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PSY 355 Week 3 Discussion Question 2 To Purchase This Material Click below Link MORE CLASSES VISIT Personality typology is one means of trying to understand why andpredict how people are motivated to behave as they do. In this week’sreadings, you are exposed to several theories of personality, includingthe 5-Factor Model, the Sensation Seeking personality model, Eysenck’sThree Factor Model, as well as the Adlerian personality model of the #1Priority (posted in the Course Materials folder). Another widely usedmodel is the Jung Typology (often tested with the Myers-Briggs, orKiersey Personality Inventories). Before responding to this DQ, takeabout 15 minutes to go to to take the JungTypology Test. After you have completed the test, click on “ScoreIt,” read the interpretations of your results, and then answer thefollowing questions:

1) How accurately did the results describe you?

2) How did the information you gained about yourself with this testcompare, in nature and accuracy, with the information you gained aboutyourself from the other personality theories presented this week?

Psy 355 week 3 discussion question 2  
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