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Caring for our bay, Botany Bay

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Did you know there are dragons in botany bay? Weedy SeaDragon Well, there are and they are colourful and wonderful and they don’t breathe fire! They live in the ocean and the dragons and volunteers of Botany Bay Watch need our help! You see, when people drop litter in the streets, or leave it behind on the beach; it will often end up exactly where the dragons live! Our drains do not go through a factory where the rubbish is taken out; it goes straight into the sea! Yuk!

Can we help? Well, YES! Every year, clean up days are organised where we all get together to clean up the messiest beaches to make them great again for the dragons and all their friends. Sea Week and Clean Up Australia Day are both fantastic days out for the whole family, with the chance for barbecues and if you know how to snorkel, the chance to meet a dragon face to face! So, how about it this year, these dragons are not scary, they are beautiful and mysterious and our friends! Lets help them!

Picture: Douglas Anderson



Red Indian Fish

This little devil is so colourful that people want to keep them as pets in aquariums! That’s ok for goldfish, but not for these little devils. There’s not enough of them left in the ocean.

Nudibranchs are a kind of underwater slug. There are thousands of different types, and all look like they’re from outer space! Fish won’t eat them because their bodies are poisonous!

Whoo whoo, look out for the Red Indian Fish! It got it’s name because its dorsal fin looks like a red Indian’s head dress! Can you see how he looks very proud of it and so they should, what an awesome fish!

Picture: Douglas Anderson

Picture: Douglas Anderson

Picture: Bjorn Landfeldt


Caring for our bay, Botany Bay

colour in:

find a word:

Can you find all your friends in this sea of letters

W h a l e v a F b h F e b l u e d e v i l r e o x e h a m b F a e d t r l c o r a l t n y a m k t a c k s b c

s n b r a y r g e r h

e y a o w a m j a o m

a b r n h d b t p k a d a e s c q s j e u n r y i t a a l u n n s

a g s o e n d q h a b

g F l s b s F c b e a o d a m t m a h g c y

n k n y n i h p l o d n u d i b r a n c h n weedy sea dragon nudibranch blue devil seastar dolphin sea pen whale

maze: Help the Weedy Seadragon find his way back home

shark Botany Bay Frenchmans Bay Bare Island beachwatch reef coral

Guess the sea creatures: 1

I don’t breath fire, but I’m still pretty hot!


I am blue, I live under rocks, and I’m not as bad as I sound!

3 I sound like I’m part of a naked tree! I look like I might live in a wigwam!



1:Weedy Sea dragon, 2: Eastern Blue Devil, 3: Nudibranch, 4: Red Indian Fish

Botany Bay Sea Life  
Botany Bay Sea Life  

Produced for Randwick City Council to celebrate World Oceans Day this publication is designed for kids to year 8.