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You laid out the four corners of earth, shaped the seasons of summer and winter. -Psalm 74:17, The Message


ONE-ON-ONE WITH GOD The ancient practice of lectio divina or “divine reading” was all about wholeness— a whole practice, whole Bible, whole God. By taking a passage of Scripture and thoughtfully reading it, significantly thinking about it, praying through it, and truly living it, the people who studied God’s Word this way communed with Him daily. Read. Think. Pray. Live. What do these four elements look like in a devotional? SOLO devotionals will teach your customers how to use lectio divina from a fresh perspective. By learning to spend time alone with God every day, readers discover how to listen to what God is telling them through His Word. These undated devotions, paired with Scripture, show readers how He is shaping them into the people He designed them to be. Features/Benefits > Uses an updated approach to lectio divina or “divine reading” > Six daily devotions per week with a day of reflection and rest on the seventh day > Extended reference passages are listed for each reading allowing readers to go back to their Bible and read the entire passage > Devotions are numbered and not dated so the reader can start any time of the year > Includes a topical index making it easy to find specific topics for devotions > Selected passages are marked for new believers > Available in The Message translation and coming in January 2013 for the first time, HCSB and KJV > Product line includes full SOLO devotionals, New Testament, and New Testament devotional journals


C u s to m e r s e r v i C e : 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 6 6 - 7 788


These merchandising materials give SOLO a place to stand out in your store. SOLO Endcap Kit A retail value of $431.76 available for purchase at a 50% discount for $215.88! 9781612913780

AvAiLABLE JAnuAry 2013 Includes: > Eight of each title: THe Message: SOLO; KJV: SOLO; HCSB: SOLO > One header card and three shelftalkers > Two coupon pads (an option for the retailer to hand out to customers to instantly receive $2.00 o on any of the three titles featured) > A sampler book for the retailer, which includes all three translations

The shelftalkers will be updated throughout 2013 as new SOLO products are introduced. This promotion is designed to be used for a full year!

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SOLO: One-on-One Devotions to Help You Spend Time with God Daily SOLO Devotionals now, for the first time, we are introducing two new solos featuring passages from the Holman Christian standard Bible (HCsB) and the king James version (kJv), giving your readers more translation options! each solo devotional is made up of 312 daily devotions from both the old and new testament. each day includes a passage of scripture, the expanded reference passages, wide margins for writing thoughts and prayers, and a contemplative devotion taking the reader through read, think, pray, live.

key selling points: • incorporates read, think, pray, live into every passage of scripture • Features 312 undated devotions from both the old and new testaments • extended reference passage listed for each reading • available in three translations: the message, HCsB, and kJv • introduces the ancient study of lectio divina • includes a topical index • passages specifically for new believers are marked with a special icon

HCsB: solo 656 pages | 6 x 8 paperback Categories: Devotional/HCsB

marketing plans: • endcap display featuring all solo products and updates throughout the year • Full-page print ads in trade and consumer magazines • nationwide awareness through social media, email, and conferences

9781612912790 | $17.99 January 1, 2013

kJv: solo 656 pages | 6 x 8 paperback | Categories: Devotional/kJv



C u s to m e r s e r v i C e : 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 6 6 - 7 788

9781612913421 | $17.99 | January 1, 2013

Make Outdoor Adventures a Special Time with God! The Mossy Oak Trail Guide, developed in cooperation with Mossy Oak and ELEVÁRE International, not only contains survival tips for outdoor enthusiasts but also features biblically-based devotions from The Message: SOLO. The Mossy Oak "Bottomland" pattern on the cover is widely recognized by hunters, fishermen, and campers, making this guide a great gift for Christmas, Father’s Day, and men’s ministry events. Recommend this unique combination of inspiration and practical information to outdoorsmen to better appreciate the majesty of God's creation. NavPress will donate a portion of the proceeds to ELEVÁRE International.

Mossy Oak Trail Guide Leather-Look 5 3⁄16 x 6 7⁄8 | 160 pages 9781612913506 | $19.99



The Message//REMIX 2.0 is BACK . . . with cool new covers

for students! //REMIX 2.0 our student Bible is coming out with all-new, never-seen-before, cool covers that students will be highly attracted to. Just in time for the easter and graduation buying season, these two new covers will be sold for only a limited time! navpress is committed to giving you and your customers new covers to choose from based on feedback from your customers: the students.

The Message//REMIX 2.0 Textured/Pieced Leather Look this unique, innovative cover has several different textures and color pieces stitched together. Created to reflect the fashion styles for youth today, young girls especially will love matching this cover to their clothes and accessories. Different textures include: alligator, weathered, cork, high gloss, spongy rubber, and rock.

the message//remiX 2.0 textured/pieced leather-look 1856 pages | 5 3⁄16 x 7 1⁄8 leather-look | Categories: the Bible/the message

9781612913797 | $49.99 February 10, 2013

the message//remiX 2.0 Zebra 1856 pages | 5 3⁄16 x 7 1⁄8 Categories: the Bible/the message

9781612913803 | $39.99 February 10, 2013



C u s to m e r s e r v i C e : 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 6 6 - 7 788

The Message//REMIX 2.0 Zebra loved by both girls and guys, this plastic zebra-print cover is eye-catching and different from any other student Bible cover out there. give your student buyers covers that they are drawn to, fit their lifestyle, and will be eager to show their friends. these covers are just another reason to get students excited to read god’s Word.

key selling points: • single-column, verse-numbered paragraphs that make it a reading Bible • expanded book introductions for deeper understanding • Different colors and covers to attract students • Convenient size for carrying everywhere • easy-to-read 8.75-type size


Take The Message Wherever You Go The Message Compact Pink Leather-Look this edition of The Message is perfect for today’s busy Christian woman. this Bible’s convenient size allows it to slip easily in a briefcase, backpack, or purse. the attractive pink leather-look cover makes it a great recommendation for your female customers.

key selling points: • Has a convenient small size that makes it easy to take anywhere • Created exclusively for the female buyer • Features an exclusive numbering system unique to The Message • Designed in a single-column format for easy reading • includes a satin ribbon marker

eugene H. peterson is a writer, poet, and retired pastor. He has authored more than thirty-four books (not including The Message). He is professor emeritus of spiritual theology at regent College in vancouver, BC. eugene also founded Christ our king presbyterian Church in Bel air, maryland, where he ministered for twenty-nine years. He lives with his wife, Jan, in montana.

the message Compact pink leather-look eugene H. peterson | 1440 pages | 7-point type size | 4 1⁄8 x 6 1⁄2 leather-look | Categories: the Bible/the message

OTHER MESSAGE COMPACT EDITIONS AVAILABLE: the message Compact pink and pink python 9781615215461 | $34.99

9781612913018 | $34.99 | February 8, 2013


the message Compact teal and Brown python 9781615215478 | $34.99

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navessentials JANUARY 2013

“Not my will, but Yours be done.” (Luke 22:42, NIV) The Triumph of Surrender relinquishing control of our lives over to Christ can be a lifelong process of recommitting daily to Him, and many of us can use encouragement to view this “surrender” as a victory. in The Triumph of Surrender, the late William Fletcher explains the biblical reasons why our Christian walk will be filled with joy, meaning, and contentment when we stop struggling and let our loving god take charge.

key selling points: • shares how to walk in harmony with god and enjoy His fellowship • affordably priced for customers to buy several at a time • part of the navessentials library of fundamental discipleship messages

the late William m. FletCHer was pastor of First Baptist Church in golden, Colorado. He also served as pastor of grace Bible Chapel, in grand rapids, minnesota. Not Final Cover

the triumph of surrender

previous to his pastoral experience, he spent many years as part of the navigators, serving in a variety of ministry capacities in the u.s. and europe, and at international Headquarters in Colorado springs.

William m. FletCHer | 160 pages | 4 1⁄4 x 7 paperback | Categories: spiritual growth/Discipleship

9781615219070 | $5.00 | January 16, 2013


OTHER NAVESSENTIALS: advancing the gospel mike treneer | 9781617471575 | $5.00 meditation Jim Downing | 9781615217250 | $5.00 laboring in the Harvest leroy eims with randy eims 9781615216406 | $10.99


C u s to m e r s e r v i C e : 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 6 6 - 7 788

nonfiction JANUARY 2013

It’s Never Too Late to Finish what You Started Unfinished unlike fiction novels, our life stories don’t end with everything neatly concluded. We often leave behind loose ends and tasks undone. on the other hand, god may give us assignments that we need to bring to a conclusion. Unfinished will help your customers understand the difference between the two by taking a fresh look at the past and future through the lens of scripture. readers will learn to walk by faith, finishing well what they can and accepting without regrets the things they can’t.

key selling points: • Helps readers find hope in god’s master plan for their lives • enables readers to live without regret • offers ways to live in the midst of brokenness and suffering • provides wisdom on putting the past in perspective

Jerry WHite, international president emeritus of the navigators, is a popular speaker at conferences and churches. He received a bachelor of science from the university of Washington and a phD from purdue university. Dr. White served as a mission controller at Cape Canaveral, taught at the united states air Force academy, and retired from the air Force in 1997 as a major general. mary WHite was born in minnesota, studied creative writing at the university of Washington, and graduated from the university of Colorado. she has been a speaker at many conferences. together with Jerry, she has written several books and is the author of Harsh Grief, Gentle Hope. she and Jerry have four children and eleven grandchildren and live in Colorado springs, Colorado.

unfinished Jerry anD mary WHite | 160 pages | 5 ½ x 8 1⁄4 paperback | Categories: Christian life/spiritual growth

9781612912684 | $14.99 | January 15, 2013


s p e C i a l m a r k e t s : 1 - 800 - 504 - 2924


nonfiction JANUARY 2013

God Has Called Us to be His Children I Have Loved You the closeness women want to have with god isn’t something they can achieve by working harder at their spiritual lives but rather a gift that god has already given them. I Have Loved You draws readers into a deeper experience of god’s love and presence. short chapters give practical, in-depth devotional insights with one key thought per chapter plus a journaling page. this book highlights the best of Cynthia Heald's much-loved style: personal stories and insights, biblical teaching, quotes from classic Christian writers, and reflection questions. Divided into four parts with seven readings each, this book can be used daily, weekly, or whatever works best.

key selling points: • Written by Cynthia Heald, author of the BeComing a Woman oF… series, which has sold over a million units • twenty-eight short chapters give practical, in-depth insights into understanding god as Father. • application questions and prayer prompts offer readers the opportunity to reflect upon and respond to the scriptural truths found in each chapter. • Chapters conclude with one key devotional thought and a journaling page.

i Have loved you CyntHia HealD | 224 pages | 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4 paperback | Categories: spiritual growth/Women

CyntHia HealD is a popular speaker and author of the BeComing a Woman oF…series. Her passion is to help women walk more closely with god and live to their full, god-given potential. she and her husband, Jack, are full-time staff with the navigators in tucson, arizona.

9781617479168 | $14.99 | January 15, 2013 OTHER BOOKS BY CYNTHIA HEALD:


Dwelling in His presence / 30 Days of intimacy with god 9781615210244 | $9.99 | Hardcover Drawing near to the Heart of god 9781615216222 | $14.99 | paperback


C u s to m e r s e r v i C e : 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 6 6 - 7 788

nonfiction FEBRUARY 2013

Finding Beauty in Any Situation Beautiful Battlefields Women want proven strategies to face their battles with faith, courage, and security. they also need strength to keep fighting and reassurance to know that they aren’t alone. in Beautiful Battlefields, author Bo stern is a new voice with a hopeful message on pain that goes to the center of the gospel: god promises to fight with us and never leave us all alone. By providing biblical reasons for suffering, ways to win the battles, and glimpses into her own personal trials, Bo encourages readers to see the startling beauty that can be found in pain when they discover that god is doing something bigger than they could ever imagine.

key selling points: • Helps women see that hardships can accomplish god’s purposes • provides a biblical theology and real-life examples on the purpose of suffering • emphasizes the importance of having a relationship with god and His Word • Written in a conversational, inviting tone • Features short chapters, making it easy to read and absorb

Bo stern is a persuasive, sought-after speaker and writer. Her role as a teaching pastor at Westside Church in Bend, oregon, gives her a platform to share her personal journey and deep insight into the heart of god. Bo and her husband, steve, serve together on the international Board of Directors for kings kids village, a home for aiDs-affected orphans in nairobi, kenya.

Beautiful Battlefields Bo stern | 208 pages | 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4 paperback | Categories: Christian life/spiritual growth

9781612913193 | $14.99 | February 15, 2013


s p e C i a l m a r k e t s : 1 - 800 - 504 - 2924


nonfiction MARCH 2013

Singleness, Sexuality, and Life with Christ Celibate Sex Celibate Sex provides a fresh look at sexuality from the perspective of a Christian who is single. By guiding readers through discussions on sex and sexuality, purity and longing, intimacy and union with god, author abbie smith presents a nontheologian theology of singleness that explains how god is calling us to be in union with Him. With straightforward biblical teaching, a modern voice, and engaging stories, this book acknowledges the wholeness of every person, single or not.

key selling points: • provides a fresh, eclectic look at sexuality from a single Christ-follower • offers a unique, vulnerable message about the reality of humanity, life, and the church • author will give a portion of her royalties to international Justice mission (iJm) to stop sex trafficking

marketing plans: • Contributor of articles on, which has more than one million monthly visitors • Banner ads on such sites as conversantlife, rethink, collegeleader, and metamorpha • print ad campaign through Relevant and Neue magazines

Celibate sex aBBie smitH | 160 pages | 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4 paperback | Categories: Women/sexuality/Wholeness

9781612913537 | $12.99 | march 15, 2013



C u s to m e r s e r v i C e : 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 6 6 - 7 788

aBBie smitH studied religion at emory university and received an ma in spiritual formation and soul care from talbot seminary. she is an experienced speaker, writer, and spiritual director on the topics of identity and sexuality.

nonfiction MARCH 2013

Created for a Purpose The Hope of Glory no matter what we face in life, if we view our circumstances from a heavenly perspective, we will be empowered to live in tranquility and contentment. in The Hope of Glory, respected authors t. W. Hunt and melana Hunt monroe guide readers through the steps to change their perspective and see life from god’s viewpoint, just like Jesus did. By focusing on god, His attributes, the trinity, and the process of spiritual growth, this book reassures readers that heaven is preparing us for glory now, even in the midst of our imperfect lives.

key selling points: • Helps readers see each big and little detail of life from god’s perspective • shows why god created us, and therefore our ultimate purpose in life

Dr. t. W. Hunt is a teacher and author with degrees from ouachita Baptist university and university of north texas. Formerly a consultant in prayer for lifeWay Christian resources, he now speaks at colleges, churches, and conferences nationwide. He lives in Conroe, texas.

melana Hunt monroe has a B.s. degree from texas Christian university in education and lectures and teaches in the home school communities across the country. she has six children and lives with her husband, steve, in Conroe, texas.

ALSO AVAILABLE: seeing the unseen t. W. Hunt 9781615215812 | $9.99

the Hope of glory t. W. Hunt anD melana Hunt monroe 288 pages | 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4 paperback | Categories: Christian living/spiritual growth

9781615217328 | $14.99 | march 15, 2013


s p e C i a l m a r k e t s : 1 - 800 - 504 - 2924


Bible study FEBRUARY 2013

The Names of God Explained Calling God Names throughout scripture, god reveals Himself by name to His people: Holy one, most High, mighty one, rock, Jealous one, lord, and Father. these names not only give us a personal way to address god but also reveal different aspects of His character and ways. in Calling God Names, norman Hubbard explores each name’s meaning, its roots in scripture, and its impact on prayer, worship, and witnessing. plus, each section includes a memory verse and a hymn or poem that exalts god. readers who are interested in going deeper into scripture without becoming a theologian will enjoy having this seven-session resource in their libraries.

key selling points: • addresses seven names of god revealed to His people in the old testament (Holy one, most High, mighty one, rock, Jealous one, lord, Father) • this seven-week study can be used either individually or in a group setting • each lesson includes an introduction, a study of two or more scripture passages, discovery and application questions, a memory verse, and a relevant hymn or poem • Helps readers understand how the names of god affect prayer, worship, and witnessing

Calling god names norman HuBBarD | 128 pages | 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4 paperback | Categories: Bible study/old testament

norman HuBBarD graduated from auburn university with a Ba in literature and an ma in linguistics. He currently serves as the campus director for the navigators at the university of illinois at urbana-Champaign.

9781617478352 | $9.99 | February 18, 2013 OTHER TITLES BY NORMAN HUBBARD:



C u s to m e r s e r v i C e : 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 6 6 - 7 788

left of matthew 9781600060526 $9.99

right of malachi 9781600060533 $9.99


She Was Searching for Fame Enticed the allure of a glamorous celebrity lifestyle has captured fifteen-year-old summer’s imagination. Hoping to be “discovered”—or at least find mr. perfect to take her away from her boring life—she plugs into every online social network. Her parents don’t mind; after all, they think she’s old enough to take care of herself. But in the hazy reality of the internet, people and things aren’t always what they appear to be. soon summer is pulled into a relationship with a dangerous man, and what starts out as fun turns deadly.

Facts that you should know according to • one in five u.s. teenagers who regularly surf the internet says he or she has received an unwanted sexual solicitation via the Web. • 16 percent of teens considered meeting someone they've only talked to online and 8 percent have actually met someone they knew only online.

key selling points: • teaches teenage girls valuable life lessons through the power of story • offers opportunities for honest discussion between students, youth leaders, and parents • the sixth book in the popular seCrets series by best-selling author melody Carlson meloDy Carlson is the best-selling author of the trueColors and seCrets series (tH1nk/navpress). she lives in the beautiful oregon Cascade mountains.

enticed meloDy Carlson | 208 pages | 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4 paperback | Categories: teen Fiction/life issues

9781600069536 | $14.99 | april 15, 2013 OTHER TITLES IN THE SECRETS SERIES ($14.99 EACH):

ENGAGE Forgotten: seventeen and Homeless | 9781600069482 shattered: a Daughter’s regret | 9781600069499 Damaged: a violated trust | 9781600069505 trapped: Caught in a lie | 9781600069512 Deceived: lured from the truth | 9781600069529

s p e C i a l m a r k e t s : 1 - 800 - 504 - 2924



What Every New Grad Should Know about Money The Grad’s Guide to Money Facing real-world expenses on a ramen noodle budget is tough for recent graduates, especially if they’ve never had to manage their own finances. The Grad’s Guide to Money helps young adults understand why and how to align their spending and savings with god’s will. Filled with practical tips on budgeting and planning wisely, this book also includes a special recommended spending guidelines section. each chapter includes a memory verse, reflection questions, and action steps to help new grads develop a balanced, biblical philosophy about money.

key selling points: • includes scripture, reflection questions and action steps at the end of each chapter • Features recommended spending guidelines • Focuses on helping young adults align their perspective about money with god’s will

Graduation Endcap Kit Kit includes two of each title: the message//remiX 2.0 paperback the message: solo the message: solo new testament pink leather-look How to stay Christian in College life after High school everything you need to know Before College the grad's guide to Healthy living the grad's guide to Choosing Well

A retail value of $247.84!

the grad’s guide to money

Available to buy at a 50% discount for $123.92

tH1nk | 176 pages | 5 x 7 Hardcover | Categories: young adult/personal growth/money Not Final Design

9781612912912 | $14.99 | march 1, 2013




C u s to m e r s e r v i C e : 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 6 6 - 7 788

9781612913759 | $247.84 | march 1, 2013

the grad’s guide to surviving stressful times 9781615216079 the grad’s guide to Healthy living 9781617478994 the grad's guide to time with god 9781600064364 the grad's guide to Choosing Well 9781600069215


How to Energize a Generation to Live a Missional Life As You Go the millennial generation represents the largest number of students in u.s. history, potentially creating the greatest missionary force we’ve ever known. But because youth ministries in today’s church seem to focus only on religious activity, events, and entertainment, students aren’t being shown how to understand their faith, their culture, and how the two intersect. alvin reid wants student pastors to teach young people to embrace a missional life. As You Go shows leaders what it means to live one’s life as a mission trip, how to instill a passion for this lifestyle into students, and why it’s important to lead a student ministry that is missional in focus.

key selling points: • emphasizes a Christ-centered way of thinking • Will help student pastors develop a cross-generational ministry • includes helpful sidebars for new terminology and further concept explanation • review and application questions follow every chapter • Directs readers to helpful resources • offers relevant examples to enhance reader understanding • Written in a conversational tone but does not lose depth

alvin l. reiD is a professor of evangelism and student ministry at southeastern Baptist theological seminary and the Bailey smith chair of evangelism. a popular author and speaker, he is recognized as a mentor to many young leaders today.

as you go alvin l. reiD | 240 pages | 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄4 paperback | Categories: student ministry/youth leader

9781612913025 | $12.99 | april 1, 2013


s p e C i a l m a r k e t s : 1 - 800 - 504 - 2924


It's easy to get caught up In the hustle and bustle of chrIstmas, but after the ornaments are put away and the lights come down, only Jesus will meet your heartfelt needs—not Christmas presents, not even family and friends. Red, the Color of Christmas brings to life the timeless message of Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection. Through stories and Scriptures, author Greg Laurie shows that if we want to have the merriest Christmas of all and experience it the way God meant it to be experienced, we need to embrace the essential message of the season: God is with us. Red, The Color of Christmas 9781612913520 | 240 pages 5 1⁄8 x 6 7⁄8 | $16.99 | Leather-Look

releasing October 8, 2012

ALSO AVAILABLE BY GREG LAURIE: His Christmas Presence in the middle of all the hurry, worry, and scurry, you can take time to reconnect with immanuel. 9780977710386 | $12.95 | Hardcover

GreG Laurie is senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in riverside, California, and Harvest Orange County in irvine, California, one of the largest churches in the u.S. in 1990, he began holding large-scale public evangelistic events called Harvest Crusades. Since that time, more than 4,408,000 people have attended these events around the world. Laurie is the featured speaker of the nationally syndicated radio program A New Beginning and has a weekly TV program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. He holds honorary doctorates from Biola university and azusa Pacific university.


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Winter 2013 NavPress New Releases  

New book, Bible study, and Bible products from NavPress releasing Winter 2013

Winter 2013 NavPress New Releases  

New book, Bible study, and Bible products from NavPress releasing Winter 2013