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Border Motor Club ALAN HEALY MEMORIAL CADWELL PARK STAGES Sunday 8th April 2012


1st Overall—Roger Duckworth/Aled Davies

2nd Overall—Graham Coffey/John Vance

3rd Overall—Chris Marshall/Simon Hunter

Dear All, Well done everybody, you will all be aware how much I missed being there but you did me proud. Next time maybe, Regards

Dear All


Hi Everyone, rder Motor Club I members of BoW g in rv se t es ng lo e ! e have had y ! As one of th nday was brilliant Su on t en as the Dadd ev e th th t t though e years, bu at w th er ov ts en ev n some well ru vely Tribute to ed, and what a lo lv vo in y e help od yb er ev le Mark for ttingaimn. ks Well done to an Th e. at m ed iss arshalling ag Alan, my sadly mw great to get out m on the starts, it as l soon.......Rick Hope to see you al

Roy Brader Just wan effort a ted to thank nd Bord er MC ycou all for lettin an be rig g I did no htly proJohn & I join in ud of w great sat speak to a sin hat it achelping with t prize at tisfaction ... w gle competit h hieved y esterdae event .... fant team. the end of th hich was demor who did n y. astic tea o e event t o m ... that's nstrated by thenjoy the day e t .. h . fact eve e bigges Rally ra t h a t give ry t visible crews wn absolutely to & ringinsingle awardswus the organis h p o la g ing h inn n endorse elped w thanks f ith that - stage change ment foer collected thteam or lettin s r e g m e ru a n y o rg n the dSao well done Bwhere done qu anisingir I think M la y ic ir k ly I f S t o V h an r ought e were co coming veryonpeulling everythd efficiently nt from Jo th in was abs n for theent with the w olutely g together anadnks go the rad "Next tim ay we ran I think t on the t things a e" so th he who op of thmy personal io nd certa le day w ings loo eir gam k in a s a fittin good th e Well do ere ... ly there were p g tribute ne ever o sitive vib to Alan ybody. and eve es Kind r rything it mean Tony egards t to the club.

Hi Tony, many thanks for your kind words. I would just like to thank you and John on behalf of the club and my family, on helping us to put on a fantastic event and keeping my dads name in motor sport. I know my dad would be really proud of everyone who helped out to make it as good as it was from the competitors , Marshall's and all the organising team . I stood at the front there for the prize giving knees trembling but very proud at what we had all achieved and I hope its the first of many rallies to come . Jonathan u will have As many of yoon the day. In s. es cc su a event such ing things run smoothly and TSW for g yesterday’s Dear All in ak m in ay to mak shalling side and John cing the prow ce g n assistan ning that goes a lo ir e u th r e mar fo e n o well and prod g Andy on th so preplan k every in t e an rt n o th th ve p ’s e p to it e , su e d th in n lik g eke ork otin I would during the we r all his hardlikwe to thank Roy for prom heard me sawy,ould like to thank Neil. fo ld u o w I lso roceed particular I ise with the paperwork A prepared to p t o n as w e w I lik g at in do me saying th join in, more u. gramme. m e th g in tt le yo ey so much us ’t have done it without ry positive. Th n John it wasn’t ve ld d u as an co w I y n JP s y’ To m o g gu fr Regardin m on board. Thanks received e feedback he th d n a without the gs in th e way we ran appy with th h ll e w d e next time. ar r e e body. Jon Rush app us do it bigger and bett ell done every W – ry o lp e m h e want to t in Alan’s m ccessful even su a ch su n o at we all put I feel proud th Best Regards, Blair Bushby

Hi all. On Sunday Border motor club hosted the best run event I have had the pleasure to work on in many years. Bearing in mind as a club last October we didn't have a rally on paper let alone tarmac we pulled out all the stops to make it work, and bloody well too. As a group of people who have busy jobs and families to consider we gelled as a team that any big organisation would be proud of. With help from our great friends the Cope brothers and MSV we can and will do it again bigger and better. I think we all had a thought for Alan on the day and hoped he would be looking down on us with pride. Great work everyone, I was proud to be part of a fantastic event. Regards Mark Johnson

Class A—David Martin/Richard Simmonds

Class B—Andrew Turner/Dennis Turner

Clas B—Andrew Turner/Dennis turner

Class C—David Tinn/Stephen De Vere

Class D—Pete Rayner/Richard Bonner

All photographs of overall & class winners by kind permission of official event photographer - Kevin Money. © Kevin Money

Class D—Gawaine Clark/Tony Racey

Best Border—Mel Hudson/Roy Bell

Spirit of the Rally—Tony Wales/Julie Dungey

From a very very happy Chief Marshal I would like to thank all the marshals for giving up their Easter Sunday to help in making this event so successful 100 marshals on a bank holiday, fantastic. A big big thank you from Andy Hill Chief Marshal Border MC vening yway this e n a s k n a th ail of

mail but your e

R APHE9235972 k R G O 7 T .u L PHOy. Tel: A I C I OFF n Mone money3 Kevi il kevin@ ema

Hello Neil. n em send you a n event. to g in o g Big well done to Border MC, cracking e & well ru I was m ! o e lc m e d w te ly p event, no hold ups, great variation in friend as a e r has prom m fo m u o ra y g pro a nk a th n stages, from a competitors point of view it ig e b iv g a y g a in e lly to s looked like mission accomplished and specially b e d o Just basica o g y ll re rea e hopefully JP & Cadwell feel the same in w e s b k c d a e p y ta ation order for future events to take place, also e actually vsery w ) The inform s e u n e w as gle v d in n s PR must have been taken care of as there a t s e o g well. n m a r h y fo h made a c seemed to be a good turn out of speccies. (well earlta ic h y rl w a n e o g ti in h n With it finaistch the prize prese Many thanks to everyone involved. t? hind to w iven a ticke g t o g r e in v pleasant. ts e ffle, we n ious even PS - next time can we have at least one od as precvh but I would marshals ra o g e s th a g e it in u rd q u s e t stage allowing a flat out attempt over the g s o a a n Re g a e d il m e m cis d that seegmes 5-10, not a criti s, bit more mountain. e e c g ti a o st n e s I g th g r in thin orn le fo of sta c m ts ta e c u Andy Turner car 16, 7th overall, 1st in th e o y p e s The only w k la a li e lways ere th tra lap class. the past them lapping an exges close together a have had ore cars on the sta Hello Roy, & with mrs. spectato t year. I am delighted th I ee you nex s , was asked to attend, in a g a s sport anyway, buat I had a thrillin day. Thank aul t du I love rallying as a opportunity to comme to its cross country nature I neverg th Chris & P en ou ta gh te t I'd get the on it, y so l was very friendly towa yo event has made Hardfine me overjoyed. Everyo rds me and I woulur . n u co m r d pe like thank all the or ne titors for giving me th was s! well ganisers and e time to chat andto very nd which e caliper ge t m or t e in fo n fro h m you all. e I would be honoured nt ev g arou nge t to come back and do art to thing that t s Brillitaime sittinded to cha t m or a e an r ev y of e clubs involve ts for you, so If ere's d fo A gre d need in the wayen any l we nee give us a bell andth anyof commentary inthth year. have aske I'm su t re we x ca n e wo unti e rk n fu t to tu ' ge re, r th er n ag o ain. e in fer, I could I ju st m ho pe t Al an n wo e Cou ally car an would lie to be muld've been proud of what we achi eved ore involved. , I certainly enjoyed it my r er. 3 5 bett rew - Car Thanks again, and ho pe to see you all again And Jake soon, Great Event at Cadwell on Sunday. Tony and John and the rest of the team ran a VERY slick event, good stages, great venue with great facilities and good speccying for service crew and family!

Also, talk about good seeding. I think after stage 2 it was Cars 1,2,3,4,5 in that order!!!! Just to put on record. We where 4th until results posted provisional and seen that Pete Rayner had been given a 1 min penalty for early arrival. I think maybe a bit of an oversight from both parties concerned and I went to the stewards office with Pete to try and help him get his rightful 3rd place back but to be fair to Tony, he also did what he had to do! Anyway, not the way we wanted to get 3rd as Pete deserved it and it also gave the car that was really 2nd in our class a class win. Anyway, still a great event and will come back next year. Any more pics of Car 5 please PM petitors Hi Neil, day ~ thanks to the comrs for proise We also had a really supderb an org the to d an g vin dri an rt spo for some great Just a quic nt. moting a most excellent eve to the AlankHnote to say thanks for has been ad ealy Memorial Rally. the organising that we rs / class winners. ministered b I t in Congratulations to all winne etter regardcannot recall any rallynth & David tt in Ma m at g fro ic it cra s at m E gre v d a e an rshals. rything was Thanks for great compaeny absolutely su y ~ Kings Lynn & ole So " ggi in "Ra ve g Da o & n rev , p to freshme erb from the Wood & Andy Cong welcome a work (the re provided, th stage mapsnts gnDMC WOW!!) to w e quality of the patpsi erin n in g s a oto P ph p + le ri 50 ase pencil m ze in the raff gh 12 e in for next Away now to sort throumc le. " o y ica e Dig a s r. Mr & r I "M w m il fro l be back. Thanks again , Ke v . OFFICIAL VIDEO

MAD Video. Clips and contact details on:

Many thanks to the organisers, marshals and anyone else who helped put on a cracking event. Had great fun all day and kept the car in one piece. David Patrick ( Opel Manta )

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All photographs on this page by kind permission of Paul Rhodes and Rob Spence.

Alan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages 2012  

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