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ACC 564 Week 5 Quiz 2 Question 1 Illegally obtaining and using confidential information about a person for economic gain is known as

Question 2

The deceptive method by which a perpetrator gains access to the system by pretending to be an authorized user is called

Question 3

Developers of computer systems often include a user name and password that is hidden in the system, just in case they need to get into the system and correct problems in the future. This is referred to as a

Question 4

A fraud technique that allows a perpetrator to bypass normal system controls and enter a secured system is called

Question 5

When a computer criminal gains access to a system by searching records or the trash of the target company, this is referred to as

Question 6

Generally in a risk assessment process, the first step is to

Question 7 Congress passed this federal law for the purpose of preventing financial statement fraud, to make financial reports more transparent and to strengthen the internal control of public companies. Question 8

Corporate policy that requires a purchasing agent and purchasing department manager to sign off on asset purchases over $1,500 is an example of

Question 9 A ________ is created to guide and oversee systems development and acquisition. Question 10 What is one reason why AIS threats are increasing?

Question 11

When new employees are hired by Folding Squid Technologies, they are assigned user names and appropriate permissions are entered into the information system's access control matrix. This is an example of a(an)

Question 12 This protocol specifies the procedures for dividing files and documents into packets to be sent over the Internet.

Question 13 Which of the following is an example of a preventive control?

Question 14 Multi-factor authentication

Question 15 Restricting access of users to specific portions of the system as well as specific tasks, is Question 16

Jeff Davis took a call from a client. "Jeff, I need to interact online and real time with our affiliate in India, and I want to make sure that our communications aren't intercepted. What do you suggest?" Jeff responded "The best solution will be to implement

Question 17 Jeff Davis took a call from a client. "Jeff, I need for my customers to make payments online using credit cards, but I want to make sure that the credit card data isn't intercepted. What do you suggest?" Jeff responded "The best solution will be to implement

Question 18

Which of the following is not associated with asymmetric encryption?

Question 19

Which of the following descriptions is not associated with symmetric encryption?

Question 20 In developing policies related to personal information about customers, Folding Squid Technologies adhered to the Trust Services framework. The standard applicable to these policies is

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