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PSY 355 Week 2 Team Assignment Motivation Theories Presentation To Purchase This Material Click below Link otivation-Theories-Presentation FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT Select at least 2 theories concerning human motivation. Obtain faculty approval of your selected theories prior to beginning this assignment. Prepare a 12+ slide presentation (using MicrosoftÂŽ PowerPointÂŽ, Prezi, Glogster, or any other presentation software program) in which you analyze your selected motivational theories (*Note: 12+ content slides are required, plus a 'title' slide & a 'reference' slide). Submit detailed speaker notes with your presentation that would allow any presenter to use what you develop. In your presentation, address the following: Analyze the major themes of your selected theories. Identify the individuals associated with your selected theories. Evaluate the effectiveness of your selected theories in explaining various behaviors. Use APA format when quoting, citing, & referencing content from sources in your presentation slides and notes. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Psy 355 week 2 team assignment motivation theories presentation  
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