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SOC 313 Week 4 Quiz Psychiatric Conditions and Substance Abuse Terminology (New) To Purchase This Material Click below Link -Conditions-and-Substance-Abuse-Terminology-%28New%29 FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT Question 1. Question : Attention is paid in the development of disorders of the autism spectrum to development of ASD symptoms by the eighth year of age. Question 2. Question : In schizophrenia, there are positive symptoms, negative symptoms and cognitive symptoms. These symptoms are exhibited as ____________, ____________, and _______________, respectively. Question 3. Question : A __________________________ is a type of measurement of several components which could be useful in identifying the risk of an individual developing a specific disorder. Question 4. Question : A famous example of an institution for mentally ill who could not be cared for by relatives was Bethlem Royal Hospital, universally called “Bedlam.� Question 5. Question :

The “war on drugs” is indicative of the sentiment regarding drug use that focuses on strict punishment and deterrence treated by the criminal justice system called: Question 6. Question : The most current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual is referred to as the __________. Question 7. Question : One of the biggest problems with smoking on a ___________________level is passive or second-hand smoke. Question 8. Question : _________________________ can be either an alternative method of ingesting tobacco or part of a smoking cessation program.

Question 9. Question : An early term related to a 12-year study of a subculture of people who used heroin, were homeless, and marginalized individuals is ______________________. Question 10. Question : There is no clear definition for “mental health” short of the absence of mental disorders.

Soc 313 week 4 quiz psychiatric conditions and substance abuse terminology (new)  
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