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PORTFOLIO Joo Ho Chang (Judy)

Joo Ho Chang (Judy) tel. +44 782 802 0768 mail. joo.chang @

I am an international student in Northumbria design for industry second year.

Achievements .

The reason why I decided studying abroad in the UK, as most new products start from the UK, I think that the UK is an attractive country for me to try new things.

15.10.2017 -23.10.2017

exhibited Korea design exhibition award designed bicycle for children (finalist)

06.12.2017 -11.12.2017

sadi graduation exhibition win a award (best of developed)

I think design is a medium that connects fantasy and reality. This design philosophy of mine influenced me while coming up with concept ideas. I try to make working prototype of product, which makes me understand making product process.

Live Project experience 12.06.2015 -22.08.2015

work with Leeum Muesum proposal novlity goods idea

02.12.2016 -22.02.2017

work with Samsung electronics DMC center proposal idea of house robot for single house hold

02.05.2017 -23.08.2017

work with MET studio designed perfume based on Naver LINE character

Collaboration project experience 02.05.2016 -02.08.2016

with Sungkyunkwan university made wearable product for child made wearable product for slimmer







06.10.2017 -06.10.2017

with Samsung hospital & Seoul University health product for insomniac

Education 03.2012 - 02.2015

Backma secondry school

02.2015 - 02.2018

Samsung art and design insitute

10.2018 - 10.2021

Northumbria university

Prizes 23 . 05 . 2013

Kookmin university space design award special selection

26 . 08 . 2013

Hanyang university fundamental design award bronze

07 . 12 . 2013

School festivals interior design section first prize

25 . 09 . 2017

Korea design exhibition award finalist

Team work 02.03.2013 - 02.03.2014

Mural volunteer club “ Balogrin painting� led the members as chairman of the club.

1. Non Literal project

2. 32 Dental

3. Belle

4. Spidout

5. Picto

6. Busker

7. MouMou

8. O.S.T

NON Literal Project This project is called Non_literal Forms. The purpose pf this exercise was to explore unique forms and structures inspired by a chosen theme. I chose to explore and be inspried by the word 'Western'. The spikes and organic connections in the West, the angular keyboard of a round typewriter, and the colorful decorative elements of a teacup are fused within this model. Through this model I wanted to reflect contradictory yet harmonious styles. User interaction is simple. All components (the right, left and middle component) can be twisted by the user.


.Group Project

32 dental is an electric/sonic toothbrush which is designed to assist sufferers of arthritis through an easy to grip handle,sonic powered brush head and an intuitive user experience.


Attach the product to the mirror in the toilet.

32 Dental's number 32 means 32 healthy teeth, plus icons and sky blue means reliability.


Press button in the center to turn on the power and hold the round part.

Look in the mirror and brush teeth without too much power.

Insert the main body in to the toothbrush head located on the underside of the main body and replace the toothbrush head.

The toothbrush Icon flashes when the toothbrush head needs to be reolaced. (This helps users to recognize replacement time of toothbrush head.)

When the battery is exhausted, the LED changes from blue to red.



Toothbrush head (can exchange)

Magnet (easy to exchange head part) Power button


Non-sliped Sclicon

Non-sliped Sclicon

LED(Check battery)

This was inspired by a Pla model, which sculptures are divided into sections. It is designed by combining the infant bike and the Pla model process which is at first, divided into parts.

The bicycle format belle, the one that creates the only bicycle that is expressed with a child's emotion. It provides hands-on experience as well as the experience of assembling and decorating the bike with family or friends.


1. Assemble the mini sized belle in the pamphlet.

3. Color and decorate the module as desired.

2. Remove the module from the disassembled ball in the case. (Needs help adults)

4. Dry it well and assemble the module. (Needs help adults)

Kids who keep a secret diary want to keep their own secret or keep it with their peers. To help children keep a secret diary and make it more interesting for them, I would like to offer an item in which diary entries are made in an irregular pattern, and keeps the secret in the diary.



The product is inspired by a Korean money bag. It allows children to carry around like a money bag and write diary anytime.


DATE. 12.25.17

DATE. 01.13.17




The user's picture is taken at the same time it is turned on.

Press the power button on top of the Picto.



After making a secret diary alone or with your friend, press the print icon.

5 Decorate a pattern diary by posting it on the wall.

Post a pattern diary card.

6 When you want to read your diary, insert it back into the printer and it will be read and displayed.

BUSKER The digital stick is for wind instrument performers, which enbles perfomers to practice regarldless of place. Its difficult for people to practice instruments when they use public transportation or share place with others (such as an apartment). This product was made for people who want to practice musical instruments in public places.

Power button /Earphone holder

Turn the dial to desired instrument.

Selected instrument will be shown.

The fingering of selected instrument will be displayed on the stick.

Disaster and accidents can occur to anyone. Although disaster safety education has been provided not only to students but also to adults, it is not effective because it has not been carried out continuously. Also, when disaster occurs in real life, its hard to stay calm. The project was carried out with the aim of helping children to be repeatedly trained and evacuate quickly.

A helmet with AR technology enables children to experience disaster situations more realistically and to learn the method of evacuation, regardless of space.


1.Take the helmet out from the cabinet and wear it on your head.

2. Educational situation : Follow the directions on the AR display and from the speaker.

Material : hard plastic Size : 290mm x 220mm Weight : 790g 3. A catastrophic situation : Follow the characters on the AR display and evacuate to safe place..

MOUMOU Watching girls playing with pink barbie doll and boys playing with blue car ,product was designed to suggest a toy for both girls and boys. MouMou is a genderless robot which enables girls and boys play together.

O.S.Tremake This product selected one of my usually using products and remaked current watch design.

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