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It appears to be fall—time to haul out your boat for the winter,

not to mention assess and address the gaps in your knowledge and gear, and make plans for great escapes—real or virtual—or daring escapades. Happily, publishers near and far have stepped up to provide new and solid-selling books and guides to help you do all of these tasks. Inside these pages you’ll find a few of the most noteworthy additions to our shelves—and as always, there are many more on our website, You’ll also find a few tips about good books from our bestselling nautical authors—a feature we introduced in last year’s flyer. We get a kick out of learning who’s fond of which titles, and hope you do, too. Following the celebration of our 30th anniversary in 2010, new business has continued to flow in from the shipping industry, the Coast Guard, and schools and companies worldwide who teach people about working on the sea. And we continue to ship books, charts, and DVDs to them—and to individual sailors and dreamers—across the street and

Good day, thanks for your assistance. We rec’d books today. I have to say that you guys are the best. Good service and efficiency. Looking forward to order books from you again. —S.H., Hong Kong I placed an order on Thursday morning for Marine Diesel Engines (Nigel Calder). I received an email by noon stating the product was in stock and shipping right away. When I got home from work Friday night the book had been delivered. I’m not easily impressed but there are no words to explain my amazement at this overnight turn around time….Thank you for your expediency and efficiency. —J.W., Ontario I found [your package] on my doorstep this morning, you guys don’t mess around. Now all I have to do is get the boat launched. —P.C., Ontario Our book arrived this week, and we appreciate not only the order updates, but the special packaging! My husband enjoyed perusing the chart wrap, and the book arrived in great shape. Nautical Mind has customer service wired. Thank you so much. —J.P., U.S.A. Bonjour Chers Amis. I have been very happy to receive these 3 excellent books by Georgios M. Foustanos, and the following day, the excellent books also from Canada. Thank you very much for your kind helpful service. —Y.B., France

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Cruising the Frisian Islands), the Kiel Canal to the Baltic, Danish and Swedish waters, and their return to winter storage in England via Amsterdam. Grand finale? A cruise with friends in Panama’s San Blas Islands. 3-CD set. 312 min. dvd 2011 $34.95

new Distant Shores: Channel Islands to Scandinavia & San Blas Islands by Paul Shard & Sheryl Shard Join Paul and Sheryl aboard their new

Southerly 49 sailboat, Distant Shores II, for commissioning on England’s south coast and a shake-down passage to the Channel Islands. Season seven of their adventures takes in Holland (including

new edition Dinghy Cruising: The Enjoyment of Wandering Afloat by Margaret Dye 4th ed. Dye shares knowledge gained from her many years of sailing in small boats. With practical advice on how to prepare, equip, and cruise, this book is a boon to those who long for the freedom to go where they like on the water. Updated to reflect recent developments in kit, equipment, and techniques, this new edition also includes a chapter on dinghy cruising for persons with disabilities. The previous edition is now on sale, see page 22. 224pp. softcover 2011 $29.00

When You’re Cruising, You Want Advice You Can Count On That’s why we make sure that the Nautical Mind has the latest cruising guides and charts: to help boaters here at home in Ontario—or anywhere else in the world. To illustrate the point, here are a few of the newest titles on our cruising-guide shelf. For other destinations, check our web site or call us—our list is extensive and as current as it gets. Ports O’ Call: Lake Erie & Lake St. Clair edited by Lindsey Johnson 272pp. softcover 2011 $52.95 Chartbooks for Cuba NV-Charts Detailed charts for the north coast of Cuba, packaged with a protective vinyl cover, companion CD with digital charts, and navigation software. Each kit has harbour and anchorage charts, 16 passage charts, 18 coastal charts, GPS waypoints, and 23 approaches. • Region 10.1: Northeast Cuba • Region 10.2: Northwest Cuba chartbook & cd 2011 $119.95 each

Greek Waters Pilot by Rod Heikell 536pp. hardcover 2011 $72.95

PORTS Cruising Guide: Georgian Bay edited by Jonathan Lee 312pp. softcover 2011 $42.95

Great Lakes cruisers: watch for these new editions in 2012! Prices and details will be posted online closer to the publication date. • PORTS Cruising Guide: Lake Ontario • Richardsons’ Chartbook: Lake Huron including Georgian Bay & North Channel

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Cruising One of my favAnn f’s ourite nautical m Fro erhoo lf books is a slim d Vanookshe paperback that b has been onboard our sailboat Receta since we first started cruising: Gar Goodson’s Fishes of the Atlantic Coast. It’s always a happy day when I have to grab Goodson off the shelf, because it means we’ve hooked a fish on one of the lines we troll behind the boat when we’re on passage. Goodson’s clear illustrations help us ID what we’ve caught— and point us toward delicious dinners. His is the only fish book we have onboard that discusses the edibility of each species, telling us whether the fish that’s almost in our cockpit will make “excellent” eating, or is a “poor” relation that should be released. —Ann Vanderhoof ’s latest book is The Spice Necklace [see page 19]

new Cornell Ocean Atlas by Jimmy Cornell Designed to help distance cruisers plan passages, Cornell’s pilot charts provide month-by-month indications of winds and currents—now updated and based on the last 20 years of satellite-gathered weather information.

All oceans are covered; more detail is given for popular cruising areas such as the waters between the Canary Islands, American east coast, and eastern Caribbean, the Pacific from California to Tahiti, and others. 120pp. spiral 2011 $89.95 new Sail Away: How to Escape the Rat Race and Live the Dream by Nicola Rodriguez Here’s a treasury of practical guidance for would-be adventurers that covers choosing a boat and planning a round-theworld route. Rodriguez paints a realistic picture of the pros and cons of living on a boat and provides information on safety, communications, children, insurance, and budgeting. Her guide is a helpful tool for shaping the voyage of a lifetime. 352pp. softcover 2011 $32.95

on Leg Five of a Downeast Circle cruise. After wintering in St. Margaret’s Bay, the Evanses head farther south, stopping in Chester, Mahone Bay, Bridgewater, and Lunenburg. They also explore anchorages in the LaHave Islands, and enjoy the folk-art culture and music that Nova Scotia is famous for. 60 min. dvd 2010 $19.95

new RYA Passage Planning by Peter Chennell Chennell covers all the details involved in planning a safe and successful long-distance passage. Chapters offer strategies for dealing with tidal points and traffic, and discussions of hard and soft hazards, boat types and fuel, instruments, and communication. Chennell illustrates his points with examples from different types of boats, including a 33foot motor cruiser, a 40-foot sloop, and a 50-foot ketch. 72pp. softcover 2011 $28.95 new edition Caribbean Passagemaking by Les Weatheritt 2nd ed. This passage planner is geared to cruising the Windward and the Leeward Islands, from the Virgins to the Southern Caribbean. Topics include passage-making strategies, the safe and easy harbours, how to spot weather windows, prevailing winds and currents, ideal equipment for cruising Caribbean waters, and more. 224pp. softcover 2011 $27.95 new Gone Sailing: Sailing Nova Scotia’s South Shore by Mike Evans & Jane Finn Evans Enjoy the continuing voyage of Phantasia II email: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951 | nautical mind 

Engines & Electronics new Replacing Your Boat’s Engine by Mike Westin The first book in a brand new series— Adlard Coles Manual—from trusted experts. Westin provides hands-on, step-by-step instructions (fully photographed) and practical details to guide you through replacing your boat’s engine and related systems. Text and photos illustrate each procedure. 144pp. softcover 2011 $34.50 new edition Reeds VHF DSC Handbook by Sue Fletcher 3rd ed. This user-friendly guide will get you quickly up to speed with both the analogue and digital functions of your VHF. Fletcher’s straightforward explanations and tips are aimed at pleasure boat VHF DSC radio users, and they illuminate VHF’s links to the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS). 160pp. softcover 2011 $29.00

Boat Design traditional boat lovers, builders, and restorers. 160pp. softcover 2011 $38.00 new edition How to Design a Boat by John Teale 4th ed. Teale takes you through all the stages of designing power- and sailboats, explaining the reasons behind each step and enabling first-timers to produce a boat design. Diagrams and reproductions of working drawings illustrate the text, showing typical lines plans for a range of vessels. Calculations require only basic math skills. 144pp. softcover 2011 $24.95

new Lofting a Boat: A Step-by-Step Manual by Roger Kopanycia Lofting is a tricky but essential stage through which a boat’s general design becomes the plan from which the craft is built. Kopanycia shows how it’s done in clear diagrammed steps. He writes for the amateur builder—power or sail. This is the second title in the Classic Boat Series (Wooden Boat Building is the first) for

new Building Badger & the Benford Sailing Dory Designs by Jay Benford & Pete Hill Jay Benford’s Badger sailing dory gained wide renown through Pete and Annie Hill’s bestselling Voyaging on a Small Income. This new book focuses on how to build a Badger, providing detailed drawings and insights from a skilled builder. It also includes instructions for other Benford designs and tips on the best tools and materials. Each boat’s sailing capabilities and clever innovations are discussed. 190pp. softcover 2011 $30.00

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Engines & Electronics/ Picture & Coffee Table Books new edition The Adlard Coles Book of Outboard Motors by Tim Bartlett 3rd. ed. Writing for boatowners—not experienced mechanics—Bartlett covers both two- and four-stroke outboards, explaining the fuel and ignition systems, cooling and lubrication, the electrical system, transmission and controls, and more. Routine maintenance and troubleshooting are here, too, as is the vital first aid that can save a motor that’s been dropped overboard! 86pp. softcover 2011 $28.00 new Marine Diesel Engines: Care and Maintenance by Peter Caplen The ability to solve minor engine problems yourself at sea is essential to good seamanship. Caplen uses diagrams and photographs to outline what you need to know to keep your engine in good order, fix simple problems, and save money on annual service fees. He also covers fuel and cooling systems, related electrical systems, new engine installation, plus turbochargers, superchargers, and after-coolers. 192pp. hardcover 2011 $37.95 new Build Your Own Electric Boat by Carl Vogel Vogel shows you how to build an electric boat with hybrid options or convert an existing craft. He discusses large and

small styles and designs, and covers necessary parts, batteries, motors, and propellers, as well as hybrid systems, solar powering, alternate fuels for use with hybrids, marine safety in electric boats, and sourcing. Tables and easyto-understand formulas help make everything clear. 368pp. softcover 2011 $25.00 new Classic: The Revival of Classic Boating in New Zealand by Ivor Wilkins Yachting writer and photographer Ivor Wilkins showcases the leading lights of the recent classic yacht revival in New Zealand: big names such as Waitangi, Rainbow, and Ariki, treasures such as Little Jim and Rona, and classic dinghies and launches. Lavishly illustrated with contemporary and historic photos, the book spins fascinating stories of both the boats and their native land. 447pp. hardcover 2010 $83.95 new Classic Sailing Yachts by Jill Bobrow Bobrow celebrates the beauty of well-built sailing yachts in sumptuous photographs, and also provides detailed information on design, materials, vintage, and builders. Each chapter is dedicated to a single craft and covers provenance, construction, and sailing characteristics. Here “classic yachts” include the Seawanhaka Rule and J-Class craft as well as contemporary sailboats. 272pp. hardcover 2011 $41.95 new The Spirit of Sailing: A Celebration of Sea and Sail by Michael Kahn Michael Kahn’s spectacular seascape and sailing photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. This book reproduces more than 60 of them, which he hand-prints in sepia tones using a process he developed himself. Each is eloquently set beside a quote celebrating sailing and the sea. A handsome gift. 128pp. hardcover 2011 $32.95 email: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951 | nautical mind 

Picture & Coffee Table Books new Face to Face: Ocean Portraits by Huw Lewis-Jones Short biographies and 100 stunning photographs of people who have spent their lives offshore—naval veterans, lifeboat crews, deep-sea divers, inventors, innovators, scientists, surfers, swimmers, and skippers. The images are from both maritime collections and skilled contemporary photographers, including Annie Leibovitz, Rick Tomlinson, and Nigel Millard. 288pp. hardcover 2011 $47.95 new SuperYachts: Cruising with Power and Style by Sibylle Kramer Kramer celebrates 40 motor yachts in images and words, covering the spectrum from the best of the mass-produced craft to 150-metre, one-of-a-kind luxury mega-yachts. This book is an invitation to board some of the most superb vessels of the 21st century. 232pp. hardcover 2011 $54.95

new Super Yachts by Philippe De Baeck For those who dream big, De Baeck presents the world’s most expensive yachts. This book features exquisite photographs of these ultra-luxurious yachts set in the sapphire blue of sea and sky. Slip-cased. 384pp. hardcover 2011 $64.95 new Royal Yachts: An Illustrated History by Alan Major Major presents royal yachts from countries around the world—including Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, Turkey, Zanzibar, and more—as well as the history and photographs of all 83 British royal yachts (and images of the Royal Family). 288pp. hardcover 2011 $32.95

My agent bought me a copy of The Ashley Book of Knots at Brentano’s in New York in 1975, and I have used it at least once a week ever since. It contains 3,854 knots, which will take care of any seafaring need. Puzzled about the right way to hang someone at the yardarm? Ashley will put you right. Want to perfect your gunter yard attachment? Try the stuns’l boom hitch in Ashley. Two in the morning, rain hammering down, wind and fear rising, length of string in hand? Ashley will divert you with Turk’s heads. Plus it looks beautiful, and its quirky but authoritative style provides a spiritual model for The Marine Quarterly (, the sea journal I edit. Every home should have one. —Sam Llewellyn’s latest seafaring thriller is Black Fish [see page 10]

Sam Fromellyn’sf w Lle okshel bo

 nautical mind | email: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951

Gift Ideas land, Abby’s older brother, became the youngest person to sail solo around the world. He was tested to his limits on his voyage, braving storms, loneliness, mechanical breakdown, and a host of uncertainties. This DVD takes viewers across the Pacific to Hawaii and the Marshall Islands, and includes Zac’s emergency stop in Papua New Guinea, and the infamous Torres Strait. 56 min. 2011 $24.95

great new DVDs new Wild Eyes: The Abby Sunderland Story by Worldwind Productions A documentary about a young woman whose attempt, last year, to sail solo around the world was derailed when a rogue wave dismasted her boat. Includes interviews with Abby and her technical team, footage of the purchase, prep, and launch of Wild Eyes, and insights into the birth of Abby’s dream and the determination with which she pursued it. See also her book: Unsinkable: A Young Woman’s Courageous Battle on the High Sea (flyer page 20). 77 min. dvd 2011 $24.95

new Intrepid: The Zac Sunderland Story, Part 2 by Worldwind Productions This DVD rejoins Zac on his circumnavigation, taking viewers along with him from Darwin, Australia, across the Indian Ocean to the Cocos Keeling Islands. An emergency stop at Rodrigues Island follows, then it’s on to Mauritius, South Africa, St. Helena Island, Grenada, and through the Panama Canal. A hurricane chases Zac into Puerta Vallarta, then viewers share his return home to Marina del Rey, California. 67 min. 2011 $24.95 Great Bunkside Reads new The Annotated Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana, annotated by Rod Scher Scher provides explanations, commentaries, clarifications, and historical

One of my favourite classics is Erskine Childers’ The Riddle of the Sands—a great tale of intrigue that was maybe the first “spy novel” ever written. It is a story of a sailing cruise from England to Germany on a wooden boat just before World War I. Plenty of accurate nautical details and lots of action in the shoal waters along Germany’s Baltic coastline. —Peter Isler is the author of Peter Isler’s Little Blue Book of Sailing Secrets [see page 14]

Fromsler ’s er I lf e P t okshe bo

context, making Dana’s masterpiece more accessible to today’s readers— be they sailors or landlubbers. 320pp. softcover 2012 $24.95

new Latitudes & Attitudes TV: Season 5 by Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine This instalment takes you sailing on the Hauraki Gulf and to a barbecue at Lin & Larry Pardey’s home in New Zealand. Then cruise the Caribbean and South Pacific, visit Croatia, and go behind the scenes at the 100th running of the Chicago-Mackinac Race. Also includes new boat reviews, product demos, cruisers’ photos, and sailing tips. 3-CD set. 5 hours. 2011 $42.95 new Intrepid: The Zac Sunderland Story, Part 1 by Worldwind Productions In July of 2009, 17-year-old Zac Sunderemail: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951 | nautical mind 

Gift Ideas new Amazing Sailing Stories edited by Dick Durham From the Loch Ness monster to Jonah and the whale, nothing is quite as captivating as sea legends and stories. They speak to primeval experience—contests with an unknowable, untamable element that predates us. Author Dick Durham has compiled an original collection of sea tales that run the gamut of human experience, from tragic shipwrecks and sea monsters to epic races and courageous rescues. 240pp. hardcover 2011 $24.95 Generally, all Sam Llewellyn’s sailing thriller mysteries are favourites. I have recently reread Blood Orange, which is about a racing catamaran, and also Blood Knot. His newest, Black Fish, is another in his series of extremely well written mysteries for sailors. Settle in for sailing adventure! —Sheryl Shard is the host (with Paul Shard) of the Distant Shores TV and DVD series [see page 4]

ryl She Fromhard’s lf S she k boo

policeman and Olympic sailor turned yacht broker. His business partner has disappeared, there’s a corpse on a stolen trawler—and it looks like Gavin may be next in line. 304pp. softcover 2011 $17.95 new In the Great Days of Sail: 14 Sea Stories by Archibald MacMechan “There was a crash like the crash of doom. The men forward saw the wave, seemingly forty feet high, curling over their heads, and they jumped for the rigging. The enormous billow struck and covered the whole ship many feet deep.” This is a taste of what you’ll find in “The Wave”, one of 14 stories about the exploits of Nova Scotia seamen in the Age of Sail. 224pp. softcover 2011 $17.95 new Black Fish by Sam Llewellyn Llewellyn is a master of the exciting seaborne thriller, and Black Fish features his trademarks: lots of skullduggery, a strong but flawed hero, and a charismatic female foil, all leavened with black humour. Gavin Chance is a former

The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers This first great modern spy story is set against England and Germany’s alarming naval build-up in the early 20th century. Protagonists Caruthers and Davies explore the Friesian Islands in a small sailboat. What they find there, and the implications for the safety of their native England, still make for gripping reading. 288pp. softcover 2010 $18.50

Looking for more action? Sam Llewellyn’s earlier thrillers are all available in softcover at Blood Knot, Blood Orange, Clawhammer, Dead Eye, Dead Reckoning, Death Roll, Maelstrom, and Riptide.

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Gift Ideas represent the ultimate surfing challenge. But for the scientists who study the phenomenon, these mammoths suggest something frighteningly unusual brewing in the planet’s waters. 352pp. softcover 2010 $21.00

The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks and Giants of the Ocean by Susan Casey Award-winning journalist Susan Casey writes a fascinating, instructive, and compelling book about colossal ship-swallowing waves and the surfers and scientists who seek them out. She presents Laird Hamilton, for whom hundred-foot waves

More Gift Ideas new Can Squid Fly? by Tony Rice Following up his best-selling Do Whales Get the Bends?, Tony Rice answers more fascinating questions about the sea and sea life. In this volume he answers such questions as: Where and what is the Bermuda Triangle? What are sea wasps? Why is a ship’s control room called a bridge? What causes the Northern/ Southern Lights? A perfect compendium for readers who like their info in bits and bytes. 160pp. softcover 2011 $18.00 new Don’t Shoot the Albatross!: Nautical Myths and Superstitions by Johnathan Eyers From bad omens and odd rituals to lucky tokens and forbidden words, the superstitions of the sea are legion. Evers

presents nautical superstitions from around the world that pertain to boatbuilding, naming and launching, lucky/ unlucky days to set sail, people, things, and animals to keep off your boat, signs and portents at sea, words to avoid (and their “safe” alternatives), predicting the weather, fishing, and more. 96pp. softcover 2011 $16.00

Pocket-sized Reference Books new Reeds Knot Handbook by Jim Whippy Step-by-step diagrams, a photo of the finished knot, and straightforward instructions make this a great little guide. Learn about when and why to use each knot, how strong it is, how quickly it can be tied (and untied), and what type and thickness of rope allow it to live up to its potential. 128pp. softcover 2011 $15.00

Reeds Skipper’s Handbook for Sail and Power by Malcolm Pearson 6th ed. How much water will be under your keel when you cross the bar at midday tomorrow? How do you transfer a position line on a chart? What do three all-round green lights mean—what is the captain doing? Pearson settles these questions of seamanship and navigation—and many more—at a glance. Experienced yachtsman and novices alike will find this clearly illustrated, information-packed volume indispensible. 208pp. softcover 2010 $16.00

email: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951 | nautical mind 11

Great Lakes & Liners new Superships of the Great Lakes by Raymond Bawal, Jr. Bawal describes each of the 13 1,000-foot freighters built for service on the Great Lakes. They are both the largest vessels ever to sail the inland seas and too big to ever leave them (they can go no further east than Lake Erie). Bawal also analyzes the impact of these huge vessels on the Great Lakes shipping industry. 104pp. softcover 2011 $21.95 new Warships of the Bay of Quinte by Roger Litwiller Six Canadian warships named for Bay of Quinte ports—HMCS Napanee, Belleville, Hallowell, Trentonian, Quinte I, and Quinte II—were the backbone of the Canadian Navy during World War II and the Cold War. Litwiller’s account draws from the ships’ records, interviews with their crews, letters, diaries, newspaper articles, community libraries, and photographs. 240pp. softcover 2011 $28.00 The Soo River Company & P & H Shipping Fleets by Buck Longhurst, David Bull & Skip Gillham The Soo River Company began its shipping operation in the Great Lakes in 1975 and had a successful run until business fell apart in 1982. Canadian grain merchants Parrish & Heimbecker bought much of the Soo River fleet, and continued operations until 2001. This is the story of the two companies and their ships. 98pp. softcover 2011 $25.00

new Steamers of the Turkey Trail by G.I. “Buck” Longhurst The sailing route from Georgian Bay to Lake Superior through the North Channel has been affectionately known as “the Turkey Trail” for decades. It was once an essential and busy route for the ships that serviced the area’s isolated ports. Longhurst describes many of the passenger and package freight steamers that regularly sailed the Turkey Trail. 136pp. softcover 2011 $26.95

new The Grey Ghosts by Steven Duff, G.I. “Buck” Longhurst & Skip Gillham The “Grey Ghosts” are the grey-hulled ships of Lower Lakes Towing and Grand River Navigation, a relatively new Great Lakes shipping company. From a simple start with tugs and barges, the firm now operates freighters on both sides of the Great Lakes border. 140pp. softcover 2010 $25.00 Bon Voyage Paper Boat Note Cards Featuring marine signal flags and sections of nautical charts, these colourful notecards come with instructions for creating paper boats that really float. Package includes 12 cards (4 designs, 3 of each) and 13 envelopes. boxed 2010 $15.00

As a sailing writer, I’ve covered many of the marathon erb ’s long-distance races, and have H Fromormickf read about almost all of them. l McC okshe But no one has ever captured bo the essence, danger, challenge, thrill, and beauty of solo round-the-world racing as well as Derek Lundy in his epic masterpiece, Godforsaken Sea. This harrowing account of the non-stop Vendée Globe is beautifully written and masterfully told. As an action-packed sea yarn, Godforsaken Sea is as good as they get. —Herb McCormick is the author of Gone to the Sea [see page 14]

12 nautical mind | email: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951

Great Lakes & Liners/ Personal Narratives new in softcover A Full Cup by Michael D’Antonio Sir Thomas Lipton was the founder of Lipton Tea and a devoted sailor. Lipton used his wealth with famous results when he became the most persistent—though never successful—challenger for the America’s Cup, making five attempts to win the Auld Mug between 1899 and 1930. 368pp. softcover 2010 $18.50

new Ship Style: Modernism and Modernity at Sea in the 20th Century by Philip Dawson & Bruce Peter This lavishly illustrated study of some of the world’s most magnificent ocean liners, ferries, and cruise ships examines the often-overlooked influence of Modernism on ship design in the 20th century. Combining the scholarship and expertise of leading architecture, design, and maritime historians from Europe, North America, and Israel, the narrative is fascinating and broad in scope. 224pp. hardcover 2011 $47.95 new Bayswater Shipping by Tom Brewer & Skip Gillham Brewer and Gillham focus their estimable research skills on the small fleet of the Bayswater Shipping Company, five self-unloading coal ships that sailed the Great Lakes from 1946 to 1967, until they were overtaken by larger boats and newer technology. 44pp. softcover 2011 $20.00 new in softcover The New Cunard Queens by Nils Schwerdtner A lavish tribute to the world’s best-known shipping line and three of its most famous vessels: the “last of the great ocean liners,” Queen Elizabeth 2 (launched in 1967), Queen Mary, which entered service

in 2004 as the largest and most expensive passenger ship ever built, and Queen Victoria, launched in 2007 for exclusive cruises out of Southampton. 288pp. softcover 2011 $39.95 new RMS Titanic, 1909-1912 (Olympic Class): Owner’s Workshop Manual by David Hutchings & Richard de Kerbrech A century ago, one of the world’s most luxurious ocean liners famously sank on her maiden voyage. This new book describes the lavish accommodations, the captain’s responsibilities, the management of the huge engines and on-board systems, and much more—all from the perspective of the Titanic’s owners, the White Star Line. 160pp. hardcover 2011 $30.00

new Gone to the Sea by Herb McCormick An award-winning journalist, racer, and cruiser assembles a personal anthology of his articles and experiences. This eclectic collection includes accounts of sailing in classic events such as the Sydney-Hobart Race, tales of rounding Cape Horn, anecdotes about what it’s like to spend a day with Dennis Conner, and a post-mortem of solo sailor Mike Plant’s 1993–94 Globe Challenge race, in which Plant was lost overboard. Read Lin Pardey’s rave review of McCormick’s book on page 15. 314pp. softcover 2011 $17.95 new Gary Jobson: An American Sailing Story by Gary Jobson & Cynthia Goss For Gary Jobson—three-time All American sailor, America’s Cup and

new Queen Mary 2 by Philip Dawson This book completes Dawson’s portraits of the three 21st-century Cunard Line “Queens.” The story belongs to her principal designer, Stephen Payne, who decided he wanted to build a great passenger ship after visiting Queen Elizabeth 2 when he was nine years old. The beautiful colour photographs and detailed text paint a compelling picture of the creation of a superliner. 96pp. hardcover 2011 $36.95

email: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951 | nautical mind 13

Personal Narratives Fastnet Race winner, and ESPN sailing commentator since 1985—sailing is life. Diagnosed with lymphoma in 2003, he worked on regaining his health (his cancer is in remission), and has now published the stories of his life: his experiences with great sailors, observations on how the sport has changed, and thoughts on how sailing enriches life. 296pp. hardcover 2011 $29.95 new Peter Isler’s Little Blue Book of Sailing Secrets by Peter Isler Filled with tips and secrets that can help any racer, from the international competitor to the weekend dinghy sailor. A distillation of wisdom and advice gleaned from time spent with top sailors such as America’s Cup veterans Ted Turner, Dennis Conner, and Russell Coutts, and Olympic gold medalist Ben Ainslie. Isler covers a range of key topics, from boat prep to understanding the

Check Out Our Blog “The sea is a colourful environment where characters abound. It offers a unique mirror to reflect on human nature, sometimes genuinely heroic, more often asking to be lampooned.” —Tom Cunliffe Nautical Mind blog

inner game and leading a crew. 192pp. hardcover 2011 $23.95 new Sailing, Yachts and Yarns by Tom Cunliffe Hilarious tales that take the reader on a voyage from the frozen waters of Greenland to the palm trees of the Tropics. Cunliffe shares lessons learned navigating

Daring Sea Rescues ing cold-water Coast Guard rescues in history occurred in 2008 in the Bering Sea. Shortly after 2 a.m. on March 23, the fishing trawler Alaska Ranger began to take on water. Soon, many of the 47 crew members were in the freezing water. Coast Guard helicopters battled snow squalls, 20-foot swells, and gale-force winds to lower rescue swimmers and pluck the crew to safety. 320pp. softcover 2011 $16.99

new Deadliest Sea by Kalee Thompson One of the most successful and challeng-

new Rescue: True Stories of the U.S. Life-Saving Service edited by John J. Galluzzo A riveting collection of true stories about men who battled screaming winds and breaking waves to save shipwreck victims a century ago. The U.S. Life-Saving Service (1871–1915) was the American Coast Guard’s predecessor; its members were famed as “storm warriors” and “heroes of the surf,” thanks to their courage,

14 nautical mind | email: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951

tenacity, and risk-taking. 218pp. softcover 2011 $19.95 new in softcover Overboard! by Michael J. Tougias A riveting, fast-paced story of death and survival at sea. In 2005, Captain Tom Tighe and first mate Loch Reidy welcome three inexperienced crew to the 45-foot Almeisan for a passage to Bermuda. Four days in, an enor­mous storm swept captain and first mate overboard. The crew managed an SOS, but the Coast Guard helicopter pilots and rescue swimmers were soon in almost as much trouble as those trapped by a ferocious ocean. 224pp. softcover 2011 $17.00

Personal Narratives/Navigation Favourite book? Gone to the Sea by Herb McCormick. I really like Herb’s style, his sense of humour, and the way he makes you either like or at least understand the people he writes about. I have met many of the people he profiles here and came away feeling I knew and understood them better under the guidance of a writer who likes the people he writes about. —Lin Pardey’s latest book is Bull Canyon [see page 18]

Fromdey’s Par lf n i L okshe bo

an engineless yacht across the Atlantic with only the stars to guide him, and lets loose on the red tape that he sees as infringements on the freedom of the seas. 256pp. hardcover 2011 $29.95

new edition The Weekend Navigator by Bob Sweet 2nd ed. Sweet explains the basics of coastal navigation with clear step-bystep instructions. He covers the use of the latest onboard technologies, and adds a section of enlightening stories about e-navigation gone wrong in an “OOPS” section. The Coast Guard uses this text in its instructional courses; it is also one of Nautical Mind’s bestselling books on navigation. 288pp. softcover 2011 $28.95 new How to Use Plastic Sextants by David Burch Burch explains how to get the best results from plastic sextants. He gives step-by-step instructions for sight taking, and provides numerical comparisons with metal sextants. He also includes a detailed discussion of sextant piloting on inland and coastal waters. A helpful book for those tempted to learn to navigate by the stars without investing in a metal sextant. 106pp. softcover 2010 $25.95 new The Natural Navigator by Tristan Gooley Starting with the simple question, “Which way am I looking?,” Tristan Gooley blends natural science, myth,

folklore, and the history of travel to present the ancient art of finding your way using nature’s signposts. Find North simply by looking at a puddle and discover how to use natural signs to navigate on the open ocean or in the heart of the city. Wonderfully detailed and full of fascinating stories. 288pp. hardcover 2010 $35.95 new Understanding a Nautical Chart by Paul Boissier Boissier teaches you how to read a chart, understand the information it’s giving you, and use it to navigate safely. A portion of the sale price of each book is donated to the U.K.’s Royal National Lifeboat Institution. 160pp. softcover 2011 $31.95

email: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951 | nautical mind 15

Seamanship & Maintenance new edition BOATsmart! Pleasure Craft Operator Card Study Exam by BOATsmart!Canada 4th ed. This is the official home study guide for those who want to take the exam to earn a Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator’s Licence—it’s also a good allround safe-boating resource. Accredited by Transport Canada. 152pp. softcover 2011 $22.95 new The Crew’s Pocketbook by Timothy Davison With the help of this book, new crew should be able to board safely, help the skipper, and stay safe (not to mention properly use the head)—which should ensure that their inaugural sail is positive and pleasurable. More experienced sailors will find this a practical aide memoire with its instructions on knots, manoeuvres, and sail trim. 112pp. softcover 2011 $23.95 new Essential Boat Maintenance by Pat Manley & Rupert Holmes A user-friendly, well-illustrated guide for tackling the many jobs that keep a boat in fine repair—including both

I divide my favourite books into those written by Don Casey—and all the others. Don has a rare knack for explaining with clarity and simplicity how to fix anything on a boat. His English is a joy to read and his sense of humour is delightful. For sheer drama and adventure afloat I recommend Frank Wightman and Marcel Bardiaux. Wightman’s The Wind is Free (Duell, Sloan, and Pearce, New York, 1949) is a classic story of a small, modest man consumed by a burning desire to build his own boat and cross an ocean. Wonderful reading. Bardiaux’s Four Winds of Adventure (Adlard Coles, London, 1961) is a staggering tale from another man who built his own boat and overcame almost unbelievable difficulties sailing singlehanded across five oceans. An absolute tour de force. —John Vigor is the author of Small Boat to Freedom [see page 19]

Jon Fromgor ’s Vi shelf k boo

short-term troubleshooting and longterm care. Step-by-step instructions, clear illustrations, tips, and detailed explanations will be helpful to sailors and powerboaters of all skill levels. More than 100 jobs are covered. 304pp. hardcover 2011 $39.95 new The Adlard Coles Book of Anchoring by Bobby Schenk This thoroughly modern take on an essential skill concentrates on the tackle needed for a range of boat types, explains manual and hydraulic systems for handling anchors, and demonstrates safe and efficient anchoring techniques in all types and combinations of conditions, including wind, strong tide, shallow water, rocky bottoms, and deep bays. 112pp. softcover 2011 $25.00 new edition Learning to Sail in Dinghies or Yachts by Basil Mosenthal 4th ed. A no-nonsense guide for beginners of any age learning to sail in dinghies or yachts. Mosenthal covers getting started in sailing, the parts of a boat, rigging and launching a dinghy, the theory of sails, handling ropes and tying knots, the effects of the tide, weather, living aboard, and using charts. 80pp. softcover 2011 $18.00

16 nautical mind | email: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951

new Mariner’s Guide to Nautical Information by Priscilla Travis This alphabetical reference defines and/ or describes more than 2,000 contemporary nautical subjects and terms, including those that pertain to the rules of the road, cruising under sail and power, electronics, and communication, as well as safety, weather, and technology. An extensive annotated bibliography identifies hundreds of relevant publications

Seamanship & Maintenance

and Internet resources that provide additional in-depth information. 544pp. hardcover 2011 $35.00 new edition How to Cope With Storms by Dietrich von Haeften 3rd ed. Practical, sea-tested advice on safely dealing with heavy weather. The author covers navigation and storm seamanship, as well as preparations and decisions to be made when the weather turns foul. He helps you answer key questions, including: Can the helmsman cope with huge following waves? Can the rigging take the strain? Is there enough sea room to leeward? Should you stay out or make a run for shelter? 176pp. softcover 2011 $29.00 new edition How to Trim Sails by Peter Schweer 3rd ed. Schweer explains what sail trim is, how to achieve it, and what its benefits are. He covers mainsails, headsails, trim for all types of wind, beating, reaching, and running, for both masthead and fractional rigs. Correct camber, mast rake, weather helm, and trimming tables are all discussed. Schweer’s philosophy: “Trimming sails is an art, not a science, and it is worth learning that art.” 112pp. softcover 2011 $29.00

new Safer Offshore by Ed Mapes Disasters usually occur in a cascade of untoward events, but good sailors can often interrupt this sequence to avoid tragic finales. Mapes provides critical information to help make ocean sailors safer. Emergency communications, flooding, fire, faulty engines, medical emergencies, helicopter evacuation, abandon-ship techniques, and surviving in a life raft are all discussed. 292pp. softcover 2010 $22.95 new edition Pass Your Day Skipper by David Fairhill 4th ed. Fairhill covers all the essentials of the RYA syllabus, arranging everything for easy and sensible study. Topics include navigation, weather, anchoring, mooring, passage planning, rules of the road, ropework, and safety. Throughout, theory is balanced with practical seagoing perspectives; tips on exam tactics are also included. For comic relief, each section features some of Mike Peyton’s best-loved cartoons. The previous version of this book is now on sale, see page 22. 104pp. softcover 2011 $24.00

One of the first books about sailing I ever read was Adlard Coles’ Heavy Weather Sailing. It stirred my imagination of voyages taken on tossing seas, and inspired me to experience those seas for myself. It’s still, of course, on my bookshelf to this day. —Ed Mapes is the author of Safer Offshore [described on this page]

Ed Frompes’ a M shelf k boo

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Seamanship/Voyages new Be Your Own Tactics Coach by Jon Emmett Emmett shares the approach that has made him a top-flight yacht racing tactician and dinghy sailing coach, helping you structure your training to achieve maximum results in practice sessions and on the race course. Each chapter has beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections, providing tactics suited to different skill levels. Both offensive and defensive tactics are explained and illustrated. 208pp. softcover 2011 $29.95

new Yachting Monthly 200 Skipper’s Tips by Tom Cunliffe Practical tips from one of Britain’s foremost yachting writers. Cunliffe’s advice covers seamanship, navigation, safety, boat handling, ropes and knots, and life on board. This book is perfect for dipping into, with tidbits that add to your knowledge on every page. It’s also a good text to work through chapter by chapter, to improve your skills and heighten your enjoyment of sailing. 106pp. softcover 2010 $23.95 new RYA Dinghy Techniques by Jeremy Evans Advice from seven experts sailing six of the most popular single-handed and twin-crewed dinghies. Whether you’re a novice looking to master the basics or a hotshot who wants to lead the fleet, this book provides the most innovative sailing techniques and racing strategies. 130pp. softcover 2011 $24.95 18 nautical mind | email: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951

new Bull Canyon: A Boatbuilder, a Writer and Other Wildlife by Lin Pardey Lin Pardey takes readers on a voyage of the heart, sharing candidly and with great humour stories of the four years she and her husband and sailing partner Larry spent in Bull Canyon, California. From the Thanksgiving when they had to hang the turkey from the ceiling to Lin’s run-in with drunk hunters and Larry’s careful coaxing of rough-sawn timber into the beautiful boat Taleisin, this is a funny, tender, and engrossing tale. 304pp. hardcover 2011 $29.95 new It Ain’t Over Yet!: Big Seas in a Small Boat by Dick Grannan In 1996, three sailors from Toronto took on the challenges of the North Atlantic Ocean in Rabaska (big canoe), an Alberg 37 sailboat. There they encountered a series of major storms that almost doused their spirit and courage. Grannan reveals how the three men triumphed by working together, and how each gained insights into their personal priorities. 168pp. softcover 2010 $20.95

Voyages I began my sailing days as an excited four-year old, paddling in the mud of the East Coast to get to my Auntie Thea’s boat on her swinging mooring. I loved the sounds of the oystercatchers and peewits, and the noises that enchanted as we sat close to the mud flats on a still evening. For me, Charles Stock’s book Sailing Just for Fun captures what is wonderful about sailing, echoing my thoughts about adventure and excitement— adventure that is just ’round the corner from most boats, but so, so often totally missed… —Ellen MacArthur ’s latest book is Full Circle: My Life and Journey [described on this page]

n Elle ’s FromArthur f l Mac okshe bo

new Dolphins Under My Bed by Sandra Clayton Overworked and living in a cold northern climate, Clayton’s husband has a Eureka! Moment—why not sell up and sail away to warmer climes? This is the story of their 2,000-mile voyage on a 40-foot catamaran from England to the Mediterranean. 288pp. softcover 2011 $18.00

her retirement from competitive sailing. How could the young woman who had fought so hard to set so many records give up racing so early? One reason—she had found an even tougher challenge than sailing solo ’round the globe: trying to save it. This is a compelling and truly inspiring book about life, the sea, and facing big challenges. 416pp. hardcover 2010 $40.00

new Full Circle: My Life and Journey by Ellen MacArthur Ellen MacArthur took the sailing world by surprise in 2009 when she announced

new edition Small Boat to Freedom by John Vigor 2nd ed. In 1987, Vigor was a columnist for a South African anti-apartheid news-

paper in Durban. Appalled at restrictions on freedom of expression and the violence all around him, he gave up his home and nearly all his savings to sail a 31-foot sloop across the South Atlantic with his wife and son, to make a new life in America. 260pp. softcover 2011 $17.95 new in softcover The Spice Necklace: A Food-Lover’s Caribbean Adventure by Ann Vanderhoof Join Vanderhoof as she gathers nutmeg in Grenada, hunts crabs and freshwater crayfish in the mountains of Dominica, and obsesses about oregano-eating goats in the Dominican Republic. She sailed with her husband from island to island on these adventures, befriended at each stop by a series of unforgettable characters. They shared their delicious recipes, a generosity that truly makes this a book to savour. 464pp. softcover 2011 $21.00

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Voyages new A Star to Sail Her By by Alex Ellison This is high-school student Alex Ellison’s memoir of his family’s remarkable cruise—five years and more than 25,000 nautical miles, in their 47-foot sloop, Promise. Just 8 years old when they set out in 2003, Alex absorbed two important lessons as he grew: not everything works the way it should, and change is the only thing you can count on. Ellison’s prose belies his years, and he is a thoughtful and funny observer. 225pp. softcover 2011 $21.95

new Unsinkable: A Young Woman’s Courageous Battle on the High Seas by Abby Sunderland & Lynn Vincent The fast-paced story of 16-year-old Abby Sunderland’s attempt to become the youngest person ever to sail alone around the world. Abby had several close brushes with death on her voyage, culminating in an adventure-crushing dismasting in an isolated area of the Indian Ocean. See also her DVD Wild Eyes: The Abby Sunderland Story, page 9. 240pp. hardcover 2011 $22.99

Captain Greenlaw is a changed person when she returns to the sea to earn a living. Her new ship is rusty and ancient, the complexities of longline fishing are undiminished, and the weather is as much of a constant trial as ever—but her greatest challenge comes when her boat drifts into Canadian waters and she is thrown in jail. 256pp. softcover 2011 $17.50

new High Seas, High Stakes by Alex Bennett A gripping and inspiring account of life in the fast lane of high-octane ocean racing. Bennett’s career highlights include setting the best British time in the Mini Transat, surviving the destruction of the giant Team Philips catamaran in Atlantic gales, and singlehanding an extreme racing yacht in the 2008 Artemis Transat. 435pp. softcover 2011 $33.95 new in softcover Seaworthy: A Swordboat Captain Returns to Sea by Linda Greenlaw After a decade away from fishing, 20 nautical mind | email: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951

new Sailing Through Life by Barb Radu Sprenger Sprenger fell in love with a man who’d vowed to sail away upon retirement. So she left her career and set off with him, experiencing a lightning strike at sea, a hurricane at anchor, a midnight boarding by thieves, sailing with dolphins and whales, and much more. Her story is about more than adventure, however; she also delves into the ups, downs, hard choices, and heartaches of the cruising life. 306pp. softcover 2011 $16.95

Great Books at Bargain Prices The Bargain section is very popular both in our flyer and on our website. We are always on the lookout for publishers’ clearances, and pass these prices on to you. Check our website during the year for new titles so you don’t miss out ( Picture & Coffee Table Books Georgian Bay by Mike Grandmaison Award-winning Canadian photographer Mike Grandmaison captures the essence and natural beauty of this popular cruising area. Glacier-scraped granite, windswept pines, and cobalt blue water shimmering in the sun are just a few of the gorgeous subjects he chooses to celebrate in this well-loved region. 240pp. hardcover 2008 was $45.00 | now $19.99

Mad About the Bay by William Harris Husband-and-wife writers John Fraser and Elizabeth MacCallum team up with photographer William Harris to present a moving tribute to Georgian Bay. Harris‘s creative photo manipulations capture the unique beauty of the Bay’s rugged shores in new ways, while the authors sketch in the rituals and experiences of cottage life. 80pp. hardcover 2004 was $45.00 | now $9.99

Shelter at the Shore: The Boathouses of Muskoka by John de Visser & Judy Ross Find out what owners, designers, and architects did to make each of the featured 25 boathouses an exceptional place to live—not to mention to store canoes, motorboats, and vintage mahogany launches. You’ll also learn how these singular shoreline structures came to be and why they are so beloved. 144pp. softcover 2002 was $29.95 | now $5.99

The Eternal Sail by Camil Busquets Busquets charts the historical evolution of the ship in detailed, informed text and beautiful large photographs. 128pp. hardcover 2004 was $32.95 | now $9.99 Wind and Water by Onne van der Wal Once a round-the-world racer, van der Wal switched his career focus to photography, and his knowledge of and love for

boats and the sea shines through all his work. This book, the first collection of his dramatic and beautiful images, showcases ocean racing scenes and gorgeous yachts cruising in exotic destinations. 176pp. hardcover 2004 was $75.00 | now $19.99 Legendary Sailing Ships edited by Franco Giorgetti A spectacular catalogue of many of the most significant and impressive sailing ships of history, beautifully illustrated. Giorgetti writes with an eye to both his training (he’s a naval architect) and his passion: he’s an ardent sailor. 304pp. hardcover 2008 was $50.00 | now $14.99

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Great Books at Bargain Prices Sailing (Cube Book) edited by Valeria Maferto De Fabianis Only 6.5 by 6.5 inches and containing almost 500 colour images of sailing action—from luxury yachts to ships and planing daysailers—this “cube” book delights with its unique format. 736pp. hardcover 2008 was $26.95 | now $9.99 Sailing Around the World by Elisabetta Eordegh & Carlo Auriemma The authors set out to circumnavigate the globe in 1993, aboard their specially designed 44-foot ketch. They had two goals: to chronicle Earth’s last unspoiled natural locations, and to make the least possible environmental impact. Here they share 80 of the most memorable wonders they encountered. 304pp. hardcover 2009 was $45.00 | now $19.99 Practical Skills & Knowledge Pass Your Day Skipper by David Fairhill 3rd ed. Both concise and comprehensive, yet with a friendly tone and Mike Peyton’s clever cartoons, this book covers the essentials of the Royal Yachting Association syllabus up to 2008. 92pp. softcover 2008 was $27.95 | now $7.99 Day Skipper, Including Pilotage & Navigation by Pat Langley-Price & Philip Ouvry 3rd ed. Covers the theory and practical aspects of the RYA Day Skipper Certificate, including an introduction to pilotage, navigation, and general boatwork

that anyone intending to make coastal passages should master. A full-scale practice chart comes with the book. 208pp. hardcover 2003 was $43.95 | now $9.99 Dinghy Cruising: The Enjoyment of Wandering Afloat by Margaret Dye 3rd ed. Dinghy cruising particularly appeals to people who long for the freedom to go where they like simply and economically. Having inspired many sailors and families to cruise, experienced dinghy sailor Margaret Dye offers practical advice on all aspects of the sport. 224pp. softcover 2006 was $32.95 | now $1.99 Atlantic Crossings: A Sailor’s Guide to Europe and Beyond by Les Weatheritt Although Weatheritt’s main goal is to prepare North American sailors for their first Atlantic crossing, his book is so thorough that it will help bluewater sailors everywhere manage long ocean passages. Suitable starting points on the East Coast and popular destination sites in Europe are pinpointed. 320pp. softcover 2006 was $29.95 | now $9.99 The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots & Ropework by Geoffrey Budworth “Ultimate encyclopedia”—no kidding! Some 200 knots are explained and illustrated in more than 800 colour photographs. 256pp. softcover 1999 was $24.95 | now $9.99 Chapman Boating Etiquette by Queene Hooper & Pat Piper 2nd ed. This one-stop etiquette guide provides guidance on boating customs, pennant flying, right of way rules, harbour manners, dockside behaviour, radio protocol, how to carry out the ship’s daily routine, and what to do in a yacht club cruise. 144pp. softcover 2005 was $13.95 | now $5.99

22 nautical mind | email: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951

Chapman Piloting & Seamanship by Elbert S. Maloney 65th ed. The time-tested essential guide for small craft sailors and powerboaters. Chapman explains all aspects of boating—from anchoring to weather, from practical how-to information to customs and etiquette, from communications to safety—and much more. 928pp. hardcover 2006 was $60.00 | now $29.99

Great Books at Bargain Prices Guide to Cruising Chesapeake Bay 2010 by Chesapeake Bay Magazine This extremely detailed boaters’ guide provides recent details about more than 300 anchorages, destinations, marinas, attractions, and almost 450 marina services and facilities. 386pp. spiral 2009 was $39.95 | now $8.99 Adventure The Race by Tim Zimmermann A thrilling account of how and why participants risk millions of dollars and their lives to dash around the world in record time. In addition to telling the story of The Race, Zimmerman chronicles the development of extreme sailing from 19th-century clipper ships to today’s huge, fast, unstable multihulls. 352pp. softcover 2004 was $21.95 | now $5.99 Black Wave by John Silverwood & Jean Silverwood The Silverwoods sailed away from Long Island Sound on their catamaran to give their four children a taste of life on the high seas, but they took some chal-

lenges with them—John’s battle with alcoholism, the children’s resistance to leaving their home, and a marriage in crisis. This is a a powerful narrative of a family’s struggle to stay together against the odds. 256pp. softcover 2008 was $21.95 | now $4.99 Fatal Forecast by Michael Tougias The true story of fishing boats ambushed by a horrific and unexpected November storm off Cape Cod, and the ensuing amazing rescue attempts. 222pp. hardcover 2007 was $28.95 | now $5.99 What the Sea Teaches Us: The Crew of the Morning Light by Jeff Kurtti Kurtti chronicles the recruitment, training, and performance of one of the youngest crews to compete in the Transpac (average age: 21.2 years). You’ll find unique insight into the defining characteristics that brought each one to Morning Light, and relive their trials as they battle to finish the gruelling 2007 race across the Pacific. See also the DVD Morning Light ($29.95). 128pp. hardcover 2008 was $24.95 | now $6.99 The Wreck of the Medusa by Jonathan Miles In 1816, the French frigate Medusa hit a reef. One woman and 147 men took to a makeshift raft with no compass and few provisions. Beset by sweltering heat and a vicious storm, people soon turned on each other. Mayhem, mutiny, and murder followed. 320pp. softcover 2008 was $16.00 | now $5.99 Outward Leg by Tristan Jones In this epic adventure, Tristan Jones sails 14,000 miles on a 26-foot trimaran after recovering from the amputation of one of his legs. During the voyage he overcomes many obstacles, including constant physical pain. 286pp. softcover 1998 was $14.95 | now $4.99

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Great Books at Bargain Prices Corvettes Canada by Mac Johnston Convoy veterans of World War II tell their stories about the Battle of the Atlantic and other significant campaigns in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Mediterranean. Highly readable, the book is told largely in the words of the veterans themselves. 272pp. hardcover 2008 was $39.95 | now $8.99 Seaworthy by T.R. Pearson A biography of William Willis, an intrepid sailor who undertook five solo trans-oceanic voyages on rafts and dinghies of his own design, surviving on a diet of seawater, olive oil, and flour for months on end. 280pp. hardcover 2006 was $32.95 | now $3.99 Gift Ideas Sailing Pocket Companion by Miles Kendall Perfect for landlubbers, sea dogs—and anyone who wants to know their starboard from their stinkpot, and their Raggie from their stern. From the serious (how waggling wings can save lives) to the informative (how to make the perfect Sea Breeze) and the indispensable (how to pee at sea), Kendall navigates with notes, quotes, facts, and stats. Humourous and original. 160pp. hardcover 2008 was $15.95 | now $4.99 Pocket Size Boater’s Companion by Alison Langley A 4- by 6-inch spiral-bound notebook for boaters who like to keep lists. Ruled pages are separated by nautically illustrated dividers into six sections: Marinas, Gear to Buy, Maintenance, Provisions, Charts/Navigation, and Books/Web Sites. 192pp. hardcover 2003 was $17.95 | now $2.99 The Boater’s Log Book & Journal by Waterlane Editions This spiral-bound cruising log includes a preparation checklist, radio log, and places for records and notes. Spiced with thought-provoking quotations, tips, and historical facts. 9" by 11.5" 142pp. hardcover 2005 was $22.95 | now $7.99 24 nautical mind | email: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951

Any news about e-books, you ask? We’re getting close! The Nautical Mind is keen to offer you new and favourite books in the e-formats you seek, and we’re working closely with publishers and technicians to make it happen. Look for updates on our progress at

Great Books at Bargain Prices/ Last-minute Additions Complete Flags of the World by Charles Wills More than 300 national, international, official, and provincial flags are beautifully presented and fully explained. 238pp. softcover 2008 was $27.95 | now $7.99 A Visual Guide to Flags of the World by V.S. de Kleer A terrific reference, this is the first book to organize flags by their graphic elements, allowing users to quickly identify any flag they see. 64pp. softcover 2005 was $12.95 | now $3.99

new RYA Offshore Sailing by Dick McClary What factors make a good offshore cruising yacht? McClary gives his advice about equipment, design, sails, and more for both mono- and multihulls, and also outlines how skippers attempting their first ocean transit can make the voyage as comfortable as possible for all aboard. 176pp. softcover 2011 $29.95

Paper Yachts by Nic Compton & Nick Robinson For the grown-up kid in everyone! Learn how to make miniature paper versions of four classes of competitive yachts, includ-ing America’s Cup and Extreme 40s (16 templates are included). The detailed instructions and illustrations help you fold and launch each one, then you can captain it in the tub, down the stream, or in the sea—or use specially designed courses for match racing. 80pp. hardcover 2009 was $25.99 | now $9.99 new Boat Maintenance by John Kelsey Will help new and experienced boat owners keep their boat in tip-top shape. From repairing scratched and worn hulls and decks, to fixing engines and tightening fittings, every inch of the boat is covered including the below deck quarters. Applicable to power or sail, wood or fibreglass. 160pp. softcover 2011 $19.95 new Seamanship by John Kelsey The beginner’s guide to boating, providing in-depth information on boat handling and navigation, reading the weather, winds, and water, and dealing with, and preventing, extreme situations such as capsized boats. 160pp. softcover 2011 $19.95 email: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951 | nautical mind 25

Last-minute Additions new The Complete Course, Version 5 by Michael Collings & Anna Collings Learn to sail the RYA way—whether you’re a novice (Start Yachting) or looking to earn your RYA Yachtmaster. Packed with RYA exercises and exams, good for both power and sail. Additional courses included are: RYA Competent Crew, RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship, RYA Day Skipper, RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster, and Radar Trainer and Collision Avoidance Rules. System requirements: Windows XP or later with 1 MB RAM and at least 1.5 GB hard disk space. 2010 $79.95

ShipShape Software IntelligentBoatCare is a small software design house, owned and operated by boaters, and dedicated to the production of intuitively designed marine software programs. information. For Windows. Free demo on 2010 $42.95

new Intelligent Logbook by Intelligent Boat Care, LLC The paper log meets the electronic age in Intelligent Logbook, which allows you to create records of your travels by interfacing with the GPS. You can customize your format, choose automatic or manual GPS position-logging, pick from a broad range of trip management options, and plot on Google Maps™—plus there’s a way to collect/record safety

new ShipShape Motorboat: Maintenance Management Software for Motorboats by Intelligent Boat Care, LLC A forecasting software program that lets you know what needs doing and when to do it. It tells you the parts you need and the tools to get the job done. And when you can’t remember where you stored the part that you need, the program will even tell you where you put it! Fully customizable for up to three boats from 24 to 60 feet. Runs on Mac and Windows. Free demo on 2010 $62.95

and when to do them—and it tells you the parts and tools you might need to do them right. Its Predictive Planning technology takes the work out of scheduling and gives you the incentive and discipline to make good on your best intentions. There are more than 700 maintenance actions written by marine professionals. The program is fully customizable, and can be used by up to three boats from 24 to 60 feet. Runs on Mac and Windows. Free demo on 2010 $62.95

new ShipShape Sailboat: Predictive Maintenance Management Software for Sailboats by Intelligent Boat Care, LLC This forecasting software lets you know which chores need doing

26 nautical mind | email: | tel: (416) 203-1163 | toll free: (800) 463-9951

new Don’t Hit the Dock by Bennett Marine A hands-on guide to boat handling and safety in a marina or harbour. Aimed at novices, but a good refresher for the experienced boater, too. The basics covered include mooring and docking, rules of the road, fueling the boat, waste management, and other important aspects of handling boats at the wharf. 40 min. dvd 2011 $32.95 new Smart Boating Series DVDs by Bennett Marine These recreational boating courses, which teach the basics using on-thewater footage and step-by-step lessons, can help you prepare for any USA States Certification test. Loaded with real-world examples and illustrations presented by Steve Larivee, a licenced captain with 30plus-years of boating experience. More than 250 test questions help you master the material. • Rules of the Road 74 min. • Aids to Navigation 26 min. • Basic Navigation 53 min. • Emergencies Afloat 77 min. • Requirements for Recreational Boaters 76 min. $32.95 each

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The Mariner’s Book of Days $15.95

Yachtsport $37.95

Sailing Old Boats $17.99

Cruising World $15.95

Ultimate Sailing $21.95

Ocean Liners $17.99

SAIL $15.95

Sailing World Dr. Crash 15.95

The Seven Seas $20.00

Tugboats $15.95

Calendar of Wooden Boats $18.95

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