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Vallejo Masonic News Friend to Friend, Brother to Brother

February 2019

NAVAL LODGE No. 87 VISION STATEMENT Attracts and brings together good men of diverse generational, racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds for self-improvement, friendship, and service; because, we provide an authentic initiatory experience and engaging education programs based on a tradition of living and animate speech to effect a personal transformation that inspires each man to a principle driven way of life based on brotherly love, relief and truth. Publisher: Worshipful. Manuel “Chief Sam� Sarmiento Cell Phone: (707) 290-9260 e-mail: Editor: Barry Hughes, PM Cell Phone: (707) 333-7866 e-mail: barryhughes@global .net

Officers of Naval Lodge No. 87 MASTER Manuel “Chief Sam” Sarmiento (Mallene) CP: (707) 290-9260 SENIOR WARDEN Mervyn “JJ” Nicholas (Vera “Max”) CP: (707) 980-0372

JUNIOR STEWARD Nathan “Nate” Walker (Roslyn) CP: (707) 980-4918

JUNIOR WARDEN Trojan “Troy” Ruiz (Ludmilla “Lulu”) CP: (707) 342-6644

MARSHALL Brando Cruz (Marion) CP: (707) 853-3034

TREASURER Mario Cruz (Alejandra) CP: (707) 373-2030

CHAPLAIN Gerald “Gerry” Bettman, PM (Dana) CP: (707) 747-0906

SECRETARY Barry Hughes, PM (Judy) CP: (707) 333-7866

ORGANIST Eric Leigh Throne (Kerby) CP: (707) 761- 6132

SENIOR DEACON Guy Benjamin (Heidi) CP: (707)246-0949

TILER Mike Nesmith CP: (619) 993-0555

JUNIOR DEACON Dennis Timmons CP: (415)606-1938

OFFICER’S COACH Keith Wattles, PM (Kim) CP: 707-334-5514

SENIOR STEWARD Delfin Dominguez (Lydia) CP: (707) 319-1795

INSPECTOR OF THE 131st MASONIC DISTRICT John L. Wasson, PM (Pat) CP: (707) 310-5404

NAVAL LODGE 87 2019 COMMITTEES LODGE AUDIT Albert Lawson, PM (Chairman), Michael Woodruff, PM, Rollie Caabay, PM SMTA President - Dennis Timmons (2019), Barry Hughes, PM (2020), CFO - Seth Thomas (2020), Secretary - John Snell, PM (2021), Member – Ralph Lindeman (2019), Member – Keith Wattles, PM (2021) Ex Officio’s: Manuel “Chief Sam” Sarmiento, WM, Mervyn “JJ” Nicholas, SW AUDIT SMTA V. Thomas Langford, PM (Chairman), Rollie Caabay, PM MEMBERSHIP RETENTION Manuel “Chief Sam” Sarmiento (Chairman) and Mervyn “JJ” Nicholas, Trojan “Troy” Ruiz, JW CANDIDATE COACHING Mervyn “JJ” Nicholas, SW CHARITY Manuel “Chief Sam” Sarmiento, WM and Mervyn “JJ” Nicholas, SW, Trojan “Troy” Ruiz, JW ENTERTAINMENT Mario Cruz (Chairman), Tony Buban, Brando Cruz, Nathan “Nate” Walker FINANCE Guy Benjamin (Chairman), Douglas “Doc” Campbell, Delfin Valencia FUNERAL John Wasson, PM, Keith Wattles, PM, Leo Guison, PM, Rollie Caabay PM, Manuel “Chief Sam” Sarmiento, WM LIBRARY Joaquin Loayza, Mario Cruz MASONIC FORMATION Albert Lawson, PM, Keith Wattles, PM MASONIC HOMES ENDOWMENT Gerald “Gerry” Bettman (Chairman), Jose Ferrer PHONE TREE Barry Hughes, PM

NAVAL LODGE 87 2019 COMMITTEES (Continued) PUBLIC SCHOOLS Gerald “Gerry” Bettman, PM (Chairman), Rick Lauziere, PM SCHOLARSHIP Gerald “Gerry” Bettman, PM (Chairman), Rick Lauziere, PM SMEF (ELECTED) Albert Lawson, PM, (President), Glenn Munkres, PM, Jim Jaeger, Manuel “Chief Sam” Sarmiento, WM, Mervyn “JJ” Nicholas, SW TRESTLE BOARD Manuel “Chief Sam” Sarmiento (Publisher), Barry Hughes, PM (Editor) TRUSTEES (ELECTED) Glenn Munkres, PM (Chairman), Guy Benjamin, Douglas “Doc” Campbell WEBMASTER Joaquin Loayza YOUTH ORDERS Jim Jaeger (Chairman), Gerald “Gerry” Bettman, PM, Seth Thomas LODGE HISTORIAN MEMBERSHIP PARTICIPATION AMBASSADORS Rick Lauziere, PM (Chairman) Mike Nesmith Nathan “Nate” Walker Mario Cruz PROPERTY COMMITTEE Mike Nesmith (Chairman) Mario Cruz

FROM THE EAST Greetings Brethren, January is almost over and I hope that everybody is doing well and over the flu/virus that hit some of us. I’d like to Congratulate Brother Stephen Roberson on his conferral as a Fellowcraft Mason. The officers of the Naval Lodge No. 87 with Bro “JJ” Nicholas leading the pack did a very professional, meaningful and awesome ritual. Thanks to the coaches, Keith Wattles, PM and Albert Lawson, PM who made sure that we were ready to perform our ritual. Our next event is the raising of Bro Florian Linsao to receive his 3rd degree on February 18 at 9:00 AM. This is our Day Light degree and we will have participation from the Masters and Past Masters of Neighboring Lodges to perform the ceremony. I highly encourage our Brethren to join us that day to support the officers. Brethren, please call your other brothers to participate in such a significant degree. Our Junior Warden Troy Ruiz will see to it that we have a great menu for our luncheon after the Degree. In our Trestle Board, I have attached a Hiram Award flyer, and I am appealing to you to jot down the date and also please let Pat Nelson know if you are going to join us. We will be announcing this a few more times for us to gauge how many guests we will have. I will be asking you to assist us, in making this event a First Class Act; after all, this is the highest award we can bestow to a Brother who has done so much for us. Worshipful Gerry Bettman and I will be meeting with Vallejo school officials on February 15 to discuss how we can better support the schools, and to establish better communication and coordination with their activities. The first meeting we had went fairly smooth and shorter than normal. Of course the Master needs to hone his skills more and learn his lines to avoid constant coaching. Your Master appreciates your tolerance and giving me a pass, presiding over the meeting for the first time. If you have any issues or ideas, please let us know in advance, so that we can discuss it prior to the meeting. I will also ask each Committee Chairman to let me know prior to the stated meeting if you have anything to report. Please come out and support our Brothers and Officers by attending the practices and degree conferrals. You have been great and I am counting my blessings being surrounded by great men who have always supported me in the Lodge. I do appreciate the text, e-mails and calls about any issues or concern pertaining to the welfare of our brethren and of our Lodge. Upon the Square, Manuel “Chief Sam” Sarmiento Worshipful Master Naval Lodge #87

From the Senior in the West

From the Junior. in the South

As the sun is in the West

As the sun at Meridian Height Brethren, it’s February 2019 and it’s the first Thursday of the month. As we all know our brethren meet on this day. It’s Black History Month so we are having soul food for dinner. We will be having Chicken, Mac and Cheese, beans, and corn bread. I would like to acknowledge our Senior Warden “JJ” Nicholas and his wife Vera for sharing their delicious recipe for cooking our magnificent dinner. I’d like to acknowledge the participation of the kitchen crew: Bro Mike Nesmith, Bro Nathan, Bro Delfin, Bro Florian, Bro Tom, Bro Roberson, Candidates, Alex and Matthew and Prospects Angel and Albert. Fraternally and By The Plumb, Trojan “Troy” Ruiz Junior Warden

Twenty-four Inch Gauge The following brethren have been reported to be incapacitated. Please let them know that you are thinking of them. Please see the Senior Warden for updates regarding brother's current health and wellbeing.

Birthdays February:

Anniversaries Guy Mario Alan Gerald Jean Leonardo Milford Horace Edward Joseph Vance Bradford William Greggory Glenn Michael Luisito Gary Allen Harry Manuel Kevin Eric Lee Mark Eric

Benjamin Cruz Davidson Eskew Gomez Guison Hodges Holmgren Kelley Kendall Langford Larson Maddox Miller Munkres Pamplin Pangilinan Pirkig Royer Royer Sarmiento Smith Thomas Thomas Thomas Throne

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Tony Howard Jerry Mario Rudy Rigoberti Daniel Sean Leonardo Kerry Reynaldo John John Donald Roland

Balot Sweatfield Hallett Cruz Manfredi Santos Frost Hoover Guison O'Brien Santiago Clutter Martin Demmon Wong

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JOHN L. WASSON, PM 2019 Hiram Award Recipient sAturDAY, AprIL 6, 2019 At sprINGbrOOk MAsONIc tEMpLE 101 tEMpLE WAY VALLEjO, cA 94591 prEsENtAtION At 6 p.M. DINNEr tO FOLLOW pLEAsE rsVp Pat Nelson-Wasson FOr DINNEr rEsErVAtIONs bY MArcH 29, 2019 At 707 552-2869 Or E-MAIL rEquEst tO: jpWAsNEL@Att.NEt Attire: Suit and Tie

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February 2019  

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February 2019  

Free & Accepted Masons of Vallejo, California Naval Lodge No. 87