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ACC 340 Final Exam Guide To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT Multiple-Choice Questions 1. The process by which a financial transaction is recorded so that its flow through the system can be followed is called: a) Financial shadowing b) Managerial trace technique c) Concatenation d) Audit trail 2. Justifying expenditures for new technologies is especially difficult because: a) You do not know how many jobs will be affected b) Expenses are often recurring and are difficult to estimate c) Many benefits are intangible and are not easily known or measured d) Justifying a new technology is no different from any other capital budgeting problem 3. The essential steps in performing a systems study are (in order of occurrence): a) Analysis, design, implementation and initial operation, follow up b) Design, planning, follow up, analysis, and implementation c) Planning, system specification, analysis, production, implementation d) Planning, analysis, design, implementation, and follow up 4. What is the first step to be performed by most organizations in their accounting cycles? a) Recording business transactions in a journal b) Preparing a trial balance c) Recording closing entries in a journal d) Preparing transaction source documents e) none of the above 5. Which systems study step is normally performed first? a) Design b) Initial operation c) Follow up d) Analysis e) none of the above 6. The purpose of a company firewall is to: a) Guard against spoofing b) Assist the IETF

c) Deny computer hackers access to sensitive data d) all of the above 7. The term data encryption refers to: a) Storing data in safe places called “crypts� b) Transforming data into secret codes c) Scrambling data in random ways that cannot be unscrambled d) none of these 8. An advantage of an extranet is that: a) It can disseminate information corporate wide b) It can be accessed by selected trading partners c) Users can employ common web browsers to access information in them d) all of the above 9. Another name for an Internet domain address is its: a) URL b) ISP c) email address d) IETF 10. Business process reengineering efforts sometimes fail because: a) Management gets too involved in the process b) Management is too optimistic regarding its expectations from its implementation c) Management support can never overcome employee resistance d) Employees will never accept change 11. The sales process begins with: a) Placing an order with a vendor b) A customer order for goods or services c) Production of goods or services d) Delivery of goods or services 12. The primary objective in processing revenues is to:

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