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Different Worships and Their Horoscope Significance

Astrology plays a crucial role in the lives of many. This practice is more prevalent in India and among Indian than any other community in any other nation. India is known as a religious country. There are many religious celebrations and festivals been celebrated in the country. Different worships are offered to respective gods on their due occasion. Here I am going to tell you of some popular worships and their horoscope significance. Rudrabhishek – This is the worship meant to please the greatest of the gods Lord Shiva. This is said to be the greatest of all spiritual worships. There is a very specific procedure to perform this worship and help of an expert astrologer is recommended. This is said to reduce bad or negative impact of several other planets.

Narsimha Jayanti – Narsimha is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, which he took to finish notorious demon Hiranyakashipu. It will fall somewhere in the last week of May 2013. The worship is performed in the evening hours on the specific day. This worship is said to bring prosperity to the performer. One can seek the help of an astrologer to perform it exactly in a specified manner to gain desired outcomes.

Karwa Chauth – This worship is solely meant for married women, for the well being and long life of their husband. There are very strict fasting measures to offer this worship. This has astrological significance for unmarried women too, as it is said to help them acquire a desired spouse in their life.

Navgrah – As the name suggests, it is worship of 9 planets. Here the word 'Nav' means 'Nine' and 'Grah' means 'Planets'. As Vedic Indian astrology is strongly based on the planets and their positions, this worship is crucial for everyone of any horoscope. In order to appease any of the planets, or reduce the ill effects because of their adverse placement in a person's horoscope, this worship is performed. When a person is meeting failures at all fronts of life, he starts calling it bad luck. This worship, therefore, is said to be capable of resolving all such planetary issues and bring luck to the follower.

Kaal Bhairav – This worship is said to have a very significant positive impact on present of the person if performed in stipulated manner. This helps one achieve health and manage time in a better manner. This deity is specifically worshipped by male members only. Ma Kaali, the goddess, is worshipped to achieve equal benefits for women. This is very much, and very often, recommended by astrologers for those suffering from health, and other problems in life. There are several other important worships in astrology such as Shani worship, Bagalamukhi puja, Durga SapthShati, Ganpati Abhishekam, Ketu worship, Rahu worship, Purushottam Month worship, Adhik Month worship, Mercury, Jupiter, etc. Each one has its own astrological significance for individuals. Those who reside out of India can also get these worships performed with the help of some experts available online. There are some very famous astrologers running their own websites, and offering all such and several other warships, and other horoscope solutions to devotees.

Different Worships And Their Horoscopy Significance  
Different Worships And Their Horoscopy Significance  

Astrology plays a crucial role in the lives of many. This practice is more prevalent in India and among Indian than any other community in a...