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Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Equipments Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipment ď Ź

Axial Fan Demonstration Unit

Axial Fan Demonstration Unit: The designed advanced axial fan produces gas flow by virtue of the momentum changes imparted across the rotary blades, parallel to the axis of rotation. Such fans are more suitable for higher flows at lower delivery pressures than their centrifugal counterparts. Comparison of the performance characteristics of the Axial Fan with those of the Centrifugal Fan thus provides an instructional exercise of valuable practical application


Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Equipments Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipment ď Ź

Bernoullis Theorem Demonstration

The advanced Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration module is mainly composed of a circular section conduit with shape of at truncated cone, transparent and with seven pressure taps to measure, simultaneously, the static pressure of each section. All the pressure taps are connected to a manometer with a water collector (water might be pressurized). The ends of the conduits are removable, enabling to be be placed in either convergent or divergent form with respect to the stream direction


Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Equipments Materials Testing Lab Equipment ď Ź

Computerised Universal Testing Machine

Computerised Universal Testing Machine: LabTek offers a complete range of universal testing machines for tension, compression, bend, peel testing and more. Our engineering team has meticulously designed frames with superior axial alignment and stiffness that are compact, low-maintenance, easy to use


Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Equipments Heat and Mass Transfer Lab Equipment 

Drop and Film Condensation

SPECIFICATIONS:• Steam generator: -with 1 kw capacity water heater • Condensers: - Chrome plated (For consideration in drop forms.) • Natural finish. (For consideration in film forms.) • Rota-meter: - 50- 500 LPH for cooling water flow measurement. • Pressure gauges: -0-2 kg/sq. cm. • Digital temperature indicator. • Flow control valves for cooling water. SERVICE REQUIRED:• Suitable bench area to mount the instrument. • 15 amps, Single Phase A.C. with earthing connection. • Water supply about 5 lit/min. at constant head.


Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Equipments Thermal Engineering lab Equipment ď Ź

Binocular Microscope

Cruise Control Trainer developed Cruise Control Trainer is designed to demonstrate how the cruise control system works in a vehicle the device is designed based on the mechanical type CCS to holistically demonstrate the structure and operation of the system.


Civil Engineering Laboratory Equipments Concrete Testing Lab Equipment 

Concrete Vibrator Machine With Nozzle

Cylinder Mould: (Ø150 x 300mm), (Ø100 x 200mm) and (Ø150 x 150mm) capacity Split cube mould: 15 kg Quarter cube mould: 150 x 150 x 150mm of 16kg Concrete cube mould: 150 x 150 x 150mm of 16kg Cement Mortar Mould: 70.7 x 70.7 x 70.7mm (cast iron), 50 x 50 x 50mm (steel production)


Civil Engineering Laboratory Equipments Soil Testing Lab Equipment 

Consolidation Equipment (Settlement Of Soil)

Features: Triplex Consolidation Apparatus (Middle pressure) is Used for compression test of soil, to determine the relationship between deformation and compression of the soil, to calculate the unit settlement, compression index, resilient index as well as consolidation coefficient of the soil and etc. Technical Specifications: Size of specimen: Ø61.8 x 40 mm Axial load: 5 ~ 7 KN Side pressure: 0 KPa ~ 1200 KPa Axial displacement: 0-12 mm Working temperature: 20±5ºC – 30±5ºC Relative moisture: <85% Relative Error of the proving ring: <1% Relative Error of the height: ±2%


Civil Engineering Laboratory Equipments Rock Testing Lab Equipments ď Ź

Core Cutting/Core Drilling Machine

Standards: Suitable to cut/drill cores of concrete, rocks, stones, tiles or the similar materials. The machine is suitable for core samples of size upto 150 mm diameter with the help of thin walled diamond bits which are at extra cost. The machine has sturdy base with pillar support in which rack and pinion is provided for adjustment in height and penetration assembly. The leveling screws are provided at the base. For gripping the sample in position suitable grips are provided. A suitable petrol engine is fitted in the machine with cooling arrangement with water. The base frame is also fitted with wheels for ease of transportation.


Civil Engineering Laboratory Equipments Steel Testing Lab Equipment ď Ź

Pendulum Impact Testers

Pendulum Impact Testers Main Features: The lifting of the hammer is performed by a motorized system, for automatically resetting of the instrument after each test. Specimen loading is done via a special device which automatically centers the specimen on the supports. The digital console is complete with backlight LCD display and keyboard with tactile membrane. The control unit allows selection of each test type, with the corresponding reference standard. The results can be displayed in sequence on the display and stored in the memory. The results can be printed or handled by a dedicated software installed on PC. The knife can be equipped with instruments for dynamic analysis of the absorbed energy during the specimen impact. This advanced system fully meets the requirements of ASTM E-23 and EN 10045/1 standards, with outstanding quality and user-friendliness


Electronics Engineering Laboratory Equipments PCB Design Lab Equipments ď Ź

PCB Curing Oven Machine

PCB Curing Oven Machine Tabletop unit for curing of liquid protoresist or drying of PCBâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Timer controlled system allows fast and efficient PCB curing. PCB size: 10" x 12" Timers: 0-30 minutes. Temperature: 0-90 degree C


Electrical Engineering Laboratory Equipments Power Electronics Lab Equipment ď Ź

Power Electronics Training System

Power Electronics Training System Features: The is the combination of power, electronics, and control. It has wide the applications of solid-state electronics to the control and conversion of electric power. Popular circuits of power electronics contain rectifiers, choppers and inverters. The experimental for modules includes converter, power supply, load, control and testing modules. These experimental modules and instruments will be introduced and demonstrated in the subsequent experiments.


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Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipments Manufacturers in India  

Naugra Labs Equipments is the best Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipments Manufacturers in India. We are manufacturing and supplying a wide r...

Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipments Manufacturers in India  

Naugra Labs Equipments is the best Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipments Manufacturers in India. We are manufacturing and supplying a wide r...