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Premium quality fresh cut herbs

Carefully picked Cleverly packed

Premium quality fresh cut herbs Foodservice | Wholesale | Retail

The Nature’s Flavours Difference Fresher and tastier for longer Nature’s Flavours is the first range of branded, fresh cut herbs to benefit from consistent Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), a packaging technology that allows the herbs to breathe more effectively. All Nature’s Flavours herbs are packed in micro-perforated bags, this ensures the perfect gas balance and creates the ideal storage atmosphere, prolonging both taste and appearance, even at an ambient temperature.

The natural approach to longer lasting freshness Nature’s Flavours’ micro-perforated bags slow down the herbs’ metabolism, which in turn helps the herbs stay fresher for longer, in the most natural way possible, ensuring a premium product in excellent condition, every time.

Packaging science All Nature’s Flavours bags contain tiny micro perforations, which means that both O2 and CO2 can pass through the packaging film. The atmosphere in the bag gradually changes until an equilibrium is reached. This occurs when the movement of O2 and CO2 matches the respiration rate of the herbs, creating the optimum gas balance, allowing the herbs to breathe more effectively and staying fresher and in peak condition for longer - without the use of any artificial preservatives.

With farming interests in the UK and a well established overseas supplier network, Nature’s Flavours boasts one of the widest fresh cut herb offerings available, ensuring all year round supplies that are not only of an excellent quality, but also comply with strict product specifications and food safety standards.

Premium quality and a superior taste

Nature’s Flavours herbs meet the most stringent quality control standards. All products are fully traceable and adhere to environmentally responsible sourcing and strict worker welfare standards. Nature’s Flavours herbs are harvested from mature plants prior to careful packaging, ensuring the fullest of flavours and a premium product that looks as good as it tastes.

Request a free sample

Nature’s Flavours is dedicated to serving foodservice, wholesale and retail customers. To assess the premium quality and freshness of the Nature’s Flavours range, just request a free sample by emailing

Delivery and ordering information Nature’s Flavours herbs are packed in both 50 and 100-gram formats and are delivered, to order, seven days a week via a fleet of temperature controlled delivery vehicles and a trusted network of distribution agents. Orders received prior to 10am can even be delivered that night, depending on product availability and customer location.

To order please call +44 (0)1483 474041 or email

Premium quality fresh cut herbs Foodservice | Wholesale | Retail

Nature's Flavours  

Nature’s Flavours herbs meet the most stringent quality control standards. From environmentally responsible sourcing, strict adherence to wo...

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