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PSY 355 Week 4 Discussion Question 2 To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT We know that one’s emotions affect one’s facial muscles to produce theexpressions we understand as happiness, sadness, anger, fear,frustration, etc. Is it also true, though that, aside from regulatingintensity of an existing emotion, the muscles in one’s face can createor change one’s emotions?

Before answering this DQ, please conduct all four steps of thefollowing experiment. There are no right or wrong answers, so justrelax, don’t over think what you are doing, and enjoy the experience! You will need a long pencil, pen, stiff straw, or chopstick, and apiece of paper on which to write. You will be asked to complete anaction, and then to record a couple of small bits of information. Whenyou record the information, write your answers with your non-dominanthand. In other words, if you are right handed, write your answersusing your left hand; if you are left-handed, write your answers usingyour right hand. (Writing with one’s non-dominant hand accesses theintuitive, emotional side of one’s brain.) To earn full credit forthis DQ, you must conduct the experiments yourself, but feel free tohave a friend or family member also conduct this experiment, and thencompare your answers.

1. Place the end of the pencil, pen, straw or chopstick between yourlips, then tighten your lower lip so the pencil or stick flips upwardslightly. Mentally count to five, and then (with the pencil still inplace), write with your non-dominant hand five to ten words to describe“weather.”

2. Raise your eyebrows as high as you can, mentally count to five, andwhile your eyebrows are raised, write with your non-dominant hand fiveto ten words that describe “weather.”

3. “Knit” your brow (i.e., bring your eyebrows together as tightly aspossible), count to five, then with your brow still knit, write withyour non-dominant hand five to ten words that describe “weather.”

4. Gently hold the center of the pen, pencil, straw, or chopstickhorizontally (side to side) as far back in the mouth as comfortablypossible (each end of the pencil or pen should be outside of themouth), count to five, then with the pencil still in place, write withyour non-dominant hand five to ten words to describe “weather.”

To complete this DQ, please answer the following questions in thisthread:

What are the descriptions you wrote in each phase of theexperiment? What feelings or emotions, if any, did you experience ineach phase? What insights did you gain from looking at your results ofthe experiment?

So that your perceptions are not biased prior conducting theexperiments, I ask that you not read any of your classmates’ responsesto this DQ before completing your experiments.

Psy 355 week 4 discussion question 2