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Directed by Raj Mukherjee Produced by Nalin Singh Co-produced by Ajesh Gugnani Music by Subhayu


Synopsis The Bengali film 'Darling' is a movie with a compelling plot which has all the elements like Romance, action and humor neatly inter-twined into the script thereby catering to all the sections of the audience. The fresh plot is given life by a new set of actors in the lead - Mayukh and Pamela Mandol. Backed up by the directorial prowess of Mr. Raaj Mukherjee the movie Darling is all set to make its mark in the Bengali movie industry.

Key Technical Crew: Director

Raaj Mukherjee is a renowned film maker and has a gamut of

movies under his credit that have received widespread acclamation both critically and commercially. Nagardola (2005) , Tapasya (2006), Mr. Funtoosh (2008), Love Story (2009) all had done remarkably well at the box office. Mr. Raaj Mukherjee with this venture titled Darling is all set to put his illustrious credentials to full use

The movie begins with an enthusiastic 1980’s backdrop. Four college mates disperse after farewell and they keep themselves in contact even after decades. Mayukh is the son of one of the old friends and Aishwariya is the daughter of the other. They live in different places. A girl Riya falls in love with Mayukh and proposes to him. But he rejects the proposal. The father Cinematographer Sandip Sen is a leading and widely acclaimed of the girl who happens to be a goon, surrounds Mayukh and his friends’ for rejecting cinematographer with numerous movies to his credit. some of his movies like his daughter. To escape from the goon Mayukh narrates his flash back stating that Bejanma (2010), Ek Tukro Chand (2010), Angshumaner Chhobi (2009), Blood he has a love interest, Aishwariya who he met in GOA . The goon feels (2008) have given him great critical acclamation and he moved onto become sympathetic and leaves him after listening to the story. After a while, the one of the leading cinematographers of the Bengali movie industry. old friends wish to have a old friends’ reunion with families. They all meet in a village and now Mayukh and Aishwariya meet once again which provides a fresh twist to the narrative. Many twists, turns and secrets will be unleashed in the narration keeping in Music Director Subhayu Bedajna is a leading Music Director and has a mind the entertainment of number of hit albums to his credit. Some of the movies for which he had the audience composed music are Paapi (2011), Mon Aamar Shudhu Tomar (2010), Soldier (2010), Mama Bhagne (2009), Badla (2009). He was the recipient of the coveted BFJA Awards (2007), for the movie Tapasya which was also directed by Raaj Mukherjee, the director for Darling.

Snapshot Produced By: Nalin Singh Co- Produced By: Ajesh Gugnani Marketed & Distributed By: IndiaTales Productions


Directed By : Raaj Mukherjee Lead Actors: Mayukh , Pamela, Aishwariya, Riya Duration of the Movie: 160 Minutes

Highlights The script of Darling comes with a fresh plot and a very unique style of narration Shot at Exotic locations in Goa, Kutch and different parts of Bengal Music by renowned Music Director, Subhayu Bedajna Six Melodies and Foot-tapping numbers sung by leadingBollywood singers – Shaan, Kunal Ganjawala, Soham, Jun Banerjee and Pamela Jain

Madan-Harini the famous couple

choreographers from the South and who have been in the circuit for a couple of decades now have over 300 films to their Credit. Some of their Kannada films like Singaravva, America America, Hoomale, Neela etc are the winners of many awards and accolades. Some of their latest offerings are for the movies Avva, Duniya, Inthi ninna Preethiya, Gaalipata and many others to name a few.

Action Directors

Jolly Bastian is one of the

leading Action Director from the South with over 400 films to his credit as a Fighter and Action Director. He has choreographed the action of many a leading superstars from down south in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

Production values of the highest quality Promotion and Publicity to be carried out at a scale befitting the quality of the film

Darling Bengali Movie - Brochure  

The Bengali film 'Darling' is a movie with a compelling plot which has all the elements like Romance, action and humor neatly inter-twined i...

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