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Page design: The art of presenting words and pictures in print

Dolendio blaborest Cover Designs: We’ll create and laciendionse necta attractive, effective cover for your adit, odi te nobitatur, work, with labore professionalqui typograut ent bea phy and aut illustrations as approdior iunt et, es in priate. Custom or stock photos renimi.

Print and Web ads:


ing that gets results is one of my specialties. I'll help you sell your products or services in any medium,




or artwork can be used. We can

color magazines, black-and-white

also create original artwork, us-


ing digital or traditional media.

and websites and social media.



Typography & Page Formatting:

story on a page is an art in itself,

I will work with you to select the

especially if the book includes il-

general look and feel, the right

lustrations, sidebars and other

fonts for your text, headings, im-

supplementary materials. I've been

ages, layout, and other page el-

designing pages of every size, from

ements, and format the pages to

handbooks to newspaper broad-

meet your publisher's or printer's

sheets, for my entire career. I'll

specifications. I'm expert in Ado-

design attractive, reader-friendly

be Photoshop, Illustrator and In-

layouts that suit your project and

Design. Page layout and design


are a specialty.








Themed bridal fashion show spreads This particular project involved the design of themed bridal fashion show spreads for each season. Design wok involved removing the background on a few photos, enhancing skin tones and removing flaws. Further work inlcuded the layout design for the pages as well as the written copy.



Created interesting arrangement of type and visual elements for a magazine spread using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Discussed business plan with client and designed a sales flyer plus updated the existing 50-year-old logo with plans to phase it out

magazines & boolets We can create a single publication or help produce a continuing series. catalogues, brochures, programs,

Our layout experience encompasses category newsletters, books and magazines.

Examples of our work in this area include writing, photo editing, layout and

Dolendio design forblaborest newsletters, circulars, etc. laciendionse necta adit, odi te nobitatur, ut ent labore qui bea dior aut iunt et, es in renimi.

Food magazine Interviewed chefs, worked with photographers, wrote story, and laid out pages as well as the written copy.

designing, directing & editing

booklets, albumns, etc

I first did the makeup on the models, working with an elite line of products. I then worked with a professional photographer directing the posing. Together we selected photos and applied Photoshop retouching. I then designed and laid out the page.

Client designed a cookware mold that spelled out "SOMETHING" and he wished to sell this along with cookbook. I worked with him designing a cover, inside pages, and other elements to put the entire project on Kickstarter.

business designs Designs in this category include, however are not limited to ads, logos, product descriptions, themed proposal sets, themed sales campaigns and magazines.

Blues Jean bar flyer Elance client who needed flyer for an upcoming event to post on their website. Requirements were quick turnaround, graphic design and ad experience, at a price that is fair. Used Photoshop, Indesign and stock photo. Waiting for ad results.

business cards Insert Description here. Henihicia doluptae necto incit harchicil id mossint et fugiae venti rem ideni as mos veliame eosam net officaerum remSolum iu sedo.

business cards with embedded logo I designed an ad for the owner to be placed in a local publication. The client did not have a logo, so although she did not ask, I designed one for her. She loved it and purchased the logo as well as asking to me design and have printed

business logos

simple, creative logos

Client wanted this to be straightforward and to stand out. Nothing "cutesy". The orange was chosen because "If you don't want to wear this color suit, call Powell"

Used Photoshop and Illustrator to create a fun, memorable logo for a local store opening.

business ads for print

business ads for web

Worked with manager and their existing photographs to create an ad for a regional magazine

Designed cover around the client's favorite colors and her upbeat personality

Book Covers This section includes designs for various book covers, completed with professional typography, illustrations and custom artork if required.

simple & effective Worked with a professional photographer and removed the background from a series of photos to create this in Photoshop for a local Dance Troupe. Was used for an instruction booklet, postcard, advertisement and revised for a business card.

colourful, playful designs Client designed a cookware mold that spelled out "SOMETHING" and he wished to sell this along with cookbook. I worked with him designing a cover, inside pages, and other elements to put the entire project on Kickstarter.

elegant designs Commissioned photographer, recruited models and worked with area bridal shops to showcase the upcoming bridal gowns of the years

Writing & Editorial Proof reading: If you're an experienced author, confident in your skills, you may need nothing more than a careful, professional eye to catch the inevitable text glitches and typos that will be invisible to your own eye. Proof reading is also a necessary final step after the book has been set in type and before it goes to press. It ensures that the published version precisely matches the final edited draft. Basic copy editing: Finding and smoothing out a text's rough edges are a specialty. I'll help your own voice be heard, faithful to your own style, while ensuring your prose is clear, correct and compelling. Copy editing is about the nuts-and-bolts mechanics of the English language: spelling, punctuation, grammar and word usage. In-depth editing service: An informal, results-oriented collaborative process will help you shape and organize your text, identify gaps and clarify your narrative. Starting from a sample chapter, I can offer recommendations about the level of editing your manuscript needs. The author's expertise in the book's subject combines with my expertise in how to tell a story or explain ideas. The result: compelling prose. Fact checking and original research: Ensuring absolute accuracy is essential for nonfiction. In fiction, avoiding anachronisms and factual errors is important for the writer's credibility. As a veteran news-media professional, I'm well qualified to verify any aspect of your story that can be checked, and advise you on historical, cultural or technical contexts when needed. Writing coaching: For beginning authors who have a story to tell, but not a lot of experience in the printed word, I can help you structure your writing to make it a pleasure for your readers. In 30-plus years as an editor, I've improved the work of hundreds of talented writers, from raw beginners to seasoned professionals. Co-author or ghost writing: Need a pro to help you tell your story effectively? I'll work with you to master your material and shape it into a readable narrative, with or without a co-author credit, as you prefer.

classic designs

wedding designs

Interviewed Mr. Jones, wrote copy and designed newsletter for the Wilmington WWII Heritage Coalition

Worked with models and photographer posing shots; touched up images in Photoshop, designed pages, wrote copy

wedding designs

playful designs

elegant designs

brochure designs

Worked with models and photographer posing shots; touched up images in Photoshop, designed pages, wrote copy

Found interesting invitations to sell and created the page layout. I could not find enough creative invites, so I created a few of my own which are listed under "Cape Fear

Asked a few young women of my acquaintance if they would allow themselves to be published in our next issue of "Cape Fear Wedding" as I needed a beauty article.

Redesigned and updated current brochure and logo to give a more polished finish.

Graphic Design and Fine Arts This section inludes a wide array of graphic design pieces ranging from simple vintage designs to ultra-modern and futuristic concepts. Designs done by way of an infusion and traditional media are alos presented.

vintage designs Client needed 5 posters of wellknown historical people rendered in President Obama's 'Hope' campaign. I began with a photograph and wa-la! The rest was simply magic. :-)

traditional media Color pencil illustration imported into Photoshop, using layers and Smart Objects to create a creative idea sketch of my thought process http://www.capefearpublishers. com

Client Name or Headline


poster designs

poster designs

Fun with filters and photoshop actions! This is my son and his (current) girlfriend

I drew Johnny with pencil and charcoal

Insert Description here. Henihicia doluptae necto incit harchicil id mossint et fugiae venti rem ideni as mos veliame eosam net officaerum remSolum iu sedo, qui senam qua noverisse tus, senatis. coentrurnit apesces andicae.

Client wished to make current cover for Christian research book more polished. I took the general idea, keep the pertinent concepts, and reworked the design.

card designs

imaginative designs

chart designs

single page brochres

Designed Christmas Cards for The Good Shepherd, a homeless shelter (many children), to sell for profit. Original art

Placed my art sketches in a photograph of an empty warehouse, giving it a look of an art gallery. Superimposed a person in the 'gallery' to give the impression of a museum visitor (used a blur effect).

Client needed a chart for a bakeware product and cookbook as part of his presentation on Kickstarter. I used Photoshop and Illustrator to create this "Pie"

Redesigned current brochure to polish it up a bit, adding relevant art and making the copy points stand out (they may be difficult to see in this thumbnail, but work quite well full size)

logo integration

comic & other effects

designs from scratch

specialized magazines

I wanted something catchy to use on the front of the booklet I was designing for a security company. Used their logo and overlaid a puzzle in Illustrator, then broke up the 'pieces' in Photoshop

I used a variety of Photoshop tools and filters to create a comic book look from a photograph of my nephew and stepfather

Client needed a design that looked like a real coin, and this is what I did. I used a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop, working in layers and adding artistic effects, lighting, and typography effects.

Each issue of Cape Fear Wedding, our local bridal guide, we feature wedding dresses. "'Trash the Dress' was fun (although I'd NEVER do this to my dress) as it made for an awesome and descriptive feature.

, 5621 Athens Lane Wilmington | ENC 28405-3716 c 910-392-5228 | m

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