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Volume 13; Issue 6 April 2014

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4/2 SAB EVENT Health and Safety Fair 10-1 in the Field House Get free healthy snacks and valuable health and safety information! 4/2 Sophomores (29 credits or more completed at LLC) begin summer/fall registration through IRIS. Visit your Advisement Information page for more information. 4/3 Freshman (29 credits or less) begin summer/fall registration through IRIS. Visit your Advisement Information page for more information. 4/8 Free “Be a Leader” Leadership Workshop Series All Students are Welcome! 2-4 , WEBB 081 Facilitator: Jennifer Melton Get Sneetched! A diversity exercise based on the Dr. Seuss book, The Sneetches. This workshop requires participants to confront the “isms’ that exist in our culture. 4/9 SAB EVENT LGBTQIA+ Panel 11:00 AM, Theater A panel of students and community members from the LGBTQIA+ community will be available to address questions from the audience.

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4/15 SGA Hosts Red Cross Blood Drive 10-3, WEBB 081 4/16 4/23 4/30

SAB EVENT Sammy Obeid, Comedian 11:00 AM, Theater Experience the hilarious comedy of comedian, Sammy Obeid! You don’t want to miss this! SAB EVENT Drumming Up World Music: Rhythms, Songs, & Drums of West Africa, the Caribbean, & the USA 11:00-1:00, Theater This program is made possible in part by a grant from the Ruth and Vaughn Jaenike Access to the Arts Outreach Program of the College of Arts & Humanities, Eastern Illinois University. This interactive drumming program teaches participants about percussion music from around the world. SAB EVENT Faculty vs. Student Softball Game 11:00 AM, Softball Field Come on out and root for your favorite team! Will it be the students or the faculty who take home the bragging rights?

Live simply, so others may simply live Energy Conference 2014 Kory Stone Business Manager Lake Land Colleges Renewable Energy Conference was a success! Record numbers were in attendance with 5 sponsors, 53 vendors, 63 break away sessions and 801 registrations total. Compare this to just last year which had 3 sponsors, 36 vendors, 59 sessions and 649 registrations total and one can see the growing support renewable energy is getting locally and abroad. It 2006, Lake Land decided to start making greater efforts to become more eco-conscious. Since then they have went above and beyond just becoming conscious of their impact. They have become one of the leading schools in America in utilizing and promoting renewable energy. The atmosphere was alive and electric with ingenuity and creativity, fueled by curiosity and a passion to learn how to not only lower an impact on the world, but also how that can impact one’s wallet. The conference was hosted in the West Building and from 8-4 there were classes, exhibits and presentations ranging from hydrogen fuel cells to rain gardens and hydroponic growing systems to Amish sun lighting. Leading the conference this year in the key note address was none other than famous supporting actor Ed Begley Jr. His message of “Live simply so that others may simply live” was received by a packed house and listening ears as he told his stories from his early days, such as his first electric car and to how he is combining his two passions in creating environmental conscious programing. “It’s been a lifelong journey of taking small steps to reduce my carbon footprint. Along this journey, I’ve realized that the way I live not only reduces my energy consumption

Campus - 03 and lasting impact on the earth, but it’s helped my pocketbook. Living in a sustainable manner has shown me unlimited returns.” It is a simple enough mission to live by as a society - save money by being more reasonably conscious and responsible so that other generations may also live well. What would be the downfall of creating better world, anyway -one where Americans have energy independence, green jobs, sustainability, livable cities and clean air and water. It is easier than one may think. As Begley states “Pick the low hanging fruit first.” What he means is start small - change out light bulbs to get LED or CFLs, unplug appliances or plug them into power strips that can be shut off to eliminate “ghost voltage.” Get creative and reuse things or buy from those who are when possible. Check out yard sales, thrift stores, pawn shops or online resale shops before buying new.

Keynote speaker Ed Begley Jr speaking at the Energy Conference at Lake Land College in spring 2014. Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

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Smoothly transferring to a university Dakota Pruemer Staff Writer There is a set list of questions people ask when they encounter college students, and by the time a college student has reached graduation, they will be so tired of answering them that carrying around a sign with prewritten answers might seem like a better solution. The answers including “I am a ____ in college, my major is _____, I am not quite sure what I want to be yet, yes it was a good

Eastern Illinois University North Quad. Eastern is a common school for Lake Land students to transfer to. Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

decision for me to get my general education, no I am not quite sure where I want to go after ____ College.” As annoying and repetitive it is to answer these questions, they are still something students have to think about, especially where to transfer after Lake Land. Some students are lucky enough to come to Lake Land College, earn their certificates and promptly enter the workforce. However, the rest of the community collegegoers have to think about where to attend after, because just having two years probably will not cut it. This can be a very frustrating and overwhelming task, but if one breaks it down into a few steps, it is not too bad. The first and most important step is deciding which university best fits the students’ needs; if an individual cannot decide on one, they should try applying to multiple universities. To find information on the colleges, go to each of their websites and look through their study programs. If a student has more questions on the college, they should not be afraid to call the college and ask for help. Universities have employees whose job is to help students find the information they need. After finding a college or colleges that an individual likes, they should look up their majors and minors and also the degree plan for each field. Eastern Illinois University’s Student Advisor, Cecilia Yoakum, has an office set up in the library on campus. Continued on page 6

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Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

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Putting time on your side

nutrition and sleep helps in staying physically fit and mentally alert to come up with and follow through with intended goals. With this energy though, can come a desire to overreach, so be careful of overcommitting to too much Kory Stone whether it is an overall load or multitasking. This also Business Manager goes for perfectionism; unless it is called for, do not waste Making time for life often is not at the top of ones valuable time trying to make every project “perfect.” The priorities, yet, should it be? Time and life could be said perfect life allows for imperfections. Concerning the art of to be synonymous with one another. The illusion of time allowing, it is important to make sure in the pursuit of time can only exist in the conscious observation of life, while to management mastery that fun time, or “mandatory down conscious life, time sums up the beginning to the end – an time” is allowed so that the batteries can charge. Not only entire life represented by a dash between the day of birth will work be more efficient, but also enjoyable. What’s the to the date of death. “Time,” is something precious. That is, point of life if there is no enjoyment in it? Managing ones whether by mere chance or design, time is a gift none less. time of “life” to best suit what makes them happiest is going One day everyone will wake up and will have exhausted to require a balance. Though this balanced life is going to that gift and there will be nothing left of it to take from. So, look different from person to person it is worth finding. In making the most of it shoulbe at the top of the priority list. doing so, one is not only fully accepting this gift of life, but Speaking of a priority, the next step is deciding what one also giving it back to humanity. wants out of life. According to Ned Hallowell, psychiatrist As Howard Thurman said, “Don’t ask what the world and New York Times bestselling author, one needs to define needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do that, clear and specific goals. because what the world needs is people who have come “If you’re trying to figure out how to stay focused on alive.” your goals, break them down into 4 categories: no more than 3 short term goals to accomplish today, 3 medium term goals to accomplish in the next 2-4 weeks, 3 long term goals to meet in the next 6-12 months, and 3 lifetime goals to meet before you die.” One way to help in doing this is by creating ABC lists of things that need to be done. The most important or the things one is most revelvant to do get A’s, the next B’s and then C’s. This helps in overcoming procrastination and “busy work.” These are important whether the goal is more family time, work time or school time. Another tip that goes along with prioritizing the ABC’s is by keeping a schedule. But one has to know more than just their responsibilities and obligations. Get to know things like “peak times,” the times of day one has the most energy and can be the most efficient. Equally important is the environment. Will there be distractions, is there a better place to carry out the goal, like work, the library or home? Taking things like this into consideration when scheduling helps get the most from ones time. Having the time of your life. Taking care of oneself with things like proper exercise, Photo by Kory Stone

Time management for students

Mad mind of O’Sullivan SAB presents comedic musican Tanner Garren Layout & Design Among the numerous SAB events that are presented on stage in the student center, few can make an audience truly feel part of a show or on the same level as the person performing. On Mar 19 musical comedian Brian O’Sullivan graced Lake Land College with his presence and his comedic wit. O’Sullivan got his start in comedy performing at Second City, the place where of many Saturday Night Live alumni got their start. When one first looks at O’Sullivan, what is seen is the average guitar player who looks like he does all his performing at cafés or street corners, but as soon as O’Sullivan starts playing, the audience is hooked. O’Sullivan’s quirky personality makes the audience want to pay attention rather than sipping coffee and using his tunes as background music. Those who came got the full monty when it came to entertainment O’Sullivan provided. After his first song,

Brian O’Sullivan making laughs on the stage in the student center. Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

O’Sullivan started asking questions of the audiences, throwing a joke right back at them after they answered him. O’Sullivan performed many of his own hilarious songs such as “The Batman Song,” a song dedicated to his favorite superhero. While he likes to perform his Continued on page 6

06 - Campus


Stephanie Medley-Rath, sociology instructor and co-sponsor of B-GLADD. The panelists and Medley-Rath hope to use the panel to educate Lake Land students about any concerns they might have regarding the LGBTQIA+ community. The panelists are hopeful about raising awareness on LGBTQIA+ issues and acting as a resource for any questions students Gretchen Neal may have. The panelists will be sharing their stories and Editor-in-Chief experiences, but the will not be required to answer any If there were someone that could answer all of life’s questions that they find too personal or intrusive. questions, everyone would flock to them for those answers. Anyone who would like to attend is welcome to sit in, Unfortunately, Lake Land College cannot provide such a and it is encouraged that they bring their curiosity. If person. However, interested students are invited to attend anyone is interested in joining B-GLADD or helping with the LGBTQIA+ Panel occurring on campus in April. The future B-GLADD events, they can contact Marcy Satterwhite event will take place Apr. 9 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. The at or Stephanie Medley-Rath event will be one of the much-anticipated Student Activity at or attend a B-GLADD Board events (which are held every Wednesday). The meeting, held once everypanel will take place in other Wednesday from the theater, located in the 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Luther Student Center. Webb Hall 105. If anyone All who are curious and is interested in joining courteous are welcome to SAB or assisting in SAB attend. events, they should This will be an contact the advisor, interactive panel, so the Valerie Lynch, at audience members will be free to ask the panelists Lake Land’s questions concerning B-GLADD Logo LGBTQIA+ topics. The Redesigned by Jennifer panel will be sponsored DeWeese. by B-GLADD, Lake Land’s LBGTQIA+ club. The panel will be facilitated by

Opportunity to ask pressing questions

Live simply


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These not only save money but also support many local and small time business owners as well. There are all kinds of things one can do to lower their footprint and save money. Congratulations to those who are, because they know - like John Muir said - “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

own stuff, he plays many parodies to bring laughs to his audiences. He parodied such artists as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Macklemore and he even brought the audience back twenty years with his parody “I’m From the Nineties,” or as most people would recognize, as Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe.” O’Sullivan’s greatest work in the show was that of which the audience helped create. Before O’Sullivan played one of his parodies; he had the audience play a game of Mad Libs. During the mysterious writing of the song, the audience shared laughter as they shouted out Libs such as “Van Gough’s ear!,” ”Las Vegas!” and, of course, “Peeing sitting down,” one of the more appropriate idea shouted by the audience. Once the Lib was done Sullivan used the libs in a parody of Gary Jules’ ”Mad World.” You can check out O’Sullivan on his YouTube channel, like him on Facebook at BO Comedy. He requests that you all know that “BO” does not stand for “body odor.”

Transfer continued from page 3 She will show interested students degree plans that are similar to their interests and consider the classes that they have already attended at Lake Land. She will also inform students about requirements such as having a foreign language and having to attend a senior seminar at Eastern. The seminar may sound like a fancy class but really it is just a class outside of a study program and is typically a very broad topic. Another great thing Yoakum can cover is looking up scholarships that students may be eligible for. Yoakum is especially helpful for students interested in attending Eastern Illinois University. Her office hours are from 8-4:30. Set up an appointment phone at Lake Land Counseling Services, or if she is not busy, stop by during her office hours.

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Strategies for success Letting your life & business work for you Kory Stone Business Editor If one is a student there is a good chance they are either running low on time, money or both- two things which could offer more freedom, opportunity and ultimately happiness for many. It is understandable, given the many responsibilities a student has to juggle; work, bills, family, friends, classes, school activities and then home work to top it off. This can all be very taxing! In regards to work it is said that for a student to remain the most efficient in school that they work no more than 10 to 15 hours a week. Yet according to US census report, many are clocking in far more hours. They determined that around 71 percent of the 19.7 million college undergraduates were working. Of that number, one in five undergrads were working at least 35 hours a week, yearround, while those who were not full-time workers made up of more than half, put in 20 hours a week. But does it have to be this way? According to many, it does not. Shane Shumaker, a fellow Lake Land College Student majoring in Earth Science, as a husband, father and factory worker, was like many other guys in his mid-twenties, smack dab in the middle of small town America before he came across an opportunity that is changing his life. He says initially he was just looking to lose some weight and get in better shape when a friend shared some products from a network marketing company (Advocare). 57 pounds and 5 months later people started asking questions and it all just snowballed from there, he said. “All I have to do is talk to people, it is a direct sales business but it doesn’t mean you have to be a salesman - the more people you talk to the more money you can make.” Direct sales companies like Advocare, Avon, Body by Vi and Amway are part of a growing field many are finding

Food holidays Because food is awesome Beth Koehler Copy Editor Holidays are fun- getting together with friends or family to eat and enjoy the time together is generally a good thing; however, most agree that the best part of any holiday is the food. What you may not know is that every day of the year is a “Food Holiday”, or National [insert food here] Day, such as Apr. 2 being National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. If someone is ever at a loss of what to eat for a day, checking out what the Food Holiday of the Day is may offer some kind of inspiration. Other notable Food Holidays the month of April

Features - 07 success in, some have even had tract records that date to mid 1800’s, like Lindt Chocolate’s. Essentially how they work is by allowing a person to build up a passive income overtime through acquiring customers and helping other distributors under them succeed. Though success rates can vary depending on a lot of factors DSC’s are definitely at the least worth looking into if not just fully giving a shot at trying. To quote Shumaker, “If we never try then we will always fail.” Most companies often also have a full money back guarantee if it does not work out. Even then, if one does not succeed but still find the industry appealing, it may be Shane Shumaker was able to quit worth giving another his job and work from home. company a try. Photo Submitted by Shane Shumaker, Sometimes it is just all husband, father & Advocare rep. about the right fit or products to get one going. Direct sales companies are just one of the many ways people can bring in extra income/time into their life. So if one is feeling overwhelmed it may be worth finding a little extra time to find out if and/or what kind of home based business is a right fit. It made all the difference in the world for Shane, now a full time stay at home father, husband and student. He says he puts in on average about 12 hours a week just talking with people seeing if they could use a little “change” in their life. include Apr. 11 (National Cheese Fondue Day), Apr. 12 (National Grilled Cheese Day and National Licorice Day), Apr. 22 (National Jelly Bean Day), Apr. 23 (National Cherry Cheesecake Day), Apr. 25 (National Zuchinni Bread Day), and Apr. 26, (National Pretzel Day). While every day is a Food Holiday, only April has a time known as Bake Week. It is exactly what it sounds like- an entire week devoted to baked goods. Bake Week takes place from Apr. 1 to Apr. 7, and in celebration, we will be posting several baked good recipes on our website, http:// navigatornewsllc. com/campusfeatures/ features/bake-week/. We encourage students to submit their own. May everything you taste be delicious!

Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

08 - Features

Business of the future Businesses valuing their employees more Brice Simmons Campus & Features Is the business of the future better, worse or the same as the business of the past? Are companies coming to realize that happy employees and a good work environment make more productive employees? Google thinks this to be true. Imagine all the benefits you would like to receive from your job, and Google probably has it. Here is just a taste of the benefits that Google gives their employees according to Google’s website: Health Benefits: • On-site physicians and nurses • Convenient medical services • Comprehensive health care coverage Travel Benefits: • Google employees and their families are covered with travel insurance/emergency assistance. Including on their personal vacations Maternity Benefits: •New parents get time off and some extra spending money to help them with their new child Education Benefits: •Classes or degree programs that help you with what you do are reimbursed Legal Benefits: •Employees get legal advice at no cost •In the US, they also get common legal services at a group discount Googles view on business is radically different and unorthodox compared to past businesses, being much kinder to their employees. But is this the best for the business and employees over all? Will it work out in the long run? Only time will tell. For now though, it is a business that current employees enjoy working at, which is a plus in and of itself.

Helpful things to know

Google, the business plan of the future Google’s logo

other search modifiers as well - putting anything in quotes searches for that exact phrase (such as “Four score and seven years ago”). Putting a dash excludes the following word or phrase - it is useful for searching words that have multiple meanings, like jaguar (such as the search “jaguar Beth Koehler –car”, which excludes any references to cars, meaning most Copy Editor searches will be focused on the animal). An asterisk is a “fill Life is hard. Life is full of inconviniences, and anything in the blank” for when you do not know the word (as in “a * that can help take care of all those little things in life is in the hand is worth * in the bush”). These are by no means a good thing. So here are some simple tips and tricks to all the modifyers, but these are generally the most useful dealing with all those tiny, minor problems that can pile up ones for school research. on anyone. Time for some miscelaneous things that are helpful to Getting a broken light bulb out of a socket is awful. know: getting a headache? Drink water or Gatorade. Most Before going to bend the metal out of place in order to of the time, you are just getting dehydrated and Gatorade remove it, try grabbing a knife and a potato. Slice the top actually reinvigorates you faster. Need to relax fast? Take a off of the potato and jam it into the socket. Then twist it off shower. It genuinely makes people feel more at ease. Some like a normal light bulb. If the potato is stiff enough, then people even say that taking cold showers can help people it should be removed with little problem- just be sure that to lose weight and coconut oil can be used as a conditioner. the power is off, for safety measures. If you are having a bad day, eat a banana. Bananas are Need some sources for writing a paper? Google search one of the best sources of dopamine, or “that chemical the topic or some related keywords and add “filetype:PDF” that causes us to feel happiness.” Putting a wet sponge in to the search. Alternatively, if there is a site that is helpful the microwave can kill up to 99 percent of the germs in it. but another is needed, then adding the qualifyer “related: Bread can be frozen in order to make it last longer with URL,” then Google will show similar websites. Google has Continued on page 9

Knowledgeable things for the independent individual

Thrifting made easy Because shopping is hard on your wallet

Features - 09 will work once you plug them in. Do not buy helmets for your own safety and please do not buy underwear. Do not buy makeup, since most do not have best by dates and who knows how the previous owner handled them. Do not buy mattresses or stuffed animals from a thrift shop- both are prone to holding lice, bedbugs and other creepy crawlies. Finally, do not buy baby equipment (like strollers or cribs), seeing as the safety precautions they come with may be out of date. Do not skimp on something that could endanger a child’s life. All that being said, thrifting is a great and easy way to get good items for cheaper prices. Not everything in a thrift store is worthless scrap - sometimes, there are some real jems to be found. For any unwanted clothes or items, consider donating to a charity or thirft shop. It is a strong possibile that’s someone else’s day could be made by the donation. The website offers ratings and locations of thrift stores in the area. One last word of advice- do not start singing the Macklemore song. It is very possible to get thrown out for this.

Beth Koehler Copy Editor Shopping at thrift stores is an excellent way to find some name brand clothing at reasonable prices, or just to find some neat stuff in general. Unfortunately, whether or not one can find anything usable is somewhat of a gamble. Fortunately, there are some very simple things that can make the trip a bit less of a headache and increase the likelihood of finding something good. To start off, give yourself a limit. How much money are you not only able, but willing to spend at a given store? This is especially important if you plan to stop at more than one shop. With all that stuff around that is ripe for the taking, it is so very easy to get carried away and buy that Harley Davidsson tea set, but do you really need it? Also, when you set your limit, do not feel obligated to spend that much at that store. You are not required to attempt to spend your limit at a store. It is there to fall back on, not a goal to reach. When buying clothes, always inspect carefully. Every single article, no matter how pristine it seems at a glance, needs to be looked at carefully for stains, tears, thinned areas, lining/hem issues or anything else. Be super critical of shoes- odds are they have been worn a bit before, so arches may be worn down, broken or contain holes. Take a careful look at any buttons, zippers or snaps the clothes may have in case something needs replaced and be sure to check any pockets or flaps - cleanliness is important. If there is a ton of dirt or a dirty tissue to be found in an article of clothing, it might be best not to trust it. While you can find just about anything thrifting, some things should just not be bought. Do not buy used food processing equipment (toasters, blenders, etc.) Not only is it possible that they have not been properly cleaned or are Spence’s on Jackson is located in Charleston. This is one of festering something inside, but there is no guarantee they the of the area thrift stores one can explore at. Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

Helpful things continued from page 8 no problem. Buy generic cereal - not only do those bags give you more cereal for less money, but some kinds are actually made by the same factories! That extra money being charged is literally for the brand. The world is full of these little nuggets of information, tips and tricks that can make your life easier. Keeping eyes open and ears listening can save a lot of little headaches in the future.

@NavigatorNews “Ask me how I lost 116 pounds. Call or text Shane at 217-251-8404 or visit”

10 - News

April affairs

Area events in East Central Illinois Kaitlyn Conrad Photo & Web Editor April is hopping right into this spring season. East Central Illinois has some events to keep you on your toes. So get out the calendar and start marking away! • Come experience Allerton After Dark and see Allteron Park in Monticello in a whole new light on Apr 4. The Trail-Glo 5K will start and finish near the Visitor Center. This new event is being hosted by the Allerton Trails Half Marathon and 10K Race. Participants will follow illuminated trail markings under a waxing crescent moon, accumulating extra glow as they go. All proceeds go to Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois. To get more information about this 5K, call 217-333-3287 or visit • On Apr. 5, Effingham will host the Blessing of the Bikes. People should meet at the Harley Barn at 8 a.m. From there, they will travel through Effingham and make their way to the Cross to have their bikes blessed. You can contact the Harley Barn for more information and you can visit them online at http://www.legacyhd. com/. • At the Presidential Half Marathon on Apr 5, participants can run 13.1 miles where Lincoln walked. They will be able to immerse themselves in Lincoln history and enjoy a scenic run past the only home he ever owned, his law office, the Old State Capitol, and his final resting place in Oak Ridge Cemetery. Proceeds from the race support the shipment of medical supplies to developing nations by Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach. Check out for more information about this event. • The Effinghman Farmer’s Market will begin on Saturday, Apr. 5. The Farmer’s Market runs every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. till Oct. 25. It is located in downtown Effingham on Jefferson Street. The Effingham Farmer’s Market includes tons of fresh and local foods, homemade crafts and live music. has more information about the Farmer’s Market. • The 2014 Boneyard Arts Festival will be happening Apr. 10-13 in Champaign. It is more than a traditional

arts walk; the Boneyard is a unique countywide celebration that takes place in over 100 venues and features that work of local sculptors, weavers, painters and photographers, as well as musicians, actors, dancers and other performers. Check out for more information or call 217-351-9841. • Apr. 11-13, Aladdin Jr. will be put on by The Little Theatre On The Square in Sullivan. The audience will be able to see all of their favorite Disney characters in a musical adventure filled with magic, mayhem and flying carpet rides. For ticket information, call The Little Theatre at 217-728-7375 or visit them online at • Gavin DeGraw will be at the Effingham Performance Center on Apr. 16. Many know him for his hit singles, “I Don’t Want To Be,” “Follow Through,” and “Chariot.” You can find out more information on DeGraw at and you can find ticket information at • The U of I Credit Union will be hosting a concert series at Allerton Park. The Allerton Barn Dance will be held at the Allerton Music Barn on Apr 18. Food and drink will be served from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Hootanny Bluegrass Acts include BowDacious String Band from 6-7 p.m., Sam Payne and Friends from 7-8 p.m. and The Curses 8-9 p.m. More information can be found at • The 11th Annual Spores N More Mushroom Festival in Shelbyville will happen Apr. 18-19. Come and enjoy the thrill of the hunt for the elusive morel mushroom or come and bid at the auction. If you like morels but not the hunt, come to the auction and bid for your winning batch. The 2014 hunt and auction will be based out of Sullivan’s Wyman Park. Visit the events website, htm, to view a whole list of events and details. • Starting Apr. 19 through Jun. 1, the Hometown Teams Smithsonian Exhibit will be in Mattoon. It will include national and local tributes to those of the “Hometown Teams.” Check out or call 217-258-6286 for a full schedule of event. • The 16th Annual Ebertfest will be held in Champaign Apr. 23-28. Created by Roger Ebert, a native to Champaign-Urbana, this popular film festival celebrates those “overlooked” films like the ones Ebert championed throughout his career. Held at the historic Virginia Theatre, the festival is five days, and features over a dozen films. Patrons can purchase festival passes or tickets for individual showings. For ticket pricing and more information, visit • Apr. 25, The Oak Ridge Boys will be at the Effingham Performance Center. They have 40 years of four-part harmonies and they have one of the most distinctive and recognizable sounds in the music industry. Ticket information can be found at or by calling 217-5540-2788. Photo from the 2013 Ebertfest, held in Champaign.

Photo taken by and courtesy of Thompson McClellan.

The newest little gadgets Convention season Brice Simmons Campus & Features New gadgets are being invented all the time. The world of electronics is literally and figuratively booming in today’s society. With all the new technology today, what is the most practical for the consumer’s use? With all the newest little gadgets, the neatest gadget is Intel’s personal assistant. The only problem being that it is made for enterprises, not consumers, and according to Intel, it helps keep track of employees along with the cool personal assistant features. So, what would be a good new gadget for the average consumer then? The answer is the new LG smart phone, the LG G Flex.

So many options in a fast moving market The LG G Flex is a smart phone that has a very unique feature to it; it is flexible. This phone is slightly curved inward - a technique that helps create a full view - and can flex to a flat position and twist slightly. This technology is starting to rise throughout the tech would. Flexible technology is a new trend. But are the features of the phone as great as its flexibility? The screen is 6.0 inches, which is a decently sized screen. It has flexible battery that allows the phone to bend with the battery in it. The processer is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.26 GHz Quad-Core, and the phone can have multiple apps on the screen at once. It also contains a 13 megapixel camera in it. Altogether, the phone is a decent phone. The camera is a bit behind times compared to some of the other newer phones coming out, but it is still useful enough. This phone and technology could very possibly bring LG back from the slump it has been in throughout the last few years. It is a unique phone worth trying.

News - 11

A weekend away from the real world Frances Hebron Staff Writer Shelby Mitchell News & Opinion F: Whether it is comic books, anime, television, video games, or a wide array of other items found in the entertainment business, there is sure to be a convention for it. This spring kicks off the 2014 convention season, with different cities hosting a wide variety of conventions that will play host to various artists, voice actors, celebrities and writers. Along with a many guests, each convention also features vendors, panels on subjects based on the convention’s theme or popular events, musical guests and photo ops with the different celebrities that attend. Not only are conventions a great opportunity to meet celebrities and purchase one of a kind art, they are also a wonderful opportunity to make friends. So many of the people to attend share similar interests, so finding someone to chat with or exchange numbers is as simple as walking into the convention center. Many people who attend conventions also participate in cosplay, which is dressing up as a character from a movie, book, video game, comic book, television series – anything with something worth dressing up as. There are many online stores where one can purchase their costume, but many people choose to design and From the January 2014 Animecreate their own costumes. ZAP! Convention in Peoria. If the convention includes Photo from Shelby Mitchell a cosplay competition, those who do make their own costumes have a chance to participate and show off their skills. Some of the most well-known conventions include San Diego Comic Con, a comic book convention which will be taking place Jul. 24-27, Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), a video game convention that is being held in Boston, Apr. 11-13, and Gen Con, a video game convention held in Indianapolis Indian, occurring Aug. 14-17. S: Conventions, however big or small, are a near guaranteed way of walking away with new friends and great stories to tell. They are also make for a vacation – convention-goers do not have to worry about spending time bored and alone, because others with their interests are so easy to spot. It is a simple escape from daily routines and faces - a sure-fire way to spend a couple days away from the world, enjoying the things they love. Some more local conventions upcoming within the next couple of months include Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con starting Apr 4, Kappa Con in Milwaukee, on Apr. 5, Shinboku Con in Huron, Ohio starting Apr. 10, Anime St. Louis in Collinsville, Ill. starting Apr. 11, Anime Central in Rosemont, Ill. starting May 16 and Colossalcon in Sandusky, Ohio, starting Jun. 5.

12 - Photo Spread

2014 Energy Linda Von Behren received an award of recognition.

Actor and environmentalist, Ed Begley, Jr. was the keynote speaker at the 2014 Energy Conference.

Photo Spread -13

y Conference

14 - News

Amphibians in decline

Most endangered vertebrates in the world Adam Hostetter Sports & Entertainment For years, the animal kingdom has been threatened by multiple perils, from pollution to disease to habitat destruction. Now more than ever, a key portion of Kingdom Animalia (the taxonomic ranking, not an actual empire of animals) is facing difficulties: the amphibians. The frogs, toads, salamanders and caecilians - wormlike creatures exclusively in South America - are all in decline throughout the world, even in our own backyards of Illinois. Lucinda Horton, Lake Land College’s resident zoologist, further emphasizes by pointing out that, “It is estimated that almost 20 (amphibian) species have become extinct. Another 32 percent is threatened and 43 percent are in decline.” Horton further elaborated that “Amphibians are hunted for food and medicine in some countries. Because of the pet trade, wild amphibians are taken from their habitats and disease organisms spread easily. They also have much habitat loss, UV radiation and climate change to deal with.” Illinois also has its fair share in dwindling amphibian populations. “85% of wetlands (preEuropean settlement) in Illinois have been drained, limiting places for (amphibian) reproduction and habitat,” reported Horton. Agricultural pollution in the form of herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals are also taking their tolls. Climate change in Illinois has resulted in increased drought and heat, causing

Sex offender’s driving licenses Tennessee sex offender’s driving licenses labeled in red

“vernal ponds and ditches where amphibians have always reproduced” to dry up. Buckthorn, an invasive species of plant, grows around ponds and releases a chemical that stops amphibian eggs from hatching. In addition to all these threats for amphibians, something new has developed over the years. The chytrid fungus has been found around the world and is devastating certain populations, especially in frogs and toads. This fungus causes chytridiomycosis and is usually fatal to amphibians. In detail, Horton explained that “it affects the permeable skin of amphibians and interferes with respiration, hydration, osmoregulation and thermoregulation.” At least 350 species have been affected by the disease and it spreads through pet trade and the use of frogs for food and education. Many Illinois species carry the fungus, with frogs more susceptible than salamanders. With all of these problems fighting against amphibian populations, scientists have become more and more concerned, as well as the general public – after all, frog legs are a near delicacy to some. To help out the fellow frog and slimy salamander, take some simple precautions: limit the use of herbicides and pesticides, do not eat frog legs (surely something else that is not facing extinction will suffice), do not purchase wild-caught amphibians and do not set pet amphibians free (this might exacerbate the chytrid fungus problem), brake for toads while driving and do not stock non-native fish, as they might hurt local frog populations. If the resources are available, build a frog pond - the more habitat the better. This is a complicated problem, but there are answers and help is always appreciated.

The gray tree frog, native to Illinois, is affected by the challenges amphibians are facing today. Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

whether or not this is a good idea, there obviously being two radically different sides to the argument. The tea party member Matthew Hill supports this idea, while GOP Rep. Vince Dean sees it as a “Scarlet Letter” kind of branding. Both sides make good points. In this case, do the benefits outweigh the costs? Is it best for sex offenders to be known by the public in any way possible? Or is it better for them to be unknown and unseen?

Brice Simmons Campus & Features Sex offenders will have no place to hide in Tennessee anymore if a new bill passes. This bill states that there is a new spot on the driving license card dedicated to registered sex offenders. If this bill passes any place where an individual has to show his or her license, those inside the places will know whether or not the individual is a sex offender. According to the New York Daily News, the current Tennessee drivers license is blue behind the individuals picture. If the new law is passed, a registered sex offender’s driver’s license will have “sex offender” written in red over the offender’s picture. The red lettering would be written three times on the license. Current example of a Tennessee driver’s license. While it is unsure whether or not this bill will actually License example from TN.GOV/STATE OF TENNESSEE pass, there is a definite chance of it. There is a debate

Fake geek girls

Why the idea should die Shelby Mitchell News & Opinions The stories are endless; male sci-fi fans who berate girls despite a woman being the first to write science fiction; “gamer girls” avoiding playing games like “Call of Duty” with the mics on for fear of harassment; a woman being told, “I bet you don’t even know the ending” of a game before she reveals that she, in fact, wrote it; an angry anon commenting on how “the picture of that stupid hipster chick in the Star Wars shirt needs to stop she probably hasn’t even seen all the movies” when the “stupid hipster chick” wearing the Stop Wars shirt was, in fact, Natalie Portman. . . who was kind of in the movies. The female population is cursed with an idiotic notion – fake geek girls. Simply because we are girls, we apparently cannot simply enjoy something “geeky.” This idea does not really exist for boys, however. Very few males get accused of being “fake geeks” for something. They do not have to prove that they are a “real fan,” they are just immediately welcomed into conversation about it. Boys do not go to conventions dressed as their favorite superhero and get called “sluts” or “attention whores” for it. The injustice goes on. An especially fun notion is that “fake geek girls” are pretending to like “geeky things” for attention. This, of course, is stupid. When girls in video games and comic books – two of the main sources of this outrageous monstrosity of an idea – are constantly objectified - when many female characters in them wear skimpy, unrealistic outfits and are constantly posed in ludicrous but “sexy” fashions - why would any girl like them just for attention? Specifically, attention from males who often do nothing to earn girls wanting their attention, who often spend much of their time holed up in their bedrooms at their mother’s house, wiping Cheeto dust on their cargo pants. Clearly the “fake geek girls” are only doing it for your attention. Here is an idea: regardless of gender, people can like a thing. They will like it whether or not someone else likes it. And even if they are not avid I-have-fallen-into-thisfandom-and-I-am-not-sure-how-to-get-out fans of it, they are still allowed to appreciate things from it and it does not in any way diminish their worth as a fan. Whether or not their knowledge of the thing matches your knowledge of the thing does not make them any less worthy than you. Everyone can be a fan of the thing, and sometimes, the most “unlikely” people will be one. And if you think “fake geek girls” is an actual problem, I hope one slaps you with their very real hand.

Graphic by Shelby Mitchell

Opinion - 15 Dear Silas, I am like the least assertive person ever because I don’t want to come off as an asshole. How can I stand up for myself without seeming rude? Restrained stranger Dear restrained stranger, Before you become as assertive as you are aiming to be, understand that sometimes people need to be the “asshole.” There is a difference between being an asshole, recklessly stating harmful opinions without regard for others’ feelings, and being assertive, speaking up for oneself when others are the reckless ones. If the people you are standing up to get upset with you for being assertive, it is usually because their own egos are getting in their way and they try to be as defensive and self-assuring as possible in attempt to prove to themselves that you are in the wrong, not them. Now, being assertive can go very far to the point where you can become the asshole, you just need to be aware of yourself and try hard to get your point across without attacking them. One last thing; accept the fact that more times than not, even if you are not wrong, the people you stand up to will see you as wrong, and that is okay because it happens to everyone. In all reality, in many cases, it is hard to determine who is truly right or wrong; so whether or not what you say is heard or taken into consideration, and whether or not you win or lose an argument, in the end, do not worry about the outcome because, either way, it will more than likely be forgotten in a day or so. If anyone calls you an asshole, just remember this; you have already expressed concern for the feelings of others by sending me this letter, so more than likely, you are fine. Be brave and good luck, Graphic by Silas Beth Koehler

Let’s Make It Official! Bring Dunker Duck back to LLC

16 - Opinion


On story-topping and invalidating feeling Gretchen Neal Editor-in-Chief It never fails; you have had a bad day and you are venting about it, until someone – it does not matter who – interjects and tells you that there are worse things that could happen. Maybe someone will tell you to stop whining, or that you are blowing something out of proportion. Or, they might even say something like “You think that’s bad? You should hear about this thing that I totally think is worse that happened to me!” (I like to call that last bunch “story-toppers.”) Resist the urge to take a cheese grater to their face, dear reader, and listen to this advice instead: take a deep breath, know that your feelings about your bad day are valid and complain to someone who is less of a piece of shit. I know we have all story-topped before. More than once, we have all told a crying friend “It could be worse.” Here is what is problematic with those approaches: they make the person who is suffering feel like they are not allowed to feel that way, and they do not actually help. Let me share something personal: I went to lunch with my mother last week and told her that I am angry over my boyfriend’s deployment. Her words of advice to me were to “just stop being angry.” She reasoned that if there is nothing I can do about it, and if it was not his choice, then I should not be angry. Although this makes logical sense, it did not actually make me feel any better – just because you tell someone to stop being sad, does not mean that the person will just snap right out of their case of blues and thank you tremendously for curing them. Trying to shut down my emotions was trying to tell me I was wrong for feeling them, nevermind how powerless, concerned and hurt I might feel. I have seen similar situations about everything from who had the worst parents to someone telling a friend “I know you’re having a panic attack, but it honestly can’t

be that bad, and you’re probably over-reacting.” Even if a friend is screaming at a rock and then hysterically crying, you should probably ask them what is wrong before explaining how you have way worse relationships with rocks, or telling them that they are over-reacting by breaking down in front of this slab of sediment. You should not invalidate people’s feelings. This seems like it would be common sense, but it somehow it still slips the minds of almost everyone. Even if something seems ridiculous to be upset over, refrain from using bad advice like “Get over it,” and do not try to make Graphic by it about yourself Beth Koehler by comparing it to something that has happened to you. If you are not the person who is upset, realize that you could have no way of experiencing how they feel in their unique situation – and that, even if you somehow could, not everyone copes the same way you do. Consider that everyone is different in tolerance levels, stress management and personal problems. The best thing to do for upset people is to offer to listen to them. Maybe you could offer to do small things for them, like take them out to eat or pick up their laundry. Feel free to give advice, but only when you are asked to. Comforting someone is not the issue; just make sure you do so correctly and without making anyone feel worse about themselves when they are already in an emotionally-compromised state. Most importantly, remember that we are all human, and even if someone is having a meltdown and will feel better in the morning, they are allowed to have that meltdown – because humans are weird imperfect beings who will occasionally lose their shit, and that is okay.

ways we affect it. They (STEM fields) help us design safe Keeping science in schools the and efficient buildings and cars. They help us understand

Why the U.S. is falling behind Adam Hostetter Sports & Entertainment In the past the United States was known for being a leader in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education. Indeed, the U.S. was the world leader in these fields of innovation and development. But the times have changed, and the world has caught up and surpassed the U.S. The National Science Foundation found the U.S. ranked 20 among all nations in in the world in 2008 for the proportion of 24-year-olds with degrees in STEM fields. That figure is not a bright one, and does not seem to be improving since then. For a better understanding, Jeff White, a professor here at Lake Land College, explains that STEM fields, such as biology, chemistry and mechanical engineering “… help us understand our natural world and

human life and medical conditions that affect us. They helped us create all of the electronic devices and games we use for work and play. They help us create new technologies which will protect our people and our country.” All answers lie within the education system. As White elaborates, “schools are judged today by how well their students score on standardized tests, so the focus today is to teach students how to do problems they will see on those tests— not to prepare them for their future.” This focus on test scores rather than real-life preparation is cause Continued on page 23 “The United States currently ranks 20th among all nations in the proportion of 24-year-olds who earn degrees in natural science or engineering,” from the CRS Report for Congress by Jeffery J Kuenzi. Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

Abby’s chronicles

Entertainment - 17

Chapter five: In which Abby becomes self-aware Gretchen Neal Editor-in-Chief Abby awoke on the concrete floor of a tiny room, surrounded by iron bars. There was a soreness at the back of her head, where she had presumably been hit with a two-by-four. She felt for any bleeding with her fingers. There was none. “Ow,” she murmured, “I swear, there was no one in that room when I first walked in, and yet, I somehow still get knocked out. I may not remember anything about my life previous to the train station, but I feel like my life before this wasn’t so like to a B-list Sci-Fi movie.” “I didn’t think Sharknado was too horrible,” a voice beside her stated. Abby shot up from the floor, nearly smacking her face into the bars. She snapped her head to her left, where an old man in rags was sitting, cross-legged, staring at her from his own cell. He had a long grey beard and an overall filthy appearance. There appeared to be no one else in the prison-like holding room. “Um, hello?” Abby said uncertainly. “Well, hi there!” The old man was grinning with rotting teeth. “What brings you to this neck of the woods?” “A blunt object to the back of my skull,” Abby said. “Where are we?” “Oh, it’s just the hidden prison under Topsham’s City Hall,” the man shrugged, “They throw us troublemakers in here. But it’s not so bad. Movie night is every Thursday!” “Trouble-makers,” Abby repeated to herself. “What did you do to get in here?” “I threw a balloon full of donkey urine at the mayor’s son,” the old man responded, giggling. “Oh, the look on his face, though - almost worth life imprisonment!” There was a distant look in the old man’s eye, a few seconds of silence, and then the old man giggled again and said “Yep.” “Look,” Abby said “I have no idea who I am or what I’m doing in this town. The mayor is apparently dead, the mayor’s son has some seriously weird evil villain-aura to him, and people mentioned something about magic. Could you explain to me what is going on?” The old man squinted at her. “Earl,” he said, slowly and seriously. “… Earl?” “That’s my name. No, wait. Spencer.” “… Oka-” “Camel,” the old man said, having made up his mind. “Okay, Spencer Camel,” the girl said “I don’t know what’s going on around here but I’ve had enough of this day, and I really just want an explanation. Upstairs, the mayor’s son and the mayor’s brother mentioned some prophecy and magic. What are they talking about?” The old man said “Oh, that. I guess Topsham does have a history with magic. Using magic to cure the sick, using magic to take care of crops, using magic to crush our enemies…” the old man trailed off. “And then it was forbidden. The mayor told the people that using magic was

Graphic by Beth Koehler a crime punishable by death. But that was when I was a boy. There’s been several mayors since then.” Spencer was now rocking back and forth with his feet in his hands. He seemed to be a five-year-old in the body of an eighty-plus man. “Fantastic,” Abby said, growing impatient. “That answers absolutely nothing.” “They make you forget things,” Spencer said “If you anger them. Is that why you can’t remember anything?” “I don’t know. Maybe?” “Can you do magic?” the old man said, looking eager. “Again, I don’t know.” Abby reiterated. She sighed and looked for an obvious exit. Noting but a barred window, above Spencer’s cell. “What’s that on your shirt?” Spencer was pointing. Abby looked down at her clothes, now sullied from the prison floor. She realized he was talking about the symbol on her white T-shirt. “This is going to sound repetitive, but I don’t know.” Abby said. “Maybe it’s the secret to your powers,” the old man suggested. “Touch it, see if something magical happens!” Abby hesitantly raised a shaking finger to her shirt. What if she did have magical powers? What if she couldn’t control them? She didn’t know if she was ready for the answer, as she slowly touched her finger to the symbol on her shirt… Nothing happened. “Well, it was worth a shot,” Spencer said. But Abby wasn’t paying attention to him. She had heard movement above them. A door slammed open, and the room filled with light.

18 - Entertainment

Words, words, words The ‘stanzatic’ creativity of National Poetry Month

Kaitlyn Conrad Photo & Web Editor April is National Poetry Month. This fact can make writers either quiver their quills in excitement or hide in a corner and cry over the anxiety. In any case, this month is a great way to get creative juices going in just about anyone. Poetry has been around for quite a long time; many scholars believe that poetry predates literacy. It is believed that some of the earliest poetry was orally recited or sung and it would have been needed to be memorized. “Epic of Gilgamesh,” the Ancient Sumerian poem, is one of the earliest pieces of literature in existence. The epic poem tells of the adventures of a king who spurned the advances of a goddess and embarks on a quest for immortality. Ancient Greeks used poetry to relay historical events, with Homer’s Odyssey and the Iliad being some of the most well-known examples. Epic poems like these were the way to transfer great stories to the masses. Poetry was a way of remembering history, stories, genealogy and law in an oral format. It is closely related to musical traditions and was part of the religious movements. Jean Cocteau once said that, “A true poet does not bother to be poetical. Much in the way a gardener does not scent his roses.” Poetry is often regarded as having no meaning but the one the reader assigns to it. It can still have the structure and the intended meaning that the author ascribes to it, but like any artwork, poetry can mean many different things to each individual. Poetry can come in many different forms; it can rhyme and not rhyme, be in verse or in free form. is an annual project in which those participating attempt to write a poem a day during the month of April. NaPoWriMo stands for National Poetry Writing Month and was founded in 2003 when Maureen Thorson decided to take up the experiment and challenged other poets to join along. Since the site’s beginnings, the creative writing poetry contest has grown and it is a great way for writers and poets to stay inspired and disciplined. During this year’s National Poetry Month, the Navigator News will be holding its own poetry contest. There will be first, second, and third place winners with the first place winner’s poem being published in the May issue of the Navigator News. To enter, participants must first like the Navigator News Facebook page. Participants will then be given a link and password to submit their poem on the Navigator website. For full rules and regulations, please refer to page 21 of this month’s issue!


Foster the People releases sophomore album Shelby Mitchell News & Opinions The band that brought us “Pumped Up Kicks” is back with more, their sophomore album released on Mar 14. They returned with some of the old and definitely some new thrown in. The familiar high voice finds some low notes, and the beats found some diverse new inspiration. The first song on the album, “Are You What You Want To Be,” kicked the album off in a quick tempo with some African Foster the People Cover of the new Foster the People album, rhythms. It Supermodel. Supermodel was released also kicked off the album March 14. Courtesy of Columbia Records with quick lyrics that I felt like I should be able to understand, but could not quite get there. It was like I was listening to a song being sung in Simlish off of the popular Sims game series. Quick-sung lyrics aside, the music alone ranges from the wild and fun to the slowed-down and mellowed out. The lyrics, like with the first album, “Torches,” all seem to come from very real places. They talk about existential dilemmas and following dreams, getting back up when you are knocked down, destroying apathy and so on. The falsetto that sang about outrunning bullets weighs in on inner demons and moving into action. The album is truly one worth listening (and maybe reading along) to.

Like us on Facebook! LakeLandNavigator Photo by Kaitlyn Conrad

Entertainment - 19

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” Wes Anderson’s new movie

Tanner Garren Layout & Design Every year when films are released, some are left out of local movie theaters to make room for movies that attract larger audiences, such as next Fast and the Furious or the next fart joke filled animation. Other movies that some would consider too odd, boring or confusing are left to smaller theaters in larger cities and are therefore hard to find. While this is depressing news, the hunt could be for the better because one may just find a diamond in the rough. Out of the films that have appeared on the 2014 box office so far, one stands out among the movies that are released nationwide but can only be seen in wider communities. Luckily, if driving is not a bother, this film can be found at the Art Theater in Champaign. Movie fanatics, make a road trip by going to see “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is the eighth film written, produced, and directed by Hollywood artist Wes Anderson. He is famous for movies such as “Rushmore,” “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou,” and his only worldwide release, “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” “The Grand Budapest Hotel” stars Ralph Fiennes, who played Voldemort from the Harry Potter movie series, as the Grand Budapest’s concierge, named Gustave H., who provides a special type of “service” to aging female guests. After one of the women he courts is murdered, she leaves


Drawn by Adam Hostetter

Ralph Fiennes, Saoirse Ronan, and Tony Revolori in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. Image courtesy of Fox Searchlight

Gustave with “Boy with Apple,” a valuable painting her son was expected to inherit. After Gustave is arrested for suspicion of the murder, Gustave’s faithful lobby boy Zero helps him escape. Both must try to clear Gustave’s name and keep clear from the police and an assassin played by Willem Dafoe, who was the Green Goblin in Spiderman. Just like the other seven movies by Wes Anderson, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is quirky, artistic, and gives a darker but enjoyable story than a typical, everyday comedy.

20 - Sports

The history of yoga

Athletes after retirement

Gretchen Neal Editor-in-Chief Many college students have been exposed to the westernized form of yoga. Yoga is used in western societies as an exercise or sport – a way to become more flexible, calm or fit. Most people at least have an inkling of the Hindu origin of yoga, but chances are even those people might appreciate some clarification. According to the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), the practice of yoga dates all the way back to more than 5,000 years ago, and is still practiced as a religious compartment to Hinduism in many Hindu communities. The word “yoga” is derived from “yuj,” which means to unite. The practice focuses on both spiritual and physical aspects. In Hinduism, the goal of yoga is to achieve “moksha,” or the state of being free of worldly suffering, HAF says. According to Katie White, of “The Muse,” there are eight “limbs” of yoga and some important terms that should be brought to the attention of those who practice yoga as a casual sport. “Hatha,” for example, is the term used when yoga focuses on balance or any physical form. “Vinyasa” is the term used when all movements are connected to breathing. “Namaste,” a greeting commonly misused in western culture, means “the spirit in me salutes the spirit within you” when roughly translated. Each limb of yoga is representative of some important aspect to the practice. The limbs include the yamas (representative of restraint), nyamas (representative of observation), pranayamas (representative of breathing), pratyahara (representative of withdrawing the senses), dharana (representative of focus) and Samadhi (the yoga state). Westernized yoga tends to focus only on one “limb” of yoga: the “asana,” or posture or pose property of the exercise. Westernized yoga also tends to be disassociated with the Hinduism it stems from. Whether someone practices yoga for the religious aspects of it or for the benefits of staying fit and relaxed, this is a sport with a backstory.

Brice Simmons Campus & Features What do athletes do after retirement? Do they just live off of the money made while playing their game, or can they become more than just an athlete? The athlete is not just an oblivious individual that can only play a sport and has no future afterward; they go on to do other things. One athlete that many know of for his after-sports career is George Foreman. After retiring from his boxing career, he went on to sell the George Foreman Grill. Another athlete that moved on after his sports career is Jim Brown. After his football career he went on to be an actor. According to the website Brown was the first African American action star appearing in “The Dirty Dozen” and other movies such as “Three the Hard Way” and “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.” He did not stop there however; he has also written books and has been a paid consultant for the Cleveland Browns since 2008. One more major athlete that has moved on is none other than the Rock, whose real name is Dwayne Johnson. Once retiring from his wrestling career, he went on to acting. The movie “The Scorpion King” made him the highest paid rookie actor in history according to These are just three examples of the many athletes that have become successful in another career after retiring from their sport. Maybe it is their name that made them succeed (it definitely helped) or maybe it was their will power. Either way, the world would be very different without many of these athletes moving on after their sports careers.

More than just flexible poses

Athletes moving on after retirement

Protect yourself now, so that you can comfortably retire later.

Attention Writers! The Navigator is always looking for new writers. We have weekly meetings on Fridays at 12 PM. Come by and check us out! Photo by Elizabeth Schaub


Navigator News Poetry Contest

April is National Poetry Month and to celebrate, the Navigator News will be holding a poetry contest. Poems will be judged based on creativity, originallity and artistic quality. The contest begins April 1 starting at 10 am and will run through April 18 ending at 5 pm. Judging will be done by the 23rd and winners will then be contacted and announced that afternoon.


1st Place A certificate of achievement Poem published in May’s issue of the Navigator Moleskin journal Package of Sharpie pens $10 gift card to Common Grounds

2nd Place Certificate of achievement $10 gift card to Common Grounds 3rd Place Certificate of achievement $5 gift card to Common Grounds

Guidelines and Rules: • • • • • •

Poems can be rhyming or non-rhyming Poems can be no longer than 52 lines English entries only Contest open to Lake Land College students and staff Can enter up to 3 different, originally written poems The author gives The Navigator News permission to publish and display their entry(s) on the Website and in print if chosen as a selected winner. • Winners will be picked based on creativity, originality, and artistic quality. • Only the webmaster will know who has written the poem until the time of publish. Poems will be judged anonymously.

Enter online on the Navigator Website navigator-news-poetry-contest/

22 - Sports

Spring sports of Lake Land

get in for free. The spring semester may seem boring for sports at first glance, but when given a second look, the sports are really just getting into full swing. There are so many options for the average Lake Land college student, whether they want to play sports, watch sports or meet people of different Tori Daniels nations from around the world. Dakota Pruemer Even though Lake Land may seem like it is in the middle Staff Writers of a field, which it kind of is, it also has students from all The fall is that time of year that everyone thinks about parts of the globe who star on the men’s basketball team when they consider sports. Volleyball and basketball are and baseball team, and students on the women’s volleyball both very popular on campus, but what else is there to team. Lake Land has a number of student sports members do during the spring? The college has both softball and who are from all over the world: the baseball team has six baseball on campus, but there are also a number of international students: three from Venezuela, two from intramural sports, also known as recreational sports, at Canada, and one from Australia. The basketball team has Lake Land College. Intramural sports available at LLC two international players: one from England and one from are softball, golf, basketball, volleyball and bowling. If Canada. The volleyball team has two Brazilian players and interested, people are encouraged to call the Field House at one player from Serbia. (217)-234-533. At the beginning of the semester Lake Land Lake Land sports leaves students with a lot of options College also makes sure to offer sports classes, so be sure for the rest of their spring semester, whether it is watching to look for those in the future. Instead of playing sports a or partaking in sports. student may prefer to just watch a game now and then; if this is the case a Lake Land student can attend any sports The Lake Land College Baseball Team at their Thursday, event for free. The exception to this being with games in the March 20 game. Field House, where they have to show their student ID to Photo by Elizabeth Schaub

Intramural sports and international athletes

Adrenaline junkies can soon get their fix Skydiving is one of the more popular thrill seeking adventures Frances Hebron Staff Writer While Lake Land College offers many exciting activities and athletic sports, not many of them get the blood pumping quite as fast as say, jumping from an airplane

or being tossed around in a raft by a river that refuses to be tamed. For people who are not satisfied jogging on a marked path, thrill seeking can be a great way to get or stay active while doing something new and exciting that provides an adrenaline rush. Many people do not understand why someone would choose to leave the safety of a railed bridge in order to dive headfirst off of it, secured by what is essentially just a large rubber band. Part of the decision to participate in these activities comes down to a chemical produced in stressful situations called adrenaline. For adrenaline junkies, the feeling that this chemical releases can become addictive, causing these people to seek out and participate in these activities. Continued on page 23

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for some serious concern. “We’re not teaching students to be able to apply what they know in order to develop new ideas by thinking critically and questioning,” White argues, but he admits that the current state and federal mandates, such as No Child Left Behind, award desperately needed funding to schools based on the standardized test scores. The real issue in this is not that the sciences are falling behind, but rather they are not sparking interest in the students. Most students see science questions on some of these standardized tests and forget about the entire topic once the tests are over. White believes that “we spend too much time in classes speaking in hypothetical terms and doing hypothetical problems instead of using real-life examples.” In addition to that, White also thinks that “schools should also do more to tell students about the career options in STEM fields and show students how much money they can earn in jobs in these fields compared to other ‘easier’ jobs.”

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One thought that comes to most people when someone says thrill seeking is skydiving. Skydiving, or parachuting, is the act of jumping from an airplane then releasing a parachute in order to safely land. Freefalling is another common aerial sport. These can be done from either an airplane, like with skydiving, or from a tall point, which is also known as B.A.S.E. jumping. In the same category of falling activities is bungee jumping. Bungee jumping involves jumping from a tall point while connected to a large elastic cord. This can be done from fixed points, such as bridges, cranes, or buildings, or moving points, such as hot air balloons, or helicopters. If jumping off of or out of tall things does not sound appealing, there are other alternatives such as white water rafting, zorbing, rock climbing, bouldering and zip lining. Surprisingly, many of these activities can be found in the state of Illinois, and a few more can be found just outside of the Illinois border.

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Lake Land Athletic Events Home Games

Men’s Baseball 4/05 Rend Lake College 12:00 PM & 2:00 PM 4/08 Lincoln Trail College 12:00 PM & 2:00 PM 4/10 Southeastern Illinois College 3:00 PM 4/18 John A. Logan College 12:00 PM & 2 PM 4/22 St. Louis Community College 3:00 PM 4/24 Shawnee Community College 3:00 PM 4/30 Parkland College (Strike Out to Cancer Game) 6:30 PM Women’s Softball 4/01 Shawnee Community College 2:00 PM & 4:00 PM 4/05 Southeastern Illinois Community College 12:00 PM & 2:00 PM 4/08 John A. Logan College 2:00 PM & 4:00 PM 4/10 Rend Lake Community College 2:00 PM & 4:00 PM 4/12 Lincoln Trail College 12:00 PM & 2:00 PM 4/18 Kaskaskia College 2:00 PM & 4:00 PM

For 35 years, people have participating in the sport of bungee jumping.

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