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PSY 355 Week 4 Discussion Question 1 To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT One common problem of motivation is procrastination, or putting offuntil the very last moment doing what is necessary to attain one’sgoals, which is discussed briefly in chapters seven and 10 of thecourse text. According to Clayton Taylor-Ladd (1996-2007), the twobasic types of procrastinators are: • The relaxed type places littleimportance on the goal, so leaves it to be done until there is nothingbetter to do in an effort to not get stressed over the "insignificant,"but rather doing what brings more enjoyment to him/her. Ironically,the great dichotomy in life eventually wins out and the stress therelaxed type is trying to avoid materializes in spades.

• The tense-afraid type feels, overwhelmed bypressures, “unrealistic about time, uncertain about goals, dissatisfiedwith accomplishments, indecisive, blaming others or circumstances forhis/her failures, lacking in self-confidence and, sometimes isperfectionistic,” (¶ 2)

Choose one of the two types of procrastinator above and describewhat you might do to help your client overcome the procrastination, andreinforce the motivation towards his or her goal.

Psy 355 week 4 discussion question 1