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Volume 13; Issue 2 October 2013

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09-Parkland College 3 p.m. 01- The Navigator News is on stands 12-Kankakee College Noon 02-“Tacos and Tales”: Free Taco Bar & Bigfoot Hunter, Stan Courtney, 11 a.m., Back of Theatre Stage. Volleyball 09-Free Airbrush Cell Phone Cases, 11 a.m, 02-Kaskaskia College 6:30 p.m. Lake Point. 29-Mineral Area College 7 p.m. 16-Advising Information Event. Free pizza and giveaways drom SAB, 11 a.m., Laker Point. Men’s Basketball 23-Fall Supermarket Bingo, 11 AM, Back of 19-LLC Jamboree (Scrimmage) TBA Theatre Stage 26-LLC Jamboree (Scrimmage) TBA 30-2nd annual club or treat and costume contest 11 a.m., Laker Point and Theatre. For a full listing of all games, see the Lake Land Athletics page.

Cellblock schooling Nick Yamamoto

Campus - 03

students are offered several different courses of study, from heating and air conditioning services to horticulture to cosmetology to welding technology. In all, there are 14 Staff Writer different courses and one four-week career tech program, When picking classes, which teaches inmates there are the obvious how to conduct themselves choices, such as attending in an interview, money the Mattoon campus or the management and how to Kluthe Center, or taking build a resume. classes online. But there In an interview with are even more off the map a former recipient of this locations, like the Kaskaskia service, who has chosen to building in Vandalia. Lake remain anonymous, he/she Land College also offers said, “It was interesting, and services at 17 different it really took my mind off the prisons within the state of fact that I was in prison.” Illinois. This anonymous source also Headed by Linda Von mentioned another possible Behren as Associate Vice benefit of taking the courses President for Workforce was a small shortening of Development, and Tom the sentence, but it was not Kerkhoff as Executive Dean, made clear whether or not the prison program offers this option is still offered to prisoners a chance to prepare the prisoners. This person for life outside prison walls. has since gone on to become The only requirements for a welder and currently holds DOC students constructing houses at the Taylorville prisoners to attend classes are a steady job. “The courses Photo courtesy of Jennifer Forneris Correctional Center. a high school diploma or GED offered by Lake Land really and they must read at an 8th grade level. did help me, not just inside, but outside too and I am very When asked, Behren stated that the program has thankful for it.” anywhere between 3800-3900 students a year. The

First looks at Lake Land

Students’ perspectives of arriving at college

Oliva Fox, a Lake Land student, looks confused at one of the signs around campus. Photo by Gretchen Neal

Gretchen Neal Campus & Features

Everyone copes with change differently. One of the most terrifying (or exciting) changes a college student will ever have to face is their first day of college, be it the first day of attending college or their first day at a new college. Students of Lake Land College were asked how they might have dealt with the challenge of their first day of attendance. The majority of students asked responded that they were one of two things: ecstatic or very confused. “It kind of seemed like a rite of passage,” said an optimistic biological science major. “It’s a bit intimidating at first, but you receive a warm welcome,” an anonymous programming major added. Stephanie, a public relations major, was kind enough to call the campus pretty, but warned against the use of Google Maps if you are unfamiliar with the area, as it will give you the wrong address. Hopefully most students responded to their first day with positivity, but for those who are still terrified by the circular campus, take solace in the words of Mesa Cruz, a fellow student and IT computer application major: ”After the first semester, you pretty much get the jist of it, and then things work out from there.” The other half of students that responded all shared the same opinion on at least one thing: circular campuses can seem a bit like a maze to new students. Kass Kersey, a business admin major, summed it up quite nicely: “Why is everything round? I’m lost,” was his initial response to Lake Land’s campus.

“It was really confusing, lots of circles,” said another Lake Land student. If it was not the circular campus design, it was the size of campus or the names of buildings that jumbled students. “West and Northeast are really confusing because they’re right next to each other,” said Sean S. There were students who did not react with excitement or panic. One dietetics student took Lake Land in stride, and simply stated that Lake Land is a “glorified high school.” Other students were less concerned with the academics of Lake Land and expressed their dissatisfaction with other aspects: “There’s no one hot here,” an undecided major complained. While the confusion on the first day can be avoided with the print-out map available on Lake Land’s website, the low percentage of “hot” people cannot be helped.

04 - Campus


A club to promote equality

Gretchen Neal Campus & Features There is an abundance of clubs around Lake Land College available for all students, should one decide that just taking classes is leaving one a little too bland. One such club is B-GLADD (Bisexuals, Gays, Lesbians and Allies to Develop Diversity), a student-run group for LGBTQ+ and ally students dedicated to spreading awareness and promoting equality. The club participates in fundraising for charities and National Coming Out Day display and National Day of Silence. The club has also helped the official College Diversity Committee with the woman’s shelter’s fundraiser each year. The club does participate in other activities, but those are not always static. This year, the club is looking forward to the possibility of partaking in LGBTQ+ panels, a type of informational meeting in which people with questions concerning the LGBTQ+ community can receive answers from LGBTQ+ people. “Basically our goal is to raise awareness of LGBT issues, provide a safe environment for LGBT students and kind of show people that we’re all the same,” club co-sponsor Marcy Satterwhite said. B-GLADD started years ago, but it faded out due to all of the members graduating. Eight years ago, a group of students brought the club back into existence. These days, the club typically meets at 11 AM in Webb Hall, Room 105

every second and fourth Wednesday of every month. This semester’s scheduled meetings will occur on Oct 9, Oct. 23, Nov. 13 and Dec. 11. October 11 is National Coming Out Day, which means that B-GLADD will be in the Student Life lobby that day with an informational booth on the holiday. Any student, regardless of their sexuality, is welcome to join the club if they are interested. Any additional information on B-GLADD can be attained by adding the club’s Facebook page ( lakelandbgladd), emailing Satterwhite at msatterw@ or by texting “@bgla” to (244)-900-2836 to receive texts from Satterwhite whenever an event is scheduled to take place (the service is anonymous, no one will be given a participant’s actual phone number).

Jared Gordon, the president of B-GLADD, leads the group in a meeting. Meetings are every second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Photo by Gretchen Neal

The Navigator News is proud to announce the launch of their new website. Beginning October 1, the site will be live for all to view. The website will contain an easy to navigate design and will have all the current articles of each month’s issues. The site will also have links to The Navigator News’ Facebook and Twitter page. Other features of the site will include information about the Navigator News, an easy way to contact The Navigator News, photos that are not in our issues, a weekly poll, and other information that could be useful to you. In the future, The Navigator News hopes to write online only articles. Check out the new site at



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Something to Bragg about

Kory Stone Business Manager You might recognize the gentleman in the adjoining picture. Maybe it would help you recognize him if he was in his wheelchair. You may have seen Dallas Bragg rolling around Lake Land with his trusted friend and service dog Frida, a yellow lab. Bragg is actually able to walk, a little bit. While he has suffered several injuries in the past, he is suffering from a knee injury that is keeping him off his feet for the time being. These injuries he sustained from serving in the military. Bragg is a charming man whose passion is only kept cool by his laid back, easy-going demeanor. At 30, the man has lived a full life. He was not allowed to delve into what he did in the military for the interview, but Bragg has served over ten years, four and a half in the Marines and six years in the army. According to Bragg, within those ten years he was caught in explosions five times and miraculously made it out alive, though not unscathed. His wounds were mental as much as they were physical, but what was once a weakness he cultivated and transformed into a strength. A strength, a fuel and a fire that, injuries or not, would push him into a new direction. Bragg has a passion for creating change. He feels, in a sense, as if his life is seen as a message and an opportunity to influence. Bragg’s mission is to pull from the heart and souls of others the compassion needed to move programs of action for our wounded warriors and their fractured families. After leaving the military and getting a chance to work with other injured soldiers, something clicked, and a passion developed a new will to fight. His stressor was

The new face of Lake Land Shirley Davis

Features - 05 now his opportunity. Part of what made him so successful working with programs, such as Wounded Warrior Project and Fredrick College, is that he understands all too well the perils and pain of these heroes. We often look to our heroes for help, but often they can fall to the wayside, needing a hero themselves. Ernest Hemingway said, “The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth and the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded. Sometimes destroyed.” Bragg wears his wounds, both inner and outer, not only as the badge of honor it is, but as a message. Bragg is planning on getting his degree in social work so that he may continue and progress towards making the lives of our soldiers and their families a bit easier. Bragg is warrior through and through, whether it is a gun or a pen in his hand. Today, he is fighting for soldiers. Education is his helmet, faith his shield, action his chariot and love his sword. His laptop is his battle station, and his words are his ammo, ammo which he seeks to pierce straight into the heart of readers. He hopes to uplift and to seek change because he has been changed. Dallas Bragg with his fiancée before he was put in a wheelchair. Photo by Kory Stone

a factory but they eliminated my job-leaving me without a job and no prospects of finding as good a paying job. I thought ‘what will I do?’ I decided to come to Lake Land and get my Registered Nursing Degree.” Some return to school to get themselves off social security disability and are getting their education paid Staff Writer for by The Department of Human Services utilizing the One look about campus and it is easy to see among Ticket to Work Program. One such person is named Andy the many young faces of the fall semester a great number Smith, “I got sick and could not work anymore so I went of people who have come to college later in life to pursue on disability. I’m better and the government is helping further education: the nonme get back on my feet,” Smith traditional student. These people stated. For some going to college are studying to be truck drivers, had always just been a dream, nurses, and beauticians as well but thanks to programs such as a host of other professions. as Work and Learn - which is The average age of the Lake Land targeted toward the older student student is now 32, with 42% being - for many, that dream is now a over the age of 23, a break away reality. Many of these students from the old stereotype of a college have their sights set on Eastern student. By definition, a nonIllinois University or other four traditional student is someone year universities to finish their who is not just out of high school education. Smith went on to say, but has been displaced from “I plan on taking my business the work force in some manner management as far as I can or simply decides to gain the so I can write my own ticket education needed to attain a in the work force.” Many nonbetter way of life. “I would tell traditional students who were anyone of any age it’s never too interviewed agreed. One student Sara Martin studies before class. late to go back to school,” stated Susan Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad continued on page 06 Reed, a nursing student. “I had a job in

06 - Features

Passing on experience

Freshmen will come to know the phrase “I can’t confirm or deny that” very well by the end of Electrical 1 and Engine Performance 1 with Brian Madlem. “[The students] gotta go out and look for it. I’m not going Leah Oathout to give you an answer,” he explained. Production Manager The Charleston native had approximately 15 years Whether they want to turn wrenches or transfer and of dealership experience before becoming an instructor become engineers, the Automotive Technology students at 11 years ago. The most rewarding moments he has as Lake Land College can be sure that the three Automotive a teacher are when students “grasp a concept” in the instructors will give them all the experience necessary to classroom or in the lab. On the other hand, there are days join the field. Scotty Adams, Brian Madlem and Kevin Miller when his temper is tested by a lack of motivation. have a combined 41 years of experience in the automotive “On certain days… you can tell when nobody wants to field and nearly as much in teaching. be in class,” Madlem said. Of the three instructors, Kevin Miller has been Madlem’s idea of easing the tension after a long day teaching at LLC the longest, starting his 16th year this is working on old tractors and Massey semi trucks. He is fall, finally overtaking his field experience of 15 years. a member of both the East Central Illinois Antique Farm He mainly teaches sophomores in classes like Automatic Equipment Club and the Massey Collectors of Illinois. He Transmissions, Manual Drivetrain, and his personal owns several antique tractors and semis and appreciates favorite, Steering and Suspension. their simplicity compared to the complexities of modern “[The class] flows well,” Miller said. “The students seem vehicles. to understand it a little easier.” Scotty Adams knows just how complicated current Outside of class, Miller spends more time with his automobiles are. An independent shop owner for ten family than vehicles. He and his wife live in his hometown years, Adams brings a different outlook to the Automotive of Shelbyville. Their daughter is an alumnus of both LLC program. In the spring, he teaches ASE Review and Engine and Eastern Illinois University and their son recently Performance 3, but in the fall, he teaches his favorite class, graduated high school and is playing college baseball. While Introduction to Automotive, to freshmen. Miller used to tinker with performance modifications, his “Everyone is new and fresh,” he said. “The difficult part favorite extracurricular automotive activity is seeing how is having younger students who know nothing and older many miles per gallon his Geo Metro can get on his daily students who have experience and trying to teach in the commute. middle.” Adams also spends a lot of time with students out of class at Coles County Dragway as the advisor of the drag racing portion of Automotive Club. He actually got the ball rolling when he was president of the club. “By the time we actually got [the Firebird] to the track, I was already teaching here,” Adams explained, “...I was only gone about two years after my degree.” All three instructors are graduates of the automotive program at LLC. In addition, all three are Automotive Service Excellence Master Technician certified as required by the college. This means they have passed all eight written tests that test a technician’s knowledge and experience. Rectification is required every five years to ensure that the technician or instructor is keeping up with technology. With plenty of field and teaching experience, the Kevin Miller (left) supervises as students Magnaflux an Automotive Technology instructors of Lake Land are sure Photo by Leah Oathout to prepare every student in the program for the competitive engine head. field of the automotive industry.

Auto Tech instructors of LLC

New face continued from page 5 who had been replaced in his job by a computer system stated “I was permanently laid off from another person’s business, now I plan to run a business of my own.” Colleges are being flooded with non-traditional students. This is not just a trend here in Central Illinois, but a growing phenomenon in the United States since or because of the poor economy of recent years. This has sent many people looking for better professions. Non-traditional students bring wisdom and excitement to campus, along with valuable life lessons to share with their younger counterparts. The next time you take a walk about campus pay attention, you will see the smiling faces of nontraditional students, the new face of Lake Land College.

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The decline of haunted houses

News - 07

only twelve. The haunts in the area have been closing for various reasons. Ashmore Estates, for example, had a good portion of the roof ripped off in February due to a harsh weather conditions including clown bodies scattered across the ground and the owners sold the estate. Shelby Mitchell Shotgun Manor has had trouble finding a new premise News & Opinion after spending a haunting season in a temporary abode. In general, new or reopening haunts will find trouble The lights flash and die; the sounds and slow music opening due to more recently-written creep up your spine; children scream, and stricter safety regulations, which ghouls cackle. It is October, and you are includes a rather expensive sprinkler visiting a long string of haunted houses system and a set size-to-exit ratio. Many that you have planned for the night. You of the regulations are set to attempt to wait in lines, excited, but with slowlyprevent fires, as many haunts use many creeping nervousness, and creepy figures objects that could cause a fire, though or bouncing silhouettes make their way not many will occur. Besides, haunts toward you, ready to entertain as you always have fire extinguishers as well as wait your turn to pass through walls and exit plans to eliminate risk. Registered creeps set up to terrify you. on HauntedIllinois are Raven’s Grin Inn, For whatever strange reason, people Asylum Xperiment, Mazon Dungeon of enjoy deliberately getting themselves Terror, Eleventh Hour Haunted House, frightened. Mass amounts of people Realm of Terror, Basement of the Dead, line up every year outside of every Night Terrors, Lombard Jacees Haunted Graphic courtesy of Open Office haunted house in the area with the House, Haunted Trails Frightmare Haunted intention of either being frightened or, at least, House, Statesville Haunted Prison, Amenti Haunted entertained. However, this year, many haunted houses House, Sheer Terror Haunted House, The Haunted Hide have been shut down, temporarily or even permanently. Away, and Boo Crew, for those of you still interested in Where last year there were up to twenty haunts in the local haunted houses. area registered on, this year, there are

And the ones left kicking

Area Events

The lunch will start at 11 a.m. and end at 1 p.m. Tickets may be purchased upon arrival and are $5 per ticket. A new addition to the expo is the Job Fair. Manufacturing and industrial representatives will be present to recruit Leah Oathout employees from 1 to 4 p.m. The Business Expo is an Production Manager excellent way to discover local businesses and possible find October is a month of change. The leaves will fall, the air work. For more information on the expo, visit the Mattoon will take on an autumn chill and people will begin to spend Chamber of Commerce website at www.mattoonchamber. more time indoors. However, there is still much to do in com east central Illinois. The Effingham Performance Center (EPC) will be very The longest running event this month is from Oct. 1 to busy in October. Artists Parmalee and Rachel Farley Nov. 2, continued from late Sept. Eastern Illinois University will kick off the month, country-rock style. Parmalee is is hosting the “”Literature of Prescription: Charlotte gaining fame with hits like “Must Of Had A Good Time” Perkins Gilman and ‘The Yellow Wall-Paper’” exhibit in and “Carolina” and 18-year-old Rachel Farley, singer of the Booth Library. Throughout the month there will be “Ain’t Easy,” will share the stage. Tickets are $40, $31, or several lectures on topics that relate to and inspired the $28 depending on the seat. For specific information or to short story. The next lecture will be “Pregnancy Showing: purchase tickets, visit or call the center at 217Fictional Pregnancy in the Era of Charlotte Perkins 540-2788. Gilman,” presented by EIU English professor Parley A. October 11 through 13, hot air balloons may be seen Boswell in Writers Conference Room 4440. For a full list in the sky over Lake Shelbyville during the Touchstone of lectures and events, see or call the Energy Balloon Fest. The first launch will be Friday at 5 Booth Library at 217-581-6064. p.m. from the soccer fields in Forest Park, mainly for the In addition to the “Yellow-Wallpaper” exhibit, EIU Booth media and as a practice flight for the pilots. Saturday at 7 Library will host “Story Time” every Saturday in October a.m., the balloons will launch again from Forest Park. DJ for children ages three to seven from 10 to 11 a.m. Each Kerry Campbell of All Kindz of Soundz will be entertaining session will have a story and related crafts or activities. throughout the morning. An early dinner benefitting a local The event is free but children must be accompanied by charity will be held at the Dam West Recreational Area on an adult. The sessions will be in the Ballenger Teachers 9th Street beginning at 4 p.m. At dusk, the balloons will Center of the library. More details can be found at www. take flight yet again to set the night aglow. The Illinois or by calling 217-581-8442. tional Guard will have a rock climbing wall at the rec area The Cross County Mall in Mattoon will be filled on and Thunder Hits DJ service will provide entertainment Oct. 3 with businesses, delicious food and prospective from the late afternoon until the balloons return. At 7 a.m. employers. The 13th Annual Mattoon Chamber Business on Sunday, the pilots will make one last flight, leaving from Expo begins at 10 a.m. and runs until 4 p.m. Taste of the the beach area. All of this is weather permitting. For lots Expo features Mattoon restaurants and catering services more information on the event and on the balloons coming that will bring food to sample while exploring the expo. continued on page 8 Graphic by Leah Oathout

Business, pleasure in October

08 - News Night of the Living Zombies March Oktoberfest in Sullivan

Matt Miller Staff Writer This year’s annual Night of the Living Zombies March in Sullivan, Ill. will take place on Saturday, Oct. 19 as part of Sullivan’s Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest begins at noon and will conclude around 10:30 p.m. The Zombie March begins at 7 p.m. with “zombification” occurring one hour prior to the march. The zombification (face painting and costuming) will be sponsored by “The Misfit Toys,” who also operate in Shotgun Manor. Zombification is always free of charge and once you are finished being turned into a macabre hero, you will roam around with others, avoiding the Zombie Hunters, which you are also allowed to come as. Once everyone is ready, the march on downtown Sullivan begins. All zombies are encouraged to march through town, around the square and up to Shotgun Manor. The AMBUCS (American Business Clubs) charity organization will be co-hosting the event and offering prizes and inflatables. All funds raised at the events will be donated to AMBUCS and be used for local disabled persons, senior centers and scholarships. Do not hesitate to drop in and try this out, as there are plenty of zombies and hunters and Twinkies, as well as fun things to do for the entire family. Those considering attending but not participating as a zombie may bring cameras and photograph the horrific events around. The march continues to grow in popularity each year it is held, which hopefully continue

Area Events

continued from page 7 to Balloon Fest, see The Armored Combat League will meet for the Battle of the Nations at the Upstairs Ring of the Livestock Center at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield on Oct. 19. The day of Medieval-style fighting in full armor will begin at 11:30 a.m. and end at 3 p.m. Observers are welcome. Adult tickets are $10 and a family pack can be purchased for $25. Find more information at the Illinois State Fairgrounds website. The Effingham Performance Center will be rockin’ out on Oct. 19 with The Winery Dogs. The band consists of Mike Portnoy on drums, Billy Sheehan on bass, and Richie Kotzen on guitar. Curtain call is at 8 p.m and tickets should be purchased online in advance. More info is available at Merle Haggard, the 74-year-old country and very influential artist, will get the last gig at the EPC on Oct. 30. The performance will begin at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are on sale on the website and listed as $69, $59 and $54. Again, the Navigator asks that if you attend any of these events that you post pictures on our Facebook page at Lake Land Navigator.


“Blurred Lines” of consent Gretchen Neal Campus & Features

You have, no doubt, heard the increasingly popular song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. After all, it had held the top slot of Billboard’s Hot 100 for 12 weeks in a row. If you have not yet heard this song, do not bother to look it up; the catchiness is not worth the horrible message it sends, and if you watch the music video at work, you will most definitely be fired. You see, this particular summer hit objectifies women in its video and crosses into risky territory with its lyrics about the “blurred lines” of consent. Some may think that the lyrics Graphic by Beth Koehler are only addressing the difficulties of chasing after a girl who is “playing hard to get.” These people need a little lesson in what consent is. Consent is a touchy subject. For sex to completely consensual, both participants should be sober and use clear, vocalized consent, such as “Yes, I would like to enjoy some intercourse with you tonight, if you are willing to as well.” Thicke’s lyrics do not fully support this idea, however. Some lines, such as the repeated “I know you want it,” “The way you grab me, must wanna get nasty,” and the line “Can’t let it get past me.” There is one more line that Thicke sings that is not clear in meaning: “Do you like it hurt, like it hurt? But you don’t like work,” and another rapped by T.I. that says “I’ll give you something big enough to tear that ass in two,” that seem to be glorifying sexual violence, which often accompanies rape. Do not forget T.I.’s line about how the girl-in-question’s exboyfriend would not be a proper gentleman and spank her

Geeking out

Everyone should be a “victim”

Shelby Mitchell News and Opinions Cosplay and gaming and cons, oh my. When people think “geek,” the concept tends to be a bit blurred. While “geek” and “nerd” seem interchangeable, there really is a difference. A nerd, by definition, is someone who is “boringly studious” and socially awkward. A geek is more of someone who really likes something, even to the point of obsession and, basically, gets excited and is enthusiastic about the things they love. While geeks were typically looked down upon, in recent years, people have begun accepting their geeky interests without a second thought. Superheroes, videogames, bookbased movies, all sorts of things that would have previously been considered “geeky” have taken over. And yet, when asking around, most of the students seem to be under the impression that geek culture is not something that has taken hold; they think that there are not very many geeks at Lake Land, they think that geeks would be hard to spot and they are claim that nothing makes them “geek out.” The plain and simple truth is that, in some way, almost everyone is,to a slight extent, a bit of a geek. Some

Opinion- 09 or pull her hair. Consent, however, does not appear to be the only concept that Thicke does not understand; he does not seem to know what respect is, either. The lyrics that are not implying rape go on to objectify women. Several of the lyrics are suitable only for animals, including repeatedly singing “You’re a good girl,” and talking about how another boy was trying to “domesticate” said girl. He also sings the line “You’re far from plastic,” which is a little bit hypocritical, considering all of the pressure put on girls by the media to be ideally attractive. T.I. talks of doggy-style sex, and then refers to women as “bitches.” And then there is the music video. Let this be a warning to all: do not watch that video with children in the room, or while at work. The video features all three “artists” wearing classy apparel (excluding Pharrell Williams, who is in a shiny tracksuit, for some reason). The men are surrounded by three women, wearing nothing but shoes and skincolored thongs – who are still practically naked, even in the rated version. There are various nonsensical happenings in the video - one girl pedaling a stationary bike, one girl hold a live lamb, another girl letting T.I. brush her hair and, in another shot, laying down with a tiny stop sign stuck to her butt - but there is offensive material, as well. At one point, Thicke chases after one girl who is dancing by. At another point, he tracks down another girl and, while she bends over, motions towards her with some long object (I think it might have been a javelin, but I am not quite sure, and I have no interest in giving the video any more views than it already has just to find out). Thicke blows smoke into the face of the woman who lights his cigarette. One woman mouths “Meow” while he sings about liberating women from other “domesticating” men, and another model humps a stuffed dog. And throughout the video - even in the scene where Thicke holds up a girl’s legs to make it seem as if they are enjoying some probably-not-completelyconsensual sex – all of the men remain fully clothed, further playing into the video’s repeated theme of men are civilized human beings and women being animals. Also, the continued on page 10 are more obvious about it – we all know those kids who hit each other with foam swords and play Magic in the cafeteria – but some people do not quite “claim” their geekiness. If you got excited about a new videogame or DLC, chances are, you are a geek. If you heard about the “Harry Potter” spin-off movie and immediately felt elated, chances are, you are a geek. If you look in your closet and find an Iron Man shirt, chances are, you are probably a geek. A geek is, to all extents and purposes, merely someone who gets excited about the things they like. It does not have to pertain to pop culture; it could be space or sports or politics, but if it gets you more excited than you have words for, you have experienced “geeking out.” Symptoms include: elated feelings, increased energy, and a need to talk about the thing you like nonstop (and sometimes feeling bad because your friends may not exactly care). If truly nothing gets you excited, how are you even living? If something does get you excited, makes you happy to be alive, makes you want to scream from the mountain tops how much you love the thing or how excited you are about it – embrace your inner geek. Love whatever it is that makes you feel that way. In a world that likes to remind us so often of many reasons we should be sad, you should not be afraid to latch onto your love like a life raft your geeky interests can keep you afloat while others drown in misery.

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He said, she said Just say ‘I’m sorry’

Leah Oathout, productions mangager Matt Miller, Staff Writer M: In my own personal opinion, our country as a whole has a rather tough time admitting to any wrong doing more now than ever. Everyone is always so quick to find fault and/or blame so that they themselves will come out clean as a whistle. There is hardly any humility found in the human race these days. Whether it be on the job, in the classroom, on playground, or even in your relationship, a little adult behavior can go a long way. With all that being said, as a man I stand in awe at what the fairer sex tries to pull on all of us. Ladies, men are simple creatures. Our minds think about four things: beer, sports, sex and work. I have no problem apologizing if I accidentally tossed a white sock in with the colored laundry. However, I do not need to be torn in half over it, especially when it did not affect your clothing one bit. On the flip side, when a man corrects a woman, the woman instantly thinks the man is being vicious. In every relationship I have been in, I have apologized ten thousand more times than the woman ever has. I feel as it has become expected of the man to always apologize to the woman. When has a man ever held anything over a woman’s head for years on end? We all make mistakes and I have no shame admitting when I am wrong; but when talking to most male friends of mine, many of them state that they ended an argument with the woman by apologizing just for the sake of bringing the scuffle to a halt. Females seem to feel some sense of accomplishment when they get that unfelt “I’m sorry” from a man. Like they are high-fiving their own brain and stamping the victory seal right through the man’s heart. When, in turn, the man still thinks he was correct, but, as all males do, “admits” to being wrong just to cut down the argument time and move on to better things. Ladies, a little respect and humility goes a long way with the boys. When we constantly are reminded of our mistakes, even if we feel we made none, that is when the flowers, hot dates and affection start to diminish in favor of uncomfortable silences and much less time spent together. L: I have spent most of my life as “one of the guys.” As such, I would like to think I understand the male sex a little better than some women. But there is one thing I have never figured out; why it is so hard for men to say “I’m sorry” and really mean it? Here is the common scenario I hear about or experience. The man does something the woman does not like and she confronts him about it. The man usually answers one of two way. One, “It’s no big deal,” or two, “I’m sorry, but…” He will shift the blame or change the topic. Sometimes, he will respond with an angry, “It’s not my fault!” or “Stop nagging me.” Occasionally, he will actually reply, “I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.” Yet the behavior will be repeated over and over.


continued from page 09 disgusting way all of the men ogle the women makes me so uncomfortable and angry that I literally want to dropkick a kitten into traffic. When Robin Thicke addressed the issue of how demeaning the video was, he told interviewers at CG that he understood the video was degrading to women, and that it was a fun video to shoot because he doesn’t normally get the opportunity to objectify women. Let me clarify something: he said he does not “get” to objectify women, as if it’s some type of privilege to treat another human being like a piece of dirt. Even the creators of the song’s parodies (some of which were men) were disturbed by the implications of the video, and the feminist part of the internet practically exploded into a fiery ball of rage when the feminist parody (which concealed everyone’s body more appropriately than the original “Blurred Lines” video) was taken off of YouTube for “explicit content.” The video has since been re-uploaded, but the anger that it was even taken down while the original video was allowed to remain has not subsided. If it seems to you that this reaction is a bit overdramatic, consider this: how many rape victims have been told that they wanted it? How many have now been triggered by Robin Thicke’s video or lyrics? It is not a harmless song, and the mindless worshipping of it needs to stop before it inspires other artists to act just as inappropriately. Guys, when you apologize to a women, you are making a promise not to repeat the mistake. No matter how small or inconsequential it may seem to you, it is obviously important to the woman or she would not have brought it up. If you want to keep a good relationship with her, be she a coworker, a sister, a best friend, a girlfriend, or a wife, you must keep your “sorry promise.” Now, ladies, there is a difference between holding a man to his word and nagging at him. The former is for serious situations that have lasting impacts on your relationship such as risky gambles, black-out drinking, or crude and hurtful jokes. The latter would be things like occasionally forgetting to lower the toilet seat or rinsing out the coffee pot. Sometimes men just cannot break a habit because they do not know any different. My father, for example, came from a family where emptying pockets was part of the duties of the person washing clothes. My mother, on the other hand, grew up in a home where clothes were washed as-is, regardless of whether or not the pockets were empty. They have been happily married for 26 years and my father still occasionally forgets to empty his pockets. My mother playfully harasses him, but has chosen to let the matter lie. Admitting that you were wrong is never easy for either sex, but it is important aspect of a good relationship. So is being open about things that bother you. Just remember, if you say you are sorry, you are making a promise not to repeat your behavior. Do your best and keep that promise. Graphics by Leah Oathout

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Blue Crystal Candy

A Summary of Breaking Bad Dakota Pruemer Staff Writer

What an insane ride this has been! Those who have watched AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad know exactly what I am talking about. If any of you have not watched this genius TV show, I would first like to console you about all the fantastic entertainment you have missed out on. I am sure you are probably thinking to yourself, “Is it really that good?” and to that my only response is this: yes it is! I am sure you have heard people talking about this show before, but do you know what the show is about? The show’s protagonist, Walter White, is the typical husband, father, and high school chemistry teacher until he becomes diagnosed with lung cancer. Being told he only has months to live sparks something in Walt’s mind, and he starts wondering how he is going to provide for his family after his death. It weighs heavily on his mind, but while on a ride along with his DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) brother-in-law to bust a meth lab, Walt witnesses one of his former students running from the scene. Later that night, Walt finds Jesse, the former student, and

Grand Theft Auto V

The TV drama’s two main characters, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White. Photo courtesy of AMC, photo by Frank Ockenfels convinces him to assist him in getting into the meth business. They make a perfect team, with a few more than imperfect comedic moments, with Walter as the cook, and Jesse as the distributor. The show stars Bryan Cranston, of Malcolm in the Middle and Seinfeld fame, and Aaron Paul. With 62 episodes in the entire series and the show over, I am not quite sure what to do with my free time, other than re-watching it on Netflix. Now that you know what the show is all about, if you think this sounds interesting to you in the slightest, I would highly recommend watching Breaking Bad. You will not be disappointed.

It does not take all that long to figure out what each character excels or fails at, as Rockstar made the them be either a swimmer with the agility of Olympian Michael Phelps or, on the flip side, a diver who falls to his death like a fat kid with a pocket full of bricks. Memorize the attire of each Matthew Miller character and it will not be hard to forget who passes and Staff Writer fails at which particular scenario. I recently picked up the Each character’s story is latest installment in Rockstar relatively the same; complete a Games infamous “Grand Theft set of missions, some large and Auto” video game franchise, some small, in order to ultimately “Grand Theft Auto V”. I am not achieve wealth and fame among sure why I continue to play other hood rats. There are video games; as each sequel, various points throughout the regardless of the manufacturer game where the characters cross or title, basically is the same paths and have to interact with as its predecessors, usually one another. While I have not only containing upgrades in completed the game at the time graphics and sound quality. of press, I am hoping that, at “Grand Theft Auto V” is no one point, the characters have to exception. engage in a fight with one another. GTA 5 takes place in the That would be a much embraced city of San Andreas, where plot twist in a rapidly growing a few of the franchises other mundane franchise. titles have also occurred. As a whole, the game delivers San Andreas is loosely based in the fun and entertaining on the real life city of Los category. It is basically the Angeles. Unlike previous same concept as the rest of the GTA V is available worldwide for PlayStation 3 installments from the title, this and XBOX 360. franchise shoot, kill, steal, fight, game allows the player to pick Graphic courtesy of Rockstar Games chaos, repeat just with upgraded and choose from three main graphics and sound. The plot is characters; Franklin, Trevor and Michael. While none similar to earlier installments as well. The player takes some of these characters have the swagger and attitude as poor, penniless persona and builds an empire with him by my personal favorite “GTA” hero, Tommy Vicetti from carrying out gruesome, gangland style tasks throughout a city. “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”, they each carry a few So, if you are looking for a whole new angle to the “GTA” series, different special items or skills required to complete you will be let down. However, if you just want to buy the game the game. While Michael may be the better swimmer to basically have fun at parties with friends by seeing who can of the trio, his driving skills pale in comparison to that cause the most anarchy before getting murdered or arrested, of Trevor, who is not nearly as tough in hand-to-hand then this game is for you. fisticuffs as Frank.

Just another game about crime and chaos

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Being for the benefit of culture

the Tuscan Hills Winery in Effingham. On Friday 11, ceremonies will begin at 5 p.m. and end at midnight with a random jam. On October 12 they will host the main events starting at 10 a.m. featuring art demos, arts and crafts booths, a carved pumpkin contest (please have pumpkin carved beforehand), and live music from some of Tanner Garren Effingham’s star artists and bands such as Andy Reuter, Layout & Design Swamp Donkey, and Jed Adams. Food and drink will also be available; though it is at a winery, there will be kid Come one, come all to The Creative Community of friendly drinks. Tickets are $5, but the little ones will get in Effingham’s Fall Frolic. If you can find a larger range of free as long as they are 12 and under. You can purchase different forums of art in a festival, then you are obviously tickets at the new Chesnut Family Music in Effingham. not from the district. The Fall Frolic will emit an aura of The Fall Frolic will be two fantastic days of art and music, art, food and other exciting activities that you will culture, but if you are someone who has an artistic talent; not find at any other weekend outing in a small community. whether it be music, art, crafts, dancing, poetry, fighting Now, why is this? If one knows anything about the style, etc., The Creative Community requests that you sign arts based in Effingham County, they would know that it up fast, as spaces are filling quickly. If you would like to is hard to find a wide range of artistic talent unless they set up a booth, contact Cassie Heynen at cassieheynen@ were looking in certain areas. With the Fall Frolic, many, or look up Cass Heynen on Facebook. Booth of Effingham’s and other surrounding areas’ great artistic spots will be $10, and alongside getting a booth you will minds and performers will be there. receive four free tickets to the event. Performances and Besides creating a fun event for a weekend, The Creative demonstrations are encouraged; if you would like to Community has a much bigger motive. “We want people perform contact, Kevin at to come to create unity with artistic talents and provide a or forum who want to do something artistic,” says Josh Loy, one of the Creative Community’s head ambassadors. “As Logo for The Creative community. an organization, we seek to discover and promote local Artwork courtesy of Jennifer Dweese artists, musicians, and crafts people in order to grow our community’s culture and provide opportunities for talent to find its proper stage. The Fall Frolic accomplishes this.” The Fall Frolic will take place on October 11-12 at

The Fall Frolic

Saving Rock and Roll Shelby Mitchell News & Opinion In Auburn Hills, Michigan, on September 14, a line had wrapped around the corner of the Palace Stadium by three in the afternoon, four and a half hours before the Save Rock and Roll Tour concert was set to begin, where Twenty One Pilots and Panic! at the Disco opened for Fall Out Boy. As hordes of fans waited for the doors to open, Andy Hurley, the drummer for Fall Out Boy, jogged by the line twice, the second time to high-five all of the fans. By the time the doors finally opened, the concert had been sold out and the arena was packed. All the bands played their most popular songs, and the crowd was wild from start to finish. Twenty One Pilots began the concert and the high-energy duo, who are less well-known that the other two bands, still had fans screaming lyrics back at them, especially on their songs “Hands for Guns” and “Car Radio.” After their short set of songs, Panic! at the Disco had their own. Brendon Urie, the center figure in Panic! at the Disco, managed to fuel the crowd even more, doing backflips and giving snarky commentary to accompany their performance of some of their more energetic and wellknown songs. They played two singles from their upcoming album, “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die,” which comes out October 8. They ended with their most popular song, “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies”. Next came the main act, Fall Out Boy. They started their set in black masks, performing their recent single, “The Phoenix.” Throughout the set, they mixed new songs with old ones, hitting many of their well-known songs, such as “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” and “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race.” The band performed a different cover every night, this night opting for “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” Patrick Stump, the lead singer, smoothly transitioned from

their slower song, “What a Catch, Donnie,” to the upbeat “20 Dollar Nosebleed,” where Urie came back to join in on the fun one last time. Their set also included a guitar solo from Joe Trohman, a short acoustic set in the middle of the arena on a campfire stage, and a drum solo from Andy Hurley. Between songs, Pete Wentz, the bassist and lyricist, was giving his hopeful, uplifting – albeit, sarcastic – speeches, and calling the fans “fucking freaks” with a grin on his face. After the drum solo, the band returned with “Dance, Dance,” and then performed three more songs and left the stage. The crowd began chanting “Fall Out Boy,” and shortly after, the band returned with “Save Rock and Roll” and “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs.” They thanked the crowd one last time, and then launched into their final song, “Saturday,” from their 2003 FBR label debut album, “Take This to Your Grave.” The night was the kind that breeds nostalgia; the kind that makes you remember 2006 in perfect clarity for a split second, and the feeling of screaming the lyrics along as the band members grin back is not a feeling easily forgotten. Fall Out Boy tastes like your favorite band, only sweeter.

Blackhawks getting in zone NHL 2013 champions gear up for a new season Kaitlyn Conrad Photo & Web October 1 is a big day for all National Hockey League fans; the start of the NHL regular season. This Tuesday evening will host three games. Maple Leafs vs. Canadiens, Jets vs. Oilers, and Capitals vs. Blackhawks. While southern Illinois has quite a number of St. Louis Blues fans, many Illinois residents from all over the state have been following the Chicago Blackhawks ever since they entered the Stanly Cup Playoff last spring and then took home the trophy in a last minute rally of goals in their game against Boston. A lot of pressure could be put on a team that just won the cup but many of the Blackhawks players are not making that their main focus. “When you win the Cup, the talk is always about repeating. We don’t want to think about that yet,” said Jonathan Toews, the captain of the Blackhawks, in an interview on September 11, 2013. Toews said that he is focusing on the start of the year. Joel Quenneville, the Blackhawks’ head coach stated that, “The objective here is that we’re preparing in the right fashion, focusing on what we have to do to get off to a strong start. We wanna make sure conditioning is something we get out of training camp, and coming together as a team so we can get off the best start is something we are looking forward to…” The Blackhawks seem to be getting their preseason off to a good start, with a win in their game opener against the Detroit Red Wings, winning 2-0. The first three months this year will also serve as a crucial time for all NHL hockey players as the USA Hockey

Precision combat sports Kory Stone Business Manager The smell of sweat and sanitizer fills the air, along with grunting and sounds of gloves smacking boxing mitts, to rattle off with a tat-tat-tat. The floor is covered in good quality but miss-matching mats. Five different styles of punching and Banana bags line the wall to the north while trophies, flags and fight posters are sporadically hung up along the rest. Tom Butler, a Co-founder and current owner of Precision Combat Sports, is on the other side of the gym speaking with some ladies who just finished up their cardio kickboxing class. It is ground night, which means everyone is dressed or getting dressed in his or her traditional “GI” outfits. Ground nights are every Monday and Wednesday at six and consist of learning Jiu-jitsu and wrestling on top of their cardio strength training. 13-year veteran Adam Arebalo, a Champion black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, leads the classes. He is fairly new to PCS, just recently taking over for decorated fighter and Champion Heath Pedigro. Arebalo commented, “What I love about martial arts, jiu-jitsu in particular, is that there is so much to learn from it, even outside the physical aspects. Even as a black belt I never stop learning about myself or others.” The gym caters to a diverse mixture of members, from

Sports - 13 team will be evaluating which 25 players will make the roster for the Olympics. “There has to be a body of work that you look at when evaluating players,” head coach of the USA Olympic Hockey team, Dan Bylsma, said. “There’s no trial, there’s no on-the ice time here, there is a body of work from each player here. Having said that, the next three, four months is the key time to establish that. How you’re playing for the three, four months will be important.” One great thing about this upcoming season is that hockey fans from all over will get to experience the full 2013-2014 hockey season, whereas last year hockey fans has to agonize about when or if the 2012-2013 season would start. The former season had delayed its original start date of October 11, 2012 due to a lockout forced by the NHL franchise owners after the ending of the league’s collective bargaining agreement. Training camps did not start until early January 2013, about four months later than the initial date, and the season was reduced to 48 games. Information about any NHL team can be found at You can follow game updates and Chicago Blackhawks news on Twitter, @NHLBlackhawks. The NHL season officially starts on October 1. The Stanley Cup winning team are not focused soley on winning the cup again, but on starting off the year right. Photo by:Julie DeRuiter

professional fighters, martial art enthusiast to the average person who just wants to get healthy or learn self-defense. The classes are constructed and taught in a way to use people’s individual goals and strengths in making an effective team. According to Butler, it is one of their keys to success. The striking classes are taught by Butler and Sean Hamilton, and between the both of them they have close to 30 years of boxing and Muay Thai experience, which are taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays at six. What may be one of the most surprising benefit from PCS is the family friendly, positive atmosphere and friendship customers acquire through it. People develop close-knit ties with those who are constantly in battle with them whether it is against an enemy or a bit of extra weight. Mothers bring their kids with them to play on the mats or take the kids to class while they exercise themselves. All in all, it is well documented about the physical health benefits of gyms and exercise. However, if you ask around, for some the gym is more than that. The gym brings them solace, a positive outlet for the everyday stressors. They find their discipline and self-image start to rise, and not just because they are physically getting in shape but mentally and emotionally as well. They gym will continue in expanding its classes as they grow and will be offering a variety of classes and boot camps for fall and winter.

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Player Spotlight

Fresh to Volleyball: Lacy Maulding Adam Hostetter Sports & Entertainment

The air is tense, and a referee’s whistle is blown. The volleyball is served and soars through the air, speeding toward the ground. A pair of arms repels the ball, flinging it up high and setting the scene for another teammate’s spike over the net to win the point. A good team must be all about working together in sync and being cooperative with each other, and Lake Land College’s volleyball team is no different. One member of this outstanding team is Lacy Maulding, a freshman athlete. Looking forward to her first year competing for Lake Land College, Maulding began the sport in seventh grade at Casey, Illinois. Her team was “very successful that year,” and she has been competing in volleyball ever since. Throughout her athletic career, Maulding has had much support for her endeavors from teammates, whom cheer each other on and practice together, and from her family, who come to the games to watch her play. Maulding chose Lake Land College over other institutions “because it was close to home, and I have a few past teammates on the (current LLC) team.” Maulding sees herself as an all-around player in volleyball, playing everywhere on the court except the middle position. She also considers Misty May, a beach volleyball veteran that has won three Olympic gold medals in her career, as a good role model. In regards to this year’s volleyball team lineup Maulding remarked, “I’m really excited for this year, and it’s an allfreshman team…minus two girls.” That is a lot of fresh blood for one team, but with new players means new and different experiences for the coaches, the rivals, and the audience to watch. Maulding is currently enrolled in 13 credit hours at Lake Land College and is working towards an associate degree in dental hygiene. After LLC, Maulding hopes to go directly into the field, but there is a chance she will try to earn a bachelor’s degree. To watch Lacy Maulding and her teammates on the court, the volleyball game schedule is available on Lake Land College’s athletics’ program website at: http://www.

Lacy Maulding, No. 8, is a freshman Volleyball player here at Lake Land College. Photo by Adam Hostetter

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