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Social Media Strategies IA BOX As per the conversation we had earlier about you starting an IA/UX institute in India, I’ve constructed the outline of what we can offer and how it will help grow your business.

Prelaunch Sentiment Analysis Trend Analysis Competitor Analysis Demographic Study Sentiment Analysis helps determine the mindset of people, about how they feel about a product or a service or anything. Case Studies & Market Research are almost completely replaced by Social Analytics these days. Businesses usually try sentiment analysis for entities/services, right when they are about to lay the foundation and almost everyone does an extensive study on competitor analysis. To identify the opportunities that your competitor has left out, for you to take the opportunity.

Postlaunch Social Engagement SEO+SEM Demographic ProďŹ ling Buzz Monitoring For a ďŹ eld that lies totally within computers & the web, our perfect mixture of Social Engagement, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing is the perfect solution. You can easily make this a self-sustainable ecosystem without/minimal conventional advertising. And we can give you the highest ROI in the best possibly way available.

What will our data look like? We developed viral strategies for IPL based on the discovery of content based on extensive research made possible by our home brewed real-time social analytics and sentiment monitoring system.

For the more details (pdf) And here is another interesting infographic which shows the power of Social Analytics (png)

What can you possibly do with analytics? Demographics gives you an exact idea about whom you are dealing with. Identifies all the crowd groups that are out there; which crowd needs enlightenment and which crowd seeks betterment & fun. This can be used to create individual campaigns focusing on the each kind. Like the Psychophysicist Howard Moskowitz suggests a solution for the ketchup conundrum, there is no perfect ketchup there are perfect ketchups. Meaning there isn’t always a nakedly visible majority in all the scenarios, people are different and we ought to approach them in seperate ways that is best suited for every group/demographic. (Watch this video where Malcolm Gladwell talks about him

What would you possibly do without this data? You wouldn’t be able to identify and categorize the crowd. Different kind of people should be targeted in different ways. If we use the conventional “spend-more-on-ads-to-reach-more” approach then, we’d only be wasting a lot of money thus increasing the cost of the product or compromising the quality of the product.

How & What will we be dealing with? We use the best frameworks and most sophisticated techniques that are available. We have partnered with major players with enterprise licenses to access high volume of tweets. We don’t just have access to Twitter and Facebook fire-hoses, but to the whole of web ranging from blogs, social networks, forums, etc.,

How much will this cost? If we were to get in for a half fire-hose usage after an extensive research we’d charge you US$5000 for a Single study. But we can reduce/increase the data we are going to intake to fit in your budget.

100,000,000 90% 90% 70% 50% 57% Internet users India (as of April 14)

Social Media Users

Facebook Users

use Social Media Everyday

have spoken about a brand

have reviewed a brand in the last 12 months

+65 8421 5846 +91 78290 50000 +91 96555 56223

IA BOX Proposal  

IA BOX Proposal

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