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PSY 355 Week 3 DQ 3 To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT What are the similarities and differences between physiological needs and psychological needs? 2a - Do you think you can raise your self-esteem by thinking about your successes in your domains of contingent self-worth? 2b - Can you lower your self-esteem by thinking about your failures in those areas? 2c - What about the effects of thinking about successes and failures in domains that are not important to you? 1 - Are some people thinkers and others doers? 2 - Do thinkers go on to the university, while doers go to vocational schools or apprentice on the job? 3 - Are thinkers philosophy majors and doers accounting majors? 4 - How would you classify yourself?

Psy 355 week 3 dq 3  
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