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December Events 03- The Navigator News is on stands 04-SAB EVENT: The Brat Pack, 80s cover band 11 a.m. 11-Massages in Laker Point 11 a.m. 12-17 Finals 18-Semester closes, grades due at noon 20-23 College offices open 24-Jan 1 Campus closed

01- College offices open 10-Staff Development, College offices open at 10 AM 13-First Day of Spring Semester 15-SAB EVENT Free Photo Dry Erase Boards 20-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day No day or evening classes 22-SAB EVENT Sailesh: Hypnotist Extraordanaire 29-SAB EVENT: Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

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Men’s Basketball 02-Illinois Wesleyan JV 04-Lincoln Trail CC

7 p.m. 7:30 p.m.

Women’s Basketball 04-Licoln Trail College 5:30 p.m. 21-Linocln Land CC 1 p.m. 29-Laker Classic-John Wood 7 p.m. 30-Laker Classic-Black Hawk East 7 p.m. 31-Laker Classic-Muskegon 1 p.m.

Men’s Basketball 08-Southwestern Illinois College 15-Kaskaskia College 22-John A. Logan College 29-Lewis & Clark

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Women’s Basketball 08-Southwestern Illinois College 15-Kaskaskia College 22-John A. Logan College 25-Rend Lake College

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Campus - 03

Making campus a safer place Gretchen Neal Campus & Features Lake Land College takes pride in the fact that it is one of the safest colleges in the state, statistically speaking. Students need not worry much about crime, but that does not mean that students have no concerns at all. This stands for all students. There are groups around campus for financial assistance, tutoring and advisement for classes or transferring and most professors will not turn students away if they need advice for a serious problem. However, a student might feel too intimidated to seek help if he/she is used to being targeted for sexual preferances. To address this issue, Lake Land College has launched Safe Zone, a program that provides training for staff and students alike who are interested in supporting LGBT+ students, staff, workers and anyone else involved in the Lake Land College community. People who attend the sessions and complete training will receive a sticker stating that they are Safe Zone trained. This sticker, already posted on a number of instructors’ doors, will let others know that the certified person is a safe person to talk to about LGBT+ issues. Those who have completed the Safe Zone course can also give assistance to those who need it and give information on what resources in the community can offer help. Stephanie Medley-Rath, the instructor who organized the Safe Zone meetings, said that although this program is new to Lake Land, other universities have been using it

Saving energy, saving money Adam Hostetter Sports & Entertainment Some may remember the good old days when the Northeast building had its wonderful, dated classrooms and dreary central hallway completely devoid of natural light. This is now a fading memory. The complete renovation of the building this past summer has had many effects on Lake Land’s campus. Recently, Raymond Rieck, the school’s Vice President for Business Services, revealed just what changes the campus has taken and how these relate to students in the long run.

The brand new Northeast building. Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

for some time. The program offered by Lake Land is similar to the programs at Eastern Illinois University, University of Illinois, and Parkland Community College. It should be noted that this program was not designed to single out facility members who have not participating. MedleyRath also stressed that even if people are involved with the LGBT+ community, it is always important to develop informed opinions to avoid causing problems. Medley-Rath had this to say about the program: “It helps students realize – whether they’re gay, straight, whatever – that … Lake Land is supportive of students who are gay or lesbian, that we are an inclusive campus, and that you should feel safe; you should be able to be who you are without judgment.” Interested staff members met Nov 27 to learn more about Safe Zone and receive certification as trained members. If there is anyone, staff or student, who was unable to make the Safe Zone meeting and would like more information or to be trained, contact Stephanie Medley-Rath at smedleyrath@lakeland. These Safe-Zone stickers can be found on the door of teachers who participate. Logo courtesy of Paula Rosine

According to Rieck, the complete renovation of the Northeast building cost approximately six million dollars. The building was also connected to the school’s geothermal heating and cooling system as well, reducing energy costs. This adds Northeast to a growing list of campus buildings that have gone through a complete or partial renovation and/or connections to the geothermal system. It will take a few years of saving before the process can start again, but the cosmetology department of the West building and a portion of the Vo-Tech building are next on the list. Many students have probably pondered how these renovations have affected them. Financially, Rieck estimates that the school is saving “20 to 25 percent of our total cost [of running the campus], or about $300,000 a year, which would relate to about $3 per student credit hour” from the collective renovations and other sustainability efforts. However, money is not everything. Rieck also adds that student safety and the classroom environment benefit as well. Eighty-five degree classrooms during the summer will be a thing of the past. Northeast’s renovations resulted in eliminating asbestos from the building, new piping and upgrads to the building’s infrastructure and computer systems. Students with disabilities will appreciate the wider doors to classrooms and better placement of handles. Beyond building improvements, the campus conserves energy and reduces operating costs by using what is available on site, mostly through the geothermal heating and cooling systems. “By far geothermal is our best performer [in energy cost savings],” Rieck points out, explaining that the systems use the constant ground temperature deep below the surface to heat or cool the buildings. A new geothermal well field is planned for construction next summer.

04 - Campus

Clearing the smoke

SGA President Courtney Carver said that the SGA is looking into a possible smoking ban or act to promote a safe and clean environment for everyone. While SGA is remaining neutral about the issue, the organization must Gretchen Neal investigate all complaints brought to them. The proposal Campus & Features is still in early stages of development, and the SGA has Lately, there have been some reports by concerned been holding focus groups to gather student opinions on students about people around campus smoking too close to the matter. So far, they have received feedback from both the doorways of the campus buildings. Lake Land College sides of the debate. Carver said “Right now, it’s just about currently has a policy that states that all smoking must be collecting opinions from the students because that’s what done at least 30 ft away from the buildings, as indicated by really matters.” the signs posted all over campus. If someone involved in the The proposal could very possibly pass, considering Lake Land community sees someone breaking the 30 foot how many universities have switched over to smokerule, they are supposed free campuses recently. to report the incident to “Right now, it’s just about collecting opinions from Carver commented that Dr. Tina Stovall, the Vice if a smoking ban or act the students because that’s what really matters.” - were to pass, it would President for Student Courtney Carver, Student Government Association accommodate everyone. Services. However, this is not common knowledge president “We want to make sure around campus, and is that everyone feels not directly stated in Lake welcome here at Lake Land’s smoking policy, so violations often go unpunished. Land College,” she said. This issue has sparked a debate in Lake Land’s Student Comments about this issue should be directed to Government Association; should Lake Land be a smoke-free members of SGA or Director of Student Life, Valerie Lynch. campus?

A smoke-free campus for Lake Land?

Comic by Adam Hostetter

Winter weary

Keeping boredom at bay Adam Hostetter Sports & Entertainment Winter is here, along with its rude, unwelcome boredom. It cannot be helped; winter is a time when people stay home and out of the cold and snow. But people never like to stay bored, so some of Lake Land College’s student body was questioned on how they pass the time during the winter. One student commented, “I play Battlefield 4,” admitting that gaming is usually more commonplace during the winter. Another nameless student answered, “I build D&D characters,” referring to the popular game Dungeons and Dragons, and went on about how his characters end up being very powerful. Both of these activities are done indoors. It makes sense, considering Illinois winters are usually dry and very windy and do not leave many opportunities to enjoy the outside. After all, who would rather be out in the freezing cold instead of being inside with a warm drink and a good video game? Surprisingly, some students at Lake Land will brave the weather over the break. Kelsey Burgener said, “I like to run, go to the gym and take naps.” That is definitely a

Secret life of Kaitlyn Crossen

A story that cuts into the lives of many Kory Stone Business Manager Some might say that Kaitlyn Crossen, a clinical lab science student at Lake Land College, has it all. She is young, gorgeous, an all-star athlete and makes good grades. She grew up in a middle-class family with parents that adore her. She is sociable and kind. She is also been a cutter since seventh grade. Those who say “he/she has it all” are simply referring to outward appearances. A delicate and intricate dance of genetics and environmental factors creates an individual from the inside out and because of this, outward appearances are not reliable indicators of what is going on in a person’s mind. According to Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D of Pysch Central, “Some studies show that two to three million Americans at every age, socioeconomic, and ethnic group engage in some form of self-injury (cutting, burning, or striking themselves to the point of soft tissue damage) each year.” For many, including Crossen, it is an escape. It is a substitute that allows one to forget about emotional pain while focusing on the physical. Basically, people do it to feel better. “It’s an impulsive act done to regulate mood,” Armando Favazza, author of Bodies Under Siege: Self-Mutilation in Psychiatry and Culture, observed. Crossen says that it can also act as a

Features - 05 pastime healthier than video games. Others prefer to be leaders, such as Aaron White who responded, “I coach junior high basketball.” Whether a person enjoys gamming in the warmth or coaching junior-high studens, everyone finds some way to keep boredom at bay. Perhaps these students’ pastimes will inspire others. After all, it is only a matter of time before the days stop being so short. Many students like to stay inside and relax on cold, winter days while playing video games. Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

reminder of the pain caused by someone so that she never forgets. Cutting can also be a form of protest. In a world in which it is becoming easier and easier to escape via mindaltering substances, TV, video games and cell phones, people are losing the ability to feel fully alive. Cutting offers a person a chance for some to feel alive while also numbing a specific pain. When people have nowhere else to turn, they turn on themselves. Worse yet, it can become addicting like so many other forms of escape or release. Like all addicts, cutters need help. According to Peter and Patti Adler, Ph.D.s and contributors to Psychology Today, companionship is the best thing for a self-mutilator. Just being there for that person and communicating with them without judgement is critical. One of the strongest reasons people cited that drove them to cessation was quitting for others. However, this may still leave underlying problems that drove the person to cut in the first place. Quitting for themselves was the second reason. Through cognitive therapies, people were able to see the value in their lives and how cutting diminished that value. A combination is often needed to fully resolve the issues that began the cutting. Though Crossen still deals with some of the issue regarding self-mutilation, she has come far in her ability to cope with the underlying problems. Instead of cutting, she colors or writes notes and seeks counsel from her best friend. While self-injury is not usually lifethreatening, it is still a serious sign of a need. Do not ignore those that need help and find a trusted source to deliver that help. Crossen has come a long way in her journey towards recovery Photo courtesy of Matt Lusk of Bloomington

06 - Features

Rise of the “nones”

flow of the year; they bring and bind together families, friends and communities. People celebrate holidays because they are fun and everyone needs a break from school and jobs. Holidays also give people a chance to celebrate certain aspects of life or culture that they cherish. People can still enjoy the symbolism of the holiday without having to Kory Stone believe in the literal translation. Changes in the holidays can be noted in the switch from Business manager the phrase “Merry Christmas” to the more politically correct Over the last decade, people have been losing their “Happy holidays.” The latter phrase allows for people of any faith in any one religion. Research done by groups such faith-or lack thereof-to participate in social and communal as the Pew Research Center indicate that many of these events. Through this has much to do with polices that may people have become “Nones,” individuals with no religious be interpreted as violating the separation of church and affiliation. Studies show that this group is the fastest and state, it just a sign of the more secular times. steadiest-growing sect of a belief system in the United Though religion is slipping away, there are many things States. “Nones” include agnostics, atheists and spiritualists people can take with them into the future. There is often and have reach 20 percent of the overall U.S. Population. beautiful symbolism and positive or “spiritual” concepts Thirty-three percent of those under thirty are in this that reinforce meaning and hope in peoples’ lives. So, for category. those that are “Nones” and like to learn or grow culturally, What does this mean for the holidays? So many, like a fun experiment to try would be to celebrate a religious Ashura, Hanukkah, Yule and Christmas, are are based in holiday that is unfamiliar. Ashura, when Muslims observe religion, so will they disappear along with faith? the Prophet Muhammad by fasting in soldarity, is Dec. 5. A look throughout history would suggest otherwise. The Feast of Saint Nicholas is Dec. 6 and Dec. 8 is Bodhi Holidays change and adapt as culture changes and evolves. Day, the day Buddha vowed to sit under the tree until he Christmas, the most widely practiced December holiday in reached enlightenment. The Jewish festival of Hanukkah America, is hardly a Christian holiday and derives many of begins Dec. 20. The following day marks Yalda, the its traditions from sources other than the Christian faith. Zoroastrian celebration of the winter solistic. The pagan Stephanie Strowmatt, a student of Lake Land college holiday Yule-where many Christmas traditions derive, is on and a self-defined “None,” said she will celebrate Christmas Dec. 22, also observing the solstice. this year even though she has no religious affiliation. To her, the holiday is simply the tradition of gathering with family and friends, having a giving spirit and being jolly. “It’s like Thanksgiving, Part two,” she explained. As Strowmatt’s statement suggests, people in general will not lose their holiday spirit. Though the religion in the holidays may disappear, many Americans are still very traditional about them. Holidays break up the monotonous Coexist logo

Will Americans lose their holidays along with faith?

courtesy of the Coexist Foundation

Persimmon Lane

hometown we have this quaint town square…” Cornwell’s favorite part about working and running Kaitlyn Conrad Persimmon Lane is how it is always changing. She Photo and Web Editor commented that it is really rewarding that she can reuse Walking into Persimmon Lane in Charleston, IL, one items to make them something new or sell to an item that is greeted with sounds of laughter, a feeling of warmth has sentimental value to someone. and a plethora of vintage items. Persimmon Lane, owned “We get the best feedback from people. Some of our best and run by Duska Cornwell, is located on the square in customers are out-of-towners.” Cornwell said she cannot uptown Charleston. Cornwell started collecting when her believe how many college kids come in around graduation grandmother passed away and received some of her vintage and say phrases to the effect of, “When did you guys open?” items. She began going to flea markets and auctions, and and “I didn’t know you were here.” She does love when the her collection began to grow. art students from Eastern Illinois University come in to get Three years ago, Jackie Tarrent, who used to run Giraffe material for mixed media art. in Charleston, told Cornwell that she was closing her shop. The theme of redeeming something and reviving it is It got the wheels in Cornwell’s head rolling. what makes her and her shop work together. Cornwell grew “I thought, well, maybe I should just give a shot,” up in a Christian household where that was one of the Cornwell reminisced. main values and this is something she definitely takes into Cornwell and her husband Todd live on a missionary’s not only her personal life but also into her work. salary, as he does full-time work for Good Measure. They “I love the continuity from my spiritual life to what I do have made a commitment to live frugally as part of their because it’s all about second chances.” lifestyle, so when Tarrent shot Cornwell a fair price for rent, Looking to the future of Persimmon Lane, Cornwell they decided to go ahead and try it out. hopes to eventually hold little classes to work on a About a year after opening, the Cornwells had an repurpose projects. She also wants to develop more of an opportunity to move their shop to their current location, online presence and start a blog. where they are now able to own their shop, as well as With the holiday season upon us, Persimmon Lane has have Todd’s ministry office in the building and rentable a whole room full of Christmas items that readers are enapartments upstairs. couraged to go take a look at. Check out Persimmon Lane Cornwell remarked, “I always thought it would be fun by heading to their Facebook page or by taking a walk into to have a shop on a quaint town square, and right in our their store located at 510 6th Street in Charleston.

More than a few big changes begin in 2014 Adam Hostetter Sports & Entertainment The new year is here and with it come new state laws, many of which effect college students in one way or another. All Lake Land students and staff need to be aware of the new laws for drivers. The use of mobile phones while driving will be banned, effective Jan. 1, 2014. Only handsfree devices such as headsets and OnStar will be allowed. Harsher penalties will be in effect if the use of an electronic device is the cause of an accident. Other laws pertaining to vehicles and driving include the increase in interstate speed limits from 65 miles per hour to 70 mph and the two-tier parking system for drivers with disabilities. First tier is the usual handicapped parking spaces, but the second tier is the exemption of parking meter fees for the disabled that have a doctor’s statement saying the patient is unable to insert coins into the meter, reach above 42 inches, walk more than 20 feet or approach a meter due to a wheelchair or other mobility device. New laws concerning gun control will also be coming into effect. Those planning to sell guns as a private owner must now perform background checks on the buyer, which was not required before via a loophole. In addition,

News - 07 Speed limit changes from 65 to 70 mph in the new year. Graphic courtesy of Kaitlyn Conrad

a misplaced, lost or stolen gun must now be reported to local law agencies. Perhaps receiving the most attention is the lifting of the unconstitutional concealedcarry ban in Illinois, though firearms are still banned from public buildings such as, but not limited to, schools and government buildings and transportation such as commuter buses and shuttles. Medical marijuana will be legalized next year as a highly regulated and closely monitored industry. Patients who are not minors and who have a spotless background check must have at least one of the 32 medical conditions listed in the law, which includes cancer, muscular dystrophy and HIV/AIDS. A very important law that will not come into effect until June is legalization of gay marrige in Illinois. For more information on the state government and legislation, visit the official website of Illinois at

Youtube: the future of news Dakota Preumer Staff Writer New has been around in various form, from singlepage newspapers to television, but what is the next step in which most people consume new information? Every day, the internet takes over a little more. It allows for faster and more immediate news flow on websites like Facebook, Reddit or even Twitter. In comparing these new forms of media Youtube’s official logo with the old, then these websites could be call the newspa- Graphic provided by Kaitlyn Conrad pers of the current generation with their similarly text or image-based formats. A news source that is often overlooked is Youtube. It exception. Phillip DeFranco began making Youtube videos is considered television news because of its video format. in 2006 and quickly became one of the most popular news Though there are a ton of channels to choose from, here hosts on the Internet with just under three million subare several places to start. scribers. Even though he created SourceFed and they both A great way to get started in the the news world of Youcenter around news, the silimarites end there. DeFranco tube is the channel SourceFed. Its light-hearted and hilari- has a more traditional news style but talks about edgier ous atmosphere is created by the six main hosts. They typi- topics. Whether or not the audience agrees with his opically cover things that are interesting to them as opposed non, he is going to stick up for what he thinks is right. His to the biggest stories, which keeps the hosts and audience schedule is more random, but there is usually a new video entertained. In addition, they have fairly consistent schedout every day. ule of five videos a day. Each host is incredibly unique The news has been around a long time and will be and SourceFed is constantly expanding with new channels around for as long as humans exists. Amongst all the difsuch as SourceFed Nerd. This channel is less about the ferent ways to find new knowledge, Youtube has proven typical news and instead focuses on more “nerdy” topics to be to be a good medium for spreading information. So like video games, comics and collectables. With a wide cov- get on, sift through the cats and parody music videos and erage of topics, from to video games to comedy, everyone is check out some of these news channels. Perhaps somebound to like something from this channel. thing new can be learned; plus, news is always a great All great things have a leader, and SourceFed is no conversation starter.

08 - News

Winter and Safety Dakota Pruemer Staff writer

According to the National Institute of Health’s website, 7,000 deaths and 800,000 injuries occur because of wrecks caused by bad weather. Residents know Illinois has rough winters with lots of snow and ice that covers the roads and make it difficult to drive. To avoid being one of the many who will crash their vehicles this winter, follow some of these tips. First and foremost, slow down. Excessive speed is the number one cause of winter accidents. Allow for a much greater stopping distance. Lightly tap the brakes instead of pushing them to the floor. If the wheels lock, pump the brakes to unlock them and stop. Use lower gears, notably on hills or inclines, for better traction. Another good tip is to avoid using cruise control on roads with bad conditions. In the event that the vehicle starts to skid, immediately release the accelerator, then steer the vehicle in the desired direction. For more information on the above tips and a more in-depth look at more safe driving techniques, visit the Weather Channel’s website.

Area Events

Holiday cheer in cold weather Leah Oathout Production Manager It is time to face the truth; this winter is going to be cold, icy and all around miserable. However, there are still numerous events that will bring cheer into the snowy tundra that Illinois is about to become. Beginning on Tuesday Dec. 3, the Marshall Public Library will be hosting a NASA exhibit called “Here, There, and Everywhere: Science Through Analogy Near and Far.” This exhibit will be filled with family-friendly activities that highlight the strange similarities between the workings of the space and Earth. Some of the topics include wind, electricity, erosion and eruptions. The event will end on Dec. 30. For specific events and times, visit the Marshall Public Library’s website or call 217-826-2535. Christmas is coming early to Tuscola from Dec. 6 to Dec. 8 at Tuscola Christmas Town. Approximately 40 vendors will be present at the vendor fair on Friday from 4 to 8 p.m., a perfect opportunity to pick up unique Christmas gifts for everyone on the list. The following day will begin with the Santa Chase 5k Run/Walk leaving he Community Building at 8 a.m. The vendor fair will in full swing from 8 a.m. till 2 p.m. At 4 p.m., Hometown Band Wind Ensemble will begin their performance at Flesor’s Candy Kitchen. The Vault Arts Collective Christmas Event starts at 6 p.m. and runs until 10. For the full schedule of family-fun events, visit www.point2tuscola. org/christmastown and print off the PDF. Charleston will be hosting a similar event on Dec. 7 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on the Charleston

Even when following all of the safe driving techniques, there is still a chance of wrecking and, if this happens, one should be prepared. The Weather Channel has also made a list of things to keep in a car as well as explanations as to why. First the basics: a blanket, matches, a flashlight and candles, hand warmers, water, and protein bars. Some more uncommon things are a snow shovel, a syphon pump, and light sticks. Flares and a whistle are suggest to flag down help. Be safe and be prepared for driving this winter by using these tips and those on the Weather Channel’s website.

Square. The annual parade kicks off at 4:30 sharp followed by live entertainment, carriage rides with Santa, and so much more. Those wishing to participate in the parade, or those seeking more information, should contact Diane at 217-348-0430. The timeless holiday classic, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” is only one of the Effingham Performance Center’s many holiday performances. Three Chicks and a Stage will recreate the tale of struggle, family and love on Saturday Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. and Sunday Dec. 8 at 2 p.m. For tickets, please visit or call 217-540-2788. January has far less events than December. However, there are still several large events that are worth braving the weather for. On Jan. 25, the State Farm Center-formerly known as the U of I Assembly Hall-will be packed for the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular. The show begins at 6 p.m. and features Tenth Avenue North and Lecrae with the Newsboys headlining the show. Seven other popular Christian bands and acts will be present. Well worth the $10 ticket at the door. Country fans will once again flock to the State Farm Center in Champaign-Urbana for Darius Ruckers’ True Believers Tour on Jan. 29, 2014. Most known for “Wagon Wheel,” Rucker will also be joined by the Eli Young Band and special guest David Nail, with his charttopper “Whatever She’s Got.” Three country acts this big are sure to put on an incredible show. Tickets went on sale Nov. 15, so hurry to to purchase tickets as soon as possible before they are sold out. Stay safe, enjoy the winter break and visit a few of these area events.

Graphic by Leah Oathout

Silas the shrink Dear Silas, My family situation at home is kind of shitty. Christmas has never been happy at my house. It’s all forced and stiff and uncomfortable. Some of the family members are dramatic as hell, some significant others aren’t welcome and come anyway, and I’m pressured to get presents for all the people I don’t like with what little money I have. I despise every second of Christmas because I’m forced to stick around them all day. I have friends that really enjoy Christmas because they have better family situations and they get annoyed with me when I talk bad about the holiday. Similarly, I get jealous of (and annoyed with) them for being so excited, and I often feel misunderstood. Any advice? Sincerely, Xmas Ass Kick Dear Ass Kick, While I disagree with the way you feel about Christmas, I cannot say I blame you for the way you feel. Religion says Christmas is about Jesus, marketing wants you to get wrapped up in commercialism, but in the end the holiday season should be a time for enjoyment; Enjoyment of being out of school, enjoyment of food and presents, whatever suits you. Giving, family, peace on earth, and good will towards humankind are important things to keep in mind during the holidays, but in your case I think you should just do the bare minimum.


The concept of virginity Gretchen Neal Campus & Features The holiday season is approaching just as strongly as it does every year. The department stores and grocery stores have lined their aisles with toys, sweaters and gift wrap, the malls have been playing Christmas carols for the past month and Peterson Park has erected their display of lights along with the Nativity scene, where a virgin mother will cradle an immaculately created infant. The Nativity story is one that plenty of girls and boys in this country have grown up around, and it is one of the first mentions of magical virginal women in literature. This common trope of virginity equating purity can also be seen in other lore, such as unicorn stories wherein the mythical creature only picks the purest of girls for companionship. In biblical times, women were treated as property, and could be killed or sold into slavery or prostitution if they were suspected to have slept with someone before marriage. Women were traded for prizes by their fathers, and the virgins were more valuable. We still see remnants of this kind of thinking today. Virginity is such a stupid thing to put worth into, but we see society preaching that if you are a boy and a virgin, you are a loser, and if you are a girl and you are not a virgin, you are a “slut.” There are boys and girls who believe that they are somehow better or worse than other human beings depending on whether or not they have been penetrated/penetrated someone. Take, for example, someone moms love to over-glorify: Taylor Swift. She has a tendency to thread virgin worship into her songs. In her song “Fifteen,” she uses the line “And Abigail gave it all away to a boy who changed his mind.” It is unfortunate that Abigail’s boyfriend left her,

Opinion - 09

When it comes to Christmas at home, put up with what little you have to, try to enjoy your time with the amount of family members you do like, then afterwards go celebrate in a way that makes you content. Let us face it, the celebration of the holiday does not last all day and it sounds like they do not care whether you are there all day or not. A Christmas evening by yourself may be just what you need. Though your friends will have Christmas booked with their families, you can still celebrate and be excited with them on days before or after Christmas; trust me those are usually better than the actual day. As for getting gifts, screw the people who are not close to you. Money is scarce even more at Christmas and there is no point in spending it on your uncle’s new girlfriend’s son. Spend the money on the people closest to you: Parents, stepparents, siblings, possibly grandparents; anyone who you want to give a gift too. Immediate family, though not enjoyable all the time, is essential if you don’t want to have a holly jolly shit storm of drama coming down on you. I hope this holiday season will be a much more pleasant experience for you. It all depends on how you choose to survive, not deal with, survive. I do not expect you to be singing “Jingle Bell Rock” by the end of it, but at least be chill enough to not change the station when it plays on the radio. Happy holidays, Silas P.S. If you have not had eggnog before, try it. It’s like liquid cake.

but the demeaning part of this lyric is that Taylor specified that Abigail’s virginity was everything she could give this guy - the utmost reward for wooing her. It was not her love, dedication or loyalty; it was her virginity. Swift also incorporates other subtle types of virgin worship into her videos, in which the “villain” (usually the girlfriend of the guy Swift is crushing on) is depicted wearing red while Swift shows up in a flow-y white dress, as a symbol for purity, and steals away the guy. You can find countless other pieces of Swifts songs slut-shaming and adapting a “mightier-than-thou” tone because of her virginal status. Worst of all, she is seen as a good role model for young girls, who are going to grow up thinking that after they have lost their virginity, they have lost their worth as a person. Not only is virgin worship oppressive to women and men, but it also makes rape victims out to be diminished human beings. In biblical times, rapists, when caught, were forced to buy their victims from the victim’s fathers, almost like compensating for stealing goods. Furthermore, virgin worship is not inclusive to all people. Since the loss of virginity seems to be defined by vaginal penetration, people having sex with the same gender are left out of the equation. Losing your virginity will not make you any more or less of a person. Keeping your virginity will not make you more or less of a person. We need to stop treating virginity as if it iss some type of precious, non-refundable present that girls only get to share once – with their soulmate and only their soulmate for it to be acceptable – or as some god-awful disease that boys need to be rid of before the age of sixteen. So, the next time you are about to say something to the effect of “Teenagers get more upset over losing their cell phones than losing their virginity these days,” remember that cell phones are not an outdated idea fabricated to oppress everyone.

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Assaulting affectory systems

Why fragrances are a terrible idea Leah Oathout Production Manager My freshman year of high school, I was the only girl in a class of 16. I loved it. Not for usual reasons but for the fact I had the locker room all to myself. Why is that a big deal? Simple; I am extremely allergic to perfume, cologne, deodorants, air fresheners, et cetera. I am not alone. Everincreasing numbers of Americans suffer with me. Yet, millions more have no problem drenching themselves in scented products. I tell you now, this scent-sation must cease for more reasons that millions of stuffed noses. Let us be honest, at least 50 percent of perfumes and colognes on the market are atrocious. About 40 percent are tolerable and the remaining ten are actually pleasant. Anyone who went to high school probably remembers plugging their nose at the horrid mix of sweaty socks and Axe body spray coming from the boys’ locker room after P.E. or the sickly sweet cloud emanating from the girls’ bathroom. Adults are no better. A perfume counter aside, how many times has someone brushed by you in the mall and you can still smell them five minutes later? Moderation, people. A tiny spritz on the wrist is all it takes. Not everyone likes the smell of chocolate laced with toxic waste. Speaking of toxic, 13 of the most common ingredients in perfume, cologne, shampoo and air fresheners are health hazards. Julia Kendall, Co-Chair for Citizens for a Toxic-Free Marin compiled the list in the late 1990’s using Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Acetone, considered a hazardous waste by the Enviormental Protection Agency (EPA) and commonly found in cologne, can cause everything from a dry throat to drunken symptoms to a coma. Benzaldehyde, in virtually every scented product, is a narcotic as well as a sensitizer and “may cause kidney damage.” Ethanol, a component in gasoline as well as thousands of perfumes, hairsprays, fabric softeners, dishwashing fluids and air fresheners, is another hazardous waste that can cause drowsiness, upper-respiratory problems and has been linked to various central nervous system diseases. The list goes on and on. Might I also mention that these chemicals are in scented baby products? We are, in fact, exposing developing children to toxins that can cause fatal diseases

New Year’s Resolutions Shelby Mitchell News and Opinions Every year, January first looms over our heads, reminding us how much of the year we have wasted. People begin making their resolutions – perhaps no longer lists as often as simply posting what corrections and additions they would like to make to their lives in the coming year. Every year, the routine continues. People put off the changes they would like to make and state that they will begin in the new year, sometimes even still pushing those changes back even after the first has come and passed. Excuses pile up, and still, the changes have not been made. The idea of the New Year’s Resolution is just another reason to put off until tomorrow what you can do today. When people make their lists and plan to

before they are even out of the womb. According to an article by, a fetus “is extremely vulnerable to outside influences…exposure to chemicals in perfumes and scented beauty products can block the hormones needed to properly develop the reproductive organs.” Infertility by perfume. Other studies show that chemicals in scented products can affect growth and development of the brain after the baby is born. Asthma in children has skyrocketed in the last twenty years as more and more people drown themselves in scents. Essentially, we are destroying our species just so we smell “nice” today. Still need a reason to cut back on your spritzing? How about we take a look at the environmental effects of fragrances, specifically the water you drink. According to an article written in 2008 by Klaus Ferlow of Positive Health Online, “Waste water treatment does not remove the constantly increasing quantity and types of fragrance chemicals, many of which are persistent and accumulate in the environment.” Remember, a lot of these chemicals are considered hazardous waste by the EPA. This means that they are toxic to plants, animals and/or humans. Same goes for the air we breathe. I am not saying that everyone should go back to bathing in a creek once a month and rubbing plants in their armpits. I am simply saying that we need to cut back on our use of smell-good-toxic waste. Not only for the sake of those with stuffy noses, migraines and allergic reactions, but for the sake of humanity. This stuff is killing us silently and stinkily and it needs to stop.

Graphic by Leah Oathout

start the alterations, it is typically because they would like just a little bit more time with the habits that they know they should eventually shed but find particularly difficult giving up right away. Quitting cold turkey seems daunting – no one realizes they have a bad habit and immediately works to rid themselves of it. They get to it gradually, after giving it long consideration, sometime spending a bit too much time on how much they will miss it or how difficult it will be to change. However, all of this can be avoided. Scrap the resolution lists, skip the “to-do”s and get straight to it. There is no time like the present. If you find yourself thinking, “I need to stop smoking,” then drop the cigarette next time you pick it up. If you want to be healthier, do not opt straight to fast food for dinner. If you want to be kinder to others, practice your patience and understanding in the very next conversation you hold. When you get straight to the tasks you wish to accomplish, when you make the changes to better your life, you will become happier with yourself and be able to get straight to living life how you wish to.

Chewing on life’s big questions Kaitlyn Conrad Photo & Web I own an extensive variety of books that I like to call “coffee table books.” I figure if I ever have guests that want to sit and drink coffee in my apartment and read an interesting book, well then, I’m prepared, coffee and all. Among books about knitting and Vincent van Gogh, I have a thought-provoking book called “SoulPancake: Chew on Life’s Big Questions.” Based on the website, this book is filled with questions, thoughts, and quotes to stimulate your brain and spark your soul. is a space designed to tackle art, philosophy, creativity, and spirituality and the book does just the same. Created by Rainn Wilson, who is best known for playing Dwight on The Office, along with co-creators Devon Gundry and Joshua Homnick, SoulPancake is for people who are interested in exploring creativity and spirituality. When asked why he started SoulPancake, Wilson responded with, “I believe art and its expression are the same as faith and it’s expression. Science, too, for that matter. And quite frankly, everything that urges us to create, to love, to think deeply, to breathe in the moment, to be of service, to be human. They are all different expressions of some divine, creative energy that longs to radiate out and away from the trappings of closed-hearted, selfish, animal materialism.” Today’s society rarely lets us take time to stop and think; we are always busy, always on the go. Wilson’s book makes its readers stop and take time to think and enjoy what life has to offer.

Entertainment - 11 The book is broken up in different sections: The Brain & The Soul; Art & Creativity; Experiences & Emotions; Love, Sex & Relationships; Virtues and Vices; Introspection, Reflection & Identity; God & Religion; Science & Technology and Life, Death & Living. Each section has pages beyond pages of questions that make readers think of what it means to be human, beautiful art, odd facts and quirky statistics. There are activities that “launch you into the world” and commentary from minds such as Amy Sadaris, Justin Vernon and David Lynch. Some questions one may come across while reading this New York Time’s Best Seller could be, “Can men and women really be ‘just friends’?”, “If you only had one hour left to live, how would you spend it?” or “What paralyzes your creativity? What fuels it?” The book does have a warning: “Side effects may include a sudden change in the way you think about what it means to be human. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.” SoulPancake: Chew on Life’s Big Questions encourages you to speak your mind, unload your questions and figure out what it means to be human. Those interested in checking out this book can find a preview at

Abby’s Chronicles

Chapter two: The station Beth Koehler Copy Editor The train station was empty and dirty, signs that no one had been there in quite a long time. The dilapidated ceiling was caving in foot by foot, and the rails were caked in layers of dust. Abby blindly followed her fellow, silver-haired passenger through the building, too scared to head off on her own. The stranger turned to her, and stared at her from under their wide-brimmed hat. “Why are you following me?” asked the stranger flatly. “I don’t know where I am,” Abby replied. “But didn’t you buy the train ticket to this place?” said the stranger, cocking their head. “I don’t remember. I don’t know what I’m doing.” The stranger hissed through teeth, “Poor thing,” and shook their head. “You’re in a town called Topsham, way out in the plains. Though this area is rather dead, I’ve heard. Practically turning into a desert.” “There isn’t too much to do here. I’m here to visit a friend who lives here. If you’ve bothered to come all the way out here, you’re probably visiting someone.” The stranger frowned. “…I can’t imagine why else you’d come out here by yourself.” “Yeah, maybe…”, Abby said. “Um, what happened on the train back there?” “What are you talking about?”

SoulPancake provides thought provoking questions to its readers Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

“Didn’t we…” “Seeing as you seem very confused about your surroundings,” the stranger coached gently, “perhaps you fell asleep and dreamed?” Before Abby could respond, the stranger strode out into the sunlight. The person walked away quickly, obviously in a hurry. Abby froze in the doorway, staring into the town. It looked like something out of an old movie. The buildings were made of wood, the roads were made of dirt, and the air was full of grit. It was almost suffocating, but she forced herself from the doorway. In the center of town was a well, and by the well sat a man with a banjo. He idly plucked at notes, not playing any tune in particular. When Abby approached the man, he looked up at her. “Hello miss. Whatta nice lady like yerself doin’ ‘ere?” “I’m not sure. Can you tell me a little bit about this town?” “There ain’t much ta say, miss. This ‘ere town is filled with nothin’ but dust ‘n’ horses. An’ tha’ town hall up th’ way.” He nodded his head to the right. “Maybe th’ mayor c’n help ya. He’ll be getting’ off his lunch break soon.”

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Fires of change Leah Oathout Production Manager

Where will you be Dec. 13? Hopefully at the movie theater in line for one of the most anticipated movies of the year; The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Fans have been teased and tormented for the last year with small trailers, video blogs from Peter Jackson, gossip from numerous fan sites and speculation galore. Very soon, all of the waiting will pay off. Filled with new characters, incredible CGI and beautiful music, The Desolation of Smaug is another stunning climax in the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) series. In The Desolation of Smaug trailers, there are too many new characters to count and even more that have not appeared yet. Perhaps the three most important are Tauriel, the lovely red-head elf played by Evangeline Lilly, the poker-faced Elvenking Thranduil played by Lee Pace, and Bard “the Bowman,” played by Luke Evans. Stirring up the most controversy is Tauriel, namely because, as with the Pale Orc, the character does not exist in Tolkien’s book. She plays a key role similar to that of Arewn and Eowyn (LOTR) as the ever-shining light in the looming dark. Like Legolas, she uses a bow and knives, and appears to be just as good if not a bit better with the latter. Continuing with

Bilbo Baggins stands before the sealed door of the city under the Lonely Mountain, Erabor Photo courtesy of The Hobbit official movie website

Anniversaries are cool Fifty years of Doctor Who Tanner Garren Layout Editor

the elf theme, Thranduil will probably be either loved or hated and not much in between. Pace does an impressive job of keeping his expression permanently blank in his role as the cold king of elves who is greatly opposed to the dwarves’ quest to regain their homeland. Finally, the first key Man appears in the form of Bard, a decedent of the Lord of Dale, the city that Smaug destroyed. An accomplished archer, Bard is simply trying to keep what is now Laketown together when the dwarven company arrives. Both Thranduil and Bard, believe that disturbing Smaug is a terrible idea. For those who have not read The Hobbit, there will be an old character with a startling new attitude. Legolas Greenleaf, played by Orlando Bloom, is much harder and colder than in LOTR. In a TV trailer, he says, “There is no king under the mountain, nor will there ever be.” Even his fighting style is more vicious and less fun comparatively. It remains to be seen if Tauriel can begin to change his narrow mindset. CGI has progressed a long way in the last ten years and Weta has been on the front lines this whole time. Now, all their knowledge and technology has brought forth this flying lizard, this “fire-drake from the north,” this creature of fire and flesh, the dragon Smaug. Though many have tried slowing down every trailer and watching frame by frame, none have been successful in getting the first glimpse of finished Smaug’s face, just glowing eyes and fire tickling the back of his throat. As far as epic music goes, The Desolation of Smaug will match its predecessors note for note. On Nov. 5, Peter Jackson posted “I See Fire,” a powerful song that will play during the credits. Performed by Ed Sheeran, it highlights the main themes of the movie with incredible lyrics and soft acoustic sound. Sheeran not only sings but plays the guitar and violin as well. Howard Shore is still composing all the musical scores for the movie. For all things LOTR or Hobbit in nature, visit It is the most comprehensive fan site that is kept up-to-date and has all the extra goodies. Peter Jackson’s video diaries can be found on his YouTube channel and the official movie website has downloadable content. So, where will you be Dec. 13? In line for the most anticipated movie of the year, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. series, the story has stressed that the Doctor destroyed his home planet of Gallifrey and all his kind with it in a war to save them from being exterminated by the Doctor’s arch enemies, the Daleks. Not until this episode do we learn the truth. The current Doctor (Matt Smith) meets his tenth reincarnation (David Tennant) and together the two wacky men uncover a secret about themselves they had hoped to forget.

2013 is a year of quite a few important fiftieth anniversaries. One can take the depressing route and concentrate on the anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination; but think of an anniversary that impacts major sci-fi enthusiasts of America…and pretty much the entirety of England. This would be the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who. Even in its years of hiatus; and since its revival in 2005, the show has constructed a fandom whose numbers fall shortly below shows like Star Trek or Star Wars. With its fiftieth year the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and the show’s new head writer Steven Moffat have composed an episode to celebrate fifty years of the time traveler saving the universe one time at a time. The anniversary episode, “The Day of the Doctor,” lived Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) and Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) up to its hype with a tremendous wave of nostalgia and Screen shot from the Day of the Doctor Trailer, The 50th Anniversary charm for all of the Doctor’s fans. Since the renewal of the Special. All rights reserve to BBC

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Winter Olympics 2014 Beth Koehler Copy Editor

Sports - 13 combined, snowboarding, and Speed Skating. This year’s U.S. Olympic hopefuls include such names as snowboarder Shaun White, skier Ted Ligety and figure skaters Meryl Davis and Charlie White, among others. The torch is set to arrive in Sochi on February 7.

For as long as the Olympics have begun with the torch bearing ceremony, people have sought to make the longest, grandest relay they could; and it seems that this year’s winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia, have gone above and beyond into making sure theIR relay is historical. As is custom, the torch was lit in Olympia. Giannis Antoniou, an alpine skier, had the honor of being the first bearer, before handing it off to Alexander Ovechkin, a wellknown Russian hockey player. The torch was carried all the way from Greece to Russia, having arrived on Oct. 7. From there, the torch made a journey across Russia, and even a brief stint upon a space station. Of course, the carrying of the Olympic torch is only the icing on the cake of the Olympic Games. The real competition- and therefore, the real entertainment- will begin after the torch arrives in Sochi. Winter events that one has to look forward to include alpine skiing, the biathlon, bobsledding, cross country skiing, curling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, the lunge, the nordic Logo courtesy of Sochi 2014 Olympic website

UFC 168

Sliva vs Weidman 2, Rousey vs Tate, Round 2 Kory Stone Business Manager “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” - Teddy Roosevelt Anderson Silva 35 – 5, regarded by many as the greatest fighter to have ever lived, has lived this quote. He just recently tasted his first defeat in over seven years, 17 fights and 14 title defenses, at the hands of Chris Weidman, a (10 – 0) and relatively unknown fighter. The epic knock out took place back in July 2013, in which Silva literally got caught with his hands down while show boating. This victory elevated Weidman to the number one spot in the middle weight division, but interestingly enough did not diminish Silva’s title as the pound for pound greatest fighter. They are set to face off again Dec. 28 as Silva looks to reclaim his throne. Can he do it, or will Weidman dish out another taste of defeat for the fallen fighter? One thing is for sure the “Spider” Silva is going into this fight with a bit more respect for the “All American” Weidman. Also gracing the show is The Ultimate Fighter coaches & Bantamweight Champions, Ronda Rousey (UFC & Strikeforce) and Miesha Tate (Strikeforce). This fight could very well make an even more exciting match than that of Silva & Weidman, given both women’s passion and performances in the past; not to mention the utter dislike they have for one another which was apparent during their first fight back in March 2012 while fighting

Fighters from left to right: Tate, Rousay, Weidman, Silva. Photo courtesy of ZUFFA

for Strikeforce’s Bantam championship belt. A fight in which Tate lost via arm bar to Rousey who then later went on to claim UFC’s belt. Thus so far the fight has garnered 5.6 million gate, or ticket revenue, ranking it as one of the biggest events in the promotion’s 20-year history. Can it live up to the hype?

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Play inside

Fantasy football and you Tanner Garren Layout & Design Fall and wintertime affects everyone differently; for some it is the holiday season that is based around food, family, and togetherness; but for some it is sports! sports! sports! Football is probably most popular for this season as fans all over the country are pop open the drinks, pour out the chips and save their voices so that they can interject the referee. One of the most important aspects of this sport to super fans is not just watching games but keeping tabs on players and their stats for their fantasy football leagues. This hobby for football fanatics began back in 1963, with a partner of the Oakland Raiders, Wilfred “Bill” Winkenbach, a former Raiders public relations manager named Bill Tunnel, and former reporter Scotty Stirling. The three men started the rules for what would become fantasy football years later, but first it was GOPPPL or, “Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League.” The league began to expand when members of the AFL and football journalists started joining in with Winkenbach and his colleagues. The league made sure every roster had a specific amount of players with specific positions from the NFL in which to participate in the league. The League still exists today and is celebrating its 50 year anniversary. Fantasy football more or less got its name in 1997 when CBS launched the first fantasy football website and since then more and more websites for different leagues have been developed for fans to take part in. How does one get involved? Starting up their own league as an “owner” is a start. Recruit other owners and managers to scout out which players have the best stats for the team; the better the players are, the closer to becoming the winner of a league for the season a person is. Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

Rob Goldsmith pumping iron before the holiday gym schedule starts. Photo by Aaron Novak

Winter work out Aaron Novak Editor-in-Chief Winter break is just around the corner. Usually this means that the student body at large returns to their home towns and celebrate the holidays with their families. For the more dedicated students, winter break does not impede their work out time. The Fieldhouse gym has long been accessible to the students of Lake Land and is abundant with a cornucopia of work of equipment. For those who do not know, the gym will be open for the duration of winter break for a couple of hours a day. Kathy Bunton, who is in charge of making the schedule for the winter gym has not yet disclosed the official schedule, but Larry Wanerski, an employee, said, “it [the gym] will be open, I think it’s Monday through Friday and I’m almost positive it will be ten until two.” Keeping that in mind, there is 20 hours a week to work out during the upcoming break, which also lends to reaching some of those taxing New Year’s resolutions. Yes indeed, in the accumulated cost of tuition, a student activity fee is included and in this cost, a small percentile goes to paying for the gym on campus. If boredom strikes this holiday season, there is a healthy -and free- alternative to staying inside and wasting away in front of the television. Do not waste money, hit the gym this December and get a good work out in.

Doctor Who

continued from page 12 John Hurt guest stars as the Doctor, but as a version of the protagonist that no one has ever seen before; the Doctor that murdered all of Gallifrey. Actually by the time all three Doctors meet, Gallifrey has yet to be vanquished, but what should the conflicted old doctor do? Leave all his people to die at the hands of tyrants, or commit genocide to force peace? The three heroes later find that the only way to save Gallifrey is to work together, but reinforcements are needed. Who better to call than the rest of the Doctors that have existed throughout the series? All twelve doctors, not to mention the new reincarnation of the Doctor to come, save Gallifrey by sending the planet far off into space away

from the Daleks. The episode’s storyline made this fan happy, but the shining moment is the end when Tom Baker, the fourth reincarnation and longest played Doctor, comes to tell the current Doctor what he must do next: find his home. After the unions of his past lives, The Doctor looks far off into his frontier of space and thinks back on who he is, what he and his past twelve lives have done for the good of all creation. Nothing lasts forever, especially television shows, but with the story of the man that is the Doctor, we can only hope that this will not be his only important anniversary.

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Graphic by Leah Oathout On Dec. 7, 1941, at around 8 AM, Japanese fighter planes executed a surprise attack on the naval base at Pearl Harbor near Honolulu, Hawaii. The attack lasted two hours, and left every battleship at the base in ruins. It also destroyed nearly 200 airplanes. When the attack was over, over 3,000 American soldiers and sailors were left dead or wounded. This attack would ultimately result in the United States’ involvement in World War I. Luckily, battleships were no longer the most important naval vessel in the 1940s, and most aircraft carriers – which were the most important – were not on base that fateful day.

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