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11 December 2017


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t is not so new these days to see teenagers go through artificial surgery for altering their bodies just to look a little bit like their beauty ideals. Image obsession has become a new trend to try on for teenagers these days, Plastic eyelashes and anime eye contacts are very common to see. Whereas colleges have become a new stage for them show off their fashion and style sense each day. Their college bags are clogged with makeup kits and hair straightening machines. it has become a peer presure to be a part of the cult and to carry at least some makeup items every day, otherwise, you are branded as uncool. Let’s ask a question here, why are teenagers

so obsessed with the image? Many would start pointing fingers towards media influence, blaming celebrities and pop culture icons such as Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga for making such risky styles popular. Many doctors and psychiatrist have studied teenagers and learned that media influence is a natural consequence of low self-esteem, which comes from deeper and emotional insecurities. “If nature is not with a person, then he or she will fall prey to low self-esteem, which is the basic cause of many problems they face today” This process starts from the school where some children are naturally shy and faces trouble in talking with others, which makes

them feel inadequate. Which as a result, by college time they start to adopt things they think will make them acceptable. One of these things is fashion which has been set by many magazines such as Vogue and Seventeen as well as pop stars such as Justin Bieber or Katy Perry. Media play a huge role in setting up the trends for the people. It is very hard to avoid media influence in this time of Information era. Even serious publications like Newspapers have featured advertisements on body shaping products. Once teenagers have seen what’s hot fashion becomes a tool for them to feed their insecurities. If someone doesn’t follow the new trends and shop from the certain store, they

- By Mohmmad Zeeshan

are called “uncool”. Our media has gone towards making money instead of taking responsibility for better future. Teens have shown the sexual imagery and inappropriate content the moment they turn on the TV. Sex is being used to sell all types of products from clothing to cars. This constant exposer has made them decide in younger ages what they are supposed to look like to be attractive. Teenagers need to understand the values of their own identity or personality and stop judging over appearances. The world where nobody should wear high heels and body shaping clothes to make friends is a truly human world.

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11 December 2017




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Bangalore, INDIA




nternet addiction, one of the most disturbing disorders faced by teens these days. But what exactly is this disorder? Are we too a victim of this whole atmosphere of internet? Medically it is a subset of broader forms of addiction to technology. Internet addiction disorder, more commonly called problematic  Internet  use (PIU), refers to excessive  Internet  use that interferes with daily life. The scariest part of this disorder is that people end up making an emotion bonding to known/un-known person at the other end of the screen. And are most cases they are the un-known ones whom they meet through social networking web sites, chat rooms and the virtual communities. Also those suffering from Internet addiction use the virtual fantasy world of internet to connect with real people, as a substitution for real-life human connection, which they are not able to achieve nor-

mally. With this comes blogging, which in general terms mean web log, it is where an individual maintains ones journal. Now that we know what this disorder is. Let’s try and understand what causes this disorder. But just like most of the disorders, this too is not likely to pinpoint at an exact cause of Internet Addiction Disorder. It is characteristic of having multiple contributing factors. Some of the evidence shows that the pattern of the brain activities is very similar to those of intoxication disorder. Social networking is leading to no social life. The era of internet promises better communication and staying in touch with our closed ones, but in actual it us making it hollower day by day. We have reduced meeting people in general as we are always connected to them through the virtual world. Meeting lesser number of people leads to lesser friends, lesser contacts. Most of the friends are made

- By Navneet Singh

through online forum; just like the virtual world these freiends are also virtual in nature. To add to this there are online games like Pokémon which gives its users that driving force to go out and explore in order to play the game and in turn meet stranger’s every time to level up your game. Also there are online dating apps , where you come across new people and if there are mutual agreement , then they meet up in real. On the other side of the game we are completely hooked up with the online games that do not allow u to move, where we sit in front of the desktop, laptop screen. This is also one of the leading causes of obesity. Because of these online game physical activity of the teens have gone for a toss, this further leads to other disorders. Sleeping disorders is also directly related to it as it hampers the pattern of sleep. Also the overabundance of internet gives teenagers a direct access to pornography, which gives them a complete wrong idea not

only about their sexual awareness but also on how violent it is and how women are objectified. Few of the common symptoms of this are Depression, Dishonesty, Anxiety, Isolation, No Sense of Time, Defensiveness, Avoidance of Work, Agitation, Mood Swings, Boredom with Routine Tasks, etc. are the emotional side of it where as if we look at the physical drawbacks then we have Backache, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Headaches, Insomnia, Poor Nutrition, Poor Personal Hygiene, Neck Pain, Dry Eyes and other Vision Problem, etc. Now that we know all that we had to know about internet addiction disorder , do check upon own-self and make sure not to fall in this pit hole of addition to the virtual world and instead stay in the real world and use internet wisely without hurting own self.

For preventing all these things a teen should consult a counselor or talk to their parent about the problem. Parents should maintain positivity with them being negative may lead them to depression or can force them for drug addiction. They should guide there children

about what’s wrong and what’s right, it’s a stage where they should start knowing about the world, the real world Teenage is a stage where you don’t understand what’s wrong or what’s right but a right step by you can save your children life and future.


- By Ekta Verma


n age between 12-17 where we all must have thought about the whole world is against us…yes it’s the teenage stage where we all are confused in what is happening in the world. it’s a stage where most of us had face a period of depression because of which an average of 18% of teens commit suicide every year and some of them may had gone into drug addiction, one of the trending thing which everyone had come through in their teenage and had a second thought of trying it once Drug Addiction. The Teenage stage is a stage of many ups and down. A stage full of mood swings and where we can’t figure out what is wrong and what is right, in all these things a disease take place, a disease of drugs. The Drug Addiction starts with the pressure from Friends or classmates hence with a fact that it’s not going to harm them. Other sources because of which teenage get into drugs is Television and movies they are major reasons because of a huge amount of teenagers are addicted watching actors smoking cigarettes and drugs and not getting

harm encourage them to try it. Indian cinema creates an urge to try drugs once. And most of the time the environment also influence the teenagers if there is a negative vibes around there are chances that your child can be going on drugs. According to CBS News reports that a recent survey indicates approximately two million teens between the ages of 12 and 17 currently need treatment for a substance abuse problem, but only about 150,000 get the help they need. Just because a teen is smart, does not mean that he is mature enough to have sound judgment about his decisions. In this age they think they are grown up but they are not. Most of the life ends because of teen Drug addiction CBS News also points out that while experimentation doesn’t necessarily lead to addiction, so many kids figure there’s nothing risky about trying drugs or alcohol. The reality is that even it can’t see but it is a big problem. These problems include overdoses, car accidents and sexual assaults. Drugs have a strong impact on your brain and health and its dangerous too.

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What Bipolar Disorder actually means ?


oes your child go through immense mood changes ? Does your child seem irritated or extremely emotional ? Does your child just get excited all of a sudden and be sad just after ? Do you notice he or she has highs and lows much more often than other children ? Well, this could be a few symptoms of this mental illness known as " Bipolar Disorder. " Hundreds of kids in their teenage life go through this disorder which is mistaken as misbehaving or illness. Well no, your child could be one of them and there's nothing to be scared about it all we need is some therapy and love. Bipolar disorder is a serious brain illness. It is also called the manic-depressive illness or manic depression. Children with such disorders go through unusual mood changes. Sometimes they feel very happy or “up,” and are much more energetic and active than usual, or than other kids their age. This is called a  manic episode.  Sometimes children with bipolar disorder also can feel very sad and “down,” and are much less active than usual. This is called depression or a  depressive episode. Anyone from kids to teenagers can develop this disorder because of certain happenings

in life and these can totally be treated so your loved one can lead to a succesful life ahead, but for that we need to first identify the problem. It hasn't yet been proven what's the cause behind this disorder but its said that this can also happen because of family genes. THE SYMPTOMS : • Suddenly feel very happy or sad which could be weird for themselves or others • Have a very short temper • Talk very fast about various topics • Less sleep but still not tired • Talks and thinks about sex more than usual • Does risky things • Feels very sad or guilty • Eat little or too much The treatment is simple but planned, first the doctor tries to ask the parent about the child’s behaviour and sleeping patterns. They will also ask about the energy and temperament. The doctor would also want to know about the family and of any diseases or drinking habits. Although there’s no certified way to treat this disorder and even the adults are treated the same way. A good way to remember is to "start low, go slow." Some medica-

tions can also cause side effects and hence very low doses are given for teens. Psycho therapies also help with some activities and games to clear the mind and get them back to normal. It can also help young people get along with other teens and also adults. It is very important for the parent to be very patient and to listen to their kids. To communicate and understand

them. A disorder like this can be very dangerous if not treated but can change a persons life and make it totally wonderful if though that way! Let’s not be bystanders any more and help those in need.



ocial media has became an integral part of our life online as social websites and applications is increasing in number. Every other individual is getting themselves involved more and more into cyber social activities. Began for leisure activity, social media platforms like facebook, instagram, whatsapp, twitter etc is drastically changing the lifestyle of people. People have started sharing their every move on social media via posting images, checking in status, relation status and many more. One can find everyday move of a person just by following their posts and profile. Today, teenagers are among the earliest social media adopters and continue to use these sites very frequently. They dedicates majority of their time online, liking, commenting and tagging friends. They see posting selfie and tagging on meme as a way of entertainment, without concerning about the sentiments of the victim. Because of these, Cyberbullying or online bullying is a serious problem that is growing among teenagers, and college-aged students. “Cyberbullying is when someone uses technology to send mean, threatening, or embar-

rassing messages to or about another person. It might be in a text, e-mail, message, or in a post online.” Social media is an open world where every person can freely express themselves freely. Teens take this as an opportunity to express their emotion, feeling and day to day activity by sharing things online, unaware of the consequences that could be done to them. That’s where cyberbullying come into scene. With more and more advancement in the social media sector, teens are the one who led the trend of adopting and using the facilities to the fullest. Because of these, many newer forms of cyberbullying can be seen around. Starting from just a small negative comment on the post to the viral of some inappropriate content posted by teenagers out of depression are all major forms to cyberbullying.

Other includes, • Spreading rumors online or through texts, • Pretending to be someone else online to hurt another person, • Taking inappropriate pictures of a person and spreading them through cell phones • Sexting, or circulating sexually suggestive pictures etc. Cyberbullying can lead to anxiety, depression, and even suicide. Also, once things got viral on the Internet, they may never disappear. It keeps on circulating in the social media and may appear again after a long time, which is far more painful for the victim. Dr Martyn Wild, a cyber-safety advocate quoted “Cyber-bullying is poised to turn into the biggest online concern, already affecting up to 35% of all children.” According to Cyber bul-

lying statistics from the i-SAFE foundation, 1 out of 3 teenagers have been the victim of cyberbullying, but only 1 out of 10 teens tells the parent that they have been the victim. About 1 in 5 teens posts or sent sexualor nude pictures of themselves to others and girls are more likely to be the victim of cyberbullying in the majority of cases. In such circumstances, the teenagers have to be very cautious about what they are posting, commenting and even sharing with their peers. They must Never share your passwords, private photos, or personal data and When you make comments about someone else, make sure how would you feel if someone said that about you. Apart from these, parents should also take part in the discussion and must aware the teenagers about the problems. They must keep check on their children whether they are being the part of a cyberbullying.

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11 December 2017




~ navneet singh

he most exposed part of our body is the face. Every day it has to go through a lot in pollution which results in our skin condition going for a real toss. To cover up the impurities and blemishes people start using makeup. People don’t actually realise skin exposed to makeup is equally harmful as skin exposed to pollution. There is a lot of innovation in the makeup industry too by incorporating minerals and nano-particles. There are certain age old skin care routine that are taught to us by our mothers and grandmothers which had been forgotten by the modern world. The ‘no time’ concept in today’s world has taken away the most treasured traditional process of gaining beauty in no time. Resolving this problem we have the sheet masks that is trending a lot these days. This particular trend originated in south Korea as a result of their love and dedication towards skincare and beauty product. This product is highly in trend and is a huge craze amongst the trend setters and celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. But most importantly it covers the basic mantra of skincare i.e., Cleansing, Tonning and Moisturising.


Price : Rs 7*

These are fibres sheet that are fully soaked with concentrated serum, which consist of many beneficial ingredients for the skin such as hyaluronic acid and vitamins. These ingredients are in water base mostly with a limy essence. These sheet prevents quick evaporation of water phase and extends the time frame the ingredients require to penetrate deep into the skin. This result in the sheet masks outperforming the effects of the traditional serum-type skincare even when applied once. So here are the different kinds that you need to know about: Microfiber Sheet Masks These are the most common sheet masks available in the market. The name itself suggests that it is made up of microfiber and gives a cotton like feel, hence also cotton sheet masks. Hydro gel Masks It is a transparent gel like sheet and is much sleeker as compared to microfiber sheets. These mare more effective as compared to microfiber sheets as these are not dipped into the serum but are cent-percent made up of the ingredient in a gel base. Because of this gel base it locks the moisture and give a better moisturising effect.

Bangalore, INDIA

Bio-Cellulose Masks Bio-Cellulose!! the name itself says “I am all natural”.. yes it is made up of all natural ingredients, a sheet mask made out of good bacteria. Because of this reason again it is more effective than microfiber allowing the ingredients not to evaporate quickly

Clay and Charcoal Sheet Masks who doesn’t knows the benefits of clay?? an age old skin care component. and for that matter charcoal ... well the most trending beauty regime component of 2016. These sheet masks are a great call to draw out excess oils and reduce skin inflammation.

Foil Sheet Masks The first thing that comes to our mind when we come across this word FOIL is keeping food warm , but what connection can a foil have with a face mask. Well then its metal property helps in locking the moisture resulting in a better moisturising effect.

Bubbling Sheet Masks Bubble Bubble Bubble!!These are also usually made with charcoal and detoxifying ingredients, with the addition of sparkling water. Bubbling sheet masks work in a very similar way as compared to a regular bubbling mask. They contain foaming ingredients like those found in cleansers, the bubbles don’t pop but form a foam instead on top of the sheet mask, which you should use to massage your skin after you remove the sheet mask. The whole point of using a bubbling sheet mask instead of a regular bubbling mask is avoiding the moisture to get sucked out your skin, which translates to soft, moisturized skin afterwards.

Knit Masks Sounds funny right?? Yes you read it right. there are cent-percent kitted masks. there are heavier and due to it knitted property they give a much faster result. Ampoule Sheet Mask The idea here is to give you two products in one: an ampoule (or serum) and a sheet mask. first you use ampoule , massage it onto face in circular motions—you can also pat in generously to speed up the absorption, too. Then, you follow it with a sheet mask to allow the contents to penetrate deep into the skin.

So this is the most trending skin care product of 2017, that is fun and easy to use and carry. So go grab yours and dump them in your ever day bag and feel fresh when ever required.


~ mohammad zeehan


ere are the top picks of gaming laptops by the industry’s finest tech leaders. If you are one of the entry level game enthusiast who has a dream of playing top demanding games with highest frame rates, or if you are already a pro gamer who is used of playing games in a very smooth manner then these new laptops will sure give you a great experience in the world of VR games. But first you need to understand the difference between PC gaming and Laptop gaming, which is very obvious for some but if you don’t know than let me tell you that the PC’s are still better than the laptops in terms of gaming because of their big full size hardware which provides more space and better air cooling system and sometimes a liquid cooling systems depends on the money you spend on it. But it has a con which is that you can not take it with you anywhere you want. Time has drifted very fast in the world of technology, there was a time when people were happy just by putting there data into the PC and save it for as long as they want. Nobody was even thinking about the portability of these PCs, gaming on the other hand was nothing but a gimmick to the people. But today where there are thousands of E-sports championships happening all over the world and people are winning over a million dollars on these championships it has certainly become a new market for computer companies to expand and they are trying to provide high notch machines to these gamers even with the probability in hand, so they can go and play against anyone, anywhere in the world. So let’s talk about all these new beasts of Gaming world which are ready to dominate anyone anywhere. Please note that only few laptops in this list are

not available in India. 1. Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501 This is a new flagship gaming laptop by Asus which is under an inch thick but still pack some very powerful hardware. CPU: Intel Core i7 | Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 (8GB GDDR5X VRAM) | RAM: 16GB | Screen: 15.6-inch FHD (1,920 x 1,080) anti-glare, wide-view 120Hz panel with G-Sync | Storage: 512GB M.2 PCIe x4 SSD The best feature of this laptop is the new designed track pad which is on the right side of the keyboard. This might become one of the deal breaker for many right handed people as people usually tend to have better control, and it feels like we are using a mouse. The keyboard is full RGB Lit with the individual lighting. Asus has used the Nvedia Max-Q design to make the whole laptop slimmer and light weight. But where it lacks the bettery power, which is very laughable because it won’t let you get away from the power socket more than 2 hours. 2. Razer Blade Who says that the gaming laptops are very heavy and thick ? This Razer Blade laptop is known for its very small chasis which looks almost like a MacBook pro but gaming ready. CPU: 2.6GHz Intel Core i7-6700HQ | Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB GDDR5 VRAM) | RAM: 16GB | Screen: 14inch FHD (1,920 x 1,080) – QHD+ (3,200 x 1,800) IGZO (LED backlit, multi-touch) | Storage: 256GB – 1TB PCIe SSD If you talk about the pros of this laptop then obviously its body. Razer Blade has sure gone to some extent to design this new beast. It has a very impressive bettery life comparing to the

other laptops and comes with the 4K display option, and dont forget about the Chroma back-lit keyboard which is by far the best back-lit keyboard in the world with some cool themes ready to download from the Razer Blade store. Where it lacks is the department of future upgrade options, Razer Blade had to attach most of the hardware parts with the motherboard itself to make it thinner. So you can not actually change them and it’s thermal system which makes noise while under the load.

only one name which comes in mind of many. The king of high build quality Alienware. CPU: Intel Core i5 – i7 | Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 | RAM: 8GB – 16GB DDR4 | Screen: 13.3-inch HD 1,366 x 768 TN – QHD 2,560 x 1440 OLED touchscreen | Storage: 180GB – 512GB SSD This 13 inch laptop sure looks like a machine which has came from outer space. Alienware has led the gaming market for years now and for those who don’t know than this is a brand owned by Dell.

3. Asus ROG Strix GL502


A laptop which is full of high grade hardware and in a cheap price. CPU: Intel Core i7 | Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 - 1070 | RAM: 16GB DDR4 | Screen: 15.6-inch full HD 1,920 x 1,080 IPS | Storage: 128GB - 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD This device is alot cheaper than the devices we have mentioned till now, at least in India it is. It cost you around 1.50 lack with the display which is vibrant enough to make you fall in love with it in an instant. It’s a powerhouse for those who are looking for high end specs with affordable price.

A laptop which follows somewhat the same design philosophy of Asus Zephyrus.

4. Alienware 13 R3 When we talk about laptop gaming, there is

CPU: Intel Core i7 | Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB GDDR5) – 1080 (8GB GDDR5X) |RAM: 16 – 32GB | Screen: 17.3-inch, FHD (1,920 x 1,080) 120Hz matte IPS – UHD (3,840 x 2,160) IGZO touchscreen with G-Sync | Storage: 512GB – 2TB PCIe SSD

After reading the specs you can finally say that there has come a laptop with desktop grade hardware and power. Again its pro is the same Starboard trackpad placement which is on the right with a dedicated scroll up and down scroller on the top. You can also change the trackpad into a number pad just by pressing a button. But where it disappoints us is in the price catogery, This device comes with the

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Alooha ladies ! ~ akriti bindal

Fitness & You ! ~ raunak aggarwal


itness is all about staying healthy both in body & mind. A healthy lifestyle keeps you energetic and independent all day. In past few years, there has been significant number of people who had started doing one or the other form of activity related to fitness. Today, one can see various types of fitness activities going around. Be it hardcore gymming, running,cycling, yoga, aerobics etc what matters is the end result i.e. giving your body a push away from a regular routine. People are getting more health conscious. Long term physical activity increases the benefits of long-term health. Apart from this, physical activities are considered as major tool in order to fight depression and anxiety. Various modern technologies and fitness programs such as Aerial yoga, MMA Workouts, Exercise and weight loss program, etc by entering the society, have changed the course of people’s mentality towards fitness. So with these benefits in mind, let’s see what are the biggest fitness trend for 2017. 1. Anti Gravity Yoga Yoga is nothing new to us! It has been there around for thousands of years and has been popularised enough in recent years. The anti gravity yoga or aerial yoga is a newer version of the traditional form which gives liberty to try those poses which can’t be done on the floor. This form of yoga requires some sort of setup consisting of a hammock attached from the ceiling and is capable of supporting the body weight of the person. Expertes claims that this form of yoga provide an added benefit to the person. Apart from an improved circulation, respiration and metabolism, the aerial yoga tends to promote emotional, psychological and spiritual health as well.

2. Aqua Zumba

4. MMA workout

After Zumba fitness has widely acquired the world, another trend gaining popularity is Aqua zumba. This is basically the fusion of zumba with the aqua aerobic leading to an intensive calorie burning in the pool. The workout is entirely based on a pool and candidates are required to move or work against the water resistance. As a result, the body performs four times harder than any other form of exercise. Youth are relatively participating more than elders but the person with knee and leg problems are suggested majorly.

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Art. Its is an extended form of martial art comprising of strength and endurance inducing workout plans. The major role of this workout is to train your entire body in one session. The entire session consists of various station workout, each with a set of exercises like push ups, jumping, bench dips etc. As you go ahead with the stations, the level of workout keeps on rising. The MMA workout is not idea for every person but are generally undertaken by those who are into sports and athletics.

There is a lot of fun that goes around the pool and people seems to enjoy the workout because of less sweating and avoidable body stress.

5. Exercise with technical monitoring

3. Virtual Boxing Workout The widespread adoption of technology has contributed to the development of modern workout programmes. The popularity of boxing is rising again with the introduction of virtual tool for experience the real life boxing challenges. The virtual boxing is getting trendy because of the ease and quick adoption by women particularly, who always desire not just to stay fit but also to learn self defence. This workout is ideal for escaping from the busy schedule of person into a contact free environment. During the workout, the person could generate a good amount of calories without even getting into any form of direct contact with the surrounding. Thus the safety is ensured.

Exercise and physical activities have always been a solution to get a healthy lifestyle. People loves to hit gym for bodybuilding and acquiring strength. But one recent advancement have contributed significantly to the whole process is the input of modern gadgets and tech. Today, the exercising experience has reach a whole new level. People are monitoring their movements, calories burnt, heartbeat count etc. Smartwatches & wearable fitness trackers have widely hit the market and becoming a major fashion statement for the youth. The person hitting the gym these days are likely to adopt using these watches or tracker in order to boost their image of fitness consciousness. These are just few of the trends that is changing the fitness world effectively & efficiently. The adoption of trend by masses contribute to the success factor. Also the positive change in mindset of the people regarding diet & fitness is contributing to overall fitness of the society.

Body Shaming

~ ekta verma

“Think Before you speak”


isparaged by someone on their body type is not any of us like to be a part of but still many of us have been disparaged on our body type or we do bash others. Criticizing someone on their appearance or body type is body shaming and this is one of the biggest problems in the teenage world. It isn’t a big matter for the one who do it but it is for the one who have been victimized. Body shaming is not a matter of appraisal or not something we can make fun of, these little things can hurt someone so harmfully that we don’t even know. About 90 Percent of teenage girls have been body shamed every year. The one who have been body shamed have to go through a lot of ups and downs hence according to a study about 19 percent of people attempts suicide every year because of body shaming. These 19 percent have been bullied by someone for their appearance or body. So if a teenage dies because of body shaming the reason behind this is not their body but the one who make them feel degraded. Not only body shaming is in ground level but it is also practiced at a social level. The TV series appoint overweight people just for making fun of

them. This makes body shaming a norm. Now a days people don’t think before they speak hence people don’t think the way they speak about someone. Body shaming affect the life of the people in a very adverse way due to major bullying people get into depression and commit suicide or they lose their selfconfidence and because of which they can’t stand out for themselves. In all these cases in the end they start hating themselves and which lead to bad temper and health. In all these circumstances changing your body might seems an answer but as a human nature we are never satisfied of who we are, we always want everything better, the only solution to this is to love who you are and love your appearance this will help you build your selfesteem and gains confidence to stand out for

themselves. Changing your body will only work until and unless you love yourself, the beauty is inside you not outside The world is constantly changing if there is someone who humiliates other for their body type than there is someone who stand out and knock them off. Social Media is taking a huge step regarding this some of the celebrities like Demi Lovato said “if somebody calls me fat, even in a vulnerable moment, I laugh to myself and think; I’m doing everything I can, so there is nothing I can do about it” Selena Gomez also said “I love being happy with me” It’s high time to put an end to body shaming not only it has affected them mentally but physically also, it will not help them to achieve their weight loss or gain but it could be hurting their overall health. All of us are beautiful on their own way, we all are unique and we don’t have any rights to criticize someone because of their body type. We all have a beautiful gift given by god and we have to appreciate that not to criticize it. We are special in our own ways and we have to value that. The person you body shamed today for being fat can be possible they hadn’t eat for two days. So, think before you speak your words matter a lot.


ther than christmas there are many other events lined up and you will surely need to look good, isn’t it ? Well not to worry we have exactly the right makeup trends that have been repeatedly seen in the fashion weeks and are heard to be the best trends of 2017! Let’s start with our very first look: 1. Gloss it up Gloss ? Yes! Your lips were not the only place where you could use gloss but also your eyes! This lovely dewy makeup gives a natural look to your face. Let the inner glow of yours shine with minimal foundation and contouring in the right edges. Apply a bit of gloss on your lids and lips and you’re ready! You can carry this look well in the morning with some light shade of gloss and a peppy dress since you’re keeping your face neutral. 2. Peachy tones The light breezes and beautiful sunsets of spring will you have in the perfect frame of mind to experiment with gorgeous touches of pink, coral and sherbet on eyes, cheeks and lips. Work the pastel hue into your beauty look with a light-handed application. Luckily, this warm colour suits all skin tones and requires minimal precision, but it’s still important to get the rest of your makeup right. This look will go well with any kind of clothing majorly pleated skirts and pastel tops. 3. Graphic Eyeliner All of us love drama, don’t we ? Eye-level statements took a customizable turn, with pops of pastel, gaze-framing “fingerprint” smudges, and rounded-out, glittering wings. You can also make patterns with clashing colors, this trend is the best way to keep the energy flowing. Do this eye makeup with a black outfit because let the attention be on your eyes for once ? Have a rave party coming up ? You just got the right makeup to do! 4. It’s time to think Pink While millennial pink is always welcome, some unprecedented brushings with the prettiest hue should totally work! Melted lavender or petal pink blushes with romantic tones on eye lids can do wonders. The whole idea is to keep it natural and pretty! Pair this make up with a light pink frock and a denim jacket and wedges. Want to give it an edge ? No problem, don’t hesitate to ass some nice pair of golden earings! 5. Crimson Red With all the makeup trends coming back this classic look has always been there. Dark red lips with berry flushed cheeks and a pinch of mascara literally is the most bold look. From parties to office, this look can be done in all kinds of events. Wear this make up with a nice structured blazer of gown and a pair of nude or black heels. This can be a perfect Newyear look, you go girl! Glam yourself up with these looks, because you’ll enjoy being recognized as ”fashionable” Remember to properly wash out all the make up because we care for your skin too!

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11 December 2017




Price : Rs 7*

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amous for his signature draping and strong tailoring and his distinctive blend of high glamour styling has taken the hearts of many upper-class echelons. His philosophy of design has also won many followers devoted to him. Leaving Singapore in 1996 to take pattern cutting course at London College of Fashion was a very long journey he said, his debut collection was showcased in November 2000 and he continues to show at London Fashion week each season. Autumn / Winter 2017 His designs are contemporary and classic, the outfits he makes possess a unique craftmanship which makes it stand out a lot. Well-tailored crisp jackets are his speciality and all his designs are born to be on the red carpet. This year for winter men collection he has made a little different approach and gone for fabrics like Satin which shines occasionally and best for celebrities who is going to appear on the red carpet this Winter. Colourful prints are also the part of this year’s winter collection. In some colourful outfits its very much contrast is very much visible between design elements. Such as colours and shapes.

Danshan Danshan is a menswear brand which is still growing each season.It is made up of two people Dan who is from China and a man Shan from Hong Kong. They both are graduated from women’s wear design at Central Saint Martins in 2012, they both worked very immensely in the fashion industry and decided to launch their own label. Spring/Summer2018

Both the designers are very constructive in nature and love to experiment with materials and shapes. In one of the interview they said that “we are very much inspired by the nature, Nature which is very creative” they quoted. Currently they are focused on how gender dynamics are changing and how it is changing the fashion as well. Their approach towards the outfits is a little different, at first glance you wouldn’t see any practical and balanced pair of cloths which we are used to see in our daily life but a little distorted full of unusual colours. Old school bottoms and plastic wraps doesn’t sound like cloths today. We can say that they are artist of a completely new era. Few sci-fi movies such as Blade Runner 2049 and Ghost in the shell has taken the inspiration of costumes from these designers. It might become the future of clothing in upcoming years.

Christopher Field A guy from Jermy Street London who has trained for almost seven years and become one of the most recognised craftsman in field of tailored cloths. Initially he went to an art school for studying both painting and freehand drawing. He says that he is very much bossed with the detail that tailoring became a huge interest. Founding Guy is specialised in Bespoke Shirting and he believes in simply to craft shirts using finest materials. He has recently launchedSpring/Summer collection at London fashion week. Spring / Summer 2018 When you talk about tailoring there are two aspects that remain key, one is understating the quality of material and fabrics. Just by knowing the properties of any fabric you can create thousands of designs he says. His designs are mainly formal,

and he first understands the costumer’s philosophy of design which is a must have skill if you are in the field of modern tailoring.


A label which consist two designers Cat Crowther and Emrys Plant from a town of Margate England. It is a luxury organic menswear brand. According to the designers the inspiration for the silhouette comes from the town they both live in which is near by the sea and its poetry. Designs of this brand reflects the natural feel from the calm water and burning sunset skies.

Spring / Summer 2018 Designs are very minimalistic in nature and doesn’t have much elements rather than the shape and colour variations. They say when you remove the unwanted elements you focus on what is important which are shapes, everything around us is a combination of shapes, you take shapes out of the equation and you are left with nothing. Sure, the designs are very much Calm and sustainable. There are only few in the fashion industry right now who are working towards creating some Designs which are visually balanced and structured,


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FALL THIS YEAR this fall show in March. Wishing tree, on which people tie rags, ribbons and mementoes as wishes. There is no doubt that this is the major inspiration for this collection, which triggered the beginning of the collection. As the show proceeds we see the presence of the inspiration captured as most f the garments had rags or ribbons tied or fringing out from them. The very basic colour code for this collection was Red; White and Black with a major portion of the collection being formal of corporate wears.


don’t want to be political. Not officially political. When people ask that, I say no; in my work, I am not in the right position,” this is exactly what Miuccia Prada said at the backstage with a witty smile and spark in her eyes standing tall in her huge Italian shrug. This 2017 fall for Prada is a stereotypical harlequin of colours, ostrich-feathered, crystal-fringed dream of a collection. This collection is an amalgamation of the past eras, late ’60s, early ’70s, perhaps, with those hip corduroy flares to hand-knitted scarves, Baker Boy hats and patchwork leather and even snakeskin coats. Lindsey Wixson was the best suited person to represent this

era. She was swaying it in a 50’s tight red cocktail dress with ostrich feather whooshing in the hemline. Though it was a multi coloured affair, but Turquoise and coral ostrich feather were extremely dominant with crystal fringing tinkled the runway from flesh-coloured fabric. And, of course this being Prada, the much famous Prada coats and jackets were always omnipresent. The collection was nothing less than Miuccia Prada dream closet. As the year proceeded from Prada’s much famous show in February to Sarah Burton’s collection for Alexander McQueen, It was young the people who raised the curtains for

Burtons this collection was a tribute to her master and the founder McQueen, which was quite prominent as his birth date was stitched in every garment in a decorative manner. Christopher Bailey, the name heading Burberry recently added guardian to his amazingly impressive list of credentials. After Burberry’s last season show with Henry Moore , this season Bailey has taken up on an even bigger art project namely Here We Are, a by throwing light on 20th-century British photography. This collection itself was a portrait of “British style that encompassed the lofty eccentricity of the aristocracy and the grit of the street” is exactly how Chioma Nnadi described it. “A little more honest, a little less polished,” was how Bailey summed it up backstage. to explain it even further bailey added “That high-low, new world meets old world mix made for a pretty intoxicating brew, and though many of the key touchstones were familiar—Fair Isle sweaters, argyle socks, and penny loafers, to name a few—the clothes born out of his culture clash had a modern tension about them that was en-

tirely fresh and new.” We all know that Burberry is one of the few companies to have been granted a warrant by the royal family. after all—and, unless we forget that Fall 2016 was an all-out homage to the ultimate Royal Style Icon, Queen Elizabeth I. on the contrary for his latest collection, however, Bailey referenced Burberry style -the plaid baseball caps, hooded anoraks, and techy track pants spoke to the everyday closet all sticking to the iconic Burberry colour palate and gingham. As September continues, the show also continues with Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid’s latest fashion extravaganza. Tommy Now-Rock Circus. Some of music’s greatest legends like the Rolling Stones, the Doors, Pink Floyd, to name a few have took the stage of the Roundhouse. Overall the collection didn’t cling to any one musical genre, is was more like a mash up of different subcultural, ranging from the slip dresses of grunge to heavy was an amalgamation of 20th century subcultures. The basic colours were the tommy colours being Red, White, Blue and black. With subcultures being a party to it the overall feel was quite an energetic experience.



year ago, Marchesa opened her first store in Dubai and now she is a known and profound public image and one of the finest designers in Dubai. The designer showcased her bridal collection and Readyto-wear collection at the Arab fashion week 2017. The designer designs are mostly embellished for the upper body of the gown. She has a strong presence all over the Middle East. Marchesa is confident, glamorous, and bold and love to travel but she doesn’t follow trend. In most her garment she used Tule, it depicts she doesn’t care for the society much and believes in creating her own trend. The Arab women love agonized dresses and something which make them look extortionate. Marchesa use bold color and heavily embroidered pieces, she wants to be unique, a perfect designer for Arab

Michael Cinco One of the Filipino designers who had also participated for the Arab Fashion week 2017 is Michael Cinco, Best known for his fabulous couture Gown. These luxurious are no less than a fairy ta le. The luxurious fabric he used for his garment and the perfect touch of festival, each and every model was looking gorgeous. The pattern used for the men’s collection garment was looking more Indian and the garment color was much impressive. Basically the whole collection of the Michael Cinco was upon

the fusion of the culture and color. In simple words Cinco has a talent to create a beautiful, embellished, couture dresses

Ingie Paris The one who had taken many hearts of the Arabian women by his fusion of 70’s Arab fashion with his own talent. He had taken Arabian tradition and elegance in the form of voluminous skirts, maxi dresses and tailored coats complete with floral prints, metallic detailing and ruffled cuts. With the oversized bows and dresses. Ingie Paris was the finale highlight for the Arab fashion week 2017.

Alisha Ramdan She is known for her simplicity yet stylish looks grabbed the attention with her new collection at Arab fashion week 2017. Her collection revolved around black, red and blue color. Sleek symmetrical Silhouettes with blend of vertical lines made her garments appealing to eyes. Emphasizing on individuality, freedom of expression, self-acceptance and celebration, all portrayed in the usage of high-quality materials, clean lines with layered details – simple, refined, elegant, effortless and timeless.


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arlier this year, world witnessed another amazing fashion gathering at New York fashion week spring/summer 2018. The show covered various brands, designers, and celebrities all showing out for New York Fashion Week Spring/summer 2018. Brands like Calvin Klein, Victoria Beckham, Fenty Puma by Rihanna, and Alexander Wang displayed their own collections to their respective shows. Here are the top four designer brands with their stunning collections.

Raf Simon Raf Simons’ collection for Calvin Klein continued to be associated with his American taste, this time infusing and converting the nylon made sportswear in Techno fabric. The inspiration is considered to be taken from American Horror Cinema. The collection consists of denims with bold colour blocks. The silhouette appears to be inspired by the cowboy shirts and variety of materials infusion characterized by nylon full length skirts from fifties trend. The experiment done with the different material brings up an entirely unique compositions. The application of colour blocking can be seen in the figure, which creates an Accessorized look from top to bottom. Also, the use of Nylon for the rain slicker evidently came out great especially with the nice pairing of red toned shoes along. Another from the collection is sheer mesh over the nylon full length skirt paired along the combat boots creates a Spectacular style.

Victoria Beckham This year, the fashion show for Beckham was not merely the show, but a display for the characteristic and mindset she has been holding for long on femininity. Just before the show, Victoria Beckham talked about femininity

which clearly shaped the idea taking grip this New York Fashion Week. The collection form the show could be seen with more soft and transparent consisting colours. The outfits were strongly used as a medium to persuade femininity with dusty colours, check boxes printed shirts, pencil skirt & vibrant coloured gowns. The images can be seen to understand the concept well. The silk is used to reinforce delicacy. The oversized shirt with bold checks and dusty colour paired with pencil skirt worn out by first model along with vamp pumps accentuated the look. Similar is true for the red collared outfit. The vibrant colour demands the attentions with extended oversized sleeves and cutaway panel at the waist. Thought the shoe pairing remains same for the most. Another outfit from her collection is the blue check shirt worn out with long skirt with prints on it. The silhouette of the body appears to be shabby because of the prints and is not among one of the finest design. But as a whole, the Beckham’s achieved to resonate the meaning of feminism with her effort of inducing characteristic into outfits.

Fenty x Puma Rihanna Fenty show is not unknown to us. It has never been a show of quiet affair. But this session at New York, the pop star appetite for danger reached another level when the crowd witness a motocross stuntmen who turned 360-degree tricks over the mountains of pink sand on the runway below. The collection was X Games inspired consisting of bikers, surf and other sport. The detailing added more gravity to the outfits with high end zippers, lacing and toggles. The colours were too vibrant to support its athleisure trend. The coloured thong sandals were paired

with the body tight swimsuits and motocross-inspired nylon track pants. Other major outfit trend includes loose trousers, and utility straps nylon fabrications with large and oversized jackets to keep it look loose and easy to wear. The graphic eye and technicolor hair was being a crucial punching elements.

Alexander Wang In contrast to all the other major labels, Alexander Wang dares to do something different. He dragged the entire show from Manhattan to Brooklyn for the street show of the collection. The idea was inspired by the guerrilla nature of pop-ups stores. The models flounced the street with the Wang’s signature street style showcasing skin fit denim jeans partly divided in two part with one leg covered in silver prints.

Various other techniques of blending to entirely different garments can be seen beautifully executed. The sports bra fused with off shoulder top creates an entire new look. The shirts were modified to be worn as skirts giing an added dimension to the silhouette. The technicolour hairs were supported with Tiaras. Relatively a good amount of time and consideration went for the accessories and details for the models. The use of leather bags and chains to pair up with the outfit was impactful enough to attract the attention.

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nternet addiction, one of the most disturbing disorders faced by teens these days. But what exactly is this disorder? Are we too a victim of this whole atmosphere of internet? Medically it is a subset of broader forms of addiction to technology. Internet addiction disorder, more commonly called problematic  Internet  use (PIU), refers to excessive  Internet  use that interferes with daily life. The scariest part of this disorder is that people end up making an emotion bonding to known/un-known person at the other end of the screen. And are most cases they are the un-known ones whom they meet through social networking web sites, chat rooms and the virtual communities. Also those suffering from Internet addiction use the virtual fantasy world of internet to connect with real people, as a substitution for real-life human connection, which they are not able to achieve nor-


mally. With this comes blogging, which in general terms mean web log, it is where an individual maintains ones journal. Now that we know what this disorder is. Let’s try and understand what causes this disorder. But just like most of the disorders, this too is not likely to pinpoint at an exact cause of Internet Addiction Disorder. It is characteristic of having multiple contributing factors. Some of the evidence shows that the pattern of the brain activities is very similar to those of intoxication disorder. Social networking is leading to no social life. The era of internet promises better communication and staying in touch with our closed ones, but in actual it us making it hollower day by day. We have reduced meeting people in general as we are always connected to them through the virtual world. Meeting lesser number of people leads to lesser friends, lesser contacts. Most of the friends are made

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through online forum; just like the virtual world these freiends are also virtual in nature. To add to this there are online games like Pokémon which gives its users that driving force to go out and explore in order to play the game and in turn meet stranger’s every time to level up your game. Also there are online dating apps , where you come across new people and if there are mutual agreement , then they meet up in real. On the other side of the game we are completely hooked up with the online games that do not allow u to move, where we sit in front of the desktop, laptop screen. This is also one of the leading causes of obesity. Because of these online game physical activity of the teens have gone for a toss, this further leads to other disorders. Sleeping disorders is also directly related to it as it hampers the pattern of sleep. Also the overabundance of internet gives teenagers a direct access to pornography, which gives them a complete wrong idea not

only about their sexual awareness but also on how violent it is and how women are objectified. Few of the common symptoms of this are Depression, Dishonesty, Anxiety, Isolation, No Sense of Time, Defensiveness, Avoidance of Work, Agitation, Mood Swings, Boredom with Routine Tasks, etc. are the emotional side of it where as if we look at the physical drawbacks then we have Backache, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Headaches, Insomnia, Poor Nutrition, Poor Personal Hygiene, Neck Pain, Dry Eyes and other Vision Problem, etc. Now that we know all that we had to know about internet addiction disorder , do check upon own-self and make sure not to fall in this pit hole of addition to the virtual world and instead stay in the real world and use internet wisely without hurting own self.

their culture with them their sense of dressing and style of living, and it has been there in the younger generation to adopt new things very quickly, European style of trousers was introduced, and English dresses became common to wear for everybody.

because of the Khadi that Gandhi himself could transform from its identity of being Englishman to the one who represents India. Mahatma Gandhi wore Khadi which made him look more like a commoner than a leader,that was his Idea. . His cloth became the statement


- By Ekta Verma



lothes have always been more than just a material to cover up the body, it has been an identity of people for a long time now. What kind of clothes you wear creates your reputation and personality in the society, it

has also been a marker of communities, towns, and countries. In each country, people wear different clothes to represent their upbringing. India was amongst of of those countries which was dominated by the Britishers when it got its father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. Initially, he started building the fabric Khadi with the help of a Charkha. It has also been referred as the fabric of independence. In the beginning when the English first came into India as a company of traders. They brought

And between those, the Cloth which became the symbol of freedom came into existence. It became very effective because of being started by the father of nation M K Gandhi. . It was

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HAVE YOU TASTED IT ? India!! The very first thing that comes into one’s mind is the land of snake charmer. But is it just restricted to snake charmers? Definitely not.Spices the most important part of the Indian cuisine!!.. CAN ONE IMAGINE INDIAN FOOD WITHOUT SPICES? THE ANSWER IS NO. India is also known for its diversity and that is what is said about Indian cuisine. Be it cultural, social, or political, this diverse character of our great nation is reflected in all realms of our lives. Being an Indian and bought up in the very same country amidst it rich heritage and culture, we all have grown up with the great offerings this country has to make interms of food,sumptuous food! This is that one cuisine that brings water to your mouth. “Indian cuisine uses the whole palette of flavours—spicy, sour, sweet, and hot all at the same time—making it something that wants to jump off the plate,” says Floyd Cardoz, the executive chef and a partner of North End Grill Benami Kheer

Our elders often finds a way of mysteriously feeding us what we refuse to eat, often thing like bitter gourd, pumpkins, etc. Many a times we don’t even come to know about it. A very similar trend was prevalent even during the Mughal Period in India. A mouth-watering dessert, BenamiKheer, was quite popular. Only a few know that it was made up of garlic! Yes, you read it absolutely correct, Kheer- a dessert- made out of garlic.

Patishapata Yet another sweet dish, but with no such hidden is a well known sweet in the households of Bengal, solely in the winter months, specially onthe day of rice harvestment. it looks like a pancakes , made out the batter of rice flour, milk and little sugar and stuffed with a mixture minced coconut and jiggery. it is served with liquid jaggery.

occasion, festival or party then why not bring some changes ?

Sidu Well!! the shape look quite familiar, doent it?? yes! it reminds us of domino garlic bread. but, wait! it’s not. it is a snack from Himachal,made of wheat and stuffed with walnut, which makes it much healthier and is served with classic Indiangreen chutney.

Bhey It sounds weird and i am pretty sure you will give the same facial reaction as its pronunciation once you get to know what it actually is. drum roll..... LOTUS STEM .It is one of my favourites from this list. It is quite a popular and common item in the kitchens of Punjab. Bheykisabzi, basically the stem of the plant is cooked as a sabzi. It is also known as kamalkakdi.

THE FALL OF DEC OR The world is changing rapidly and so the fashion and fashion sense of people around us and in this changing world of ours, we should also take our home forward. Giving your home a new look is never a bad idea. As fashion changes home decor also changes some simple tricks will make your home glower and a perfect home. The famous trend is to give your home a winter look and make it feel cozier and homelyof course you can use what you love and can renovate it according to the fall fashion. “Fall is in fashion” accept it or not and the fairy and intimate look which it takes with itself is unexpressed, the happiness and

in New York City and the author of One Spice, Two Spice. Yes! that is what they say about Indiancuisine and they are not at all wrong. TheIndianplatter is filled with more than the tastes you can ever imagine. But, how sure are you that you are aware of all it has to serve in term of satisfying your taste buds... Hence, it is not astonishing that in food styles and customs too, there lies wide and vivid range variation in all the four corners of the country just like its diversity. We are well aware of alookaparatha of the North, Dosas of the South, varieties of fish curries of the East and Dhoklas of the West, but what about the other dishes which are delicious too but are obscure by the unmatched popularity of the common Indian dishes. Here isglimpse of some dishes from various parts of the county, that we bet not much, but only the natives would be knowing.

sleepy phase which it has is something which will give your home a new feel. Some of the upcoming trends for your home are : VELVET Yes, Velvet is back in for the home decor fashion. Velvet will give your home a royal look and make it look classy. Velvet sofa gives a good impression even in a messy room. The velvet fabric looks more luxurious with a rough surface. The Rough surface enhance the fabric and the velvet sofa will come out with warmer and an intense feel. Your home will scream of luxury if you use bits and patches of

Poha Poha is quite a common breakfast dish from south India, and most of us have enjoyed a hot plate of on our breakfast table at some time or the other in our life. This dish is very similar to poha, but with a Mongoliantouch. It is a spicier version of poha. after the preparation of poha it is dipped in a spicy curry, the poha then absorbs the curry and becomes spicy.

Pyaaz ka Halwa Many of us pull back with the very thought of consuming onions. but what about having a halwa of that very thing. Wait!! What? … Confused right!! trust us ,it tastes amazingly well! frying them, adding milk and sugar, just like a regular halwa!! Though it does not belong to any particular place to be specific, but found in the pockets of India. This dish is very delicious and mind blowing, waiting for the right desert for the festive season coming up ? Don’t you worry. Make the halwa and serve hot you’ll win everyone’s heart. Halwa’s are usually sweets that people love eating all over India and is always mostly seen in every velvet here and there. A little more of a maintainance but velvet can do wonders to the interiors of a place. Velvet has been seen in a lot of places now and it totally helps the house look beautiful and royal. What are you waiting for ? Go pick your desired colours and totally add these beauties in the interiors of your house. Remember to keep it minimal and contemporary, going wrong with velvets is also possible. Pair you velvet couches or pillow covers with off white or same colour rugs. THE DARK GREEN The dark green color brings out the vintage look for your Kitchen. The food and the color will make you happy and healthy. The intense color will give you a cozy feel for winters. The

Chapra RED the colour itself gives us the feel of hotness, now think of red ants. I am pretty sure you have already imagined the hotness of its bite. Chapra is a chutney liked especially by the tribals of Chhattisgarh. It is made from red ants, eggs and is spicy in nature. A few of us may find this unappealing, however, do keep in mind that even foreigners make .These dishes can be easily cooked in any occasions, parties or festivals. Some of these are typical traditional food items which have not been very famous for eveyone to know about it. But we are sure people will love these additions to the menu !

Gunda Gunda is a berry commonly found in Gujarat. As a result, the locals prepare a tangy sabzi using the berry; it consists of red chillies, raw mangoes and methi. The looks of this dish are enough to make anyone try it!

color gives a rustic look to your kitchen and gives you a reason to stay in the kitchen longer. Don’t be afraid to go dark and dramatic, these beautiful spaces can inspire you to update your house into even more beautiful spaces. These decors are trending and are totally looking beautiful and homely. WOVEN The soft woven feel is something that will bring you back home and your kitten is going to love it. Woven texture on walls and woven blankets is one of the must things which you are going to need in these winters. Woven will give you a granny feels and make you more attached to the home even if you are a bachelor living alone.

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11 December 2017




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“A day without music makes me sick” Coal Town boy –Rachit Agarwal, former contestant of singing reality show ‘Voice India S2’ is ready to hit big. He is from Dhanbad, Jharkhand, which is also known as the coal capital and famous for many outstanding story lines for various Bollywood movies like Wasseypur. Rachit lives in a family of 35 people where everyone follows & sings devotional music. His father is a businessman and supports Rachit’s interest in music. How long have you been associated with music? Do you play any instruments too? I have been associated with music for past 14 years now! Initially started with training in classical singing. Yes, I do play many instruments like harmonium, piano and guitar sometime. What is your music genre? Do you like to sing other type of songs also? Classical is my genre in music. I have been practicing classical from last 8 years. Yes, I occasionally like to sing other forms of music too. Tell us about your journey so far! Journey so far for me wasn’t smooth at all. Music seems to be an easy platform but to acquire one need a lot of hard work, patience & effort. I developed a sense of passion for music at very early stage of life. My father was always there for me guiding through all up & downs. I used to participate and won in all the music contests in school and the city. Having no contact in the industry was something that always bothered me. Eventually with the rise of singing reality shows, I found a way to showcase my talent. So I came to Mumbai for better opportunity and started preparing more and more for the shows and finally got the opportunity to show my talent in Voice India S2 2016. Do you consider Voice India as a life changing factor for you and your career? Well, Voice India was undoubtedly a life changing factor. Reaching the top 6 may not

be satisfactory for me, but theexposure I got soon after that was amazing! Despite of not winning the show, there is a huge fan follower of mine. Career wise I feel more secure. Every now and then I am getting calls for various events in India & abroad. Whom do you consider your inspiration or love to follow in Music industry? Shree Kailash Kher sir has always been a true inspiration for me. I love to follow his works and looking forward to meet him soon. What all events & shows have you been the part of recently? I have been doing many shows both nationally & internationally now. Recently, for a show in Israel, I was the lead singer amongst 15 other people associated with music industry. The response from the crowd was phenomenal. The show was a big hit and I am expecting another trip soon.

Which female singer you would like to work with if given the opportunity. Why? Shreya Ghoshal! I have always been a huge fan of her work. Her voice & understanding of music is simply admiring. I would definitely

like to work with her. What is success for you? Success meaning vary from person to person. Everyone loves the world of glamour & recognition. I keeps on putting benchmark for me to measure my success. For now success would be seeing me in top of the music industry probably. What advice you would give to your followers wanting to pursue singing as a career? Singing as a career would be a rough journey unless you keep the positivity alive in you. It needs a great effort, time & dedication to achieve the success. One should practice more & more along with a target goal in mind.

What all plans you have for the future? The music industry is really unpredictable. Till the time, I am bringing something new and creative would be a cheesy journey for me (laughing)! But I have been looking forward to coming up with my own music albums. Recently I launched a music video “afreen afreen reprise” in YouTube along with my co-contestant from voice India. The video got 600k view and counting. Its way less than what we have expected but eventually we will be able to hit 1million views with more & more videos come in the scene. What is that one thing that keeps you alive and gives you motivation? My parents and friends. They have always been the motivating entity for me. Despite to my many failures, they never let me went down. I believe everyone needs someone when they are walking down such unpredictable paths in life. It’s common in such profession to be out of work for long time. How do you like to fill the

inspiring figure for youth in dancing industry. -interviewed by Mohd. Zeeshan

Raghav Juyal is a dancer, choreographer, and actor. He is known as the King of Slow Motion for his surreal dance moves in slow motion style and for his flawless reinvention of the Slow Motion Walk. His stage name Crockroaxz which talks about his dancing style of being powerful like a crocodile and creepy like a cockroach. He has become an

~ raunak aggarwal

gap mentally & financially? That’s an undeniable truth about the profession I am in. There are many times I didn’t have any projects coming by. Tackling such situation with positivity is all you need is to care about. For me Riyaz (practice) works the best. I believe I am still a learner, so what else would give more satisfaction then to me? Talking financially, I believe we all have to pay our bills, so taking care of a continuous income source would be necessary. I have my own studio where I train young vocal talents.

“Youtube made me what I am today”

“I used to practice alone. Whenever my father came home, I used to hide all my musical instruments and open a book and act as if I was studying,” Every parent needs a proof, I practiced a lot, after DID everything changed. My father and Mother were happy after that and told me, ‘you do this only. This is what you were born to do.

Bangalore, INDIA

How did your dancing journey start? I was always in love with dance, I used to watch a lot of dancing videos on youtube and started self-teaching myself. But I got some confidence when me and my crew D-Maniax decided to participate in Colors dancing reality show Chak Dhoom Dhoom in 2011, we had no prior knowledge of Mumbai before and it was difficult for inexperienced teenagers like us. Unfortunately, we were disqualified but after some few months of solo practice I made it into DID 2013, and that is how it all started. What inspired you the most? Youtube inspired and the dancers all over the world. I say that it was youtube that taught me more than anybody else in the world. Now I am learning from myself again and try to be creative at every turn. How did you get your famous slow-motion move? As I said I was so much into youtube, I picked up a few step from a video by Michel Hill and

~ Mohmmad Jeeshan

as I was trying to copy them step by step my friends saw me and asked if I could do the whole step as it is in slow motion and it worked. This credit goes to my friends all alone. How did you get the role in ABCD 2? Initially they offered me a role in the first ABCD but I declined, my intuition was telling me to do DID to do what I came here to do and if the everything goes well, I will surely get another movie in future and I did, they offered me a second lead role in ABCD 2 just because of DID, it was DID that made me more famous. Tell us about your experience in DID. The whole journey was a ride with lots of ups and downs, initially when I was disqualified from the show, it broke me and I decided to do something better with my life but not dance, later when I saw the love a support of my fans all around the nation, it started a spark again and Mithun da gave me a wildcard entry into DID, which made me the happiest person in the world. I gave my best and I become the finalist. It was all magnificent and such a dreamlike, my mom and dad were proud of me for the first time in life. This experience was unforgettable my

competitors and the relationship between Terrence. What are you working on right now? I have been planning to open an official youtube channel with my name, it has been few months since I started working on it. It still needs some work but I am sure it will be done a few upcoming months. I would like to inspire this new generation to stand up for their dreams and pursue them. Any advice for future Dancers? Do your level best and open your heart while dancing. Feel the words and let it take you away. One other thing, “YouTube is good for all the unique talents … If they like your talent, they’ll watch it again and again and it’ll become viral. I would tell everyone, show your unique talent on YouTube,” What are your plans for future? My head is still into making an inspiring youtube channel, there are some other movie offers but I want to keep them aside for now and work for myself and for the people who have dreams like me.

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Story of a Wood Worker

~ Akriti

Stool’ replica. I had the confidence that I can

‘Right now I am seeking liberation. I am build something out of wood. The way chisel very inspired by the purest forms which I only see in nature.’ Mayank Saini a wood worker, freelancer from NIFT Bengaluru shared his experiences, he is a passionate person and carries a lot of love for wood as a material. He started his journey from since he was 9 years old which justifies his beautiful work and intricate designs. His journey has been full of ventures and him finding himself. A man who is not scared of taking risks, a man who believes in handmade work. Let’s know more about this inspiringly interesting journey.

Q1. How did your Design Journey begin ? My design journey began in the year 2007. 2 years before coming to NIFT. That is when I decided that I want to be a designer. I began with making paper model when I was 9 years old and that’s when i got the confidence that I could do designing and then I joined NIFT. Q2. What inspired you the most ? I got inspired by different things at different times. I’ve always paid attention in detailing and have always wanted to make perfect things, and now I am seeking liberation. I am very inspired by the purest forms which I see only in the nature. Q3. Every designer has a particular way in which they work, describe your creative process. My creative process begins with my Idea to build something. I draw my idea and I keep thinking about it. I build that image and start mental stimulation about construction. Then I keep making changes till I am satisfied. Sometimes it additive and sometimes subtractive. The process also changes according to the situation. If I have a beautiful piece of wood my who mind revolves around it. I love this process and its not in my brain, it’s out in nature. It’s more pure, humbling and accepting. Then comes construction which is a very elaborate process. In woodwork they say “measure twice, cut once.” The whole idea is to always put in mind, sweat, blood and soul. Q4. When did you start working with wood and why ? It started with my hands. I made my first piece of furniture in 2010. It was the famous ‘Ulm

cuts the wood and the amount of hardness and softness of wood, it was just good for me.I had wood turning machines in my college, I loved the feel of the wood -turning gauge slicing the fast moving wood. Q5. Tell us something about your experiences, how was it for you and what did it involve ? As my college was getting over I had a clear picture of what I wanted to do.I wanted to work with wood and I did not want to join a corporate. Luckily a bangalore based wood worker came up with the idea of a startup and asked me to join and I joined him. I learnt more about carpentry, it was basically an introduction to fine carpentry. I learned use fine Japanese and European tools and machines. There are many rules involved in wood work and it must be followed! With him I made furniture and packages and jewellery boxes. It was mind opening for me! After one year I took up projects in northeast india partly because I wanted more money and also because that time my parents did not undertand I am becoming a carpenter. So in North east I have worked with local tribes and lived in the most harsd conditions. I also did some intresting projects in black clay, cane and bamboo in Meghalaya and Mizoram. After coming back I opened my own workshop in Delhi. This was inside my house itself and I used to work their before and after my office. It was the most creative time, I actually found myself. After 6 months I moved to Auroville to work in Kenji Matsumoto’s workshop where the real magic began. he showed me things I could not think of, he was a real master! Right now I am working on a project in mysore and teaching wood craft to local craftsmen. I am on my mission to bring immaculate carpentry in our country. Q6. How do you stay organised when you’re given multiple design assets and ideas ? By slowing down. I take time to think about things and with a calm mind clarity comes and I am able to choose which way to go. Q7. Tell us about a time when you had to balance multiple competing prorities. I just try to work with a positive mindset. That

way half od my problem is solved. Then relentless efforts, not to lets the heart break easily. Carpentry is a tough job and it has built a character in me and therefore I accept hardwork. With grace of life, I don’t have any challenges that my mind can build for itself. If there is any technical challenge in the task to be done I have to learn the technique. Q8. Any work of yours that has made you extremely proud ? I worked with a fashion brand “PELLA” and made attachments for their summer resort collection of dresses 2016 which were to be showcased in the Lakme Fashion Week. With no knowledge of fashion and dresses, it so happened that I matched their thinking and my pieces perfectly fitting in their dresses. Quite a humbling experience. Q9. A quality you have that you think has helped you reach this far in life ? More important than anything, Patience. Always. Q10. How do you react to deadlines ? Ever felt thepressure ? Deadlines are sweet if I plan things accordingly. They have actually gotten a lot of work done by me in a very short time. I like the situation to be in my control, but I haven’t really worked under pressure yet. I remember a project of a wooden case that I was making and I had no money in my pocket so I had to finish it soon so that I get some money quick but I screwed it. So pressure is a no no! Q11. How do you measure the success of

“It’s never too easy to start your own brand”

your designs ? If a product that I make is useful and the beauty of it is accepted it is success, (By acceptance I mean my personal Idea of beauty being manifested in the physical world. Then the design cycle is complete. Q12. Where do you think the future of wood designing could go ? I think the future could go towards handicraft. Since we’ve already used up many natural resources we will strive for a sustainable way of living. People have already started giving value to sustainabiltiy. People will be shifting towards hand made objects. Q13. How would you describe your work and influences ? My work is a work in progress. Currently I am influenced by George Nakashima and the Japanese philosophy of craft and design. Once I have taken all the juice of this style and philosophy, I will move on. For me my work is seeking. Q14. Tell us about your weaknesses. Have you tried working on it ? Well that’s a tricky question! I lose my focus sometimes and become comfortable with it. But yes, every now and then I wake myself up to be consistent. When I think of an idea I get obsessed with it. But now it’s happening lesser as I am making a concious effort to try and accept others thoughts and ideas as well. I also tend to procastinate. Which is never helpful. The only way to fight that is to “just do it.”

~ Ekta Verma

Varun Arora is a NIFT alumni and owns a brand Tessels under his name. Q1. From bangalore to delhi how was your journey so far? I have started my own brand Anyways the journey is all about learning There is no end to learning. Bangalore was just learning the basics and getting into the zone Delhi is where I actually came out of my comfort zone and had to show my basics along with how well I can adapt my learnings to the brand and prove myself. The journey is ever learning and moulding yourself to the requirements That’s where you start knowing yourself. Q2. What inspires you eveeyday for making new designs? Expectations and establishing your name Because there is no end to competition New brands come up everyday So all I think is how can I create my own stand and please the customers that come to me. Q3. Was it easy for you to choose fashion designing as an option and was your parenrs convinced wuth your decision?

I never thougth of becoming a fashion designer I just joined this course because my parents were already running a boutique so they backed my skills I just took it as a path to evade studies and learning something creative Because I was good in drawing from my childhood So I just had to clear the entrance Backing was always there Q4. What do you think is it your destiny or hardwork because of which you are here Destiny is always there But to make that des tiny go your way Hardwork is must That’s it. Q5.Was it a one night decision or a master plan for creating your own brand? You can just call it as planning and believing in yourself. Setting up a business requires lots of time and patience. It’s can never be a one night decision no matter how rich you are. Q6According to you what is a good design Good design is nothing but what you create from your interests and passion which SATISFIES CUSTOMERS REQUIREMENTS TOO.

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MA N BE HIND THE SKETCHES ! From making posters to illustrating a full novel, how has the journey been? -Actually, I started with comics, it’s just that posters saw the light of day first. And.... It has been more than a journey, it is a adventure which is still going on.

Sumit Kumar! a name less known. yet, die hard comic fans are well aware of it. Good morning Sumit! So how is your short stay in Bangalore treating you? Well, weather is nice here. Not been out much. Wish I could extend my stay here to explore more of the city. Aah! that’s really nice, o without wasting anymore time let’s get to know you more. Our very first and basic question is how did you discover the artist in you? - here is the good thing- I didn’t need to discover the artist. I have been drawing and creating stories for as long as I can remember. Those animated shows that used to air on DD metro back in those days? I loved them. While watching shows, my elder brother and I would sit down with papers and pencil and try to draw He-Man, Superman, Flash Gordon and Phantom. Those were my first inspirations. With time, more exposure came in form of comics, movies and video games. Never stopped drawing them. When the Time came, I knew I wanted to draw comics for a living. How did you start your career in this industry? -Ahh..... with all the reservation I have against social media, This is something I owe to facebook. I sent friend request to every comic person in my knowledge and used to upload whatever I draw on Facebook. Over time, several people noticed, one fine day, a message came- “hey would you like to work on a graphic novel”? I said yes.

We see that you have worked for many domestic projects. Can you tell our readers about some of your work. -My first project was Payback and after that Munkeeman vol. 2-3. Both were published by pop-culture publishing which was a part of twenty onwards media. The company is now called ‘comic con India’. Apart from that, I have worked on various short scripts, posters and covers for publishers like Holy Cow entertainment, speech bubble entertainment, pop culture publishing, graphic India and Yali dreams creations. I’ve also contributed to web comics ‘the gutters’. How is it working for the Indian market? -There is a bit of struggle here. Entry level publishers don’t pay much and you might end up on bollywood-ish projects which rely on masala rather than good storytelling. But once you progress and people get to know you, good projects start coming your way. We also see that you have and working on international projects . How different is it when compared to the Indian market? - it’s drastically different. India has talent but it’s scattered, there is no community. Internationally, there is this sense of community. Not only there are content driven projects, but people are so supportive. Also, India has this ‘Jugaad’ mentality. Apart from graphic India, I’ve not come across a company which employs proper letterer (people here grossly underestimate the value of lettering) or an editor. Internationally, it isn’t a team unless you have a letterer. There is this strange satisfaction when you do something properly. What about the sense of competition when it comes to international market? -My experience hasn’t been much, but in the duration, I have never sensed competition. I have just recieved support. All this will illustrating for other, have you thought of your very own comic book or character? if is why don’t you tell us something about it! - I have ideas, concepts and plans, yes. And I’m not telling you anything about them. By qualification you attained your bachelors in Fine Arts from Delhi College Of Art and masters from IDC Mumbai in Animation Film making. Why such a shift? - it just looks like a shift. In reality, Painting ,animation or comics, the essence is samevisual storytelling or making the viewers feel something by stimulating their subconscious by the means of visual information. Many underlying basics are same. For example- good acting. we all have an idea about how acting

~ Navneet singh

applies in animation and comics. In painting ask yourself- would Michelangelo’s David look so mighty had he posed him poorly? In 2012 you designed the Comic Con mascot. Tell us something about it. I designed a character named Superkudi. At that time, twenty onwards media’s event Comic con India had just tasted success in 2011. I was working for them on a comic book project. They were quite satisfied with my work and asked me to try my hands on a character design for the mascot of Delhi comic con. The brief was - what if Kara Zor el’s ship crashed in Amritsar instead of a town in america. What would she be? When character was pitched, it looked quite different. There was more Desiness to it. The idea wasn’t recieved well and was about to be shelved. I made one last drawing on the final day.......... We had a mascot :). It was recieved well. The project I was working on wasn’t published yet. So, in many ways, the mascot was my first taste of success.

And character? -Black sad DC or Marvel ? DC comics, animation and films and marvel movies.

so, over all how has your journey been? One word - adventure So let’s move to some fun questions. - Mukesh Singh,Frank Frazetta, Mark Schultz, Olivier coepiel. Bilquis evily. Sean Murphy, Raphael Alberqueue. Juanjo guarnido

Any note for aspiring comic artists. -I am here for you.

Your favourite comic artist? - Mukesh Singh,Frank Frazetta, Mark Schultz, Olivier coepiel. Bilquis evily. Sean Murphy, Raphael Alberqueue. Juanjo guarnido

Movie adaptation or reading comics? - watching movie adaptation after reading comics. Any fan moment that you can recall -My fans or my moments as a fan? If it’s about my fans, it’s when I got a book signed by known cartoonist Abhijeet Kini and when I opened it, he had written - ‘to one of my favourite illustrators. I felt so humbled. If you are asking about my fanboy moment, it was when I met Mukesh Singh One thing that you would like to tell your fans. Don’t be my Fan. Be Mukesh Singh’s fan.

With this we come to the end of the interview. So, for all you people who did not know how is! I am pretty sure by know you know who is illustrating your favourite comics. Thank you Sumit. It was wonderful talking to you.

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11 December 2017




Bangalore, INDIA

75% Attendence?

Does making it compulsory benift the students? The Bombay high court once took a major step in the field of education during 2002 March. Justice J.A. Patil upheld the decision and advised G. Ramachandran, principal of Kandivli Education Society’s college of arts and commerce not to allow 46 students who had less than 75 percent attendance to appear for the March 2002 final examinations. Later on, this rule sure made an impact on how the education institutes work. Now, most of the universities and institutes have a rule which says that the student who has less than 65% attendance in each subject and 75% overall will not be allowed for the final examination. But it was also said that the stories of those 46 students were being listened. With or Without the rule? This is a very burning question in the minds of students these days. One part of this rule seems totally fair while the other seems so wrong. if we see the positive side then, Nowadays we all know that majority of the students are bogged down by the peer pressure of attendance which pushes the students to attend their classes and they study. Nobody knows what the student would do by not being in the classroom. After several interactions with the students what emerged was: while away from the class, most of the time students are either chit-chatting or gaming. On the other hand, it seems completely useless and it does not allow the real problems to surface. It sustains the belief that smart students are the ones with high attendance, even if they do not pay attention and fail in their exams, and the lazy student’s bunk classes even if they are busy doing other useful activities and do manage to study at the last minute. After a fair amount of research it has been discovered that some students are self-employed. Their families’ financial condition isn’t good enough to pay their college fees and living, so most of the students work as a

part-timer in some restaurants and do jobs they are good at. This gives a major pressure on the student to balance both at the same time Force to learn? The council of professors who set this attendance criterion for sitting in UG exams says that the students who attend college on the regular basis are the only intellects who have a passion for pursuing their dreams and are focused and dedicated to the core. They are the only ones who can make their dreams come true which is true to some extent but not fully. According to the council rest who don’t attend are the serious bunkers and they need to be more conscious about their studies. And in order to inculcate this idea of being more conscious about their studies and being responsible, they have made this 75% attendance scenario a compulsion. But they are totally neglecting the fact that making this attendance rule a compulsion won’t help in any manner. They themselves are familiar with the fact that not many students in the class pay attention. They are their just because of the fear of attendance. Confucius once said “The people can be forced to obey, but they cannot be forced to learn Not the student’s fault? It’s not always the students who are to be blamed. It’s the teachers who need to take a step forward, create a learning atmosphere in the provoking teaching methods and need to be more approachable. It is because of the few Teachers who don’t take the classes as per the direction and the students end up taking the extra tuitions which also becomes a hard thing to handle on a daily basis. Learning is something that cannot be forced on anyone. Education should inspire creativity and inquisitiveness. The methods of learning are different

to every individual some people love to have a self-study while other prefer to have a group discussion for learning. Every student is wise enough to know whether he or she should attend the class or not, even though you are in college, even though you are mature enough to vote, even though you know there is nothing to learn in the class this rule bounds you to sit anyway. Some might say that if this rule wasn’t in the place, nobody would be interested in joining the classes. But there is one Intuition which has no policy on the attendance and it is consistently rated as one of the best institutes in India and student to attend classes there,

they aren’t forced to. Future of education. The main purpose of the education system should have to provide quality education to every aspiring individual but it has become a topic of political debate and the future seems so uncertain. The place where one used to come to have a better future has itself made its future in danger. Students who talk about the peer pressure of the assignment and the attendance boundary are growing day by day. On the other hand, the council of education doesn’t seem to be flexible in the near future.


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Weekly tabloid on different types of self written articles