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nau creating lifelong friendships

Welcome to Northern Arizona University! I invite you to

explore the many opportunities NAU offers for our students to get involved. Joining a fraternity or sorority is a wonderful way to meet new friends, gain valuable leadership skills, make connections on campus, and provide service to the NAU and Flagstaff community. Fraternity and Sorority students are seen as true leaders on our campus with many becoming involved in NAU’s student government as well as becoming True Blue Ambassadors, Resident Assistants, and leaders in various other student organizations on campus. Our Greek students pride themselves on raising thousands of dollars annually for local and national charities as well as providing thousands of hours of community service each year.

“Joining a fraternity or

sorority is a wonderful way to meet new friends, gain valuable leadership skills, make connections on campus, and provide service to the NAU and Flagstaff community.� ~Dr. Rich Payne

Please take a few moments to look through this booklet and familiarize yourself with all that NAU Fraternity and Sorority Life has to offer. If you are still not sure that it is right for you, I encourage you to learn more about our fraternities and sororities by talking with the Fraternity and Sorority Life staff and participating in the fall recruitment processes. Once again, welcome to Northern Arizona University. I offer you my best wishes for every success during your time here. Go Lumberjacks! Sincerely,

Dr. Rich Payne, Executive Director Housing and Residence Life Northern Arizona University

the four pillars of fraternity and sorority life leadership

Fraternity and Sorority Life offers men and women a variety of leadership opportunities. Chapter members can be found in the Associated Students of Northern Arizona University (ASNAU), on the Homecoming Committee, and receiving academic and leadership awards. For members to achieve a well-rounded education, fraternities and sororities encourage active participation in a variety of leadership experiences. NAU offers opportunities for participation in over 300 student organizations. Members can also participate in their chapters as an officer or on one of the committees each chapter maintains. There are a wide array of positions available exclusively to fraternity and sorority members to help them learn, grow, and excel. Opportunities within the Greek community include: žž Chapter Executive Boards žž Fraternity and Sorority Life Governing Council Boards (CPC, IFC, UGC) The past 5 žž Residence Hall Association (RHA) Representatives ASNAU Presidents are žž Greek Honor Society Executive Council (Order of Omega) members of Fraternity and Sorority Life žž Fraternity and Sorority Life Programming Board žž Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA) Programming Board

“Going Greek has given me so much to be proud of, including my organization, my sisters, and the work we do.” ~ Megan Chambley Grove, Pi Beta Phi

scholarship Fraternity and Sorority chapters strive for the development of scholastic excellence among their entire membership. Many chapters require a minimum grade point average (GPA) for potential members to be considered for membership. Initiated members must also continue to meet the minimum GPA requirements for his or her chapter in order to remain an active member. In order to ensure that members are academically successful, chapters provide study halls, educational programs, tutoring, awards and scholarships. Studies show that students who are members of a fraternity or sorority graduate at higher rates than non-members. Above all else, a student’s reason for being at Northern Arizona University is to receive a degree and Fraternity and Sorority Life wants to help all their members reach that goal. Membership offers many opportunities to help new members transition academically: žž Study hours žž Greek Honor Organizations 369 sorority and žž Chapter/national scholarships fraternity members žž Study partnerships with other chapter members made the Dean’s list in žž Mentorship – big/little relationships Fall 2013 žž Chapter accountability žž Council recognition

“Fraternity and Sorority Life has given me the assistance to attain a higher education through access to resources such as free tutoring, connections to other students who had previously succeeded in my classes, and accountability as a leader to be a positive role model for other Greek students.” ~Priscilla Rivera, UGC President

service Service is a way of life for the NAU Greek community. Each year NAU fraternities and sororities participate in community service and philanthropy events that impact individuals in the Flagstaff community and beyond. On average, our chapters raise over $60,000 per year for various philanthropies and complete over 12,000 hours of community service. Organizations that currently benefit from NAU Fraternity and Sorority Life’s philanthropic and service endeavors include, but are not limited to: žž Habitat for Humanity žž The American Cancer Society žž Kinsey Elementary School of Flagstaff žž The City of Sedona Fraternity and žž St. Mary’s Food Bank Sorority members completed 12,947 žž Flagstaff Unified School District hours of community žž St. Jude Children’s Hospital service during žž Hope Cottage the 2012-13 academic year žž NAU Welcome Jacks

“Fraternity and Sorority Life has an amazing way of coming together and holding fun philanthropy events to raise money for some truly incredible organizations!” ~ Misha Cothran, CPC President

4 social Fraternities and sororities build a bond of brotherhood/sisterhood unmatched by any other student organization on campus. Each chapter has its own social events, which typically include formals, date parties, brotherhood/sisterhood events, parent’s weekend, Founder’s Day, and a variety of other events. All of our chapters follows a risk management policy from their national headquarters, their governing council, as well as all of the policies of NAU. The spirit of our Fraternity and Sorority Life community makes our campus feel like a home away from home. Regardless of the chapter you join, the friendships that are formed are lifelong. It is with these friends that members participate in memorable chapter activities, philanthropies, study groups, and social events. Fraternity and Sorority Life at NAU is filled with limitless opportunities for friendship. Other Fraternity and Sorority Life events include: žž Greek Week žž Leadership workshops 96% of žž Alcohol education programs fraternity/sorority members agreed/ žž Speakers strongly agreed that žž Family Weekend their chapter has encouraged them to žž Homecoming get involved žž Chapter socials on campus.

*Source: NAU Housing and Residence Life Quality of Life Survey

“Fraternity and Sorority Life has allowed me to open up and move on from the quiet kid in the corner to a man proud to say he has developed friendships that will last a lifetime.” ~Alex Cain, IFC President

interfraternity council IFC

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) serves as the governing body to the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) chapters on NAU’s campus. IFC seeks to promote the common interests of fraternity life while encouraging its members to excel in civic engagement, scholastic achievement, and character development. IFC collaborates with the College Panhellenic Council (CPC) and the United Greek Council (UGC) for various programs to enrich the Fraternity and Sorority Life experience at NAU. Equally as important is IFC’s goal to coordinate programming that positively impacts the entire NAU community, as well as the City of Flagstaff.

IFC Rush will be September 7th-13th. Fraternity Rushfest will take place Sunday, September 7th 12 - 3 pm in the Health and Learning Center. This will be the first IFC Rush event and will allow you to meet all 12 fraternities while enjoying food and games. Each fraternity plans individual rush events throughout Rush Week. A schedule of these events will be available at Rushfest. These events include: žž Barbecues žž Monday Night Football žž Video games in the chapter rooms žž Pizza and wing nights žž Basketball, volleyball, and flag football

“Fraternity and Sorority Life and Delta Tau Delta has helped me along the path of becoming a man of excellence through the leadership roles and hands-on experiences that I have been fortunate to experience here at NAU.” ~ Matthew Huhn, Delta Tau Delta

delta chi

delta tau delta

kappa alpha order

phi delta theta

Nickname: D-Chi Year Founded: 1890 Colors: Red and Buff Philanthropy: The V Foundation Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.5

Nickname: KA Year Founded: 1865 Colors: Crimson and Old Gold Philanthropy: Muscular Dystrophy Association Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.5

Nickname: Delts Year Founded: 1858 Colors: Purple and Gold Philanthropy: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.75

Nickname: Phi Delt Year Founded: 1848 Colors: Blue and White Philanthropy: ALS Foundation (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.5

phi sigma kappa

pi kappa phi

sigma chi

sigma nu

Nickname: Phi Sig Year Founded: 1873 Colors: Red and Silver Philanthropy: Special Olympics Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.5

Nickname: Sigs Year Founded: 1855 Colors: Blue and Old Gold Philanthropy: Huntsman Cancer Institute Website: Minimum High School GPA: 3.0

Nickname: Pi Kapp Year Founded: 1904 Colors: White, Gold, and Blue Philanthropy: Push America Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.5

Nickname: Sig Nu Year Founded: 1869 Colors: Black, Gold, and White Philanthropy: American Heart Association Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.5

sigma tau gamma

Nickname: Sig Tau Year Founded: 1920 Colors: Azure Blue and White Philanthropy: A Path of Principles Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.75

theta chi

Nickname: None Year Founded: 1856 Colors: Military Red and White Philanthropy: MD Anderson Cancer Center Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.5

tau kappa epsilon

Nickname: TEKE Year Founded: 1899 Colors: Cherry Red and Grey Philanthropy: Ronald Reagan’s Alzheimer’s Foundations and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.5

zeta beta tau

Nickname: Zeebs Year Founded: 1898 Colors: Blue, Gold, and White Philanthropy: Children’s Miracle Network Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.5

united greek council UGC

The United Greek Council (UGC) is the governing body to NAU’s fraternities and sororities who identify as multicultural and/or serve traditionally underrepresented students. The UGC strives to promote diversity, multicultural, and gender awareness to the students and faculty of NAU by actively participating in philanthropies, community service, and leadership roles in the NAU and Flagstaff communities. During the third week of the fall semester, the UGC puts on its annual UGC Showcase. This event gives potential new members the opportunity to meet all of the UGC chapters in a fun, collaborative atmosphere. Each chapter displays its core values, goals, and unique flavor through a variety of activities and performances. In addition, they come together for one united performance symbolizing the strong bond between all of the chapters under the UGC banner.

Formal Recruitment will take place September 8th-13th. The UGC Showcase will take place Monday, September 8th at 5 pm in the Central Quad. This will be the first UGC Recruitment event and a chance for you to get to meet all of our UGC chapters. Each chapter plans individual recruitment events throughout Recruitment Week. A schedule of events will be available at the Showcase. These events include: žž Barbecues žž Monday Night Football žž Service projects žž Game nights

“Fraternity and Sorority Life has given me a home away from home.” ~ Audrey Baird, Gamma Rho Lambda

delta chi lambda

gamma alpha omega

gamma rho lambda

kappa delta chi

Nickname: DChiL Year Founded: 2000 Colors: Royal Blue and Pearl Philanthropy: United Nations World Food Programme Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.5

Nickname: GRL Year Founded: 2003 Colors: Purple and Black Philanthropy: No Specific Philanthropy Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.5

Nickname: GAO Year Founded: 1993 Colors: Navy Blue, Forest Green, and White Philanthropy: Big Brothers Big Sisters Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.5

Nickname: KDChi Year Founded: 1987 Colors: Pink and Maroon Philanthropy: American Cancer Society Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.5

lambda phi epsilon

Nickname: Lambdas Year Founded: 1981 Colors: Royal Blue and White Philanthropy: The National Marrow Donor Program Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.5

omega delta phi

Nickname: ODPhi Year Founded: 1987 Colors: Scarlet, Silver and Black Philanthropy: United Way Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.3

college panhellenic council CPC

The College Panhellenic Council (CPC) serves as the governing body for the seven National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities. The Panhellenic women work to create an inclusive environment for Greek women to cultivate leadership and relationships. The CPC unites sororities to focus on common goals and create a network of support for chapters and individual members. The CPC annually works with the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and the United Greek Council (UGC) to sponsor many educational, philanthropic, and social events, including: Greek Week, Greek Leadership Summit, Sisterhood Week, and Homecoming. Every sorority woman is a member of the CPC immediately upon joining any NPC chapter. Formal Recruitment will take place during Labor Day Weekend (August 28th – September 2nd). Recruitment registration opens May 27th and closes August 26th at 11:59 pm; the cost of recruitment is $65. This fee covers recruitment materials, shuttle buses to and from recruitment events and food/drinks. žž Information Night: Thursday, August 28th žž Meet the Chapters: Friday, August 29th žž Philanthropy Round: Saturday, August 30th žž Sisterhood Round: Sunday, August 31st žž Preference Round: Monday, September 1st žž Bid Day: Tuesday, September 2nd *Visit for more detailed information.

“My sorority means so much to me, but being a part of Fraternity and Sorority Life, something that is so much bigger than myself, means the world.” ~ Dera Keith, Alpha Omicron Pi

alpha delta pi

Nickname: ADPi Year Founded: 1851 Colors: Azure Blue and White Philanthropy: The Ronald McDonald House Charities Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.8

alpha phi

Nickname: APhi Year Founded: 1872 Colors: Silver and Bordeaux Philanthropy: The Alpha Phi Foundation Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.8

alpha omicron pi

Nickname: AOPi Year Founded: 1897 Colors: Cardinal Red Philanthropy: Arthritis Research and

The American Juvenile Arthritis Organization

Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.75

chi omega

Nickname: Chi O Year Founded: 1895 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Philanthropy: Make-A-Wish Foundation Website: Minimum High School GPA: 3.0

delta delta delta

Nickname: Tri Delta Year Founded: 1888 Colors: Silver, Gold and Cerulean Blue Philanthropy: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Website: Minimum High School GPA: 3.0

pi beta phi

Nickname: Pi Phi Year Founded: 1867 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Philanthropy: Literacy Website: Minimum High School GPA: 3.0

gamma phi beta

Nickname: GammaPhi Year Founded: 1874 Colors: Brown and Pink Philanthropy: Girls on the Run Website: Minimum High School GPA: 2.8

Mountain View Hall is home to 570 Greek students. Four

students live in each suite, sharing two bedrooms and a bathroom. Mountain View is part of Housing and Residence Life and is staffed by a full-time Residence Hall Director, a Graduate Assistant Hall Director, and twelve Resident Assistants.

fraternity and sorority involvement opportunities

Order of Omega is the national Greek leadership honor society. It recognizes

outstanding academic achievement and encourages a high standard of leadership in inter-fraternity activities, collegiate scholarship, and Greek endeavors. Membership is based upon academics, service to the community, leadership within the chapter and Greek community, and participation in University activities, clubs, and organizations. Its annual events include adopting a family for the holidays, providing academic programming and professional development opportunities to Order of Omega members. The Order of Omega also supports the larger Greek community through Greek Sing, philanthropy, chapter events, and the annual Greek awards banquet. This banquet is held every spring to celebrate the work and achievements accomplished throughout the year.

Up ‘til Dawn is an annual letter writing campaign to raise money

for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The event, coordinated by Greek students, is held at night on the NAU campus and attracts hundreds of participants from both the Greek and NAU communities.

Greek Leadership Summit Each spring semester, Fraternity and

Sorority Life puts on a leadership conference for the newly-elected chapter executive boards. Breakout sessions are offered for each executive officer position and additional sessions address a variety of special interest topics. The event also includes keynote speakers and a hazing prevention symposium.

“Fraternity and Sorority Life has provided such an amazing support system that not only opens many doors, but has dramatically changed my life path in a positive way.” ~ Blaise Caudill, Theta Chi

Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA) is a

programming group comprised of selected members from various fraternities and sororities. This group is responsible for creating and implementing Greek and campus-wide programs around risk management issues such as hazing prevention, alcohol awareness, safe spring break, and sex education. Additionally, GAMMA holds chapters accountable to the GAMMA by-laws in regards to party registration and party checking to promote risk reduction for chapter socials. GAMMA exists to meet the educational needs of our chapter students with regards to critical risk reduction and social issues. The GAMMA programming board is also an affiliate member of the BACCHUS Network. GAMMA is composed of twelve Greek students who are selected through an application and interview process to serve on the GAMMA Programming Committee. The committee is led by one Greek student Programming Coordinator and is advised by a Fraternity and Sorority Life staff member. Alleged violations of GAMMA policies may be directed to the councils’ judicial boards for investigation.

National Hazing Prevention Week In Fall of 2013, Fraternity and Sorority Life students

went into the NAU community to spread awareness about the physical and psychological effects of hazing on college campuses across the U.S. as part of National Hazing Prevention Week. The week was kicked off with a hazing prevention educational speaker with over 900 students in attendance. Throughout the week, Fraternity and Sorority Life students and members of GAMMA encouraged student and faculty contributions to a community photo project entitled “End the Cycle.” Students took pictures with their chapter and displayed a statement on why they do not participate in hazing activities. These photos serve as a constant reminder for the community that hazing is not, nor will it ever be, tolerated on the NAU campus.

financial responsibilities

Financial responsibility is important for all college students. Every member of a fraternity or sorority agrees to be fiscally responsible as a student and as a chapter member. Fees may include membership dues, housing fund, badge fee, parlor dues, and initiation expenses. The chart below is an estimated cost per semester. The costs differ between chapters based on their needs. CPC Financial Responsibilities Chapter IFC Financial Responsibilities Chapter

New Member

Active Member



New Member

Active Member






























UGC Financial Responsibilities Chapter

New Member

Active Member




















“NAU Sorority Life has introduced me to so many new and amazing people while getting me involved in endless activities all year long.� ~ Katherine Gatz, Delta Delta Delta

greek terminology

Alumnus/ae An individual who graduated from college as a member of a fraternity or sorority. Bid A formal invitation to join a fraternity or sorority. Bid Day Final day of recruitment when the Potential New Member (PNM) receives an invitation

to join a chapter. Chapter A local group of a national organization; a fraternity or sorority on a college campus. Crossing A term used by UGC groups to indicate that a new member has been fully initiated into a group. Initiation Ceremony during which new members become active, lifelong members of their organization. Legacy A person whose parent, grandparent, or sibling was an active member of a sorority or fraternity. Philanthropy A charitable service project or fundraiser sponsored by fraternities and sororities. Ritual Private ceremony of a Greek organization. The formal document that contains the secret principles and ideals upon which the organization was founded. Only initiated members are privy to the ritual; learning the ritual is usually a part of the initiation ceremony.

anti-hazing policy

The University and Greek system will not tolerate hazing in any form. Hazing is defined as any action taken or situation created, whether on or off University premises, by a student organization, group or a member of that organization or group to produce, or which has the effect of producing, mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, fright, humiliation or ridicule. Please refer to the University hazing statement found in the Northern Arizona University Student Handbook: This policy is strictly enforced and educational seminars are provided to our members in both the fall and spring semesters.

mountain view hall

Mountain View Hall is a 570 bed suite-style living facility that houses members from 18 of the 25 social fraternities and sororities on campus. Mountain View Hall is the central hub for our fraternity and sorority members who unite to better the fraternity and sorority community as a whole and work together to accomplish a shared vision. Mountain View’s central location and proximity to the Health and Learning Center are benefits enjoyed by residents. Mountain View rooms are all set up suite-style. Each suite includes: žž two students per room žž two rooms per suite (four students per suite) žž four loft beds žž four desks žž walk-in closets žž one shower žž one bathroom žž two bookshelves žž two 3.9 cubic ft. refrigerators with freezers


“Fraternity and Sorority Life opened many new doors for me to be able to better myself in all aspects of life.� ~ Mark Emile Brautigam Jr., Delta Chi

council executive boards

Interfraternity Council

United Greek Council

College Panhellenic Council

greek alphabet











































Fraternity & Sorority LIFE - Creating Lifelong Friendships  
Fraternity & Sorority LIFE - Creating Lifelong Friendships  

Booklet about Fraternity and Sorority Life at NAU