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The Coastline May 5, 2011

Volume 20 Issue 17

May 5, 2011

U.S. Naval Activities, Spain


Photography by: Heather Beatty

Cover by: Alina Zenn





May 5, 2011

Fair Winds and Following Seas Team Rota!

Hola Team Rota, Well, I always knew the day would come, and I always knew I wouldn’t be quite ready to say goodbye. The Navy has just been too good to me and my family; leaving is bittersweet. Gina, I and the children are looking forward to moving on and to our life out of the Navy. I’m not one for long goodbyes, so I’ll keep this short. First, I have to say thank you to all the shipmates I’ve ever served with; especially in CMDCM (SW/AW) Chuck Scavo the Chief’s Mess, you all made it easy. You are true professionals, and I wish you and your families all the best. I could not be prouder to have served with the finest Navy, Air Force , Army, Marine Corps and Coastguardsman this world has ever known. I could not have picked a better way or place to end my more than 30 years of service than to retire right here



aboard Naval Station Rota, Spain. If I have one regret during my career, it is that I didn’t come and at least visit Rota before this assignment. My family and I have always felt welcome, not only here in Rota, but across Spain. We will visit again. I would like to take this last minute and talk to you about the importance of mentorship to you and your career. If you do not have a mentor, get one, and if you are not a mentor, be one. I have had a mentor for the better part of thirty years, and I have mentored many and still mentor today. It will only help you in the long run. I ask each and every one of you to lead your Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and/or Coastguardsmen that have been entrusted to you by our country. Give them the tools they need to succeed as tomorrow’s leaders. Finally, and most importantly, thank you to my wife Gina and my children, Stephen and Sophia, for standing beside me. Your support of me and my career cannot be summed up in any words I could write here. Fair Winds and Following Seas Team Rota! Age Quod Agis CMC Out.

Uniform Policy Shift to Summer Uniforms

Commander U.S. Naval Activities, Spain Cmdr. Ron Dennis co/ Chief Staff Officer U.S. Naval Activities, Spain Cmdr. Patrick Moran Public Affairs Officer Lt. Ben Tisdale Tel: 956-82-1680 Asst. Public Affairs Officer MCC (SW/AW) Mikel Bookwalter Tel: 956-82-2813

Cancer survivors gather for a survivor ’s banquet before the 2011 NAVSTA Rota Relay for Life event held April 29 - 30. More than 600 people participated in the overnight fundraising event that raised more than $65,000 for the American Cancer Society. (Photo By Heather Beatty)

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JOIN THE CONVERSATION ONLINE Join the conversation with Naval Activities Spain leaders, service members, community members, and friends from around the world. Here you will also find more photos, see videos and hear radio news reports from AFN Rota. So check it out.

NAVSTA Community Calendar

CNE-C6F/CNREURAFSWA HOTLINE It is everyone’s responsibility to report fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement in Navy activities to: OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL Phone: 081-568-2983 – Fax: 081-568-6354 Email: Website: You can choose to remain anonymous.

The shift to summer uniforms goes into effect May 9 for NAVSTA Rota. The service dress uniform will be service dress white and the uniform of the day will be the navy working uniform or the service uniform for E-6 and below, and service khaki for E-7 and above. There will no optional period of wear before the date of uniform change over. All personnel should refer to NAVPERS 15665 for proper

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May 5, 2011


NAVSTA Rota Fire Department Wins Awards Story By MC2 Brendan Morgan

Photo by Jan Hammond

Naval Station Rota’s Fire Department won Navy Fire Department of the Year (medium department) April 20 and will go on to compete against the winners of other department of defense fire departments worldwide for the DoD’s top honors in fire and emergency services (F&ES). Rota’s ABHC(AW/SW) Gilbert Chavez was selected as Military Fire Officer of the Year and Fire Chief Timothy A. Ybarra was runner-up for Military Fire Chief of the Year. “NAVSTA worked very hard to obtain this level of success, especially, now with the level of professionalism and commitment that the members have in the department to make this possible. I'm very proud of all of them,” said Ybarra. "And I know they'll continue this level of success in the future." According to Assistant Fire Chief Eugene Corpuz, winning awards is nothing new for Rota’s firefighters. “The last four years that I’ve been here, we’ve won every year. We always go on to compete at the DoD level, last year we came in second.” Members of the NAVSTA Rota Fire Department pose for a group photo. They were graded on customer service, awards and certifications achieved, innovations, in the fire department and DoD, certification is a tion, management, health and safety initiatives and quality big thing,” he said. of life initiatives. All U.S. civilian employees and military firefighters are Corpuz credits the department’s “progressive” style for required to obtain certifications up to their job’s level, the their success in these competitions. They were the first 27 Spanish firefighters at the fire department are exempt department overseas to obtain Fire Service Accreditation from this requirement, but that hasn’t stopped them from from civilian fire chiefs, a process which took five years to meeting it anyway. complete. During the process fire chiefs scrutinized every “That’s what makes us an exception, that’s one of the aspect of their operation, from training and equipment reasons why we win here. Our local nationals have their to hiring practices. The accreditation was one of many certs up to what they’re rated or more,” Corpuz said. certifications the F&ES team has earned. Naval Station Rota Commanding Officer Ron Dennis “This department’s always on the ball with certifica- was also pleased with the Fire Department’s perfor-

mance. “I could not be prouder of the cohesion our firefighting team exhibits. From our uniformed Navy firefighters, to the U.S. and Spanish civilian firefighters, they are all a portrait of exemplary teamwork - coming together, American and Spanish, military and civilian, drawing on all of their individual strengths to build a stronger team,” said Dennis. "I am not the least bit surprised that the Chief of Naval Operations has recognized the NAVSTA Rota Fire Department as the Best medium Fire Department in the entire Navy. Their outstanding achievements speak for themselves."


May 5, 2011

Urinalysis Keeps Rota Sailors Mission Ready By MC2 Brendan Morgan

It’s a familiar routine for Sailors: In the morning, your supervisor tells you to report for urinalysis testing. Most people see this as minor annoyance, but the reason for it extends far beyond disrupting an individual Sailor’s morning. It is part of the Navy’s overall policy on drug use by its personnel, which can be summed up in two words: Zero Tolerance. This means the first time a Sailor tests positive for illicit substances, will also be their last - at least in the Navy. “It’s probably going to be 45 days restriction, 45 day extra duty, a half month’s pay for two months and an other-than-honorable discharge,” said MAC(SW) Maurice Stigger, urinalysis program coordinator. With this service characterization, the Sailor would lose all veterans’ benefits, including the GI Bills. The urinalysis program is on the front lines of enforcing this policy. “It is my responsibility to ensure we’re in compliance with the Navy’s instruction overall, zero tolerance, by running a robust urinalysis program. We, at Naval Station Rota, are required by Navy standards to test a minimum of 15 percent [of assigned personnel every month]. However, the commanding officer, chose to double those numbers and we test 30 percent,” he said. “Our job, mainly, is to make sure that honest people are being honest.” The military makes it clear that sobriety on the job is especially important; due to the nature of the missions, lives and multi-million dollar equipment can depend on young men and women being alert. “It’s a big deal. Sailors are doing some dangerous jobs, where other Sailors lives could be in danger. If they’re under the influence of illegal substances, they definitely can’t do the job properly, which, in turn will affect the mission,” said Stigger. From October 2009 to December 2010, the Navy separated more than 1,600 Sailors for drug use, a sure sign that the service is serious about enforcing this policy. Through random urinalysis, the Navy seeks to detect and



deter the use of illicit substances. “It’s a random selection process amongst all of our commands,” Stigger, whose office also tests Marines and Soldiers stationed here, said. The randomness of it is key to the programs effectiveness as a deterrent, Stigger warned Sailors to remember, the fact that they were recently tested does not exclude them from being tested again. Department of Defense laboratories test more than 700,000 samples annually. With that workload, Sailors might worry about the chance for a mixup. Stigger says the strictest of controls are in place prevent this from happening. Words that may ring true to anyone who’s ever heard ‘place your finger on the bottle.’ He said that type of scrutiny and accountability continue all the way to the lab. Undoubtedly, some people try to beat the system by using diuretics to flush their systems, or finding ever more fanciful means of drug taking. Spice and other designer drugs exploded into the Navy’s collective conscience in late 2010 as an unregulated, untestable way to get high. As a result, the Navy moved to stamp out its use by banning the substances and developing ways to test for it. “When it first came up, they were asking, if we had anyone in possession of Spice, if they could be tested so [testing labs] could develop a test for it. [Spice] is testable. People think that it’s ok, but yes, Spice can be tested for. That stuff on AFN is not a lie,” said GM2(EXW) Caleb Smith. So the next time you find yourself drinking copious amounts of water and heading to Building 33 to provide a sample, Stigger advises you to remember the reason for the program: To keep everyone safe, healthy and alive. “Everyone should have the mindset, when they see their name on the urinalysis list, to not think of it as being a nuisance. They should think of it as if they are completing the Navy’s mission, Naval Station Rota’s mission,” said Stigger.

USN, DEA Partner for Drug Take-Back Day By Valerie Kremer, Bureau of Medecine and Surgery Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Navy Medicine is building on its existing partnership with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) by participating in the second annual National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, April 30. The event offers communities a safe venue to turn in expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs to a local drop off site anonymously and free of charge. This is important as medications that are kept in home cabinets are highly susceptible to diversion, misuse, abuse, and theft. Take-Back events also ensure drugs are environmentally discarded to decrease negative environmental effects and decrease the safety risks involved with drug disposal. According to the DEA's Web site, the Drug TakeBack initiative addresses a vital public safety and public health issue. "Navy Medicine's partnership with the DEA on this initiative has led to a significant decrease in the number of prescription drugs in our communities, making them safer, with a decreased chance of drug abuse," said Vice Adm. Adam M. Robinson, Jr., U.S. Navy Surgeon General. "I encourage all to participate in this advantageous event to keep our families safe from the harmful effects of unused and un-needed prescription drugs." Navy Medicine has partnered with the DEA since last year's National Drug Take-Back event in September. Since that event, several Navy Medicine facilities, including Naval Hospital and Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C., conduct drug take-back events quarterly. When Camp Lejeune held its first Drug Take-Back event December 2010, approximately 20,000 units of medications, including pills; grams of creams and ointments; milliliters of liquid medications; inhalers; and prefilled syringes were collected.



May 5, 2011


Vet Clinic Offers Advice For Healthy, Happy Pets By Capt Amanda McGuire, U.S. Army Veterinarian

Greetings from the Rota Veterinary Treatment Facility! As prevent those bites. If you find an embedded tick on your summer rapidly approaches, there are a few tips I’d like to pet, I recommend scheduling an appointment at the Vet pass along to help you keep your furry friends healthy. Clinic for a blood test to make sure your animal is disease One disease that we have to contend with year-round free. This same blood test can detect heartworm in the in Spain, but especially in summer, is leishmaniasis. This dog, a life-threatening disease transmitted by mosquitos is a disease caused by a protozoan parasite (not bacteria that causes destructive worms to grow in the heart and - making it harder to kill), that is transmitted to dogs lungs. There are no effective tests for heartworms in the through the bite of a cat. As many of you mosquito-like bug called are aware, there are a sandfly. The best monthly preventatives prevention available to available for dogs and dogs is avoiding the bite cats against heartworm. by using a Scalibor® These should be collar that repels the administered year-round sandfly. Some dogs in all parts of Spain. get itchy wearing the Lastly, I just want to collar but this is a small mention how heat affects percentage. dogs and cats. Our pets For those dogs I cannot sweat effectively, recommend Advantix® so the primary way they which also repels the cool themselves is by sandfly, just not as panting. This can cause effectively. You would dehydration if they do need to use it every not have access to three weeks instead of water, so make sure to every four. The collar bring some water with Spc. Ashley Klingman gives Melissa Aaron advice about how to care for and train her new Chocolate Labrador puppy, Zeke. The veterinary clinic provides medical lasts for 5-6 months you on your long walks services to pets owned by NAVSTA Rota residents. Photo by ET2 Kelly Mayo and the season with the or hikes. Also remember highest transmission that cement can be very rates is April through October. There have only been a few hot during the day and burn your pet’s paws. rare cases of leishmaniasis in cats. When a dog becomes At home or in the yard make sure that fresh water is infected they don’t necessarily appear sick. Only about always available and that your pet can find a shady area 40% of dogs will show signs of illness anywhere from six when outside. You should never leave dogs on a leash or months to six years after being infected. Leishmaniasis tie them outside by themselves. is a disease without a cure and can be a fatal condition. For any questions or to make an appointment at the There is a treatment available but it is life-long with variable Veterinary Clinic, call DSN 727-3149. Regular office hours success. The best treatment is prevention! are Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30p.m. I am Another summertime challenge is control of fleas pleased to announce that we are now open during lunch on and ticks. In the spring, these parasites hatch and are all days except Thursday, due to training. All of the parasite particularly aggressive in their search for a blood meal. control products mentioned in this article can be purchased Aside from being a nuisance when they bite your pets, fleas at the Veterinary Clinic. For more information on clinic and ticks can also transmit diseases. services, off base vets, or boarding your pet please find us We carry multiple products for dogs and cats to help on Facebook at Rota Vet Clinic.

Navy Ball Comm.: Remember the 5 D's of Dodgeball By Lt. Kurt Munz, Navy Ball Commitee Chairman

The Navy Ball Committee kicks off its 2011 fundraising season with a dodge ball tournament tomorrow, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the base gym. The event is a sequel to the successful and popular tournaments from last year. Former Navy Ball Committee chairman Lt. Ben Tisdale issued an open challenge to all U.S. Marines in Rota, stating, “You may be tough, but you don’t stand a chance against the ‘PA Cannon’. You probably can’t even roll your sleeves as tight as me.” Much fervor has surrounded the event for its obvious awesomeness.

“A victory in dodge ball pretty much guarantees street cred,” stated Navy Ball Fundraising Chairman, Chief Absalom Morris. “We’ll see who the best ballers are: PSD. Duh. Security can’t even compare.” The day filled with dodging, dipping, ducking, diving and dodging will be held in the base gym, and the Navy Ball Committee will sell Gatorade as a fundraiser. Sign-up sheets are available at the gym’s front desk or by calling IC2 Brin at

727-2386. Each five-person team will pay a $30 entry fee. YN2 Paul Stallbaum of Admin Department described the event as a “friendly competition between shipmates to spread some competitive spirit and esprit de corps.” In that spirit of sportsmanship he went on to boast, “Although, it will not be much of a competition.” See you on there.


May 5, 2011

Community News USNHRS Holds Limited Services During Change of Command

U. S. Naval Hospital Rota, Spain is scheduled be closed for routine business tomorrow for a Change of Command Ceremony. The emergency department will be open 24/7 for emergent/urgent medical needs.

May RAMIC Meeting

The May Retired American Military Iberian Council Meeting is scheduled to be held on May 10 at 1 p.m. in the Chapel Annex. Dr. John Trafeli, the Dermatologist from USNHRS will be briefing on hazards of sun exposure, skin ailments and related topics.

Limited WIC Hours

The WIC Overseas Program is scheduled to temporarily change office hours from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m Monday - Friday until May 16. Due to the change in hours and being short staffed, some WIC Overseas drafts will not be issued during these two weeks. If you have any questions please call the office at 727-2921.

U.S. Embassy Presents Immigrant Visa Brief in Rota

Active duty military, family members and those who qualify to apply for immigration, can sit down one-on-one with one a U.S. Embassy representative. The immigrant visa brief is tentatively scheduled for May in the Community Service Building 3293. The Immigrant Visa Chief will be in attendance to accept the I-130 petitions. For more information or to make the appointment, please contact the NLSO at 727-2531 or e-mail

Budget for Baby

Are you an expectant parent that would like assistance in planning for your new baby? This class provides resources to help families become more aware of the costs related to the birth of a child and information on making better financial choices. Eligible parents receive a Junior Sea Bag containing Gerber products, a handmade item such as a blanket or sweater set and additional free items. You do not have to be active duty or a dependant to go to this class and receive free gifts. Sign up at the NavyMarine Corps Relief Society office (Bldg 3293). Call 727-1614 for more information.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

AA meetings are scheduled every Tuesday, 7 p.m. at the base chapel. Call DAPA at 727-2876 for more information.




Are you an Active Duty Navy or Marine Corps spouse looking to go to school, but you don’t know where you’re going to get the money? Don’t qualify for MyCAA? Come in to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society to apply for an interest free loan to go to school! Whether you’re taking classes to work towards your Associates, Bachelor’s, Master’s, certifications or more we can help! This is an overseas only program, so take advantage while you’re here! Call 727-1614 to make an appointment today!

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? THINK YOU CAN PICK OUT A NAVAL STATION ROTA WINNER? CAN YOUR DUCK BEAT THE OTHER DUCKS TO END OF THE HOUSING POOL? Then come prove it! The American Red Cross is hosting the 6th Annual Rubber Ducky Race during the Grand Opening of the Housing Pool on May 28th. What does this mean to you? Sponsor a duck, or two, or more and watch them race during the Grand Opening. Prizes will be awarded to the winner(s). Remember, the more you sponsor, the better your chances are to win! How do you sponsor a duck? Sign ups will occur at the NEX on May 4th, 7th, 14th and 18th from 1100-1300 or stop in the Red Cross to Sponsor a duck! Why should you participate? PROUDLY SPONSORED Have fun and check out the new housing pool Support a great cause Win cool prizes!!!


For more information stop by building 3293 or call 727-233.

For more information, stop by building 3293 or call DSN 727-2333 or Comm:

DGF Schools Spring Sports Pancake Breakfast

The DGF Athletic Booster club and the Spring Sports Athletes are scheduled to hold a pancake breakfast at the DGF Multi-Purpose room May 7, 7:30 - 11:30 a.m.

Oakleaf Club Offers Scholarship

The Naval Hospital Oakleaf club is scheduled to award up to $1,000 in scholarship money June 2011. Deadline is May 13. Contact Marcy Bond at 727-4580 for more information.

Navy College ERAU TERM V Classes

Embry Riddle is offering ASCI405- Aviation Law meeting over 2 weekends this summer and MGMT422- Life Cycle Analysis for Systems and Programs in Aviation meeting July 9 - 15. Both classes officially start June 7. MATH112- College Mathematics for Aviation II officially starts July 7 and meets every Thursday for 9 weeks. To sign up or if unsure on whether you could benefit from taking these classes, call us at 727-2984 or email

Aviation Maintenance Mgmt Certificate Classes Available

Embry Riddle is glad to announce the availability of Aviation Maintenance classes at our Rota Campus. Complete a series of 6 classes with Embry Riddle and earn your Type 65 certificate in as little as 15 months. Then, go and test with the FAA in Europe and have ERAU pay for all testing expenses towards obtaining your A&P License. AMNT240- General Aeronautics would be offered in July if you sign up! To apply for this certificate and/or to sign up for this course, call 727-2984 or email rota@erau.ed..


May 5, 2011



What Is Really Important in a Marriage Newspaper advice columns will often print letters complaining about a spouse snoring or other small irritation. As often as those letters are featured in these columns, they are soon followed up with letters from widows and widowers who will say, “I used to hate my husband’s snoring, but now that he’s gone, I would give anything to have him lying beside me during the night, snoring and Chaplain Diane Wilson all.” Or, “My wife used to nag me about my appearance. But since she has died, I can now see no one cares about me the way she did.” What is obvious is these people have learned in the end those little marital irritations really mean very little. In a marriage, you and your spouse are distinctly different individuals, the way God created you. Opposites often attract, one of you may be very laid back and less concerned about order and neatness, while



Call 727-2161 for more information on Chapel events.

Evening Adult Bible Study This adult Bible Study begins with a meal at 6:30 p.m. Thursday evenings with group study from 7 - 8 p.m. PWOC Bible Study The Protestant Women of the Chapel meet Thursdays, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. for Bible study, fellowship and food. All are welcome and childcare is free. Marriage Enrichment/Getaway Weekend The base chapel is scheduled to host a Marriage Enrichment/Getaway Weekend May 13 - 15 at the Barceló Costa Ballena Golf & Spa Hotel in Costa Ballena. All lodging and meals are fully covered by the regional Chaplain CREDO program.   Various marriage enrichment activities will be presented, along with plenty of free time to enjoy all that the city and the resort have to offer.  All uniformed and DOD personnel are invited to attend with their spouses.  We regret childcare cannot be offered.  Basic details are as follows: WHAT: CREDO-sponsored Marriage Enrichment / Getaway Weekend WHERE: Barceló Golf & Spa Hotel in Costa Ballena (about 20 minutes from Rota) WHEN:   Friday, May 13, 2 p.m. through Sunday, May 15, 1 p.m. Please contact the chapel at 727-2161 for more information and to sign up. Space is limited to the first 12 couples.

the other may be intense and obsessively neat and organized. One of you may be fun loving and friendly, while the other more serious and empathetic. Of course, these differences are guaranteed to produce some irritations at times but the key is not to focus on these differences and irritations. The chances are ,what brought you together with your mate, was in fact his or her strengths where you were weak and vice versa. You, as the more extroverted one in your marriage, may have been unquestionably drawn to the more quiet and soft spoken man or woman that you were courting. That fun loving man or woman you chose to marry was at one time the one you wanted to explore and enjoy for a lifetime opening up a whole new world you had yet to experience. Equally true, that quieter and serious minded man or woman may have helped ground you, offering the kind of love, support and stability you once thought could make all the difference in the future in a successful life together. Couples seeking marriage counseling are commonly

asked to write down what first attracted them to each other and reflect and share that with one another. It forces a couple to look back and see what really brought them together—good, bad or indifferent to their relationship. Those differences between you and your mate were undoubtedly in place when you first married, but if you are experiencing difficulties, it may be you have begun to focus on the negative side of those differences rather than the positive side of who you are together. As the widow and widower so powerfully remind us, don’t get angry about little things. Instead let God, who has created both you and your mate, help you gain a deep appreciation for your spouse and for your marriage together—even for those little things that sometimes irritate you. As Proverbs 10:12 reminds us, “Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all things.” If you would like to speak with a chaplain for any reason please call the Religious Ministries Department at 727-2161.


May 5, 2011

2011 NAVSTA RELAY for Life





May 5, 2011

Story By Jan Hammond, Coastline Photos By Heather Beatty and Jan Hammond

More than 600 participants, braved an evening of wind and rain as they gathered at the NAVSTA Rota MWR track April 29 - 30 to take part in the 2011 NAVSTA Rota Relay for Life. Relay for Life began more than 25 years ago when one man, Dr. Gordy Klatt, spent 24 hours circling the track at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Wash. to earn money to help fight cancer. He ran more than 83 miles that night and raised $27,000. This event has turned into one of the largest fundraisers for the American Cancer Society. A total of 31 teams took part in Rota's overnight event this year, where members walked around the track in shifts for 24 hours to symbolize how cancer never sleeps. The event was kicked off with a survivor lap where those who have battled cancer walked around the track together to celebrate the victories achieved and to serve as an emotional example of survival. The relay teams then joined in as the skies opened up and rain fell upon the participants. Throughout the night, there was dancing, games and plenty of fundraising. As the night sky fell, the luminarias were lit in memory of those who have lost the battle to cancer and those who have beaten or are currently fighting cancer. By the end of the evening, more than $65,000 had been raised. “Heidi and I would like to thank the Rota community who came out and helped support this event,” said Molly Croft NAVSTA Rota Relay for Life co-chairperson. “It was a huge success and we couldn’t have done it without everyones help.” Photography by: Heather Beatty



May 5, 2011



Jerez Horse Fair 2011 By Manuel Alba Jaime

Jerez Horse Fair Schedule J

May 8, 10 p.m. Jerez Horse Fair 2011 Opening Fireworks marks the start of the Fair. May 9 - 15, 1 – 7 p.m. Riders and Carriage Promenade Hundreds of horses and riders stroll the fairground in all types of carriages, offering beautiful images during the Feria May 11 Presentation of the Best “Casetas” Awards The town council holds a competition every year to award to the best “Casetas” for both company and private individuals.

Jerez Bullfight Schedule May 11, 7 p.m. at the Bullring On Horseback Bullfight, six bulls from Fermin Bohorquez’ ranch for Femin Bohorquez, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza and Diego Ventura May 12, 7 p.m. at the Bullring Regular Bullfight, six bulls from Domecq’s ranch for Enrique Ponce, “El Fandi” and Sebastian Castella May 13, 7 p.m. at the Bullring Regular Bullfight, six bulls from Nuñez del Cuvillo’s ranch for Morante de la Puebla and Jose maria Manzanares May 14, 7 p.m. at the Bullring Regular Bullfight, six bulls from Jandilla’s ranch for Juan Jose Padilla, Miguel Angel Perera and Cayetano Rivera

erez shines with a special light when it is time for the Horse Fair (Feria del Caballo). Feria takes place this year from May 8 to May 15. The Feria del Caballo in Jerez de la Frontera, is the highlight of the Spanish horse calendar. There are beautiful horses and carriages, “Sevillanas,” Flamenco and horsemen abound. During this week Jerez undoubtedly throws itself into one of our most emblematic hallmarks, living an unforgettable experience that makes every fair special and different. The Horse Fair is declared to be of International Tourist Interest and becomes the best opportunity to enjoy of Spanish culture, in an open event where Jerez inhabitants welcome the visitors with hospitality and enthusiasm. Families and friends, hermandades and tourists everywhere are singing, laughing, talking, eating, drinking and dancing “Sevillanas” in colorful flamenco dresses in the “casetas” that line walkways with flowers and mantillas and fans everywhere too. The fair is completed with the attractions (“Cacharritos”) for the youngsters. For all this, Jerez and the people who liver there eagerly await for this magic time of the year; for the magic moment when the fun, color and excitement of the Horse Fair is unleashed. And don’t forget the horses, because feria is horses. Enjoy one of the most traditional, popular and friendly ferias in Andalucia. I hope to see you there.

Equestrian Program

May 7 - 8, 4 p.m. Pursuit and Knocking Down of the Bull National Championship, considered one of the most deeply-rooted of the traditional equestrian events. Cortijo de Vicos (Vicos Ranch) – Jerez/Arcos road Tickets on sale before the beginning of the contest at the event. May 11 - 12, 11 a.m. Country Style Dressage National Competition (Concurso Nacional de Doma Vaquera) Military Horse Farm (Deposito de Sementales) Tickets on sale at the event May 12 – 15, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Equisur 2011 – Morphological Selected Horse Competition, (Concurso Morfologico de Ganado Caballar) IFECA Exhibition Hall (by the fairgrouds) Tickets on sale at IFECA May 14, 11 a.m. Carriage Competition Show (Concurso Exhibicion de Enganches) Military Horse Farm (Deposito de Sementales) Tickets on sale at the event. May 14, noon Caballo de Oro Award Presentation (Entrega del Premio Caballo de Oro) Military Horse Farm (Deposito de Sementales- by the fairgrounds) Tickets on sale at the event May 15, noon Morphological Horse and Carriage Competition Award Presentation Military Horse Farm (Deposito de Sementales) Tickets on sale at the event



Flamenco Flamenco, Jerez de la Frontera, Fridays and Saturdays at 9 p.m., El Lagar del Tio Parrilla, Plaza del Mercado Flamenco show – Rota, Saturdays at 6 p.m., Bombay Pub, Avenida San Fernando, Saturdays and Sundays 11:30 p.m., Mamajuana Pub, at the Marina Flamenco show – Sanlucar de Barrameda, Fridays at 10 p.m., Bodega de Arte “A Contratiempo” Flamenco, Bodega El Algarrobo, Siete Revueltas street, 7, El Puerto, Fridays and Saturdays at 10 p.m.

Arts Permanent photos displayed by several local artists, Sanlucar de Barrameda, Circulo de Artesanos art gallery, San Juan street, Mon. through Fri., 5 to 8 p.m. El Arte Colonial Cuzqueno, painting display until May 15, Santa Catalina Castle, Cadiz “Pigmentos”, painting display by Prudente Arjona Hotel Duque de Najera, Rota “Procesiones,” photo display by Jose Antonio Carmona Sala de Exposiciones El Molino del Alcazar, Jerez de la Frontera, until May 8. “El Arte Colonial Cuzqueno,” painting display, until May 15, Castillo de Santa Catalina, Cadiz “Paisajes,” painting display by Jose Basto, until May 26, Sade de Exposiciones Pescaderia Vieja, Plaza del Arenal, Jerez de la Frontera


May 5, 2011



Opera “Carmen”, June 2 and 4, 10 p.m., Teatro Villamarta, Jerez de la Frontera

Patio Decoration Contest, May 10 - 13, Rota, patios can be visited from 6 to 9 p.m.

Sergio Dalma in concert, June 10, 9 p.m., Villamarta Theater, Jerez de la Frontera

Como Bailan los Caballos Andaluces (How Andalusian Horses Dance), every Thursday at 12 p.m., Recreo de las Cadenas, Avda Duque de Abrantes, Jerez de la Frontera, admission: 25 and 19 Euros

Raphael in concert, June 14, Auditorio Rocio Jurado, Sevilla Foo Fighters and The Gaslight Anthem, Music Festival, July 6, Sports Pavilion, Madrid, foofighters Sting in concert, July 15, Granada Bullring, tickets are 35 to 120 Euros

Eat/Drink XV Ruta de la Tapa, El Puerto de Santa Maria, over 30 bars participating, May 5 - 8.

“Ruta de los Sentidos”, El Puerto de Santa Maria, guided tours of Bodegas Caballero, Bullring, San Marcos Castle and Food Market, Hippie Market, Buy, sell and exchange. Sanlucar de Barrameda – Calle Ramón y Cajal. Sundays, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Flea Markets at Plaza de Andalucía, Chipiona Saturdays, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., and Jerez de la Frontera, Alameda Vieja (by the Castle), Sundays, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. El Rocio Pilgrimage, June 8 - 15, Almonte (Huelva)

Barbate (Cadiz) - “Feria del Atun” (Tuna fish feria), May 26 - 29.

Visit Doñana National Park –

Third Manzanilla (Sanlucar typical wine) and “Tapa” route, though May 29,

Castillo de Luna, Rota, Weekend guided tours at 1 and 5 p.m. Ticket request in advance at the Tourist Office, Calle Cuna, 2

2nd Ruta de la Tapa”, Cadiz, until June 12, typical and original tapas served in all the bars downtown Gonzalez Byass Bodega – Jerez de la Frontera Every day at noon, 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sandeman Bodega – Jerez de la Frontera Mon., Wed. and Fri., 11:30 a.m., 12:30 and 1:30 p.m.

Sports VI “Via Verde de la Sierra” Half Marathon, May 7, 10:30 a.m., Olvera (Cadiz). Entry fee: 10 Euros. E-mail:

16 16

May May 5, 5, 2011 2011





(Pictured L-R) Shannon Freeman, CS1(SW/AW) Ed Navarro, Cmdr. Raymond Batz, Lt. Cmdr. James Burrill and Heather Jungk of Health Promotions, pose for a photo with the coveted 2010 Blue H award. This is the 12th consecutive year that the hospital has won this award that recognizes a well-rounded Health Promotions program.

USNHRS Earns the Blue H Award for 2010 Story By CS1(SW/AW) Ed Navarro, USNHRS Health Promotions Photo By HMC Chad Webster, USNHRS

The Navy Surgeon General has awarded U.S. Naval Hospital Rota, Spain the coveted 2010 Blue H Gold Star Award during the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMPHC) conference. This is the 12th consecutive year that the hospital has won the prestigious Health and Wellness Award. The award recognizes and rewards medical treatment facilities that have a well-rounded Health

Promotions program. Extensive planning and hard work was required to qualify for this award for excellence in clinical primary prevention, community health promotion and medical staff health, according to Naval Hospital Rota leadership. For more information concerning Health Promotions and the programs it offers, contact the new Head of Health Promotions Heather Jungk at 727-3350.

May 5, 2011



May 5, 2011



NMCB 74 Seabees Hone Crew-Served W e a p o n s Skills In Spain Story and Photos By MC1(SCW/SW/AW) Ryan Wilber, NMCB 74 Public Affairs

(Above) Builder 3rd Class Katherine Gardour, assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 74, Bravo Company, fires 40 mm. rounds from a MK-19 automatic grenade launcher at the Sierra del Retin, Spain weapons range. NMCB 74 recently completed a three-day livefire exercise using M-2HB and M-240B machine guns, and MK-19 automatic grenade launchers at the Sierra del Retin weapons range near Barbate, Spain. (Right) Construction Electrician 2nd Class Cerguey Otano, assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 74, Alfa Company, fires 40 mm. rounds from a MK-19 automatic grenade launcher at the Sierra del Retin, Spain weapons range.

Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 74 conducted a live-fire, crew-served weapons exercise at the Sierra del Retin weapons range near Barbate, Spain April 20. The Seabees transported M-240 and M-2HB machine guns, and MK-19 automatic grenade launchers from the Camp Mitchell's armory to the range for the three-day exercise. According to Gunnery Sgt. Jason Neale, NMCB 74’s military advisor, the range served a dual purpose: sustainment for those previously qualified and familiarization for those new to the weapons systems. “You have to get the people qualified and trained up initially on the weapons, and then you have to make the time for sustainment training. These are perishable skills. If you don’t use them they go away, they become rusty, they atrophy,” said Neale. Neale also stressed the importance of automatic


May 5, 2011


All in a Day's Work

Photo by MC1(SCW/SW/AW) Ryan Wilber, NMCB 74 Public Affairs

weapons to a defensive unit such as an NMCB, and the ability of Seabees to properly employ and maintain them in the field. “Crew-served weapons provide the backbone of the defense. Everything you do with your fire plan, site selection, it all boils down to the most effective use of your crew-served weapons,” said Neale. For many, living in their one-man tents and sustaining on Meals Ready to Eat served to break up the monotony that often accompanies deployment, and also offering a unique opportunity to learn from Neale and the range coaches. “I think it was a great range. I think everyone who was out there really liked it. The morale was up out there, because we were away from the camp. [The shooters] were ready to learn, and we didn’t have any problems instructing them,” said Construction Mechanic 3rd Class Zach Cirocco, a range coach. Two of the shooters, Construction Electrician 3rd Class Courtney Demastus and Construction Mechanic 3rd Class Trevor Shultz, cited familiarization as what they received from the experience, and they said they felt the range was a success for them and the other Seabees involved. Neale, however, warns that success cannot be determined until the same Seabees get behind the weapons again in the future and demonstrate what they learned at the range today. “We got on the range, put rounds down range, we came back with 100-percent accountability of personnel and equipment, and with no injuries. Those are the short-term successes of the range. If we come back in another month and start doing some machine gun training here on Camp Mitchell, and the people we took out to the range retained the knowledge, they can tell me the stuff we taught them, they can tell me the stuff they learned while they were actually performing with the weapon, then the range will be deemed a success,” said Neale.


Steelworker 3rd Class Cory Taylor, assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 74, Alfa Company, cuts a piece of box steel using a plasma cutter in the 5000 Shop on Camp Mitchell. NMCB 74 is deployed to Naval Station Rota, Spain supporting Commander, Task Force (CTF) 68.


May 5, 2011



Pulsazione Hair Removal and More; Happy Hours at El Último Pulsazione offers laser hair removal plus many other treatments. They use the IPL E-light and radio frequency systems for hair removal which is especially good for darker skins, lightly pigBy Karen Lucas, Coastline Publisher m e n t e d hair (red, 607-56-4132 blond or gray), as well as zones that get a lot of sun. It is totally painless and the skin becomes smoother and silkier due to its photo-rejuvenation function. Radio frequency is one of the best facial treatments for a lifting effect without surgery. The effect is immediate thanks



to the retraction of collagens. It is the only treatment that reaches the hypodermis, activating the cells; renewing them to produce more collagens and elastin; eliminating wrinkles and making the skin firmer and more elastic. In body treatments, radio frequency reduces fat and firms up the zone that is treated. Zones that can be treated are the face, flaccid and tiredlegs, arms, abdomen, breasts, localized fat, scars, lymphatic drainage, stretch marks, neck and bags under the eyes. Cavitation is the ideal way to get rid of accumulated fat that can’t be eliminated with diet or exercise. It is non-invasive and the results are immediate. A roller that generates ultrasound waves at different

frequencies is applied to the zone being treated and destroys the membrane of the fatty cells, freeing the fat which is then eliminated naturally. Pressure therapy stimulates the circulation of fluids by applying controlled pressure to the body through an inflatable mechanism. This is used to treat tired or swollen legs, retention of liquids, circulation problems and as a muscle relaxer Pulsazione has a very simple and easy pricing system: it is 25 euros for any one complete zone. For example; one arm or one leg. Pulsazione is located at Valdés, 20 B right near the bullring in Puerto. You can get more information or an appointment by calling 956-87-2391 or 653-188172 or email puertodesantamaria@ Remember: 25 euros for one session, one zone, one price and they do speak English. El Último now has happy hours: Thursdays and Sundays from 6 to 9 p.m. Food and drinks are fifty percent off. Now, that is a happy hour! El Último is located right outside the housing (Fuentebravía) gate. A couple of readers have contacted me to ask more about Sherryday Camp that I talked about last week since they didn’t find the web page very clear. I contacted the person responsible for the camp and she told me to let you know that she is happy to answer any questions. You can contact her at or

Here is another idea for Mother’s Day which is just a couple of days away. Pamper her and take her to enjoy a special dinner at Al Lago, the hotel restaurant at the lake in Zahara de la Sierra. They have prepared a special menu for 24 euros which includes a glass of champagne or sangria and a gift for mom. If you are not familiar with the restaurant at Al Lago, it’s a good time to get acquainted. Their food is always fantastic, the setting beautiful and the service is tops. Also, Al-Lago makes a great weekend get-away, so plan ahead now for Memorial Day weekend. There are four lake view rooms at Al Lago that are charming. For more information, check out their web page or contact info@ Last week I forgot to mention the special Mother’s Day charm bracelets at Matías Lebrón Jewelers in El Paseo Mall are Pandora bracelets. Giovi has another great idea for Mother: pearls mounted on 18-karat gold with a lifetime guarantee. Giovi is the gift shop located at La Plaza on base. It’s Feria time in Andalucía so I hope you can all get out and get a taste of these colorful, happy fairs. Anything you want me to pass along? Let me hear from you about your favorite places or coming events. I do like hearing from you! Send me an e-mail to or give me a call at 607-56-4132. Support your paper by supporting the advertisers.



Thursday, May 5th

7:30 p.m. Fast and Furious ☺

(PG13), 107’

Friday, May 6th 5 p.m. Mars Needs Moms 7:30 p.m. Red Riding Hood 10 p.m. Battle Los Angeles

(PG), 88’ (PG13), 100’ (PG13), 117’

Saturday, May 7th 2:30 p.m. 5 p.m. Drive-In 6 p.m. 10 p.m.

Rio Hall Pass ☻ Fast Five Premiere Event Fast Five

(G), 96’ (R), 105’ (PG13) (PG13), 130’

Sunday, May 8th 2:30 p.m. Rango 5 p.m. Big Momma’s: Like Father Like Son ☻ 7:30 p.m. Fast Five

(PG), 107’ (PG13), 108’ (PG13), 130’

Monday, May 9th CLOSED

Tuesday, May 10th CLOSED’

Wednesday, May 11th CLOSED

Thursday, May 12th

7:30 p.m. Take Me Home Tonight ☻

(R), 97’

Friday, May 13th

5 p.m. Beastly ☻ 7:30 p.m. Limitless 10 p.m. Red Riding Hood

(PG13), 86’ (PG13), 105’ (PG13), 100’

May 5, 2011 21 May 5, 2011 21



One Team One Fight

May 5, 2011


Story and Photo By MC2(SW/AW) Travis Alston

Every year service members and families assigned to Naval Station Rota pay tribute to cancer awareness and survivors through various rallies and campaigns, but this year for the first time Spanish local national employees of Rota Defense Commissary Agencies (DECA) participated in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. Relay for Life gives everyone in communities across the globe a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember lost loved ones , and fight back against the disease. During the relay, teams of people camp out at schools, parks or fairgrounds and take turns walking or running around a track. Each team is asked to have a representative on the track at all times during this event. Because cancer never sleeps, relays are overnight-events up to 24 hours in length. “The commissary here has never participated in anything like this,” said Rota Commissary Director Ruben Nadal. “I saw this as a chance for our Spanish nationals to show the installation and the U.S. military that they were willing to contribute to the fight against cancer.” Nadal said that he knew his Spanish counterparts would gladly accept this task, so he proposed it to the 49 Spanish nationals the commissary employes. “I work with a great group of individuals,” said Nadal. “Not only do they excel here, but they are willing to take time out of their personal lives to lend a helping hand

(L-R) Ramon Marin Arroya, Cloris Nadal, Ruben Nadal and Francisco Niño help raise more than $4,000 for Relay for Life by conducting various fundraisers and selling cancer awareness bracelets.

for a good cause.” They raised more than $4,000 through various fundraisers, food sales both on and off base, and selling cancer awareness bracelets. Coordinating and driving the fundraisers on the Spanish side were Rota DECA Warehouse leader Paco Niño and Acting Produce Manager Ramon Martin Arroya. “My mother-in-law, two uncles and other family members have died from cancer,” said Niño. “So when Mr. Nadal approached me with this opportunity, I was very excited about it.” Even employes that never experienced the loss of loved ones from cancer devoted their personal time to

this year’s RFL campaign, said Nadal. “I just love to help people that are in need,” said Gassca. “There are a lot of employees here that have lost family members to cancer, so this is my way of giving back.” Nadal and members of the commissary plan to participate in year-round campaigns to support the military and community. “This was the stepping stone for future events and fundraiser that they plan to do, said Nadal. “This is a worldwide fight, so we will do whatever we can to help those fighting this battle, [be ] victorious.”

May 5, 2010 Coastline newspaper  

Check out the May 5, 2010 edition of the Coastline newspaper.

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