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ACC 565 Final Exam Guide Question 1 Barbara sells a house with an FMV of $170,000 to her daughter for $120,000. From this transaction, Barbara is deemed to have made a gift (before the annual exclusion) of Question 2 If a state has adopted the Revised Uniform Principal and Income Act, which of the following statements is correct? Question 3 Jackson and Tanker Corporations are members of an affiliated group. The two corporations have been affiliated since they were formed last year. Both corporations have always used a calendar year as their tax year. Tanker, the subsidiary, has a separate return year NOL of $14,000 from last year. Jackson Corporation has a separate return year NOL of $16,000 from last year. Commencing this year, the two corporations filed a consolidated tax return. The NOLs can be carried over Question 4 Virginia gave stock with an adjusted basis of $8,000 and an FMV of $10,000 to Carmen. No gift tax was paid on the transfer. Carmen then sold the stock for $9,000. The gain or loss Carmen will recognize on the sale is Question 5 If a partnership chooses to form an LLC, under the check-the-box rules, and assuming no elections are made, the entity will be taxed as Question 6 Revocable trusts means

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