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ACC 564 Week 2 Discussion Questions –

Week 2 Discussion 1

"Evaluation of Documentation Tools" Please respond to the following:

You have been assigned to analyze the accounting information for a Fortune 500 corporation. From the e-Activity, evaluate which tools you would use to analyze its business processes, indicating your rationale.

On the other hand, resources, such as accountants, business analysts, and I/T specialists who rely on documentation tools, will need proper training on these tools. You have been given the responsibility of familiarizing your team with these tools. Evaluate which techniques, in terms of their appropriateness, you would use to get your team ready for its first assignment—the evaluation of a firm’s internal control structure.

Week 2 Discussion 2

"David Miller" Please respond to the following:

Read the David Miller case from Chapter 5. After reading the case, describe a reason why someone who has been entrusted with the firm’s assets would commit a fraudulent act against the company. Based upon your understanding of the case and your professional and personal experience, recommend a series of actions that should have been taken in order to prevent this.

Now that the damage has been done by Mr. Miller after his last episode, the blame game begins. Review all of the parties who contributed to his ability to commit these acts, recommend who should be held liable, and suggest the punishment for the liable party / parties.

Acc 564 week 2 dq 1 evaluation of documentation tools and dq 2 david miller