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Sssh says the ocean Sssh says the small wave at the shore - sssh not so violent, not so proud, not so remarkable. Sssh says the surf crowding round the outcrops, washing the shore. Sssh, they say to people, this is our Earth, our eternity. Rolf Jacobsen (1907-1994)


In still moments by the sea life seems large-drawn and simple. It is there we can see into ourselves. Rolf Edberg (1912-1997)


Kannesteinen, Vügsøy




How long is the way I asked the wind: Tell me you flying fugitive, how long is still the way between east and west And the wind answered: as long as the way from one man to another. Anna Skeide (1910-1980)



Breakers scouring the stones Mosaic of stone in their wake Water and weight of stone Earth’s own elementary language Helge Torvund


The white sound of an angry sea Surging all around Swells in great rebellious crests And rages at the sky With resounding NOs! With a resounding YES! Helge Torvund


Feistein lighthouse


HĂĽtangen, JĂŚren

Then all the droplets surge headlong into one great stream:


Rush! Gush! Smash! A water revolution! Helge Torvund


There are no footprints on the sea and no road signs, not a single guard stone or post, and no bends, only paths of light and dark from which to choose, the choice is always a difficult navigation and the storm’s wingspan as immeasurable as the depths and the horizon, but the sea holds you in its mighty hand your life is a sea-blue tale of love and death. Åse-Marie Nesse (1934-2001)


Varhaug old churchyard




Time of idleness! All words and actions die away: No breath of wind has leave to stir the evening’s limpid fjord. There’s a stillness of summer skerries in your soul, where sounds and inlets lie in gleaming calm capturing the promise of the twilight lull. André Bjerke (1918-1985)


Nothing is so boundless as the sea, nothing so patient. On its broad back it bears, like a good-natured elephant, the puny little creatures who 16

inhabit the Earth; and in its vast cool depths it has place for all mortal woes. Alexander Kielland (1849-1906) 17

To stand near rocks and grow in wind and light To live just as one is in wind and light. Helge Torvund




Flaws are needed in the rock-face if you’re going to climb it. Cracks for fingertips and toes, for bolts and hooks. Ledges for hammers. Holds for ropes. You’ll never get a step further in unblemished rock. Arvid Hanssen (1932-1998)


Kjerag, Lysefjorden


This was a few pages from the book Buy the book:

This was a few pages from the book Buy the book:

Sea and sky  

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