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1) Think of 10 animal names that begin with the letter R. this Problem Would Probably be solved using a ______ technique 2) The problem-solving technique of _______ involves comparing the goal with the starting point, thinking of possible ways to overcome the distance between them, and choosing the best one. 3) The problem solving technique 4) When you adopt a certain framework or strategy for solving a series of problems, you may fail to see other, more efficient ways of solving some of the problems. 5) Study of chess masters indicate that masters 6) When you walk away from a difficult problem and do something else for a while, then come back and solve the problem successfully 7) Which type of reasoning results in conclusions that contain new information? 8) Some members of Jones family are tall, some tall play basketball, which of the following is true? 9) Which of the following is a difference between everyday reasoning and formal reasoning? 10) The tendency to seek out information that supports our current beliefs is called? 11) According to psychologists, human decision making often falls short of optimality because: 12) Which of the following is NOT one of five phases of decision making, according to Galotti? 13) When we assess probability by judging the ease with which relevant examples come to mind, we are using the heuristic of: 14) Because of the representative’s heuristic, we are likely to erroneously assume that which of the following sequences of coin flips is more probable? 15) According to research on the anchoring phenomenon, 16) Past events seem “inevitable” due to the action of the: 17) Patients with prefrontal cortex damage tend to show deficits in their: 18) Filed-independent people? 19) Research has suggested that experts are more likely than novices to:

20) Research on ways of knowing has established that: 21) Susceptibility to certain kinds of visual illusions may depend on: 22) Studies of the Kpelle children of Libya (regarding clustering in a memory recall task ) suggest that: 23) Cross-cultural studies of categorization have shown all of the following EXCEPT: 24) Studies comparing Mano farmers and American undergraduates on sorting cards and bowls of rice indicate that 25) Studies of logical reasoning among nonliterate cultures show that: 26) Content effects in formal reasoning task are: 27) Different cultures develop different counting systems. The Oksapmin children of New Guinea learn to count using a system based on: 28) Which of the following is NOT a way in which culture affects cognition, according to Vygotsky? 29) Scribner and Cole did discover some literacy effects among the Vai people, most having to do with: 30) Research on situated cognition suggests that:

Psy 360 week 5 quiz  
Psy 360 week 5 quiz