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Published by Jennifer Reed R.H.N.

Hello! I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist residing in Quesnel, B.C. where I was born and raised. I’m passionate about living in a healthy community, which is what inspired me to create Discover Wellness Magazine and the annual Discover Wellness Health Fair & Market. Both are platforms to showcase and bring together our local health and wellness leaders, many of which have become dear friends to me and continue to inspire me every day. I thank you for taking the time to read on and treat yourself to a little TLC. Take care, Jennifer

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Disclaimer The opinions expressed within are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Spiral Health. Those with health concerns should seek professional advice from a healthcare provider as all content found in Discover Wellness is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional healthcare advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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The erve Vagus N - by Belinda Morris


The flip side of this coin is our parasympathetic nervous system. This is our “rest and digest,” our calm, our flow state. While many people tell themselves they don’t have the time or won’t get the same results from tapping in to this side of our bodies, it is the exact opposite. Our parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) reduces our heart rate and blood pressure, our digestion, creates new neural pathways, relaxes our muscles and restores a state of calm in the body. One of the main drivers of our PSNS in the body is our vagus nerve. Also known as the wandering nerve, this cranial nerve starts at the base of our brain and extends through to the colon, crossing the neck, chest, and abdomen, connecting our eyes, heart, lungs, gut, liver, gallbladder, intestines, kidneys, bladder and sex organs to our brain. The role of the nerve is to “wander” around the body, collecting data and shuttling it to and from the brain and these major organs. Over time, through stress, certain medical conditions and medications, and high output, the tone of the nerve can be decrease, meaning that it is less capable of sending strong communication signals through the body. Much like a muscle, we can improve the tone of the nerve through some light lifting.

As we become more entrenched in looking at the micro details of treatment and specializing in particular areas of health, the more we are learning to take a step back and look at the person in front of us as a whole. It is often more about the lifestyle and state of the person we are treating than the cure itself. Of particular interest in recent years has been how taking a step back and calming the body can drive greater changes than we could have conceived when we get too close.


Oftentimes we are driving ourselves in to the ground with a cocktail of overwork, poor nutrition, limited movement and disconnection from the people around us, opting instead for screen time and burying our noses to the grind. This ramps up our sympathetic nervous system, our “fight or flight” response, and our bodies aren’t equipped to decide what is a life-threatening issue, and what is merely a deadline or a desire to work in overdrive.

Vagus nerve stimulation began being investigated in the early 90’s as a treatment for drug-resistant epilepsy and depression. Implanted devices send signals along the nerve from the chest to decrease the rate of excitation causing seizures and increase production and uptake of serotonin from the gut. It has become an increasing area of research over the last four years, as we look to our inner nature of calming to reduce inflammatory conditions, improve brain function and align many of the body’s functions. Advancements are being made with less invasive forms of treatment. One form of this is trans auricular vagus nerve stimulation (TaVNS). This process involves attaching clips to the ear,

which has a 100% innervation (excitation) of the nerve. Using a particular frequency to work on particular pathways, we can increase the tone of the nerve, bringing up the parasympathetic nervous system and moving away from being locked in sympathetic nervous system dominance. What can this help treat? Along with depression and epilepsy, TaVNS has been researched to improve intestinal permeability in Crohn’s disease and leaky gut, improve the blood-brain barrier after a traumatic brain injury, reduce chronic pain, downregulate the release of inflammatory markers, balance the immune system to reduce over-excitation as is seen in autoimmunity, treat migraines and headaches, reduce blood pressure and increased heart rate, improve memory, concentration and focus, manage anxiety, decrease neuroinflammation (as indicated in schizophrenia and general brain fog), manage bowel contraction in gastroparesis and IBS, improve hydrochloric acid depletion in the gut for better digestion, aid in restoring balance through rehabilitation of the mind-muscle connection, manage SIBO and SIFO, promote satiety through balancing insulin and ghrelin release, and is being researched in treating Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. There are some great ways you can activate the PSNS and the vagus nerve at home. Deep breathing, yoga, chanting and singing, gargling and gagging, cold exposure, meditation, probiotics, massage and acupuncture and increasing omega 3 fatty acids in the gut all contribute to reducing our fight or flight response and instead support the gentler side of your nervous system. My favourite trick is to have people take three long deep slow breaths before they eat. As the vagus nerve plays a huge role in our gut, making sure you breath prepares the stomach for food and moves us towards greater digestion. This is a hot topic in the medical world right now and we will surely see greater developments as time goes along. In the meantime, make sure you practice deep breathing, and treat your body and mind with kindness and calm.

Belinda is a clinical nutritionist in Vancouver working with people to enhance their everyday energy and vitality. Her goal is to connect people to their best, healthiest self in the simplest, most enjoyable ways. You can find her at Connect Health (details/link) or at

s e o G g n i h t Any Collard Veggie Wraps

with Herby Miso Tahini Dipping Sauce

- recipe courtesy of Sara Binder, R.H.N.

Herby Miso Tahini Dipping Sauce Ingredients 3 tbsp tahini 3 tbsp hemp seeds 2 tbsp nutritional yeast (optional) 1 tbsp miso paste 1/4 cup water juice of one fresh lemon a pinch of sea salt 1-3 fresh minced garlic cloves a handful of either fresh chopped parsley, chives, dill, basil or a combination of any Method Puree all ingredients until smooth in a blender, add more water to thin to your liking if needed. The dip will thicken as it sits as well. Set aside as you move on to the wraps

Collard Wrap Ingredients 1 large bunch of collards 1 small cucumber a small box of sprouts or pea shoots 1 medium grated carrot 1 medium grated beet 1 large sliced avocado


Optional Protein Additions Sliced and fried tempeh, sautĂŠed portobello mushroom slices, sliced baked chicken breast, etc. Method 1. Start by boiling a medium sized pot of water to blanch the collard leaves. 2. Rinse all your vegetables including the collards. 3. Trim off the rigid stem from each collard leaf with a knife, leave a little to keep the leaf intact. 4. Dip leaves in boiled water and remove after they turn deeper green and tender, about 20-30 seconds is enough. Use tongs or a fork to remove them. 5. Immerse the blanched leaves in cold water to cool and to stop any further wilting, spread them on a clean tea towel to dry. 6. Grate or slice up all your veggies into long thin strips. 7. To wrap - place some of each vegetable and protein addition (if using) onto your collard leaf at the stem end of the leaf, fold in the sides and roll down tightly like you would with a burrito or rice paper wrap, Repeat with each leaf. 8. Slice your wraps in half and serve immersed in your dipping sauce, Enjoy! Note: Blanching is done to soften the leaves for rolling but also necessary for us to be able to digest and absorb all the minerals and nutrients in the collards!

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5 Ways to Clean with Lemons - by Kristy Doubet Haare, courtesy of the Herbal Academy

I crave the feelings of satisfaction and coziness that comes after giving my home a thorough cleaning. When the carpets look lush, the floors are shiny, and everything’s in its place, I feel peaceful and calm! And the best part? When I’ve cleaned my home the green way, with safe, natural cleaners, those feelings of satisfaction are multiplied. It just feels good! Unfortunately, for most of us, one of the biggest challenges to living a greener lifestyle is cleaning the home. Unbeknownst to the consumer, many popular household cleaners are dangerously toxic (EWG, n.d.a.). According to Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit organization focused on environment and public health, there is no federal regulation of chemicals in household cleaners and the average household contains 62 known toxic chemicals (EWG, n.d.a.). With the thousands of cleaning supplies available to consumers,


the thought of not having a safety standard is overwhelming. It’s therefore important to take the time to evaluate the ingredients in your cleaning products and make sure you’re comfortable with their safety ratings. EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning is a database that allows you to do just that.

Why Clean with Lemons?

As you scroll through that database or scan the cleaning product aisle, you might notice that many cleaning products on the market include lemons on the labels. Well, there’s a reason for that! Citrus fruits like lemons are powerful cleaning tools. They break down grime, disinfect (Berthold-Bond, 1999), and smell amazingly fresh! Lemon can be a very effective cleaning agent that can add citrus power to natural cleaning products, and you may want to consider incorporating it into your own cleaning routine.

• Citric Acid – a mild acid that fights water spots, hard water stains, and bacteria (Berthold-Bond, 1999) • Lemon Oil – a uplifting, sunny scent and antibacterial disinfectant (Siegel-Mailer, 2008) • D-Limonene – a powerful degreaser and solvent (Berthold-Bond, 1999)

Whether you need to polish your faucets, clean your countertops, or brighten linens, lemons have you covered. They are an amazing, green cleaning agent that contain:

You can reap the benefits of lemon as a cleaner without harsh, unsafe chemicals found in many store-bought cleaners. Why not pick up a handful of lemons and add a twist to your cleaning routine? You can start with the following five money-saving, eco-friendly ways to clean with lemons.

How to Clean Your Home With Lemons 1. Detox Your Microwave The microwave can get pretty gross, and while you could spend a chunk of time trying to clean it, you could also zap it clean with just few steps to dissolve food splatters without scrubbing. The combination of lemon and steam will degrease, loosen grime, and nix unpleasant odors. 1 Pour ½ cup of water into a medium microwave-safe bowl. Slice one lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the bowl. Toss in the halves. 2 Place the bowl inside the microwave and set the timer for three minutes to allow the water to boil. 3 Let stand for five minutes before carefully removing the bowl. Wipe down the inside the microwave with a cloth, and voila! Sparkly clean.

2. Lemony Fresh Kitchen Sink One would think the kitchen sink is relatively clean, considering the amount of time we spend cleaning other things in the sink. However, the moist environment and leftovers from cleaning all of those other things can create the conditions for bacterial growth—most notably in the drain or down the garbage disposal. Luckily, we can get the sink and its parts clean without harmful chemicals. Let’s start with the disposal!

Refresh the Garbage Disposal

Next, create a natural cleaning scrub by combining the lemon juice you reserved with baking soda to create a thick, wet paste. Use it with a bristle cleaning brush to clean the sink surface and around faucets where dirt and grime can build up.

Sink Scrubbing Paste Ingredients 1 cup baking soda 5 drops lemon essential oil (Citrus limon) or 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice 1 teaspoon liquid castile soap Directions • Combine baking soda and lemon essential oil or juice in a small glass bowl. • Sprinkle mixture over the sink. • Drizzle a teaspoon of liquid castile soap over the baking soda mixture. • Wet a bristle cleaning brush and scrub the sink and faucet. • Rinse well after scrubbing.

3. Clean Cutting Boards with Lemon and Salt The antibacterial properties of lemon juice make it a great cleaner for surfaces on which we prepare food. The lemon juice naturally cleans without leaving a chemical residue, and you never have to worry about contaminating food with harmful chemicals. Mineral oil, which is a common ingredient in wood cutting board cleaners, receives a “D” from the EWG for safety (EWG, n.d.b.). The technique below is a safe way to naturally clean, condition, and deodorize cutting boards made from wood.

Ingredients 2 cups ice 1 cup sea salt 1 lemon

Cutting Board Cleanser

Directions • Fill the drain with two cups of ice. • Pour one cup of sea salt over the ice. • Lift the faucet to release a stream of cold water and turn on the garbage disposal. Let each run until the ice is gone. Then turn off the faucet and disposal. The coarse salt and ice will work together to remove grime in the disposal and drain. • Peel a lemon and slice in half. Squeeze the lemon juice into a small bowl and set aside. Fill the drain with the peels and the halves. • Turn on the hot water and let the disposal run for 15 seconds or until clear. The lemon peels will help clean and deodorize the disposal and drain.

Directions • Sprinkle the cutting board with two tablespoons of coarse salt. • Place the lemon half cut side down on the cutting board and scour the surface, while lightly squeezing to release the lemon juice as you go. • Let the salt and lemon mixture sit for five minutes. Then scrape the into a bowl and discard. • Last, rinse the cutting board with a clean, wet sponge and allow to dry before use.

Ingredients Half of a lemon 2 tablespoons coarse salt


4. Brighten Fabrics and Remove Stains

Citrus Surface Cleaner

Lemon juice is an effective all-natural bleaching agent. It even works well on rust and sweat stains. The citric acid helps to bleach away stains and brighten fabric. (Avoid use on colorful fabrics as it may cause discoloration). Use the tips below to effectively remove stains and brighten fabrics with lemon.

Ingredients 3 ounces distilled water 3 ounces distilled white vinegar 4 drops lemon essential oil (Citrus limon) 4 drops lime essential oil (Citrus aurantifolia) 1 lemon or lime peel, optional 1 – 8-ounce glass spray bottle

• Spray white areas on tennis shoes with lemon juice and place in the sun to whiten. • Soak your delicates in a mixture of a half cup lemon juice, 1 cup baking soda, and a gallon of hot water for a mild whitening treatment. Let stand for thirty minutes before washing as normal. *not recommended for silk • Apply a generous amount of lemon juice to ink stains on clothing as soon as possible, then wash in a normal cycle in cold water. • Treat underarm stains by mixing 3 parts lemon juice and 1 part water. Apply to stains and wash as normal. • Add 1 ½ cups hydrogen peroxide and ¼ cup lemon juice to whites during the soak cycle to brighten whites and keep them looking fresh. • Air-dry whites in the sun to boost lemon’s effectiveness.

5. Deodorize Your Refrigerator With all the foods we stuff into our refrigerator (and sometimes forget), it can gain some unpleasant odors. Lemon can help deodorize the refrigerator in no time at all. Start by tossing out or composting old foods and set the rest aside. Then use the Citrus Surface Cleaner below to naturally clean surfaces. Towel-dry the surfaces before returning the contents to the refrigerator. Then, pour 1 cup of baking soda into a small bowl. Add 8 drops of lemon essential oil and place it on a shelf or in the door of your refrigerator uncovered. It gives a fresh breeze of lemon scent every time you open it!

Directions • Pour three ounces of water and three ounces of vinegar into a glass spray bottle using a funnel. • Remove funnel and add 4 drops of lemon essential oil and 4 drops of lime essential oil. Note that essential oils will not fully disperse in this water-based mixture, therefore, use caution when spraying, avoiding exposure to skin and eyes. • Add optional citrus peels. Keep in mind you may need a larger bottle due to the displacement of the liquids. • Place the spray nozzle on the bottle. With the spray nozzle turned off, shake well to combine. Be aware citrus essential oils should be stored in glass containers. • To use, shake before each use. Spray on desired surface and wipe clean with a cloth. Grab a Few Lemons and Get Cleaning! That’s right! All it takes to give your cleaning a boost is a handful of lemons. Clean your home and say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to green cleaning. This common citrus fruit is a versatile solution to cleaning many areas of the home. So, grab a few lemons on your next trip to the market and get started with these 5 effective ways to clean with lemon.

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