long way when having to deal with natural disasters and emergencies. Take the time to make sure your family is prepared and ready for anything that may happen. For more information, visit . The website provides information on emergency plans, kits, and more.

WATER You should have at least one gallon of water per person per day in your kit. A normal person drinks up to three quarters


NEW XC90 NOW AVAILABLE IN OUR ROTA SHOWROOM U.S. MSRP: $60,235 - VOLVO MILITARY PRICE: $54,640 SAVE: $5,595 XC90 T5 AWD - R-DESIGN - Bursting Blue Metallic - Leather “Nbuck/Nappa” Charcoal interior Convenience Package · Heated Front, rear Seats & Steering Wheel · 20” Alloy Wheels 5-Spoke Black Diamond cut R-Design

Also includes: Navigation Pro, Visual Park Assist (360º Camera), Park Assist Pilot Including Park Assist Front and Rear, Intellisafe Surround Includes BLIS-Blind Spot Information System, Head up display, Power panoramic moonroof, Power operated tailgate, Smartphone Integration and USB Hub(Apple Car Play/Android auto), Full LED headlights with active bending lights “Thor´s Hammer”, Adaptive cruise control with Pilot Assist II, City safety with collition warning for vehicle, pedestrian, bicyclist or large animals, Child seat, centre rear seat. THE 6 MONTHS RULE DOES NOT APPLY TO VOLVO MILITARY SALES IN ROTA. YOU CAN BUY YOUR NEW US SPECIFICATION VOLVO WHEN YOU ARRIVE OR AT ANY TIME DURING YOUR TENURE HERE. ONE MONTH, SIX MONTH, ONE YEAR, TWO YEARS, WHENEVER YOU CHOOSE. YOU DO HAVE TO ALLOW ENOUGH TIME TO REGISTER IT BEFORE YOU SHIP IT WHEN YOU PCS (WE WILL SHIP IT BACK VIA THE VOLVO HOME SHIPPING PROGRAM) IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU BROUGHT YOUR US SPEC VEHICLE WITH YOU WHEN YOU PCS'D TO ROTA. YOU CAN STILL BUY A NEW US SPEC VOLVO TAX FREE (A MARRIED COUPLE ARE ALLOWED TO BUY TWO VOLVO)

Located right outside the Rota Gate Plaza del Triunfo 6, 11520 Rota, Spain Tel: 648 014 719 / 956 846 166 Web: POC for US military members: US NATO and Diplomat members:

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Upcoming DGFHS Sports Schedule Football

October 6 @ 1400 Location: Rota Opponent: Madrid Football Club


Cross Country

European Championships October 10-11 Location: Wiesbaden, Germany

October 12 @ 1600 Location: Rota Opponent: Puerto Running Club Check back in the next edition on October 18th for the new Naval Station Rota's Sport page highlighting DGF High School sports, MWR Captain's Cup, and more. If you have an idea for the page or would like to contribute, please contact the Coastline at


October 13 @ 1300 Location: Rota Opponent: Naples High School


October 20 @ 1000 Location: Rota Opponent: Sigonella High School

Captain's Cup Standings Hospital 725th Security FAST NMCB Cook PWD NCTAMS Porter Weapons

Spartans Invade Rota

The 2nd Annual Mini-Spartan Run, hosted by Navy Environmental & Preventive Medicine Unit 7 (NEPMU-7) and U.S. Naval Hospital Rota was held on Friday, September 7, 2018. A total of 18 teams of four participants took part in the challenge, which included a rigorous 3K run, wall scaling, tire flips, a mud crawl, litter carry, and obstacle course. The first place team was "Lightning Thieves" from EODMU 8 who finished in a speedy 13 minutes and 18 seconds. Congratulations to all the finishers!

Health Promotions, USNH Rota

U.S. Naval Hospital Rota's Health Promotion Department offers a wide range of programs to promote healthy lifestyles. Classes include Culinary Corner at the Commissary, cooking classes, pilates, "Mind Body Medicine" workshops, and more. For more information or to sign up for a class, contact the Health Promotions Department at 727-3350/3346.

12 10 10 8 6 6 6 2 0 0

Captain's Cup current points (left) are from the flag football league. The next Captain's Cup sport is volleyball. For more information on signing up your command for a Captain's Cup league, contact Greg Rogers, MWR Sports Coordinator at 727-1916 or by email, sports@ r o t a m w r. com

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U.S. Naval Hospital Rota Birth Announcement

Samara Bankston Vilches

Born September 17, 2018 To Samuel D. Bankston and Marta Bankston Weighing 8 lbs 2 oz

Johnny V. Solomon

Born September 23, 2018 To Ernest V. Solomon and Karen J. Juarez Weighing 7 lbs 15.7 oz

Stella R. Hoyt

Born September 26, 2018 To Robert D. Hoyt and Kimberly N. Hoyt Weighing 7 lbs 8.1 oz

OPERATION: 24/7 Banking Access

Stay connected anytime, anywhere with our mobile app.*

Download the app today! Federally insured by NCUA. *Message and data rates may apply. Visit for more information. Š 2018 Navy Federal NFCU 10487 (9-18)

10487 MB Sept Mobile Print Ads_98425x7087_918.indd 1

9/14/18 2:13 PM

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MWR Movie Schedule (Open to all patrons with base access. For more info, call 727-2328 or email

Prices: Adult (12+): $4 ($5 for 3D); Child (6 to 11): $2; Preschooler (5 and under): Free Drive In: Grills available for use. Food and drink allowed. No pets unless designated service animal. Movies can be heard on the radio at 101.1 FM. Please keep headlights off during the film.

Wednesday, October 3rd 7 p.m.: The Nun Thursday, October 4th 7 p.m.: Night School Friday, October 5th 4 p.m.: A Star is Born 7 p.m.: A Simple Favor



When Eddie Brock acquires the powers of a symbiote, he will have to release his alterego "Venom" to save his life.

Five years after her husband and daughter are killed in a senseless act of violence, a woman comes back from self-imposed exile to seek revenge against those responsible and the system that let them go free.

Rating: PG-13 Genre: Action / Horror / Sci-Fi Runtime: 1 hour, 52 minutes

Saturday, October 6th 4 p.m.: Night School 7 p.m.: Searching 9 p.m.: Venom (Drive in)

Rating: R Genre: Action / Drama / Thriller Runtime: 1 hour, 41 minutes

Sunday, October 7th 1 p.m.: The House with a Clock in its Walls 4 p.m.: Venom 7:30 p.m.: Peppermint Monday, October 8th 1 p.m.: Small foot 4 p.m.: Venom Thursday, October 11th 7 p.m.: Peppermint Friday, October 12th 4 p.m.: Alpha 7 p.m.: First Man Saturday, October 13th 4 p.m.: Searching 7 p.m.: Predator 9 p.m.: Smallfoot (Drive in) Sunday, October 14th 1 p.m.: First Man 4 p.m.: Venom 7:30 p.m.: The Nun

Night School

A Star is Born

A group of troublemakers are forced to attend night school in hope that they'll pass the GED exam to finish high school.

A musician helps a young singer and actress find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.

Rating: PG-13 Genre: Comedy Runtime: 1 hour, 51 minutes

Rating: R Genre: Drama / Music / Musical Runtime: 2 hours, 15 minutes

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members of the uniformed services, civilian employees, DoD contractors living overseas and their family members. Call 727-2921 for more information.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings UPCOMING EVENTS Oct. 11: Cake Decorating Contest, 1 p.m. Calling all bakers! We are looking for bakers to make and decorate cakes for our Navy Birthday Celebration on Oct. 12. Oct. 12: Navy Birthday Celebration, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Stop by the Center for a piece of cake to celebrate the Navy's Birthday a day early! Oct. 12: Movie Night with RAWL, 7:30-10 p.m. Come watch a movie with USO and RAWL at RAWL's new Bark Park. Bring a blanket to get cozy on the lawn, watch a movie, and meet some of the animals that are available for adoption. Oct. 15: Language Exchange, 5-6 p.m. Interested in practicing your Spanish or English? Stop by the Center for a relaxed class led by our volunteer Steve. Oct. 18: Volunteer Orientation, noon. Interested in volunteering with the USO? Learn what it means to volunteer with us. Make a profile on volunteers. to get started today! Every Wednesday: Wake Up Wednesday. Stop in the Center for a specialty coffee each week!

American Red Cross Emergency Communications Service

Family members of active-duty U.S. military members are able to initiate emergency messages online at http:// Family of active duty and overseas-stationed federal employees can also initiate a message by calling 1-(877) 272-7337 or 956-82-2331, or by walking in to the Rota ARC office between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Preschool Services for Children with Disabilities

Child Find for children three to five years of age is an ongoing outreach program that locates and identifies children who may have developmental delays or educational disabilities and need special services. If you have concerns regarding your child's development contact 727-4185/4435.

WIC Overseas

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings are scheduled Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. in the fellowship hall at the chapel. All meetings are closed meetings except the last Thursday of each month. For more information, call the DAPA at 727-2161. AA off-base: "Rota Drydockers," every Saturday, 7 p.m., Calle Calvario, 67, Iglesia del Carmen, Rota (Lat: 36.624466, Long: -6.356386). For information about the meeting in Rota, call Joe Garcia at 629-27-1312 or 956-77-6876. Online, visit or

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

NMCRS Office hours: Mon. through Fri. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. *NEW HOURS* Phone: VPN 727-1614 or Commercial 956-82-1614 After-hours / Holidays: Cell 660-984-511 & VPN Cell: 18-727-0800 Website:

Upcoming NMCRS and Hospital maternal programs and classes:

Budget for Baby Oct. 10, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., NMCRS classroom This class focuses on budgeting for a new family member! Expecting parents will receive a baby gift, including a handmade blanket crafted by one of our volunteers! Labor and Delivery Oct. 11, noon to 2 p.m., OBGYN Clinic. Prepare for the labor process, and find out about comfort techniques and medical interventions during this time. This class will prepare you and your support person for that special day. Breastfeeding and Postpartum Oct. 18, noon-2 p.m., NMCRS Classroom In this class, we will discuss what to expect after deliver. You will learn everything from breastfeeding and the different techniques to know how to tell if your baby is hungry.

Upcoming NMCRS Support Group:

Breastfeeding Support Group Oct. 17, 11 a.m. to noon, NMCRS classroom This support group offers a place where we can all come to support, inform, encourage, and guide one another in the adventure that is breastfeeding! You do not have to be currently breastfeeding to join that community. Email our Visiting Nurse Instructor, Maribel Rey at maribel.rey@ for more information! Solo Parenting Support Group Oct. 11, Base Chapel Nursery Join this group for a monthly dose of helpful parenting tools, fun guest speakers, and bonding with other local parents.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Overseas is a nutrition, education and supplemental food program for qualified

Facial Rejuvenation Body Contouring

Breast Surgery Plastic Surgeon

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Area Activities

Music Oct. 6, 10:30 p.m.: Rasel. Plaza Bartoleme Perez, Rota. Oct. 6, 8:30 p.m.: David de Maria. Villamarta Theater, Jerez de la Frontera. Tickets from €20. Oct. 11: Niña Pastori. Bullring, Algeciras. Tickets from €24. Dance/Flamenco Oct. 4, 8 p.m.: “60 Años de Arte” Flamenco Guitar Recital by Paco Cepero. Gran Teatro Falla, Plaza de Fragela, Cadiz. Tickets €10-20. Oct. 13, 8:30 p.m.: Flamenco recital by Maria Terremoto. Teatro Villamarta, Jerez de la Frontera. Tickets from €18. Oct. 18, 8:30 p.m.: “La Cenicienta” by Russian National Ballet. Teatro Villamarta, Jerez de la Frontera. Tickets from €18. Sports Oct. 18-21: Valderrama Master Golf – European Tour. Valderrama Golf Club, Sotogrande-San Roque, Cadiz. Food & Drink Oct. 11-14: 2nd Annual Oktoberfest.Thurs. starting at 8 p.m. and Fri./Sat./Sun. starting from noon. Plaza de la Cantera, Rota. Virgin Ntra. Sra. Del Rosario Festival Celebrations of Virgin "Ntra. Sra. Del Rosario." Various locations around Rota. See below. Oct. 4, 9 p.m.: Coronation of the mayor dama, Plaza Bartolome Perez. Oct. 6, 7:30 p.m.: Parade for primary dama and court. Downtown Rota. Oct. 7, starting at 7:45 a.m.: Holy Rosary de la Aurora will leave Ntra. Sra. De la O parish and travel through the downtown streets. Downtown Rota. Oct. 7, 6:30 p.m.: Solemn procession of Our Virgin of the Rosary. Downtown Rota.

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El Mercado

To place a classified ad, submit information by the MONDAY prior to the desired publication date. Ads will run for one edition only. Free ads are available to TEI cardholders for non-commercial goods. Email submissions to coastline@ Non-TEI cardholders and/or ads of commercial nature (real estate, for-profit business) require payment and must be submitted to

CARS FOR SALE 2000 Mercedes Benz C180, good car, some small scratches and imperfections, plus transfer, will come with ITV just passed, Euro specs, priced to sell at €2,600. Tel: 653-78-0296 MERCEDES-BENZ - E320 CDI, 2003 AUTOMATIC, my father in law's car in perfect shape, perfectly cared for, he is too old to drive now, 95,000 miles, guaranteed non smoker car, dark blue leather seats, pristine condition, silver, all maintenance up to date, all work in Mercedes, 7,950€, tel 653780296 Porsche Boxster, perfect condition, all maintenance in Porsche, largest motor, 79,000 miles, Itv good, Euro specs, 2001, €9,500, Tel: 653-78-0296 2009 Mercedes C300 Sport 4matic with 67000 miles, U.S. specs $6500/€5200, ITV current to 2019, call or text 617-067-654 2012 BMW 114I in great condition. White 5-door Manual transmission with less than 55,000 kilometers. Enjoy driving in style! European specs, ITV valid until SEP18, €12,990. Call or text 642-339-361 2003 Ford Fusion 52,000 miles , good condition, European specs, Automatic, 5 doors, New battery, New spark plugs, New ignition coils, New tires, ITV Good until April 2019, $3700 tel: 757-819-3057 email: Vo l v o 9 6 0 A U T O M AT I C , 2 0 0 0 , m e c h a n i c a l l y s o u n d , 1 4 9 , 0 0 0 m i l e s , 2490€, Itv will be newly passed, European specs, tel 653780296 Ford Fiesta 1.4 diesel, 2007, 3,400€, 78,000 miles, perfect shape, all the extras, Itv good, European specs, tel 653780296 1999 Opel astra 1.6 5 speed 4 doors hatchback with A/C Radio Cd with USB, port and aux input, power windows, power locks , Itv pass until nov 2018 tires are new is good a reliable car for $1250 or 1000€ please for more information call Victor Borja at 660481890 Seat Toledo 2004, excellent mechanical shape, ITV just passed, European specs, mechanically perfect, owner bought a new car and is selling this one, a great deal at 1,950€, silver, basically a Volkswagen, tel 653780296


Penthouse, top-floor apartment with best view Cadiz to Rota. 700 sq. ft., 2 bdr., 1 bath, all reformed. Fuentebravia beachfront. $120,000. Call Linda to see, 650-66-4826 or email


American owned duplex in private gated community in Rota. 3 bdrm, 2.5 bathroom, pool, parking/garage, a block from beach, A/C, 1400 euros. Details: Ivan Orozco DSN: 268-5174 or BEAUTIFUL SEA-VIEW VILLA IN CHIPIONA.1,600€/negotiable. Listing number 127072. 3 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms. 1200m2 plot. 160m2 house. 150m to the beach. Safe, quiet and private. Automatic gate and outside lights. Double-glassing. Fireplace. Aircon./heating. Ceiling fans. Mosquito nets. Storage. Diner attached to kitchen. Roof-terrace with sea-view. English-speaking landlord. Viewings immediately possible. CELL 667 58 68 39. Pictures on, ref70037. No charges for tenant as direct from owner. Apartment for rent, Rota (La Costilla Beach Area), 3 minutes walking distance to the beach, 1200 sq. ft, 3 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms, A/C, large living room and kitchen. English speaking landloard, 1200 euros. Call, text or WhatsApp M a r i a Te l : 6 3 7 4 9 2 5 8 6 , o r e m a i l : m a r i a . s a n c h e z . m u s l e r a @ g m a i l . c o m Chalet for rent. 3 large bedrooms, 2 full baths, Large pantry / utility room. Fireplace in living-dining area, central HVAC (split air handler units). Covered car-port, fenced property with remote control gate for POV access. Walk-in entrance equipped with camera/gate switch. Screened windows, overhead fan/light units in each room. American owner. If interested, call 608853453 or 669127975. Beautiful house next to Hotel Playa de la Luz, in JARDIN DE LA ALMADRABA area. 100 meters from the beach. 4 bedroom house in a private residential area. Very large bedrooms, with 3 full baths, one in the master bedroom. Heating/AC. Front patio, top terrace and 2 parking spaces, one underground. Community swimming pool and tennis court. Quiet neighborhood, with large green areas. English speaking landlord. Listed in Housing 1500 €uros. Listing ID: 25072. Call, text or Whatsap anytime. Marco at +34 696-000-241 or email: e

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This Month in Naval History

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October 4 1944 Pfc. Wesley Phelps, while serving with the First Marines on Peleliu Island, rolls onto a grenade after it is thrown into a foxhole he shares with another Marine thus saving his comrade’s life. For his "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity" he is posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

merchants in China be granted the same treaty privileges as the British. As a result of his letter, Chinese ports are opened to American ships.

1976 USS Jonas Ingram (DD 938) rescues seven survivors of a Finnish motor craft that sank in the Baltic Sea.

October 10 1845 The Naval School, now known as the Naval Academy, opens in Annapolis, Md. with 50 midshipmen and seven professors.

October 5 1940 The Organized Naval Reserve is placed on short notice for call to active duty by Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox. 1945 Fleet Adm. Chester W. Nimitz is given a parade in his honor through downtown Washington, D.C. at the end of World War II. October 6 1884 T h e N a v a l Wa r C o l l e g e i s established at Newport, R.I. when Secretary of the Navy William E. Chandler signs General Order 325. 1958 USS Seawolf (SSN 575) completes a record submerged run of 60 days, logging more than 13,700 nautical miles. 1962 USS Bainbridge (DLGN 25), the first nuclear-powered frigate, is commissioned. October 7 2001 Operation Enduring Freedom begins with carrier air strikes and ship and submarine Tomahawk strikes in Afghanistan. October 8 1842 Commodore Lawrence Kearny, commanding the East Indian Squadron, sends a letter to the Viceroy of China urging American

October 9 1945 Typhoon Louise hits Okinawa, sinking 12 ships, grounding 222 and damaging 32 beyond repair.

October 11 1968 Apollo 7 is launched. The first U.S. three-man space mission is commanded by Navy Cmdr. Walter Schirra, Jr. October 12 1914 USS Jupiter (AC 3) is the first U.S. Navy ship to transit the Panama Canal. 1965 Project SEALAB II concludes. During this project, teams of Navy divers and scientists spent 15 days each in SEALAB II moored 205 ft. below the surface near La Jolla, Calif. October 13 1775 The Continental Congress establishes Continental Navy, which later becomes the U.S. Navy. October 15 1965 U.S. Naval Support Activity Da Nang, Vietnam is established. During the Vietnam War, it becomes the U.S. Navy's largest overseas logistics command. October 17 1922 The Vought VE-7SF, piloted by Lt. Cmdr. Virgil C. Griffin, makes the Navy's first carrier takeoff from USS Langley (CV 1), anchored in York River, Va.

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