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Exhibition & Conference - 13 & 14 October 2015 - Amsterdam RAI

The rise of renewables According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), as the world’s population increases, the energy demand will rise by 40% in 2040. But, at the same time, the energy industry faces challenges presented by a changing climate. Changes that require a drastic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. So, it’s no surprise that renewable energy will be a very important part of the worldwide energy supply. The IEA even reported recently that renewable energy could surpass coal, nuclear power, and natural gas as the world’s largest source of electricity within just 15 years. In this light it speaks for itself that Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2015 (OEEC), one of the leading international conferences on all facets of offshore energy, saves some spots for the developments and innovations in renewable energy. P37 floating wave and wind power platform (Credit: Floating Power Plant)

Although it’s nothing new for countries

is now the largest wind power market

not only from waves and tides, but also

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To allow attendees to gain information

and companies to invest in renewable

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offshore industry also deserve a range

the annual Offshore WIND Conference

form of energy production is growing

really nothing 10 years ago to 25% now.

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of programs dedicated to shedding light

(OWC) will take place on Monday, October

faster than ever. For example, the

These are very important signals that

vast amounts of useable energy. An

on those subjects. Offshore Energy 2015

12th, a day prior to Offshore Energy 2015,

European Union set themselves a target

China is moving into the right direction.”

available form of offshore energy that is

wants to update the industry on the

at the Amsterdam RAI. The theme of the

still in its infancy, but has huge potential.

various possibilities and innovations that

sixth annual Offshore WIND Conference

of a 20% share of renewable energy in 2020, and, according to the European

But ahead of them all must be Australia.

In terms of both cost and because this

are available. That’s why Marine Energy

is “Building an industry without borders”.

Commission’s biennial progress report,

The Conservation Council of Western

type of energy generation has less of a

will be featured in one of the Technical

A theme that hopes to not only exceed

it looks like the EU as a whole is going

Australia recently released a report

strain on the environment. Ocean energy

Sessions at the conference.

international borders, but also break

to achieve this.

stating that the South of Australia could

offers many possibilities worldwide

down the barriers in legislation as well

be powered completely by renewable

to produce substantial amounts of

Offshore WIND Conference 2015

as mental barriers, discovering how

China may be seen as a conservative

energy in around 15 year’s time. And

renewable energy.

Wind Energy is one of the best known

people can promote the growth of

country, but on clear power it’s

even though they set themselves a really

forms of renewable energy. The total

the industry.

definitely a force to reckon with. The

challenging target, the report states that

A couple of weeks ago Chile signed

worldwide installed wind capacity in 2014

country spent more than $80bn in new

this goal is achievable based on extensive

a declaration to co-finance the local

was 7GW, which is expected to grow to

renewables generating capacity, giving

modeling of future power needs.

Marine Energy Research and Innovation

as much as 140GW by 2040. The coming

Centre. It’s the first center of its kind in

years will see the realization of new

them a big lead over the EU ($46bn), Japan ($37bn), and the USA ($34bn)

Marine energy

Latin America, and the state will finance

projects in many new locations. Last year

respectively. The Executive Director of

Another alternative energy source

58% of the total costs of $20 million

35% of the companies attending Offshore

the International Energy Agency, Maria

explored the last couple of years is marine

(€17.6m). Chile expects to become a

Energy Exhibition & Conference were

van der Hoeven, told BBC News, “China

energy; energy that can be extracted

regional and world reference in marine

working in the offshore wind industry.

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