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Actual facts from real Navman Wireless customers Tech A.I.R. Florida sprawl and stopand-go traffic wreaks havoc on Tech A.I.R.’s fuel budget. After implementing a Navman Wireless fleet-transportation solution, the company can take an in-depth and bird’s-eye view of their operation via reports such as Idle. With tools like these, Tech A.I.R. has slashed fuel costs in half.

With Navman Wireless, Tech A.I.R.’s fuel costs dropped by more than 50%, or $7K, each month.

Fuel Savings

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Get control of soaring fuel costs It’s your operation’s lifeblood, but fuel costs really take a bite out of your profit margin. Although we can’t decide what you pay at the pump, Navman Wireless fleet-management solutions can help you maximize fuel consumption while reducing maintenance costs. Navman Wireless fleet-management solutions connect you with the Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence you need to dramatically reduce your fuel usage. Get in-depth, real-time data, plus powerful analytical tools you need to: • Manage maintenance schedules for better asset performance; a poorly serviced engine can use up to 50% more fuel • Reduce idle times through careful monitoring and save up to .5 gallons of fuel burned per hour

$269 per vehicle per month


Cost-Saving Products from Navman Wireless Advanced Tracking Qube Qtanium 300

Two-Way Communication MDT-860

GPS-based Navigation M-Nav 760

Proprietary Software OnlineAVL2 MobileAVL2

• Ensure route compliance to eliminate excessive mileage • Control speeding with reports that show you the exact time, amount and length of speeding violations. When your drivers speed, it wastes up to $.24 for every 5 mph over 60 mph traveled

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Tech A.I.R’s Fuel Saving Case Study by Navman Wireless  

Navman Wireless’ fleet fuel management system helped Florida’s Tech A.I.R reduce fuel costs by a significant margin. Award winning OnlineAVL...