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USS Stark (FFG 31) Memorial Service Remembering shipmates who gave their lives on May 17, 1987

Memorial Park Naval Station Mayport, Florida May 17, 2018

Hosted by: Naval Order of the United States Naval Station Mayport Second Class Petty Officers’ Association

Schedule of Events Parade the Colors**

Color Guard

Naval Station Mayport

National Anthem**

Navy Band

Navy Region Southeast

Retire the Colors**

Color Guard

Naval Station Mayport


Lt. Kevin Stanley, USN, CHC

Naval Station Mayport


Capt. David Yoder, USN

Commanding Officer, Naval Station Mayport

Scripture Reading

Mr. Bernard Martin

GMM3, USS Stark (FFG 31) 1987

Letter from Rep. DeSantis

Capt. Gregory Streeter, USN (Ret)

Naval Order of the United States

Words from Stark family

Ms. Janna Ryals

Photograph Presentation

Capt. Robert Whitkop, USN (Ret)

Choir Performance

Tolling the Bell**

Naval Order of the United States

Finegan Elementary School, Mayport

Introduction of Speaker Remarks

Sister of Earl Ryals

Capt. Robert Whitkop, USN (Ret)

Naval Order of the United States

Capt. Paul Crissy, USCGR (Ret)

Commander-General, Naval Order of the United States

Mr. James Pair

Sonar Technician, USS Stark (FFG 31), 1987

Capt. Peter Wynkoop, USN, (Ret)

Commanding Officer, USS Stark (FFG 31), 1992-1994

Schedule of Events (Cont.) Wreath Laying*

Families & Capt. John Mitchell, USN (Ret)

Commanding Officer, Naval Station, Mayport, 1987

Capt. Matt Schellhorn, USN (Ret)

Officer in Charge, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 32 Det. embarked on Stark, 1987

Navy Hymn*

Eternal Father, strong to save, Whose arm hath bound the restless wave, Who bidd’st the mighty ocean deep Its own appointed limits keep, O hear us when we cry to thee For those in peril on the sea! Eternal Father, guard our dead, For whom their comrades bow their heads. Receive them now their labor cease, And grant them your Eternal peace. Oh hear us as we lift our prayer, And keep them in your loving care. And when at length her course is run, Her work for home and country done, Of all the souls that in her sailed Let not one life in thee have failed; But hear from heaven or sailor’s cry, And grant eternal life on high! Rifle Salute**

Honors Detail

Naval Station Mayport


Navy Band

Navy Region Southeast


Lt. Kevin Stanley, USN CHC Naval Station Mayport * **

Please Stand Military Salute


SM1 Ronnie Locket

BM1 Bradley Brown

GM1 Thomas MacMullen

FC3 Jeffery Calkins

EW3 Charles Moller

SN Mark Caouette

SA Jeffrey Phelps

BM3 John Ciletta, Jr.

DS1 Randy Pierce

SN Brian Clinefelter

GMG3 James Plonsky

OS3 Antonio Daniels

ET3 Kelly Quick

ET2 Chris DeAngelis

SMSN Earl Ryals

IC3 James Dunlap

FCCS Robert Shippee

STGSN Steven Erwin

SMSN Jeffrey Sibley

RM2 Jerry Farr

OS3 Lee Stephens

QMCS Vernon Foster

TM2 James Stevens

RMSA Dexter Grisset

ET3 Martin Supple

FC3 William Hansen

FC1 Gregory Tweady

GMG2 Daniel Homicki

SN Vincent Ulmer

OSSN Kenneth Janusik

EW3 Joseph Watson

OS1 Steven Kendall

ET3 Wayne Weaver II

EMCS Stephen Kiser

OSSN Terance Weldon IC3 Lloyd Wilson


Stark Program 2018  
Stark Program 2018