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BACKGROUND Jl. Tanah Mas H Kayu Putih, Pulo Gadung, Jakarta Timur

SITE SIZE : 6 m x 20 m Average Temp. : 28-29 C Moist : 78% Rainfall rate : 243,14

The site located in east Jakarta, that are populated city, and the site is surround by 2 large house so the site is narrow shape. The design will adjust with the site and solve the problem of limited land in big cities.


The increasing of population in a city creates new problems. Limited residential land, Limited green open space, up to the social problems of the community. The increasing of population is out of balance with the decreasing land capacity. This issues make a big impact for all people and environment. The change of land function from non buildable area to buildable area cant be avoided. And then in the big cities, the people must use the limited space and turn it into a nice and comfy house that increase life quality of the people who live there.




With limited space for a living property cannot carry interior space need optimally. if thats the case, the circulation will be sacrified as well for the need of space. so that movement space of the user will be limited. Ecologicly, the needs of a design that can bring balance to the environtment with the exsisting of greenery and absorb area. this matter not only impact to the environment, but the psychology of the user as well. Strict Activity and job can cause a lot of people have low level of social interaction. as well it need a single gathering area that can be interaction facility between family/ fellow user. According to the activity diagram, the list of user activity that they do together are relaxing, eat breakfast, and dinner. so tha can be concluded that dinning area and family room can be facility to interact with each other. Dad Activity Mom Activity Son Activity Daughter Activity




INTERIOR CONCEPT NATURAL MATERIAL The use of natural material expect as a fresh environtment for urban people. in the cities, where the people cannot enjoy nature, because cities become more populated. so that when the people enter their home, the expect to be relax in nature alike environtment. Natural material with warm color can bring people relaxation feel after doing some activities

NATURAL THERMAL The site is narrow, that must be install an opening for the natural lightning and ventilation can enter well into the house. the site location that have tropical weather can become potentional for optimalitation of the natural lightning and ventilation. as well as reducing the electricity use of the house

SUSTAINABLE BUILDING The concept of the house was a stage house, with the floor is 50cm above the ground. the benefit of this system is that this house can prevent flood, and to keep the moist out of the house (below the floor plate). And the guest room are typical to the traditional betawi house that has veranda on the front of their house for recieving the guest. the benefit is that theres a line between private and public area.


Because one of the user of the house is disabillity with a wheelchair, therefore it needs a wide acses of circulation and user-friendly. the user friendly facility can conclude a vertival circulation or the user-friendly furniture. as we can see, the mother (people with disabillity) have a hobby of cooking, as that she spend a lot of time in the kitchen when their family are not home. in this case, she needs a facility that can help support her hobby.

In a design, easy acses displayed through the Indoor Herb Harvesting that can facility the mother to plant many kind of vegetable/herb and harvest it herself. the moving cabinet that can fold until the mother can reach what she wants. And the size of the furniture that are adjustable for the disabillity needs





Tempred Glass Window Rain Water Harvesting The tub on the roof of this house will gather rain water and it will keep the water in a tube. the water can be used for flushing, gardening, and pond water. the benefit of this system is this house can save up up to 60% of the water usage.

Solar Panel & Solar Water Heating The purpose of this is none other than generating its own electricity, the panel is placed on the roof so it can reach optimal energy.

“J U N G K A T- J U N G K I T ” Manual Elevator This is a Manual mechanical elevator that work using weight and gravity. the elevator was built just for disabillity people to go upstair without using ramp or other things. this elevator will minimize the negative area in the house. further explanation will be in the next page

Sloof Ground (Ground water absorb) Because of the limited space, the building need a space to absorb the water into the ground. the advantage of stage house is the ground is still untouch, exept the column. the sloof is guiding the water to the absorb area.




Tempred Glass material will protect the inside of the house from excess sunlight. and tempred glass also cant break into pieces, so it is safe if accident happens

Concrete wall and roof Concrete material can keep and controling the temperature in the house from outside temperature. concrete was also strong and long lasting, with minimum maintenance.

Peting Bamboo (Gigantochloa levis) This kind of Bamboo is cleaner and neat than other bamboo. the bamboo will provide natural lightning and ventilation throughout the house. it is a perfect material because it’s cheap, renewable, easy maintenance, and eco-friendly.

Rigid Frame Concrete (Modern Stage House Concept) The structure is using concrete material with rigid system. the house itself was a stage house, with the floor is 50cm above the ground. the benefit of this system is that this house can prevent flood, and to keep the moist out of the house (below the floor plate)


Children’s Room This house orientation is heading toward south, so the sunlight shine to the side of the house so the house will be protected from excess sunlight. and the opening orientation is straight, the wind circulation will cross ventilation throughout the house. The bambo facade help the natural sunlight and ventilation enter the house without overstate it.






“JUNGKAT - JUNGKIT” Manual Elevator



weight : 57kg weight : 57kg Switch unlocked

weight : 55kg weight : 55kg Switch off

First the person goes to the elevator panel and apply the safety, and then swap the switch to unleashed the lock on the weight box.

The box weight is heavier than the person weight, so the Elevator will pull the person up like a “Jungkat Jungkit”. the mechanical gear inside the elevator will reduce the speed of the elevator so the person will not harmed. The Weight box is also Adjustable, so if the person weight is change, the user will just add or reduce the weigt bar in the weight box, fitting the person weight

Once the Elevator goes up, it will stay there until the user wants to go down again, in that case, if the user wants to go down, she will bring the weight bar with her so her side of weight is heavier than the weight box, so the user panel will go down and once it goes down, the user will turn on the switch again so the weight bos will still be upstair, for the next trip.

The Profit of this elevator is to reduce the negative area that usually ramp caused so the living area can be used to the maximum potential. Also Because the tools is manual, without using electricity, the idea is that the movement of the mechanical gear inside the elevator can be used to generate its own electricity with the right technology, and also because the elevator will often be use, the electricity that produce by this elevator will be able to support the house electricty need.

Rain Water Harvesting


The harvesting medium is located on the roof, so the rain water immediately goes intu the medium and then the water will be transfered to the water tube via pipe. the rain water then distributed to the flushing toilet, gardening water needs, cleaning vehicle & stuff and the pond water maintenance. This will decrease the use of main water which is come from PDAM, about 50-60%. The Traditional people of betawi, Jakarta has used rain water harvesting since long ago. The difference is they save the water into a big jar/ewer.

Kitchen & Dinning Room

Bamboo Facade The Bamboo facade will provide natural lightning and ventilation throughout the house. it is a perfect material because it’s cheap, renewable, easy maintenance, and eco-friendly. But it will last around 5-6 years until the maintenance. glass sliding panel is installed into the inside of the bamboo facade. because the facade was hollow and water can go through, the glass will be the barrier from the rain water or outside materials, But the shadow effet from the bamboo facae will still go through and create great shadow effet to the inside space.



Eksterior Perspective 3rd Floor Plan

Main Bedroom

Family Room

2nd Floor Plan

1st Floor Plan

Elevation B-B’

Elevation A-A’

Section B-B’

Section A-A’



JJ House for Urban House Solution and Disability user friendly  
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