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Grand master Y.K. Kim Visits Full Sail.

Film festival An opportunity for future fimmakers to gain exposure e. n. s.

Women History Month


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Features 05 WOMEN HISTORY MONTH X Factor Club Celebrates all month long.


Grand Master YK Kim offers motivational speech to Full Sail Students.

04 FULL SAIL FILM FESTIVAL: ENS Presents the 1st Full Sail

Film Festival.

ENTERTAINMENT 08 Games and Puzzles

Cross Words.

09 Meet The Clubs

Clubs, Leagues and Associations.

FROM THE NAVIGATOR We very proudly present to you the fourth edition of The Navigator, a magazine for students by students. The Navigator dresses up in pink in appreciation to The X Factor Club, who with hard work and dedication honored all the ladies on campus with various events during the month of March, (Women’s Month). The Student Community Association, The Navigator and the Academic Success Team congratulate the Ladies from The X Factor for the great work during the month of March. We would like to restate the main purpose of creating a magazine for students by students. A commonly used word that we hear is, “networking” and The Navigator aims to be the bridge that connects all students from different degrees and cultures. We work closely with all clubs to ensure the quality and credibility of our articles. You deserve the opportunity to be part of a community that embraces your unique talents, hobbies, and interests. The Navigator will guide you into choosing the perfect club, based on those individual needs. Here, you will find insights from past as well as upcoming events. The future of The Navigator is entirely up to you! We encourage student participation, and if you are interested in submitting articles, photos, or artwork, please contact navigator. We look forward to a successful year for The Navigator, and we welcome any comments and suggestions you may have that will improve the magazine in the future. • THE NAVIGATOR • 1 • THE NAVIGATOR • 2

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim Article by: Nicole Gregori Photo by: Emmanuel Maestre

“Every dream begins with a desire” -YK KIM


artial artist and director Y.K. Kim made his

groundbreaking public appearance as a guest speaker at our school this past March. The director spoke to students about his journey to success even after going through many failures. His career as a martial artist quickly turned into a career as a writer, producer and actor on his first film ever, “The Miami Connection” (1987). Although this Korean native had a rough

time in the U.S. trying to promote his dreams without knowing any English and stumbling across different financial situations, it did not make Kim give up one bit! Y.K. Kim has also been a part of many inspirational books and motivational speeches. His set of CD’s and DVD’s, “The New American Dream”, is a collection of insights on how to have a healthy, wealthy and successful life. Entrepreneur and founder of the modern martial arts, Y.K. Kim announced to Full Sail students a possible remake of “The Miami Connection”. • THE NAVIGATOR • 3


Future Filmmakers: Film Festival


he Entertainment Networking Society presented the first Future Filmmakers Film Festival, planned to be held every month. This event offers the opportunity for the future filmmakers of Full Sail University to display their Films to the general student body and to gain exposure. The audience will vote for the best film and that filmmaker will receive recognition for their achievement. It also doubles as a social mixer; students can come and network with other students outside of their class or degree program. Zulailime M. Guzman, Film Student, Presenting her Short Film: “Finding Freedom” • THE NAVIGATOR • 4

Bake Sale

The bake sale was the kick-off fundraiser to celebrate Women’s month. Baked goods where sold for $1.00 during break hours, to Full Sail students, teachers and staff. This allowed the X Factor to inform students about the club and to promote future events that where being celebrated during the month of March. Some of the proceeds collected will go towards a local Charity.

Women HISTORY MONTH Article by: Jenelle bell Picture By: Justin Montgomery & James Womble


his section has been section is dedicated to Black History Month, which is celebrated every February. During this special month we remembered and reflected over the difficulties and triumphs, that millions of American citizens lived against horrible obstacles. The Black Student Union (B.S.U.), took charge of celebrating with pride during this month. They’ve featured many events to honor their ancestors as well as their culture. • THE NAVIGATOR • 5

Zumba! The staff from L.A. Fitness in Winter Park offered the X Factor Club a free Zumba class to help them dance away the stress of school. The club promotes the importance of exercising and staying healthy; it was an invigorating experience to all members. • THE NAVIGATOR • 6

Women in Entertainment Panel This was a GPS event that included a panel of course Directors: Ana Reina, Susan Albershadt and Chiara Ojeda. They shared their experiences in the entertainment industry as well as tips on how to be a successful professional.

Tea time with the Divas This networking event provided the platform for the performers of the Diva Night to get to know each other and other females at Full Sail University. The X Factor partook in delicious treats and an assortment of teas, it was well deserved for the chilly spring weather they had.

Diva Night Diva Night is a female- only talent showcase that was held Diesel Bean Café’s old location. Where Courtney Burton, Alexandria Pham, LC DeSandies, Alexis George, Linette Bailey, Bobbi Ruffin, Erin Johnson, Lawren Chandler and their own MC Shivonne Wilson • THE NAVIGATOR • 7

Across: 3. first American woman awarded a medical degree. 4. first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. 6. physicist was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. 8. first woman to win the Nobel Prize of Literature. 9. one of the greates Jazz singers of all time. Down 1. queen of Egypt and the last pharaoh. 2. mexican artist. 5. author who produced the first literature for the mass market of juvenile girls in the 19th century. 7. first president of the American Red Cross.


Women in History • THE NAVIGATOR • 8

Meet the clubs Associations Associations are entities formed and run elusively by students and cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to those with specific focuses listed below. Clubs are still required to locate a staff/faculty sponsor.

Groups A Group is an entity formed by staff/faculty with an appointed student leadership team. Groups enhance core curriculum or represent industry organizations or professional chapters such as SIGGRAPH or IDGA.

Leagues A league is an entity formed by either staff or students that has a focus on activates that require facilities located off campus, such as soccer, baseball, skateboarding etc. Leagues can hold meetings on campus property provided no league “equipment” is present. Leagues founded by students are still required to locate a staff/faculty sponsor. • THE NAVIGATOR • 09

Ablenton Live Collective President: Michael Parker e-mail:

LAN Game Club President: Eduardo Cabrera e-mail:

Analog Game Club Club Advisor: John O’ Leske e-mail:

MDV President: Mark Evans e-mail:

Bike League Club Advisor: David Baldwin e-mail:

MEISA President: Courtney Swarm e-mail:

Black Student Union President: Naijee Burrel e-mail:

Music Publishing Society President: Dan Rivera

Creative Student Networking Group President: Troy S. Krueger e-mail:

Student Branding Society Staff Advisor: Diane Diaz e-mail:

Entertaiment Networking Society President: Barbara M Soto-Rodriguez e-mail:

Student Event Crew Staff Advisor: Sussan Kelleher e-mail:

FS Picture Show President: Jessica Tice e-mail:

The X Factor President: Courtney Burton e-mail:

Game Production Club President: Geoff Legget e-mail:

The Record Club President: Joseph DiMarco e-mail:

Gay Straight Alliance Staff Advisor: Tatiana Quiroga e-mail: Grammy U President: Dylan Benson e-mail: International Student Society Staff Advisor: Valerie Calderone e-mail:


Veterans Student Union President: Korbin Humble e-mail: Web Enable Brains President: Jacob Patterson e-mail: Student Community Association President: Austin Burgess e-mail: campus.vp@fullsailsca. • THE NAVIGATOR • 10

Acting as a focus point for the Full Sail CommUnity, the Student Community Association (SCA), is here to help coordinate club growth, disperse information, and provide an outlet for expansion and networking with other organizations, who share similar interests across campus and online platforms.

Navigator march 2013  
Navigator march 2013