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2006 NAVCO AGM November 24, 2006

Prioritization of DAVCO Issues

Issues within Toledo • Area Representative lack of respect • Garbage site – most important • Land • Lands and Lots Committee West needs to be formed • Land Officer • Village Boundaries • NHI – Health lack of information • Lack of respect all around • Planning difficult w/ lack of respect

Issues within Stann Creek • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Liquor Licensing / Management District / Rural Licensing Board – Recommendation Political Interference Lack of Respect Tomfoolery Agree with Issues raised by Toledo Water Board Composition – Different System Health Issues within Villages – providing service to communities Mining in Communities – Royalties need to be collected from work for the village Environmental Impact of Mining Land Distribution Legal Representation for DAVCO – support from attorney, legal Village Council Elections – Political Interference, Polarization Lack of Respect

Issues within Orange Walk • All Villages (councils) need Respect/acknowledgement • Consultations from GOB and NGO’s • Village Council Financial Report – go through DAVCO>RCDO (4 days)-> back to DAVCO = need transparency and accountability of village funds • Assistance from Local Government to District Level – in education of how elections should work • All elected persons in village council should know how to read and write – no political affiliation (activist) • Security of Villages

Issues within Corozal • • • • • • • • • • •

Main problem- renovation of streets Expansion of villages – electricity Distribution of land- inactivity of land holders Garbage disposal Inactivity of Chairpersons Good payment for chairpersons from GoB Pedestrian Ramps Health Center and Police Station Renovation Papaya Industry – maintenance of roads Increased Stipend for Chairpersons and a stipend for councilors Some chairpersons do not even deserve the stipend

Issues within Cayo • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Having similar problems in Cayo as in other districts Cayo District Liquor Licensing Board Formation of Cayo district board Formation and appointment of lots committees – appointment should come directly from the village council Amendment – liquor licensing formation at the districts Transportation of students to and from school Garbage collection Introduce Youth Programs into Village More Schools Village Boundaries Community Streets Electricity Community Parks Education

Issues within Belize • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Main Problem – Health and Education – Schools 3 additional functional health posts in Belize Need 1 dump site per zone (4 zones) Community Centers Speed Bumps, Pedestrian Ramps Police Stations Electricity Expansion Village Boundaries – Lack of Respect Easier access to Land Distribution Selling of land to international individuals Livestock and Agriculture – Markets Communication and Shared Information – HIV/AIDS, STD’s Servicing of Old Northern Highway

Compiled Salient Issues 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Lack of Respect – within DAVCO, Village Councils, from elected representatives to rural leaders, among ourselves, from Area Representatives, Political Interference / Polarization – ALL AROUND Water Board Formation / Appointment – Power of Appointment of Water Boards – Members should be elected by villagers not appointed by GoB Roles and Responsibilities of Village Councils – Garbage Disposal, Roads, Education, Youth Programs, Health, Security, Community Centers Sustainability Issues – Liquor Licensing, Trade Licensing, Mining Fees, Village Council Investments, etc. Land Issues – Legal Representation, Lands Committee and Lots Committee, Respect from Area Representative, Village Boundaries, Village Expansion NAVCO / DAVCO Regulations – Amendments (Stipends), Village Council Act, Section 14 of Regulations

NAVCO AGM 2006  

national annual general meeting 2006

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