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Portfolio Designations (February 26, 2008, Belmopan) The National Association of Village Councils (NAVCO) announces the designation of portfolios that its Board members, who also represent the 6 District Associations of Village Councils (DAVCO), will be managing, as decided on February 23, 2008, at the National Board's Meeting. Portfolio designation is as follows: 1. Education and Health falls under the responsibility of Orvin Rancharan (Corozal DAVCO) and Pedro Pixabaj (Stann Creek DAVCO); 2. Infrastructure is under the responsibility of Fidelmar Hernandez (Orange Walk DAVCO) and Feliciano Enero Bol (Toledo DAVCO); 3. Economic Development is to be spearheaded by Derwin Innis (Corozal DAVCO) and Ernest Banner (Cayo DAVCO) 4. Land and Environment is under the oversight of Brian Yearwood (Stann Creek DAVCO) and Fidelmar Hernandez (Orange Walk DAVCO) Furthermore, two working committees have been formed to support the development and the work of the NAVCO; these are: 1. A Program Management Committee with Hilbert Lopez (Cayo DAVCO) and Orlando Dawson (Belize DAVCO) as the Board representatives; and 2. A Legal Review Committee with Oscar Pollard (Belize DAVCO), Ernest Banner (Cayo DAVCO, and Brian Yearwood (Stann Creek DAVCO) as the Board representatives. The respective committees are also comprised of Secretariat staff and Donor representatives. The National Association of Village Councils is a collaborative umbrella organization representing the Village Councils of Belize, committed to ensuring the rights and responsibilities of Village Councils through relevant advocacy and services that will enable them to fulfill their mandate. The objectives of NAVCO are ensuring that: 1. Rural leaders' capacities to effectively address the needs of the communities are improved; 2. The Village Council Act is recognized and respected the Government of Belize and the general public; 3. Services to the rural communities are delivered effectively and equitably; 4. The financial and legal sustainability of NAVCO and DAVCO's are ensured; and

5. Economic and social programs and projects are identified, developed, and implemented in the rural communities. Responsibility for portfolios has been distributed as a way of more effectively working towards the afore-mentioned objectives of the National Association of Village Councils (NAVCO), as it continues to strive for national development through the strengthening of local level governance.

NAVCO 2008  
NAVCO 2008  

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