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English Applied Linguistics

History is testimony of the fact that communication is essential for the survival and growth of living organisms; whether it be animals or mankind. Language is perhaps the most important and commonly used tool for communication. Animals just like humans also communicate with each other through a language of their own. In communication, it is essential that the language which is being used is common and understandable to all the members of that group. According to Beattie (1983), “Conversation is without doubt the foundation stone of the social world�. Humans have also developed different languages according to their own culture and civilization. One such language is English which in present days has dominated the public and private life of almost every individual in this world and is perhaps the most common and widely used language covering all spheres of life from business to one’s domestic life. In the following paragraphs, we will be focusing on the usage of English language with the help of a transcript and will highlight key issues related to its usage.


TRANSCRIPTION Transcription is a technique used to analyze spoken words. In this case, conversation is noted down on a piece of paper taking into account all the conventions that are critical in the understanding of the argument. Spoken language is carefully broken down into small segments in such a way as to clearly understand the notions and postures being used by real time characters. Moreover, coherence between two sentences by a same character or by two different characters is an important aspect to be covered (Chafe, 1982).

Many transcription techniques are in use these days. Dickerson et al. (2005) for instance researched a technique in which both speech and gaze are illustrated. However, transcripts made by using this technique are difficult to comprehend. More commonly used transcript formats include Standard transcripts and Column transcripts. In Standard transcripts, conversation is presented in a sequence, that is, one after the other. However, this type cannot cater for conversations where a group of individuals are present. Column transcripts, on the other hand, can handle this type of situation.

The programme that has been chosen for transcription is related to the usage of storyboards in project planning (available at It is basically part of a series of lessons given to students to make them understand how to plan projects. Duration of the clip is of 2 minutes; however, we will be transcribing the program from 0:43 to 1:43 minutes. Standard transcript methodology will be used to transcribe the language. Primary reason for using this format is due to the fact that the conversation is only between two individuals which can easily be transcribed using Standard transcript format. Let us look at the transcribed data:

Transcript 1


2 3

Ok we start by reading the play and (.) we can look more key things and ideas


4 5


Ok week 2 and 3 we are looking at sat and think about designing costumes


That’s really good (.) aah (.) after half turn we start

Joining two

sentences 6

rehearsing, learning lines. (2 secs) Whom am

In a rhyme tone

English Applied Linguistics  
English Applied Linguistics  

English Applied Linguistics understanding of the argument. Spoken language is carefully broken down into small segments growth of living org...