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and under fluorescent light. And our lab staff are specialists in analyzing natural health and food products.


Tell us about the work ISURA does with universities and governments around the world.

ISURA is proud to collaborate with university researchers and government scientists to develop better ways to ensure that our natural health products are non-GMO compliant, free of contaminants and adulterants, authentic and accurately labelled.


Why should I care about contamination? Aren’t all natural health products safe?

I can assure you that products with the ISURA seal on the label are safe and are what the label says they are, but unfortunately that isn’t always true of all products. The raw materials and ingredients for natural health and food products come from all over the world and in order to be sure that our clients’ products are safe, healthy, and effective – they need to be analyzed and tested – and that’s where ISURA comes in. Whether a product is made from seeds, leaves, or other parts of a plant; whether they are from sustainably harvested fish; whether they are an oil, a tincture, powdered or in a capsule – ISURA tests them all. The ISURA seal on the label verifies the safety, quality, and integrity of the natural health and food products inside the bottle!


How do I know a product is certified clean by ISURA?

Look for this ISURA seal of approval on product labels.

BE SAFE. Reach for ISURA-certified products. Tested. Trusted.

ISURA CERTIFIED. Your guarantee of:

Contaminant-free, non-GMO products

Seed-to-shelf quality testing By looking for the ISURA seal on the label of a natural health or food product, you know that the raw materials and ingredients in that product have been tested and confirmed to be pure, potent, high quality, and accurately labelled.

What’s on the label is in the bottle

Look for the ISURA seal – your guarantee of safety and integrity. Mass spectrometry working around the clock detecting over 600 contaminants/ pesticides, the most vigorous testing in the world.

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