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THIRD GENERATION Dear readers; It has been enough periods since our last issue of magazine was distributed and red, but today we deliver you something different in style, in design even in content. I am so glad to welcoming you to our astound opening issue of the 3rd generation of our magazine. Few years before and in the first two generations, it was all about the dream and how to fulfill it, but today our motto is THE BEST IS YET TO BE and I consider this issue as the first step to our best. We need our magazine especially in its third view to be as anomaly among its sisters according to our aptitude in which we can together do it. our eternal ambition will give us the mind of steal in which we can be creative and productive, the will of stone to overcome any obstacles show themselves in our way to success, and the heart of gold so that we may deal kindly with all spirit of team work. I have that congenital keep trying till achieve my goal. Hany Khalil

Interview with Mr. Diab Saad Directional Drilling Operation Leader Sperry Drilling Halliburton. 1-What are the events that you took part in it? SPE in Egypt, Halliburton Training centre in Egypt, representing Sperry Drilling in all the MOC’s, Halliburton day in Faculty of science & Faculty of Engineering Alex.University last year, Halliburton day in Suez Canal University Faculty of Pet.Engineering in 2009. 2-What is your opinion about ALXUCS-AAPG last year? Really it was well organized by students and well supervised by Dr.Mohamed A.Aziz, it was a great day 3-What is your vision for the future? Will be great future , you have excellent skills of communication & keen to learn more and more. 4-What is Your recommendation to the new staff ? Keep up, learn more, train more & try to be close to practical training.

Staff: Prof. Mohamed Younes Faculty Advisor Mr. Marwan Nassar Faculty Co-Advisor Mr. Youssef El-Sherif Faculty Co-Advisor Hany Khalil President Safia Farouk Vice President Mohamed Shade Secretary Sherif Balbaa Treasurer Mo’men Mohamed Magazine Coordinator Walaa Hesham Mohamed El-Araby Magazine Handing-Over Supporters

Special thanks for Sara Ashraf for getting high score in personal interview