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WEEK 1: VALUES Describe the difference between organizational values and ethics. Secondly, identify through research three (3) common rules of ethics or code of conduct in any type of criminal justice agency. WEEK 2: MOTIVATION and EMPOWERMENT Identify and describe at least two theories of employee motivation. Briefly explain why individual motivation and coaching is sensitive and important in criminal justice personnel management. WEEK 3: ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS Describe the meaning and benefits of Management By Objective (MBO). Secondly, describe organizational effectiveness in law enforcement, and provide one example of how to measure this effectiveness. WEEK 4: OCCUPATIONAL SOCIALIZATION Describe in detail each of the following: ·

Organizational Culture;


Organizational Behavior; and


Occupational Socialization, in this order.

Define the importance and contribution of Occupational Socialization. WEEK 5: PERSONNEL SUPERVISION and EVALUATION Define two (2) models of employee supervision.

What model of supervision is used in the majority of law enforcement and corrections agencies, and why? Finally, describe progressive discipline and what role the supervisor plays in any disciplinary action on their direct report employees.

Cja 474 week 5 final exam guide  
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