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Title Nature's Bakery Fig Bar Review What's In YOUR Lunchbox? A Nature's Bakery Review And Giveaway! Nature's Bakery Review And Giveaway Quicksilver Ta-Hoe Nalu Paddle Festival Continues Saturday And Sunday Ta-Hoe Nalu Paddle Festival Returning To Kings Beach North Shore I Survived #BlogHer13 {With A Little Help From My Friends} Headed To #BlogHer13 (With Snacks) Nature's Bakery Fig Bar Review Nature's Bakery Review Tea Time With Davidsons Organics And Natures Bakery Nature's Bakery: Local Business's Healthy Alternative Fly South For Summer A Not So Royal Tea Party For Four On Mom Loves 2 Read Decoding My Child's Version Of The English Language Give Me A Fig Bar And I'll Be Your New BFF Chica Brunch a la Picnic Style Busy Day And How To Sweat It Out 9 Healthy Store Bought Snacks Nature's Bakery Fig Bars: A Delicious Snack? Nature's Bakery And Influenster VoxBox Famine To Feast The Mommy Survival Kit Natures Bakery Review - Yummy On The GO! Mommy Survival Kit Fun Giveaway Contest From Nature's Bakery GIVEAWAY: Grab & Go Snack Idea What's In YOUR Mom Survival Kit? Mommy Survival Kit Featuring Nature's Bakery Bars Promotion Mommy Survival Kit Promotion

Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmm…the perfect description for this review. I was sent some Fig bars from Nature’s Bakery to review and boy are they good. I am currently very pregnant and gaining weight like a crazy so I am committed myself for these last few months to not loose weight but just watch what I eat better. I have been looking for snacks I can throw in my purse or grab in the house while chasing around my little ones. These are PERFECT! Not only are they super yummy, but they are so healthy! I got to sample the Blueberry (not shown because I already scarfed them down, haha!), the Whole Wheat, Vanilla Raspberry, and Raspberry. I used to eat really healthy, then I got pregnant and the only thing that made me feel like getting off the couch from having morning sickness was sugar. I have slowly weened myself off sugar again so I was thrilled to read these are made with evaporated cane juice. I was not only able to read all the ingredients, I could also pronounce them and knew what they were! Shocking right??! These fig bars are made with real food and I literally can’t quit snacking on them! It’s a great little snack to curb your sweet tooth in a healthy way. Go here to find a store near you that sells these fig bars. IF you live in Denver, they sell them at King soopers, Sprouts and Walmart.

Last year, we discovered Nature’s Bakery who makes these really delicious fig bars with all natural ingredients! Think "fig newtons" only natural and in a wide variety of flavors including Apple Cinnamon, Raspberry, Peach, and Blueberry. Plus they're affordable and convenient. Each package comes with 2 little fig bars inside--the perfect size for carrying around in your purse or diaper bag.... or putting in your kiddo's lunchbox! Definitely a healthy alternative to chips or cookies. My kiddos don't attend public school (they're homeschooled) but we often take field trips and go to weekly groups where we need to pack lunches. These are one of my favorite things to put in them! Our absolute favorite flavor is the new Vanilla Raspberry! You can find Nature's Bakery fig bars at WalMart, Sprouts, World Market, Costco, and other stores here. And you also must follow them on Twitter. Yesterday, in honor of National Peach Month, they were giving away their peach bars. We entered and won! My little guy, who is the biggest fan in our house, was especially excited!

Giveaway! One of my readers will receive a box of Nature's Bakery fig bars. Enter below by August 20th at 11 pm anyone's time. I'll choose a winner the next morning using After you enter, be sure and check out all the other fun stuff at our blog!

KINGS BEACH, Calif. — The Quicksilver Ta-Hoe Nalu Paddle Festival hits the crystalline waters of North Lake Tahoe Aug. 9-11 in Kings Beach, Calif. The family-friendly event features distance and beginner races, live music by Mama’s Cookin’, sand castle building contests and more than $10,000 in cash and prizes, as well as an attempt to set the world record for the most people doing yoga on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP). Thousands are expected to attend the annual event, and will have a chance to win a getaway package that includes a semi-custom-designed Wet Woody paddleboard ($2,200 value) from Lakeshore Paddleboard Company, a Quicksilver Waterman Collection Gear package ($600 value) and a Nature’s Bakery snack/swag pack. In addition, Nevada-based Nature’s Bakery will sponsor an on-site Instagram photo booth and will be handing out samples. The Wet Woody paddeboard was named after the drink of the same name available at Gar Woods restaurant. The 22-pound board is constructed with a hollow core. “Being locals to the Reno-Tahoe area, we have innovated and created specific designs for the flat-water lifestyle,” Sean Adlao, president and CEO of Lakeshore Paddleboard Company, said. “We are very proud to support the local Ta-Hoe Nalu event and help spread the enjoyment of the fastest-growing water sport in the world.” For an event schedule and other information, visit

It’s touted as the longest-running stand-up paddleboard race in the world. Quiksilver’s Ta-Hoe Nalu Stand Up Paddle Festival, which has evolved from a modest race with 34 participants in 2007 to a three-day event with multiple races and hundreds of athletes, will take over the shores of Kings Beach this Friday through Sunday. Aside from the 500-plus racers slated to compete, thousands of spectators are expected to attend the family-friendly event, which starts at 6:30 p.m. Friday with a concert on the beach by Mama’s Cookin’. A total of seven races will take place throughout the day Saturday and Sunday, as well as numerous demonstrations and clinics. The event includes distance and beginner races, sand castle building contests and more than $10,000 in cash and prizes. Competition will include a 10-mile distance race, a 2-mile beginner race, a grom race, a four-person relay, a 4-mile open race and, of course, the elite finals on Sunday, which are expected to draw some of the best paddleboarders on the planet. A world-record attempt for most people doing a yoga move on a stand-up paddleboard will also take place Saturday at 11 a.m. A giveaway package at the festival includes a semi-custom “Wet Woody” paddleboard from Lakeshore Paddleboard Company named after the well-known drink from Gar Woods. The board is uniquely constructed with a hollow core and weighs only 22 pounds, according to organizers. For a full event schedule and more information, visit

North Shore’s oldest and largest stand-up paddleboard festival takes place this weekend when Quiksilver’s Ta-Hoe Nalu Stand Up Paddle Festival kicks off in Kings Beach State Park Friday. Thousands are expected to attend the annual family friendly event, which starts at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 9 with a concert on the beach by Mama’s Cookin’. Numerous races, demonstrations and clinics take place throughout the day Saturday and Sunday. The event includes distance and beginner races, sand castle building contests and more than $10,000 in cash and prizes, according to press release from organizers. A world record attempt for most people doing a yoga move on a stand-up paddleboard will also take place at 11 a.m. Saturday. A giveaway package at the festival includes a semi-custom “Wet Woody” paddleboard from Lakeshore Paddleboard Company named after the well-known drink from North Lake Tahoe restaurant, Gar Woods. The board is uniquely constructed with a hollow core and weighs only 22 pounds, according to organizers. For a full event schedule and more information about the Ta-Hoe Nalue Paddle Festival, visit Lake Tahoe Action

BlogHer13. I survived. Not only did I survive, I had a great time. So much better than my BlogHer 2011 experience.

I didn’t have a plan of attack before I went to the conference but I did have a different outlook for the event. I was going to see my friends, to learn about some new companies, to attend sessions, to hang out in Chicago and to promote my sponsor who provided me with fuel for the event. I did all of this. Although I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep. Or water. Apparently water was in short supply at the conference. I also didn’t take a lot of pictures. I’m really bad at this during conferences. Luckily my friends are not so I can share some pictures of the conference in this post. I went to yoga in the park thanks to Yasso. It was really nice to get a little workout in before the conference – even if it was raining a bit. I hope the guy taking pictures as he passed by on a Segway enjoyed watching us all do the downward dog while slipping on yoga mats.

I spent a lot of time with my roommates, Kimberly and AnnMarie. We had fun trying out different things in the expo and wandering the streets of Chicago looking for places to eat late night dinners.

I had drinks and spent many hours with Angela, Kristen and Kirsten.

I chatted with Shell, Ashley, Nicole, Kristen, Jennifer, Doc G, Janelle, Galit, Jackie, Gigi and so many other blogging friends who are very kind and awesome.

I snacked on fig bars to keep me from starving during the day. They were especially helpful on my travel days when I was stuck in airports or on airplanes. You can find out more about the fig bars and the company that makes them by following Nature’s Bakery on Facebook and Twitter.

I would like to say thank you to everyone. Thank you to those of you who hung out with me during the conference and helped make it a great experience. Thank you to Nature’s Bakery for allowing me to be your ambassador during the conference. Thank you to everyone who wished me a good time but wasn’t attending. Thank you to my husband and kids for behaving while I was gone. Note, I was provided with compensation for attending BlogHer and for this post. All opinions are my own as are some of the pictures. But honestly, I was attending BlogHer whether or not I had a sponsor and this post would have been written just the same.

That’s right, people. I’m headed to Chicago for BlogHer 13! And Nature’s Bakery is helping me get there so a big thank you to them for sponsoring me and this post. I attended BlogHer11 and learned a lot about what to expect (and not expect) at blog conferences. I also learned that I need to bring my own snacks so I don’t starve – especially now that I’m a vegetarian.

And really, no one wants to see me when I’m hungry. It’s not pretty, just ask my poor husband. Speaking of my husband, he’ll be home with the kids. Everybody send him your best wishes. He’ll need them. Anyway, back to the conference. And my snacks. I’ll be rooming with my good friend Kimsley at Reflections of Now and a new friend, AnnMarie at Tidbits from the Queen of Chaos. For snacks, I’ll be bringing plenty of Nature’s Bakery fig bars. I have boxes of the blueberry, raspberry and apple cinnamon bars. The first two are my favorites. My kids like all of them.

About the fig bars… They are cholesterol free, dairy free, kosher and certified by the Non-GMO project. Oh, and they are made in the USA. They aren’t something I normally eat when I’m at home because I can make my own snacks. But when I’m traveling or at conferences, I need something that’s easy to eat and healthier than any of the crap that comes out of vending machines.

I might also pack a small bag of hemp seeds to add to my breakfast and lunch meals. Have to make sure I get plenty of protein while I’m away from home, especially after do yoga in the park on Friday morning. Now if only there was also a green juice and smoothie bar at the conference. I would be set. Other than my concern over the food that will be served during the conference, I’m excited to attend. It will be nice to spend some time with my online friends and to attend some of the sessions, not sure which ones yet).

While I’m at BlogHer, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram at @mytimeasmom. If you aren’t already following me on both of those sites, you should be (hint, hint). I’ll be using the hashtag #BlogHer13 while I’m at the conference. You might also see me in one of my Nature’s Bakery t-shirts which are super comfy. While you’re at it, also follow Nature’s Bakery on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you can see everything they have going on. This post is part of my BlogHer sponsorship from Nature’s Bakery. I received compensation and fig bars in exchange for this post as well as promoting the bars while I’m at the conference. All opinions, pictures and excitement about the conference are my own.

Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmm…the perfect description for this review. I was sent some Fig bars from Nature’s Bakery to review and boy are they good. I am currently very pregnant and gaining weight like a crazy so I am committed myself for these last few months to not loose weight but just watch what I eat better. I have been looking for snacks I can throw in my purse or grab in the house while chasing around my little ones. These are PERFECT! Not only are they super yummy, but they are so healthy! I got to sample the Blueberry (not shown because I already scarfed them down, haha!), the Whole Wheat, Vanilla Raspberry, and Raspberry. I used to eat really healthy, then I got pregnant and the only thing that made me feel like getting off the couch from having morning sickness was sugar. I have slowly weened myself off sugar again so I was thrilled to read these are made with evaporated cane juice. I was not only able to read all the ingredients, I could also pronounce them and knew what they were! Shocking right??! These fig bars are made with real food and I literally can’t quit snacking on them! It’s a great little snack to curb your sweet tooth in a healthy way. Go here to find a store near you that sells these fig bars. IF you live in Denver, they sell them at King soopers, Sprouts and Walmart.


I love Tea Time! Whether it is daytime or evening, I enjoy having a cup of tea. When I was contacted by a representative from Davidson’s Organics to set up a Tea Time with friends and/or family, I didn’t have to think twice since tea party is always fun. I was supplied with tea and fig bars for our tea party (which I received for free in exchange for an honest review).

About the Companies: Davidson’s Organics, an organic tea company specializing in teas, herbs, cocoa and spices. They are USDA Certified Organic and KSA Certified Kosher! Their site has a huge variety of flavored tea bags, loose leaf tea, and iced tea. Also, you can find tea accessories, like: tea timer, infuser, tea cups & teapots, and colorful glass bottles. Nature’s Bakery is not your ordinary fig bars. They are stone ground all natural fig bars that are kosher and cholesterol-free healthy snack. All natural ingredients, great taste, and balanced nutrition fig bars packed with flavor. My Thoughts: My “assignment” was to have a tea party. What better way to have a tea party than with cousins. My sister’s two daughters visiting grandma AKA Nana for the summer. What a perfect time for our tea party with my nieces and my two daughters! Little girls (young ladies)….hats…..tea cup……goodies to eat…..and instructions from Nana how to hold a tea cup. We’re all set!

7/2/2013 The girls rarely get to see each other. And they had so much fun drinking their tea and nibbling on their fig bars. Our tea which was supplied from Davidson’s Organics was the Rooibos Spiced Chai. I wasn’t sure that the girls would like this flavor. Rooibos (“red tea”) is harvested from shrubs grown in the high elevations of the cape regions of South Africa. It’s not your regular flavored tea. But this tea had cinnamon and cloves as it’s added ingredients (along with the Rooibos) that the girls loved this tea! We had to brew another pot of tea so everyone (including the boys) could have our own cup of tea.

The Natural Bakery fig bars that we were sent, were the Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry and Vanilla Raspberry. Upon asking the girls (plus Nana and myself, along with the boys who were waiting patiently for the girls to finish their tea party) what they thought about the taste of these whole wheat, all natural snacks. Everyone agreed that they loved all three flavors. The Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry taste were very faint due to the whole wheat. But you could taste the raspberry filling because the vanilla shell did not take away from the raspberry.

The girls had so much fun! Feeling grown up. Drinking some tea. Exchanging hats with every picture I took. Yes, it was a good day for memories. Thank you Davidson’s Tea and Nature Bakery for our Tea Time! I give both of these companies 5 out of 5 Stars! It was a perfect combination. Thanks again!

RENO, Nev. -- Whether you're a super athlete or a super mom, convenience is the key to balancing a healthy lifestyle. One local business is taking the all-natural route to keep you feeling energized and satisfied throughout the day without breaking the bank. Elizabeth Lyles trains for about 20 to 26 hours per week swimming, biking and running. "I really dedicate all my spare time to training and I really don't get any alone time other than my training, but that's how I like it," she said. She's training for her sixth Iron Man Triathlon, which requires a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a full marathon run. To boost her energy in her training and daily life. This triathlete and mother of two turns to Nature's Bakery, a local father and son business that specializes in natural nutritious snacks. "Being healthy just makes me a happier person when I'm well rested and I'm eating healthy and I'm feeling good about myself and I know my kids are getting the energy I need and growing healthy too," Lyles said. "It's a good way for the moms to actually get fruit and grains into their diet. You try to get them to eat with something healthy, that's hard," Dave Marson, Nature's Bakery Owner said. Made from natural ingredients, Nature's Bakery fig bars aren't just for athletes, but also for toddlers to seniors looking for a healthy alternative snack.

"I'm not worried [my kids] are snacking on something that might be unhealthy but that they're good, filling, nutritious and they absolutely love them," Lyles said. The recession hit the decade-old company hard causing them to lose 70% of their business until recently. They can now be found locally, nationwide and even internationally in Canada and Mexico. "The product speaks for itself," Marson said. "Our tag line is energy for life's great journey. Everybody's on their journey in life no matter what age you are." For Lyles, she hopes her journey can lead her to Hawaii at the Iron Man World Championships in October. For a complete list of store locations, visit the link below.

There’s a new way to get to Reno-Tahoe with Allegiant. Allegiant now offers nonstop jet service between Washington’s Bellingham International Airport (BLI) and Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO). The company, known for its exceptional travel deals, introduces the new service with competitive fares. The new flights operate twice weekly. Flight days and times can be found online.

July is Event Month in Reno Tahoe Discover Nevada Indian Culture

Explore Nevada Indian traditions and culture at the Sacred Visions Pow-Wow, July 19-21 at Big Bend Ranch in Wadsworth on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Reservation, about 30 miles east of Reno on Interstate 80. Now in its fifth year the free event features traditional dancing, drumming contests, hand games, arts and crafts vendors and more. Not in town that weekend? Check out the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Museum and Visitors Center in Nixon, about 50 miles northeast of Reno. Here, learn the story of the Pyramid Lake Paiute people, and why they consider the lake and surrounding landscape to be sacred. For more information on Nevada’s cultural offerings, visit

Arts and Culture in Reno Tahoe

July in Reno Tahoe USA is the perfect mix of culture and competition. Reno is Artown, July 1-31, as nearly 400 events ranging from live music and dance to performances and visual arts, take over town. On July 6-14, gear up for full throttle excitement at the Eldorado Reno 500 with off-road racing, hair-raising motorcycle stunts and street fair. From July 12August 25 the classic tale of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is brought to life on the pristine shore of Sand Harbor for the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. Baseball’s future stars descend upon Reno for the 2013 Triple-A All-Star Game, All-Star Fan Fest, and Home Run Derby on July 13-17. Then watch golf pros tee off July 29-August 4 at the PGA TOUR’s Reno-Tahoe Open. Heavenly Summer Operations It’s officially summer at Tahoe! Heavenly Mountain Resort is now open for seven-day-a-week summer operations from 10 5 p.m. Summer activities include hiking, sightseeing, dining at Tamarack Lodge, summer tubing, rock climbing and an inflatable slide and jungle gym. On Sunday, September 1, 2013, Heavenly will host the second annual Heavenly Mountain Run which starts at the California Base Lodge and finishes at Tamarack Lodge at the top of the Heavenly Gondola. This base to peak race is 5.8 miles long and climbs 2,585 feet in elevation. Runners can enjoy a scenic ride down the Heavenly Gondola back to the base or descend on their own, if their legs are up for it. Summer Adventure in North Lake Tahoe What kind of outdoor adventurer are you? No matter: North Lake Tahoe has something for everyone this summer. Looking to raise your consciousness and get your groove on? Try Wanderlust at Squaw Valley July 18-21, the world’s premier yoga and music festival. If adrenaline is what you seek, check out the Tahoe Trail 100K, part of the Leadville Race Series. The 2-loop 50-kilometer mountain biking course promises lake views and plenty of climbs to push riders to their limit. July 20 at Northstar.

In August, Ta-hoe Nalu Stand Up Paddle Festival takes over King’s Beach, enticing participants to paddle the “Big Blue.” The three-day event also features music, vendors and more. For more fun, including High Notes: North Lake Tahoe’s Summerlong Music series, visit online. 2013-14 Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort Season Passes On Sale Now! Don’t miss a beat next winter – buy your 2012-13 Sierra-at-Tahoe Season Pass today! Passes start at just $229 and are always Tahoe’s Best Value! Ski or ride any day next season including holidays with the Sierra Unlimited Pass for only $369, $269 for Young Adults (13-22) or College Students, and only $119 for Children (5-12) or Super Seniors (70+). Don’t miss any powder days! Weekend crowds not your thing? Grab a Sierra Value Pass and ski or ride at Sierra for only $229. The Value Pass gives you access to the mountain Sunday – Friday excluding blackout dates. See you on the mountain. South Tahoe’s Packed Calendar Runners take to the woods around Sierra-at-Tahoe for the Ragnar Trail Relays, July 26-27. This overnight running and camping race pits eight- and four-person teams as contestants charge around three loops that range from four to eight miles long. One of the largest gatherings of unique boats in Northern California is the South Tahoe Wooden Boat Classic, July 26-27, at Tahoe Keys Marina & Yacht Club. Enthusiasts can get an up close look at the vessels, talk with their owners and hear the powerful roar behind straight V6, V8 and V12 engines. From the early 1900s to the fiberglass vessels of the 1960s, enthusiasts can see more than 65 wooden antique and classic boats in the water and eight race boats on their trailers.

It's Tea Party Time on Mom Loves 2 Read!

I was offered the opportunity to host a Tea Party with Nature's Bakery and Davidson's Organics for our nutritious and health tea time snacks. My children were of course happy to join me in this review opportunity! My girls were excited to dress up in their new Princess Dresses (review/giveaway coming soon) to make this tea party a special occasion. Now, for a little more about the yummy Tea Party snacks: Davidson's Organics is an organic tea company specializing in teas, herbs, cocoa and spices. They offer fresh, pure and organic teas, herbs and spices. They have Iced Teas, Hot Teas, Loose-Leaf and bagged teas in all sorts of flavors! And what is a tea party without a wholesome snack from Nature's Bakery. Their all natural, cholesterol free, kosher fig bars add a tasty treat to any Tea Party. With yummy flavors like Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, Peach Apricot, Vanilla Fig, Vanilla Raspberry, Raspberry, and Whole Wheat Fig you can't go wrong choosing a yummy treat. You can find out more about Davidson's Organics and Nature's Bakery here: Davidson's Organics: Website, Facebook, Twitter Nature's Bakery: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Our Review: It's Tea Party Time! My son set the table up for the tea party. He used my Grandmother's German China (with permission) and had everything set up so nicely. My girls got into their princess dresses and the party began! We each tried several flavors of the Nature's Bakery Fig Bars. The girls loved all of them, and both agreed that Blueberry was their absolute "Favorite" flavor. I personally liked them all, but loved the Apple Cinnamon best. Of course since Apple Pie, Apple Cobbler, Apple Cinnamon Muffins are all favorites of mine it was not a surprise that Apple Cinnamon Fig bars were my favorite – lol

My son loved them all and had a hard time choosing just one "favorite" from all the varieties we had to choose from. As for the tea. I am not a fan of hot tea personally and my girls do not yet like it either. So we used apple juice in place of "tea." Thankfully my son does like Hot tea. It also was fortunate (or not so fortunate for him) that he had a sore throat the day of our Tea Party. The Tea I was sent was called Rooibos Spiced Chai. Josh made it according to the instructions and he loved it. He said not only did it soothe his sore throat but it tasted great too. He has since used up all of the teabags in the package! He really does love it!

For our next Tea Party I have found that Nature's Bakery Fig Bars can be purchased at my local Kroger or Walmart stores. So it has already been added to my shopping list! As for the Davidson's Organics Tea, I found that they have a selection of "Children's Teas" that I am anxious to try, as well as some flavors like French Vanilla and Honey that I would be willing to try as well. Plus Josh wants more of the Spiced Chai!

Next time you plan for a Tea Party with your children, teddy bears or Dollies, consider using Davidson's Organics Teas or Nature's Bakery Fig bars! It will make your Tea Party special and Fun - and so tasty too!

2 years, 6 months. Dear Jack, One of the most noteworthy things about seeing you grow up right now, in this phase of your life, is the way you’re experimenting with your speaking abilities. We’ve been taking advantage of our family zoo pass by going every single weekend since we bought it about a month ago. In the process, I learned what a hot potato is. “Look at that hot potato!” you would exclaim, referring to the climbable statue in the zoo’s playground. I realized that in your version of the English language, a hippopotamus is a hot potato. My mind went back to the year 1988 as you preceded to “feed” the “hot potato” some mulch. Apparently, I was witnessing the live version of the board game “Hungry, Hungry Hippos.” Of course, “hot potatoes” aren’t the only thing I have to remember to immediately translate in my mind. When Mommy makes you Annie’s Homegrown macaroni and cheese for dinner, you always ask her to put “black cheese” on it. Any guesses as to what that means? Pepper. Black pepper is “black cheese.” One of my favorite phrases of yours is a “regular bar.”

We have so many different types of organic fruit strip snacks we keep in the pantry, that’s how you have been identifying and differentiating fig bars. Somehow the fact they have a whole wheat coating around them makes them “regular.” “Mommy, I have a regular bar?” That’s the kind of thing I would overhear you ask Mommy. Finally, I had to finally ask Mommy what that meant. She explained they are the Nature’s Bakery brand (non-GMO verified) version of Fig Newtons. So there you have it… Hot potatoes are hippopotamuses. Black cheese is black pepper. And regular bars are fig bars. It has just now occurred to me that really, only Mommy and I understand your version of the English language. Even then, we’re still decoding what you say every day.

Love, Daddy

Well first…don’t be judging on the title, cause yeah I like fig bars that well I can’t help the addiction but at least I don’t try to hide it and it’s way better than being a heroine addict…right?!?

One day my father-n-law was raving about some fig bars he loved and of course I had to have deets because I consider myself a Fig-Bar-Stalker….he then introduced me to Nature’s Bakery and I was pretty close to in love from the first bite …I did however contain myself enough to try all the flavors they sent me in this huge a$$ box!!! There wasn’t 1 of each flavor but 20 bars for me to engulf…er um, TRY out for review I decided to enlist the help of my picky teenager who right now feels like the only thing mouth pleasing is pizza rolls, pop tarts, and Dr Enuf’s…so I thought this would be 1. Fun 2. The real test because since I already love fig bars, is it really a honest review if you already had me in love from the name alone haha!! So, here we go: 1. Whole Wheat BlueBerry Fig Bar – um I got a crumb of this one lol! I told Hunter to try a bite and let me have the rest…The bite I had was good I like this because I am not a huge blueberry fan and I think Blueberry can be strong but this was yummy. Hunter agrees and he would tell you but his mouth is full of blueberry Fig bar.

“According to legend, the blueberry was the real star of the first Thanksgiving, as Native Americans shared dried blueberries with the pilgrims to help them through their first winter.Native Americans used these star berries, as they called them, for soups, stews, meats and medicinal purposes. They also made one of the first blueberry baked goods, called Sautauthig, out of blueberries, cracked corn and water.Blueberries are chock-full of vitamin C, fiber, manganese and antioxidants.”

2. Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Fig Bar- FIRST let me make a mental note, Crystal does NOT like apple cinnamon anything!!! SOOO, for me to tell you this was good it doesn’t matter that it was a fig bar or not….because I typically am not a fan of apple cinnamon these days…and I liked it!! It’s my second favorite! Hunter’s exact words “hey I could eat this one for snack” – which would have been an excellent idea if it was still around for snack but he ate it. Yes. Already. “While the Greeks tried to keep figs all to themselves, the Romans went the other way. They took apple seeds and planted them along the way with each conquest—and there were many, as you may recall. Apparently, they wanted to ensure the fruit’s propagation in all of their new lands.Smart people, those Romans, for apples are rich in fiber, vitamin C, beta-carotene and Bcomplex vitamins—all 10,000 varieties of them worldwide.”

3. Whole Wheat Peach Apricot Fig Bar- this was my father n law’s fave!! He raves and raves about this one! Hunter took one look and said, “Um I don’t know about apricot”….then after he took a bit he says, “ this one is good, I’m gonna eat it now, do you really need a bite for your review”. Omgosh- last time I enlist the help of a hungry teenager who all of a sudden loves Nature’s Bakery fig bars lol! I did get to try this one too and I have to agree with Hunter, I’m not an apricot fan…well I m not even a peach fan either but this one was really good too! It was very sweet and I could possibly use this when I have a rolo’s craving haha “Is it mere coincidence that we paired the peach and the apricot together? Not exactly. Besides the fact that they taste amazing together, both the peach and the apricot can be traced back to the same point of origin – China. Peach got top billing in our fig bar because of its popularity. Today, it’s the second biggest fruit crop in the U.S. (behind the apple). The apricot, called the golden egg of the sun by the ancient Greeks, brings a delicate, sweet flavor to the party. The peach is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium. The apricot is known for its high dietary fiber content, antioxidants, vitamin A and carotenes. “ 4. Whole Wheat Raspberry Fig Bar- Hands down. My FAVE!!!! OMG this was amazing! Ifyou can only order 1 flavor, order this one!! I hid the rest of this one when Hunter wasn’t looking so I can finish it myself haha!!!!! Seriously. Stop – go order some of these. Now.

“While wild raspberries can be traced back to eastern Asia during prehistoric times, with certain varieties also found in the Western Hemisphere, no one thought to cultivate their deliciousness until the 16th century, historians believe. Thanks to human travelers and their animal counterparts, the seeds were carried and spread—both intentionally and accidentally, worldwide. Raspberries are an excellent source of fiber, manganese and vitamin C, among other health benefits.”

Ok lets talk about the company and ingredients because yeah that’s important- remember, stop eating crap all the time!! Know what you are putting in your body Ps- every time they mention the ingredients in their bars they call it the “naked truth”..ok yea that’s attention grabbing. #naked #truth Here is what Nature’s Bakery has to say about their ingredients:

“Whatever we put into our baked goods, you’re going to get out of them. So admittedly, we’re a little picky about the quality of our ingredients. And we make darn sure we use ingredients you can actually pronounce—proof of our unwavering devotion to creating all natural snacks. It’s just in our nature.”

And now, I’m gonna add they are cholesterol free, dairy free, kosher, and all natural What are ya waiting for? You know you wanna get you some #nakedtruth ingredients in your system #TakeCareOfYourBody #WhereElseWillYouLive Do a store locator search HERE

Wednesdays are my busy days of teaching. Cycle, Abs/Ups, and Bootcamp at night. Brooklyn and I have to fuel properlly throughout the day and eat every couple of hours. I don't mind that one bit, as I LOVE to eat. The only thing about being on the go is that I need healthy snacks for Brooklyn everywhere I go. She has been loving Natures Bakery Fig Bars for an on the go snack in the car. It is pretty much a healthier (natural) fig newton with more flavor options. I actually saw them available at Sheetz! Whole wheat fig and Apple cinnamon seem to be our favorite. Trust me it is a great pre-workout fuel, and on the go snack for kids!

All natural, whole wheat, and great flavors

Since I have been teaching my Bootcamp class every Wednesday nights at the YMCA downtown, it has grown from about 20 people to 58 last night! Holy Moly! I have seen MANY people go from an "ok" shape to being able to crank out sprints, burpees, jump squats, and planks without a break. I commented to one of my favorite ladies last night how her speed has increased drastically...she said "for the 1st time she was able to run 15 min straight and she felt amazing". She also told me she gave my class all the credit. WOW. Totally made my day. I told her, "I completely AGREE. It is the best way to get in shape hands down."

The only bad thing about last night was I went to pick Brooklyn up from the childcare...

If you look closely she has a gash on her cheek.

A 14 month old girl (known to be aggressive I was told) walked over to Brooklyn and hit her with a toy. No reason at all, as Brooklyn was just sitting playing. Brooklyns cheek was all swollen with a scratch and a tiny bit of blood. I had to fill out a form for my info and was told the little girl was taken out of daycare and I would be contacted. Phew. I am so glad I was not there as I would have totally flipped out if I saw it.

They all told me Brooklyn was such a trooper and she stopped crying after they picked her up and gave her water. She was totally her normal self when I got her, but my heart melted just seeing her little cheek. I guess it is just preparing us for when she gets bullied or other kids are mean to her. Oh parenthood, I know we have it in for us!

Anyone else bullied when they were a kid? Or any parent have a similar story with their kid being hit? I am just glad I wasn't the parent of the aggressive child, and that Brooklyn was ok. Onto my workout this morning... One thing I love is a GOOD SWEAT. The only workout that seems to give me that huge adrenaline rush PLUS an awesome sweat are..... CIRCUITS Bootcamp Sprint Circuits Weight Circuits Tabata

My Favorite workout lately has been a sprint circuit on the treadmill.

Best use of my 30 min. (yes the trident gum is essential for my workouts. I am a gum addict. I admit it)

.10 miles fast walk .15 miles SPRINT Do this for 30 minutes and you will cover about 3 miles and you will have worked up an awesome sweat and increased your speed and endurance. To top it off have an awesome endorphin high :)

(I walked at 4.4 mph and sprint at 8.5 then 9.0 mph second half)

I have an awesome Giveaway tomorrow for Mothers Day weekend. Stay tuned... My MOM comes to Raleigh tomorrow. I am beyond excited. Best 1st Mothers Day gift!

I’m all about trying out new foods, and snacks so when my latest opportunity came along to try Nature’s Bakery 100% Natural Fig Bars, I was totally on board. I love fig bars so was excited to see what made these bars stand out from the rest. The fact that they boasted the “all natural” factor really appealed to me because most baked goods are far from natural. I couldn’t wait to try them out… A little about Nature’s Bakery: Nature’s Bakery was started in 2010 when Dave, and his son Sam went into business The mission: to offer all natural, nutritious and deliciously wholesome snack foods to support balanced, healthy, everyday lifestyles.

From day one, Nature’s Bakery has run rather smoothly operating on the principles of integrity, quality and service. We are enjoying a fair amount of success, thanks in large part to Dave’s all-encompassing beliefs – to keep things simple and to seek balance in life between nature, activity and nutrition. My Thoughts: Nature’s Bakery generously sent me 13 assorted Fig Bars to try out. Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars stand out from the competition because they are not only made of natural ingredients, but they also come in many unique, appealing flavors. 

Apple Cinnamon


Whole Wheat Fig

Peach Apricot


Vanilla Fig

Vanilla Raspberry

The first things that came to mind when I glanced at my package was that these snacks were really nicely wrapped. I love the pretty floral outer packaging . Inside, I found two perfect-sized fig bars ready for snacking. I received several flavors, but really enjoyed the Peach Apricot Fig Bar, and Vanilla Fig Bar- I thought these tasted genuine, and true to taste; there were no chemical aftertastes. I used to eat a major competitor’s fig bars, but would rather support Nature’s Bakery, a company that cares about a well balanced life! I love how even my daughter can read all the ingredients on the products nutritional facts. There are no nasty chemicals, or preservatives in these snacks! 

O grams of trans fat


Cholesterol Free

Dairy Free

Natural Ingredients

Great Flavors

Overall, I give two thumbs up to Nature’s Bakery Snacks, and cannot think of any improvements this company should make besides possibly creating a gluten-free fig bar. If you would like to learn more about Nature’s Bakery you can visit their official site. They are also on social media sites Facebook, and Twitter.

Spring break starts this afternoon for me, and next week for my boys. That means that I will putting on my Stay at Home Mom Pants to be home with the two of them for a week. Every time we have break from school, I am reminded how much work it is to be a Stay at Home Mom. There is a good reason why it is not my official “job”…it’s too hard! But there are somethings that help me survive (besides the cuddles and kisses that my boys give me), so I compiled a list… 1. Coffee. I know it’s a massive cliche, but I can’t get through my morning, let alone my day without a nice big mug of coffee. I am not sure when it happened, but I turned into my mother. I remember thinking the obsession with coffee was such a grown up thing. My mom still goes through a pot of coffee by herself when she is home from work. I can’t do that or I will have massive gut rot, but there is something about the smell of it in the morning, and those first sips that make my day doable…even if I am starting out massively exhausted. 2. Music. Music is my family’s love language. If we want to be in a good mood, we simply turn on the tunes and dance! Eddie got a V-Tech “tablet” for Christmas and he chiefly uses it to play his favorite tunes LOUDLY. “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen is his current favorite. In the car we listen to the Sofia the First soundtrack. “Make some Noise” is the best way to get us cheery when we are on the move! 3. Screens. There. I admitted it. I rely on screens to help me be a more sane mother–especially during cold weather months. Eddie has an old laptop that we let him use for Nick Jr, Disney Jr, and PBS games. He has games for the Wii. He has his V-Tech Tablet. And we allow him time on Cort’s tablet and my Nook for books and apps. Oh we do our fair share of playing, but since we are also starting to ween nap, the best way to get some quiet time when he gets grumpy is to allow screen time. 4. History Channel Marathons. When Charlie is down for nap and Eddie is having quiet time, I LOVE to veg out in front of a History Channel marathon. I am not talking about shows like Ice Road Truckers or Swamp People. I like the documentary-style shows. Give me Modern Marvels or a special on anything that has to do with religious theory or world/American History. I could watch hours and hours devoted to the fricking plague if you let me. 5. Comfy Clothes. I get up early, get dressed up, and go to work nine months of the year. When I am doing the SAHM thing, I like to be comfortable yet not a hot mess. If I don’t shower, I feel like garbage. I need to be able to shower and put on yoga or sweats that I don’t feel ashamed of in public. I don’t go out to eat in my yoga pants, but I might run to Target or Starbucks in them. I like to feel cute, yet comfy. Generally when summer is coming around, I will spend some money on getting some cute cotton skirts from Old Navy or GAP and a couple pairs of yoga pants for in the AC at home. 6. Peanut Butter M&Ms. I really don’t think I need to explain this.

7. Goldfish and Juice Boxes. Again, if you have hungry kids, I don’t need to explain this one. I am positive that a juice box–based solely on the novelty alone in my house–earns big points with the kiddos. Looking back at my list I am noticing a trend. Keep my kids and I fed and comfortable, and we are happy campers. And when the kids are happy, Mommy is happy. Am I right? What is in your Mommy Survival Kit? Tweet it to @NaturesBakery 9ncluding the hashtag #momsurvival for a chance to WIN it! Nature’s Bakery is choosing for people to send some Survival kits too…along with some tasty Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars, of course! *This post was sponsored by Nature’s Bakery. They sent me some yumm-0 fig bars (that I learned I can buy in a store near me…yay!) and I wrote about my Mommy Survival Kit because I thought the idea was fun. All thoughts are my own.

I had the pleasure to try Natures Bakery Fig Bars and I have to tell you they were amazing! I was so excited to open the box I got at my door. These bars were nestled in super cute confetti strings. I was very intruiged with these bars since they are so good for you and I wanted to know if they tasted good too. I was so excited to see all of these in the box. I was excited to see Apple Cinnamon Fig Bars. I love anything Apple Cinnamon and I wanted to know what these tasted like. They were so yummy! I love Fig Newtons and Natures Bakery Fig Bars blew those store bought things clear out of the water!!! I had to eat both of the cookies that came in the bar. They tasted so fresh and just plain yummy. I know there are better words to use but seriously, This is the word I know to use! I asked my three children to taste these bars. They have all fallen in love with them as well! The taste is not super sweet at all but they seriously taste great. My husband saw them on the counter and asked what they were. I explained what the company stands for, and how these are made. My husband the ever non trusting Marine said he needed to taste them. Can I tell you that my very picky eater husband LOVED THEM! He wants me to order more for our family to have! That says a million things to me. I love alot of products but my husband‌. not so much! My best friends son was visiting yesterday and he wanted to have a taste. I was wondering if he would eat it and he LOVED them too!

Being the mom of three very active children living in world where we often have to leave at the drop of the hat, we look for snacks that help keep us going. I was asked recently what I keep in my Mommy Survival Kit… Well it would be my favorite gum Extra Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Gum… I am actually thinking of keeping these bars with that kit in my purse. In fact I looked in my purse today and there was my gum and Natures Bakery Fig Bars. Hey.. Sometimes moms need to have a little snack every now and again. It helps with re-charging our super hero batteries! What can I say? This is a great snack for on the go! If you are looking for quality Fig Bars, you don’t have to look any farther, they are right here! I encourage you to order from their website: Please like their Facebook page here: Keep up to date with this great company on Twitter: I am glad I got to try them and look forward to ordering more in the future!

Here at the bakery and beyond, we hang our hats on one common sense principle: balance. Balance in life, and certainly balance in our wholesome, tasty snacks. Finding harmony between nature, activity and nutrition is our calling—one which we hope is highly contagious. Whether you’re an extreme athlete or a weekend warrior, a mom on a power walk or a kid on the go, our delicious, nutritious, well-balanced snack foods are made with you in mind. We cater to many different people, ages, fitness levels and lifestyles by keeping it simple: all natural ingredients, great taste, balanced nutrition and plenty of energy for life’s journeys. And because we’ve pledged to create quality foods that everyone can enjoy and benefit from, we are ready, willing and able to lead the way to a nicely balanced life. Nature's Bakery Beliefs. Nature's Bakery is running a fantastic promotion through the end of the month and all they're looking for is your ideas and suggestions for a "Mommy's Survival Kit"! To enter the promotion follow @NaturesBakery on Twitter and tweet them your must have item in the form of a picture, link to the product, or even just the name along with #momsurvival Nature's Bakery will choose their favorite items and combine them into four packages. Four random people will get a package, but, to qualify, you have to follow @NaturesBakery and have tweeted a suggestion! Here is my must have "Mommy Survival Kit" list: 

Coffee (Gift Cards) and Chocolates - Perfect for mini midday pick-me-ups

Crayons/Stickers/Blank paper - A 'save the day' aspect for store/dining out meltdowns

Journal/Planner with a pen - Those cute words need documentation sometimes and you should write that appointment down, like, now

Smart Phone - It doubles as a phone, camera, paper weight, and magical gateway to Netflix

Books - For you and your kids. It's a great way to take a vacation without forking out all that money and stress

Magazines - Cosmopolitan, People, US Weekly... Your brain just needs some veg out time and it's great fodder for Mom's Night Out

Sanitizer - Because, ew, everything is gross

Wet Wipes - Because, ew, everything is sticky. Also, perfect makeup remover.

Perfume - Sometimes, you can't remember what day of the week it is, let alone the last time you showered

Gum/Mints - Yes, you make sure junior brushes, but, if you can't get a shower in, you sometimes miss out on brushing too

Yoga Pants or Stretch Skinny Jeans - Just trust me on this one

A Time Machine - When did it become 2013? (This was followed by a mini heart attack realizing my ten year high school reunion is this year!)

Nature's Bakery Bars - See picture below

At first bite, we were in love with Nature's Bakery bars. They're chewy, delicious fig bars that are filled with goodness! The ingredient list is relatively short and I can recognize everything on it. The outside package clearly states that these Made in the USA bars are cholesterol free, dairy free, Kosher, and contain 0g Trans Fat! I feel good giving my Sonshine these "cookies" (as he calls them) whenever he's craving a sweet snack. Plus, he's nice and quiet while enjoying the two bar pack. (Feel free to say only one bar comes in the pack and enjoy a treat yourself!) That's a mommy win all around! What items are part of your Mommy Kit? Feel free to share below and don't forget to enter the promotion above! Connect You can connect with Nature's Bakery on their website, Facebook, and Twitter pages Buy It You can find a retailer near you that sells Nature's Bakery

2013 Nature's Bakery Media Placements  

2013 Nature's Bakery Media Placements

2013 Nature's Bakery Media Placements  

2013 Nature's Bakery Media Placements