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PSY 360 Week 4 DQ 4 To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT

Watch the "TED Talks: Deb Roy- The Birth of a Word" video located in this week's Electronic Reserve readings. Discuss the video. Every year, new words get added to the dictionary. This might be a fun exercise from you. Imagine you have to educate someone from the 1950's on some of the new words that have come about since that time. How would you go about teaching them the words? How might you explain how they came into existence? Now imagine you're the person from the 1950's - what would you think? How would you react? Interested to hear your thoughts!

Watch the "Inside Dyslexia" video located in this week's Electronic Reserve readings. Language Structure Reflect on the structure of language and discuss the following: As discussed in this week’s reading assignment, language structure is important in cognition, but is it really? For example, if a child said to you, “You, me, cookie, go now, hurry,” you would know what the child meant, even though what is said is not grammatically correct. How is that possible?

Psy 360 week 4 dq 4