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"If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,� and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." Romans 10:9

Christ became first and foremost in my heart and life!

That is when all

broke loose!

So while I still had questions, this approach allowed me to study what I needed to study for my mind but also experience what I needed for my heart and soul.The more I studied and the more I experienced God, the deeper my faith grew.

They were obviously a couple. Unfortunately for me, a great looking couple! I called them Ken and Barbie!


I ied!

And then a miracle, she agreed to go out for ice cream!

It is of course no surprise that we got back together, but how this happened was evidence of the hand of God.

need to break it off with him and renew a relationship with an old “friend�. (me!!)


I strongly sensed the Lord tell me this was my life’s partner and then suddenly this crazy, amazing peace from God just overwhelmed my soul. I knew that she was the woman I was to marry! This peace has not left me for 30 years!

So about 3 months later we were married!!! One week after that, mom was pregnant with Tara, much to our surprise!

The Lord kept surprising us with blessings!

And then the 3 boys! This is like a Disney movie! Too good to be true!

However to have Rachel join our family as a sister and a daughter, as well as Sean and Jonathan as nephews that we see as our own, has been a true blessing and privilege!!!

For a guy who didn't know if he wanted kids at all, to having 9 kids, 4 cats and a dog in our home at one time is pretty remarkable. I believe God has a sense of humor.

But as the years went on, disappointments in other areas of my life began to overwhelm my soul with a sense of "God is against me". I believe that the would whisper in my ear "if God loves you and is for you then why":

It often felt like I was spitting into the wind!

I do not need to do animal sacrifices- He was the last One! I am forgiven! I get eternal life in heaven!

Would I trade eternal life for equity in a home? Would my dad trade eternal life for a few more years on this earth? Would I trade eternity for a wildly successful business and great wealth?

How a miracle deepened my faith!

Ask Josh about his miracle with PRP. It is an amazing story of God healing him!

You shall not delay to offer from the fullness of your harvest and from the outflow of your PRESSES�

Miracle: An event brought about by the power of God, A temporary exception to the ordinary cause of nature, For the purpose of showing that God has acted in history.


The following pages are summaries of the main reasons why!

God is a God of redemption! He can take ANYTHING and use it for His purpose and glory IF you are yielded to Him. Keep swinging! Don’t ever give up being available to God. This life is but a sliver of eternity. Live your life in the light of eternity.

Looking forward to forever with ALL of you!